tagLoving WivesInnocence Lost Ch. 13

Innocence Lost Ch. 13


After secretly having sex with Drake's wife Joan and daughter Tammy the previous day (Ch. 12), Harry talked Drake into getting together to spill the plan for a foursome (FMMM) for Joan, which end up having sex, a threesome, with Joan before the big event.


After chatting with Harry and Robby, mother and daughter left the hotel. Tammy got home first and a few minutes later Joan came in the front door.

"Hi mom," Tammy greeted Joan.

"Young lady, we need to talk," Joan said as she put down her purse on the table and approached Tammy.

"Talk bout what?"

"You shouldn't be going any where near Harry especially in a hotel. You should have told me."

Tammy was a bit upset, "He didn't called me, Robby did!" she said.

"You still went in a hotel!"

"So what? I'm 18 I could see whom ever I want!"

Joan noticed the anger in her daughters tone, "I know that," she said and she sat on the sofa, "Come here sit down," she said as she tap the sofa next to her. Tammy looked at her mom but sat beside her anyway.

"Look, you're such a beautiful young girl. I just don't want anything bad happen to you."

"Robby called and he wants to see me. What's wrong with that?"

"You know what's going to happen when you get there, but you went anyway?"

"I don't know. I guess I want it too?"

"And Harry?"

"I never thought of him at first till I got there. Then I thought that, since I had sex with both of them before, I guess it'll be OK."

"You know why I showed up?" Joan asked. Tammy looks at her, "Harry told me that there will be more guys...and you know?"

"So you showed because you are afraid that I can't handle it?"

Joan turns to her daughter with a surprise look, "You think could handle it?" She pauses and looks at her daughter. "Never mind, the point I'm trying to get to you is that, you are young. You don't want to be just an easy going and get laid girl." She pauses, "You still need to take care of your reputation."

"Josh told me that too," Tammy said.

"Well, there you go. That's from a boy's point of view."

Tammy kind of got the idea what her mother's telling him, why she's upset. She just nods her head in response to Joan.

"OK we can talk some more later, if you want." Joan stood up, "Just don't tell your father about what happened today OK?"

"Sure mom. It will be another secret of ours." Tammy stood up and embraces Joan, "Thanks mom."

"Are you still going to visit Kelly?" Joan asks about Tammy's cousin.

"I was planning to go Saturday but I'm thinking of going tomorrow. I'll call her first"

"You should tell your father."

"If ever he's around, I will." Tammy said and went to her room.


Drake was just finishing up to get to his training schedule and was ready to leave when the phone rang. He looks at it, "It might be important since he told his secretary to hold his calls," he thought to himself and answered the phone.

"Drake! How are things going?"

Drake recognizes the voice, "Harry?"

"Guess what? I'm in the area through the weekend."

Drake knew one thing Harry wants when ever he calls, "I got to go Harry, can I call you later?"

"Going to that training seminar?"

"Uh, Yes I am."

"Drake, come on. You are the manager now, you don't need it."

"But it's mandatory?"

"Nope, you are absolutely mistaken,"

"Are you sure?"

"Drake, it's me! I'm charge of this region, who do you think approves this training?"

"You?" Drake said disgustingly.

"Come on Drake, you should know by now that I always have your back."

"OK Harry, I'm listening" Drake said in submission and sat on his chair.

"How long has it been buddy? You want to see some action?"

Drake knew exactly what Harry's talking about and he likes the thoughts of it, "When?"

"Friday night. One of my buds' having a birthday, we usually have this ritual every year that we share a gal as birthday present..."

"Whoa, stop, stop," Drake interjected, "You're talking of sharing Joan with another guy? I don't know Harry, that's seems to be going overboard. I don't mind about you but another stranger?"

Harry sensed the rejection in Drakes response, but he knows him too well, "Hear me out, it's not that bad at all."

"You're talking about my wife here?" Drake said.

"Will it make you feel better if there's another wife or a woman?"

Harry got Drake's attention once more, "Spill out the details."

"Just listen and I know you will like this." Harry said then he continues, "We will attend a party. While we're there, we will mingle with other couples; meet their wives, gals, whatever. You pick the woman you want to be with us for the other party and who ever is her husband or date also comes then we have another party in the celebrant's home. Simple"

Drake was counting in his thoughts, "So you are talking 4 of us guys and 2 girls and I got to pick the girl, basically the other couple?"

"Correct." Harry said.

"How could you manage to set this up?"

Harry laughed, "It's me Drake! Does it really matter? Anyway, there's another thing and you like this."

"Really? What can surprise me more than this scheme of yours?"

Harry laughed again, "Listen. You get to fuck the girl while the rest of us get to fuck Joan. Think of it. You got fuck a girl of your choice while you watch your wife in a gang bang."

The thoughts of it were all over Drake's mind and he didn't even notice his cock getting hard till it was straining from its confinement. He couldn't say a word.

Harry was waiting for an answer, "You and Joan could leave anytime, when ever you want. You know me, I like Joan and I won't let anything happen that she doesn't want."

Drake knew for one thing, since he and Harry got this arrangement with Joan, Harry is good on his words. He also senses that Harry got a feeling for Joan, more than just liking her. "I still have to talk to Joan, what she thinks about this?"

"I need the answer tonight. You think I could help you talk her into it?"

"You mean shacking up with her tonight, don't you?" Drake asks sarcastically.

"Well, if you put it that way sure!" Harry said then, "I miss her, if you know what I mean?" he teased.

"I'll head home and talk to her. I'll call you."

"Can't wait!" Harry said and hangs up.

Drake looks at his watch. "Still got time to finish up some paper works," he said. Then presses the intercom button, "Maria, will you please bring in the Ortho and Mereck files, and if you could order me a light lunch, that will be great."

"Sure Mr. Langly, be right in with the files."


Joan just finished her daily chores and managed to workout this morning. She looks at the clock, '2:17'. "Harry should have talked to Drake by now." She starts to phase, wondering what Drake will think of Harry's scheme. She was a little bit shock when Harry told him about Friday night. She's not even sure if she could handle it but the thoughts of it really made her hot but still having mix feelings about this. She just hopes that Drake will turn it down and she doesn't have to worry about it. But she knew that Harry's right about Drake; she knew what her husband wants to watch. She heard a car pull in the driveway. She took a peek out the window and then went in the kitchen straightens her self nervously. She took a deep breath and exhaled before pretending to clean up in the kitchen.

Drake walks in, "Honey?" he called out.

"In the kitchen!" Joan answered back and starts to walk towards the family room.

Drake saw Joan walking towards the family room and he went to meet her.

"You're early, anything wrong?"

"Everything's fine," Drake said and gave Joan a quick kiss on the lips, Where's Tam?" he asks as he took off his coat.

"She's going to spend the weekend at your brother's and spend time with your niece before she heads for college" Joan said."

"Since when?" Drake asks.

"Well if you could just come home early once in a while and spend time with her, you should know. She left this morning and might be back Sunday or Monday, she said she'd call. So what brings you home this early?"

"Just want to talk to you about something."

Joan looks at him pretending to be curious of what she's about to hear, "Nothing serious I hope, since you're here this early."

"Well, depends how you look at it?" Drake said as he took her hand and led her on the sofa.

"Oh no, I don't like the sound of that" she said as they sat down.

Drake kisses her on the check, "Come on, it's not really bad it's just an idea" he said in a charming way then cuddling her.

"I got this feeling that you got something brewing in that mind of yours and I don't even want to think about it" Joan responded in a teasing way and smiled as she let him hug her, squeezing her against his chest.

"It's not my idea in the first place" Drake said.

Joan looks at him curiously, "What idea and whose?"

"Harry's in the area" he told Joan.

Joan pretended to be shocked from the new, "Let me guess. He wants to get together and you want it to happen?" she told Drake as she stares in his eyes.

"It's really up to you" Drake said.

"I knew it," Joan said as she shook her head. "It's always up to me. Me. My decision again" she said, then she saw Drake's concern look on his face. "Perhaps she over did it" she told her self. "What do you want?" she asks.

Drake was about to answer but Joan beat him to the punch.

"I'll make it easy for you for, OK" Joan said.

Drake felt a little guilty, "You really don't ....."

Joan cut him off once more, "Its OK, besides, it has been a while, right?"

"OK then, I'll call Harry and we'll have dinner here tonight."

Joan was a really surprised now, she wasn't expecting about tonight. "What do you mean tonight?"

"Well, he got something plan for Friday night and I think it would be better if he explains everything to you" Drake said as he walks to where his coat is and took his cell phone.

"He did it gain" Joan told her self, "That sneaky bastard" referring to Harry. She just shook her head and smiled, "I can't believe this" she whispered.

"You said something?'' Drake asks Joan as he waits for Harry to answer the phone.

"I said I can't believe this" Joan said as Drake answered the phone at the same time, "Hello, Harry!"

Joan walks pass Drake and pushes him, "Aaaaaa..." she screams as she walks away.

"Is she pissed off?" Harry asks over the phone.

"Nah, she's just playing around" Drake said with a laugh.

"I'm not cooking!" Joan yelled from around the corner but Harry heard it.

"Tell her I'll bring dinner and she could be the dessert" Harry told Drake.

Drake laughed, "See you around six or seven?" He nod, "OK that's fine. See you then."

Joan slid from hiding in the corner with her arms crossed against her chest.

"He's buying dinner and he'll be here by 5" Drake said.

Joan looks at the wall clock, "What?" she yelled and disappeared once more to the corner.

"He also said that you'll be the dessert!" Drake yelled and then he laughed when he heard her scream and grunt.

Joan heads up to guest room and straightens up the room a little. "Damn you Harry, this is not what you told me" she thought to herself. Then she went in their master bath room to take a bath. She was acting up and feeling upset but she couldn't believe herself when she saw her panty a little wet. "I can't believe this" she said while she stares at the wet spot on her panty.

After a few minutes later as Joan soaking herself in the pool of fragrant bubbles, she heard the doorknob turn but its lock. Then she heard a knock on the door, "Honey?"

"Go away! You won't see me till he gets here!"

"What are you doing?"

Joan finally got her sense of humor and decides to play along and perhaps make Drake drool, "What do you think? I'm getting myself ready. You want your wife to look and smell good when she gets to fuck two hung men, don't you?"

Drake didn't answer but Joan teasing made his cock spring to life.


Drake looks at his watch, '5:13' He already set up the table for three and got the wine chilling in the fridge.

'5:16' the door bell rang. Joan heard it from the master bedroom. She doesn't know why, but her heart beat were pounding against her chest. She waited for a good ten minutes before she went down.

Drake and Harry got the food set up on the table and even the wine when Joan showed up. Harry saw her first. Joan didn't try to dress up since they're just staying home but none the less, she looks gorgeous and so yummy. She wore a black mini-skirt which exposes her white smooth slim and wonderful legs. She wore a white short sleeve blouse and barely covers her mid span which you could take a glimpse of her belly button. And two guys could tell she wasn't wearing any bra as well.

"You look good" Harry commented as Joan approaches.

Drake looks at her, "Wow, you're glowing!"

"I noticed that too" Harry followed suite. "And now she's blushing!"

"You guys stop it!" Joan said as she covers her face with her hands and then laughed when she starts to fan her face with both hands, "Is it hot in here?"

"You're the only one looking hot there my dear" Drake commented as he pulled a chair for her.

Joan gave Drake a quick kiss on the lips before sitting down. "Thank you" she said and then smiles at Harry.

Harry took a set on Joan's left and Drake took the one on her right. They made small talks during the course. Joan already consumed 2 glass wines with another one half empty which she finished by the time they finished dinner.

"Well, that was awesome. Thanks Harry." Drake commented as he places his napkin on the table. He stood up and took his plate and Joan's to the kitchen sink.

"You're very welcome" Harry said looking at Joan as he stood up and carried his plate towards the kitchen.

"Here let me take that from you" Drake said as he reached for Harry's plate. Then he excuses himself to the bathroom leaving Harry and Joan.

"You didn't mention anything about tonight!" Joan said after making sure Drake is out of sight.

Harry just shrugs his shoulder and grin, showing his white teeth in quite contrast with his black face. "I got nothing to do and since your husband assumed that I want to shack with you, which is true anyway, why not?"

"Weren't you satisfied yesterday?" Joan asks.

Harry went closer and cresses her cheek with the back of his index finger, "I'm always satisfied. The question is. Do I have enough?" Harry whispers to her. She looks at him. "It will never be enough when it comes to you. You should know that by now?" he finishes. His finger slid down to her chin and pulls it towards him. She didn't resist and he kisses her on the lips.

"Ahmmmm," Harry and Joan heard from behind. Harry straightens up and faces Drake.

"Starting with out me?" Drake asks and then laughed and then gave Joan a hug from behind as she sat on the chair. "Let's go in the sofa and talk shall we?" he suggested.

Joan led the way with Harry right behind her and Drake trailing behind. She sat on the sofa which made her skirt rise exposing more of her lovely legs. Harry looks back at Drake and saw him offer a spot with his hand. He sat on her left. Drake took the spot on her right side.

"So tell her about tomorrow night" Drake told Harry.

Harry looks at Joan and starts to tell her what he told Drake earlier. Although she got an idea from him yesterday, she was taken aback when all along she thought there will only be one stranger out of the 3 guys but he's mentioning 2. She was OK with one but two strangers?

Joan looks at Drake, "I don't know about this..." "I'll be right there and as he said, we could always walk out anytime and ...." Drake was saying.

Joan turns to Harry, "Can we have a minute?" she asks.

Harry stood up, "I need to use the bathroom anyway."

Joan turns to Drake as soon as Harry was out of sight. "I know how much you want this," she told him. "I don't mind doing it with Harry, but three guys?"

"I won't force you if you don't want to but can you at least try? You might even like it." Drake said.

Joan couldn't believe how sold out her husband with this. She was about to comment when Drake spoke again.

"Let me ask you this? Did you get off with me and Harry or how about me and Ben?"

"That's different and..." Joan continues on, basically telling him it's just a fuck, one after the other. "I don't know what to expect?"

Joan got jumpy for a second as she heard Harry. "Well, you could find that out right now" and sat beside her. She was about to say something when she felt a hand between her legs. She turns around and next thing she knew someone's fondling her breast through her blouse. She was about to protest when Drake covered her lips with his and starts to kiss her not allowing her to speak.

Drakes hand crept forward between her legs till it went under her skirt and to her mound which he found out that she's not wearing any panty. He found her slit and starts to rub its clit.

Harry starts to unbutton her blouse and cups one of her breast as soon as he got three of the five buttons free and starts to squeeze it gently and manages to suck the other.

Drake broke their kiss after minutes of tongue swabbing and starts to kiss her on the neck just below her jaw.

Joan moans and spreads her leg much wider making room for Drakes hands as it continues to rub her clit.

Harry placed his hand on Joan's left knee and gently pulls it out further. His hand slid up her inner thigh and sliding her skirt further up with it, he took a peek and smiles as he notices too, no panties. He replaces Drakes finger from playing with her clit with his as Drake left it and went to her left breast.

Drake kisses starts to go down her neck, to her chest, to her right breast and to its nipple which he gently bit and nibbles.

Joan's eyes were close as she went into total submission from the pleasure she's experiencing. She slouches a little making room for both her man. Her hands seem to have a mind of their own as it begins to wander, sliding up and down Harry and Drakes legs till it found their bulges and starts rubbing them through their pants.

Harry spread her pussy lips with his right middle finger and right thumb while his left hand's middle finger plays with her now hard clit and would once in a while slip it inside her cunt that made her moan.

After a few minutes, while Drake's busy fondling and sucking Joan's nipple. Harry took Drake's right hand from her left breast and placed it on her cunt, which immediately took over in playing with its clit.

Joan felt Harry move, her hand slipping away fro his bulge. She was still in pleasure to see what's going on and then sense another movement beside her. Next thing she knew, she felt a something pressing on her lips which made her open her eyes. Harry's black huge cock is right on her face and its purplish head pushing her red lips to open.

Harry was leaning over her with his right knee resting on top of the back rest and his left feet planted on the sofa next to her as he guides and held his cock, pressing it into her mouth. "Yeah, that's it baby" he said to Joan as soon as she starts licking and sucking it.

Drake looks up from her breast and saw Harry's long huge black cock on her wife's beautiful white face. He slips away and starts taking of his clothes and then went between Joan's legs and starts licking her wet cunt.

Joan's right hand went up to Harry's cock and took hold of its shaft when Drake's bulge slips from her.

Harry managed to reposition himself with Joan's body now between his legs, literally on top of her, as he was leaning forward and supporting his upper body with his arms resting just above Joan's head.

Their position were basically; Harry in a spread position standing on the sofa with Joan's head in front of his cock and her body between his legs while Drake is positioned between her legs.

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