tagLoving WivesInnocence Lost Ch. 14

Innocence Lost Ch. 14


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Friday night finally came for husband and wife, Drake (40) and Joan (38), to go through Harry's (39) plan for Joan's first supposedly foursome, together with Big Dan (48), black-male, Tony (30) black-male and his partner, Amy (21) a Eurasian female, half German and half Filipina.


Joan and Drake heard a car pull up their driveway, "Here we go, I bet you that's our ride," Drake said as he walks towards the window.

Joan straightens up and took her purse from the table, "Are you sure about this?" she asked.

Drake looked at her, "Are you changing your mind?"

Joan shook her head, "No, no. Just nervous, I know how much you wanted this..."

"Only if you want it too," Drake cut her off, "You know I won't force you to do anything you don't want."

Joan looked at her husband for a few seconds before she responded, "Ok, but you owe me big time for this."

"Aw come on, you might enjoy it too and you'll owe me," Drake said jokingly.

Joan playfully smacks Drake on the chest, "You think?"

"I'm hoping you will," Drake said and winks at her.

"Don't worry, I'll try!" Joan said as she rolls her eyes.

Drake laughed and heard the doorbell just as he's about to reach for the door knob. He took another look at his wife, "You really look beautiful," he said as he opened the door.

"Good evening Mr. Langly," the chauffer greeted Drake then looks at Joan, "Good evening Mrs. Langly."

Drake looks at Joan and then to the chauffer, "Good evening. You look familiar," he told the chauffer.

"Yeah, he does," Joan commented as well.

The chauffer took his hat off, "Yes ma'am, Josh's classmate, been in and out of your place a few times before."

Joan eyed the young man in front of them, "Yeah, I remember. Is it Eric, Daryl?"

"Close, its Derek, ma'am." the young man said as he led Drake and Joan to the limo.

"Didn't take any vacation after graduation, Derek?" Drake asked.

"No sir, taking part time jobs to earn some money for college tuition," Derek said as he opens the car door.

"I wish Josh thinks the same way as you do," Drake said as he let Joan in the limo first. "And cut that 'sir' thing. You're making me old, call me Drake," he continued as he gets in the limo.

A couple of minutes later, they're on their way. Derek left the partition window down so he and Drake could talk, which they did. Drake found out that Derek will be going at a local city college since that's all his family could afford. "Josh's pretty lucky to attend a university," Derek commented. Drake also found out that Derek regularly drives for Harry too when he's not at school.

Joan just sat there listening to their conversation and couldn't believe how much Derek knows about Harry. She got a gut feeling that Derek has an idea of what they're up to this evening but she just kept it for herself. She then remembers Josh telling her about one or two of his friends at school got hots for her and actually teased Josh if they could fuck her and she believe one of them is Derek, if she's not mistaken. "Oh God please, I hope I'm wrong," she said to herself.

What Joan doesn't know is that she's absolutely right. Derek's thoughts were running in full throttle while he drives and conversing with Drake. He still couldn't believe that his friend's parents actually knew Harry. He's been driving for Harry for quite sometime now and every time he does, it's always been a wild sex filled night in some way.


Drake and Joan were escorted through the crowded club and up the steps to a private party suite. A few couples greeted them as they entered the room and they returned their cheerful greetings. Drake scanned the room and Joan did the same. The party is surely going on as they see men and women laughing and seems to be having a good time. Although the party guests were mostly black, which they expected, they also notice white men and women.

Drake also spotted few Asian women, although he worked and met with Asian women before, these girls were completely different in some way, they were gorgeously fine. One particular girl caught his eye, standing by the sliding door which leads to the balcony he assumed and talking to two white women. She's quite different from other Asian women in the room, she's a bit taller and has whiter complexion. If not from her eyes and brown hair, he wouldn't know she's Asian, or at least has Asian ancestry.

Joan spotted Harry approaching and she gently elbowed Drake on its side to get his attention.

"I was getting worried that you guys might not show up," Harry said as he shook Drake's hand and then gave Joan a gentle kiss on the cheek.

"Why worry, it looks like a great party even if we don't show up," Drake commented.

"Are you kidding? Did you forget who the present is for the celebrant?" Harry said as he looks at Joan.

Joan couldn't understand but she felt her cheeks turn red and lowered her head trying to hide it.

Drake saw Joan blush, "Well, we're here. I believe its time to meet and greet our celebrant," he commented.

"Let's go, he's dying to meet you guys."

"Us or her," Drake jokingly replied. He saw Joan gave her the look, "What?" he asked and smiled.

Joan couldn't say a thing but shook her head in response.

They followed Harry up the stairs to a landing that overlooks the room below. Joan noticed two black girls and one white girl sitting on the couch and talking to four black men. The men are all dressed nicely and by their looks could be just around Harry's age except for one with a bald head who's sitting in a sofa chair, probably in his late forties.

The man in his late forties stood up as they approached him and Harry introduced him as "Big Dan".

Dan asked the three girls and three men with him to leave. The three men gave Joan a lustful look as they pass her and the three girls gave Big Dan a kiss on the cheek before they left.

"Ahhhhh finally, the lovely Joan," Dan said as he took Joan by the hand and kissed it then shook Drake's hand. "Take a seat and let's get acquainted."

Joan was right of Dan's age; he's celebrating his 48th birthday. He's a good looking black man.

Harry, Drake, Dan and Joan talked for a few minutes as they drink their cocktails, champagne and what ever the waiter brings up. Joan already had two glasses by the time Harry asked Drake to chat by the railing and check out the ladies on the floor.

Drake looked at Joan and saw her nod. He followed Harry to the railing of the landing about 12 feet away from where Dan and Joan where.


"So who's the lucky girl," Harry said as he swept his hand with the glass of drink around and then took a sip.

Drake looked around the floor below scanning and prospecting every lady in the room. "How old are these girls? Are you sure anyone will go for it?"

Harry gave him a grin, "I haven't told you everything about this group, did I?" He saw Drake shook his head while still scanning the room and then gave Drake the rundown.

Drake finally understood most of what Harry told him, "Swingers" he told himself. But the thing is, most guys he see were around his age or older and most girls were probably in their early twenties and some were quite obvious could be his daughter's age, "They can't be married?" he whispered.

"What's that?" Harry asked, barely heard what Drake said.

Drake looked at Harry, "Some of these girls are too young to be married."

"Who said they're all married?"

"I thought everyone here are couples?"

"Right, but it doesn't mean they are married. Wives, girlfriends, mistresses, blind dates, what ever, as long as they have partners except for the celebrant and the host."

"So you fucked all these girls?" Drake asked.

Harry just laughed, "No, maybe one third of all the ladies in the room," he looks at Drake, "Some I haven't meet yet but they know what they're in for when they come."

"So just like that, I pick one?"

"And who ever her partner is goes with us."

Drake found the girl he was looking for, "How about her?" pointing with his glass.

Harry tried to pin point where and who Drake is pointing to. He then heard Drake mention an Asian looking girl with a black man beside her and talking to another black couple by the draped curtain.

"Oh, that's Amy."

"Have you fucked her?"

Harry shook his head, "No, but I would like to when I get the chance." He pointed to another Asian girl just below them, "But I did that one."

Drake looked down and saw a beautiful short haired Asian girl, "She's pretty too."

"She used to have a tight cunt as Joan's but she fucked so much of these brothers here that she's all worn out, you know what I mean?" He paused, then, "Tony met Amy just a month ago and told me that he finally screwed her just last week. I believe Dan got the chance the other day if I heard him right."

"I like her." Drake said.

Harry left and talked to the waiter that just brought another round of drinks. Drake watched the waiter approach Amy and whispered to her. He then saw her excusing herself from the couple and the black man beside her before turning around and looking for someone.


Dan was staring at Joan and couldn't help the excitement building inside him. Harry told him about her but he saw and felt much more of her, she got this aura that makes every man want her, to fuck her. "Now I know why Harry talked so much about you."

"Nothing embarrassing I hope?" Joan replied.

"Well, all I could say is, from all the years I knew Harry and the girls or ladies he introduced, you're the most precious of them all. I got to hand it up to Harry that he kept you from us."

Joan doesn't know what to say or how to respond, so she just kept sipping her drink.

"One thing for sure, I can't wait to have my present," Dan said and chuckled.

Joan was blushing once more and feeling uneasy when he felt a hand on her shoulder and heard Harry's voice behind her.

"Drake chose Amy," Harry said.

"Ahhhhh, Tony's new girl," Dan said.

Joan saw a black man and a girl with distinctive Asian feature appeared from the top of the stairs.

Harry introduced Amy first then Tony, then introduced Joan and then Drake. They all sat and had another round of drinks and began to knowing each other.

Joan felt more comfortable now since there's another girl in the group, "She looked very young," she thought but found out she's 21 and Tony is a bit younger than she thought, he's 30.

Drake was really fascinated with Amy's feature and found out that she's half Asian. Her mother is from the Philippines and her father is from Germany. Now he knows where she got her height, brown hair and blue eyes. She was born in Germany but grew up in California, city of Los Angeles. He was really attracted to her and kept staring at her and reminds him of those exotic models in one of those import car shows and magazines, which Joan noticed and felt a little jealous.

A couple of hours later, they finally decided to head over Dan's place. They all rode the limo with Derek driving and needs no directions at all, he seems to know where to go.

Joan is sitting between Dan and Tony while Amy sat between Drake and Harry and they're all just talking particularly Drake, practically interrogating Amy with personal questions which she didn't mind at all. Dan was doing the same with Joan and she gets a lot of compliment from him, "You really look young for your age and with two grown up kids," is one of them. She blushed once more when Harry followed on with Dan's comments with, "You'd be surprised when you see her naked," and Dan chuckled at that too, then gave Joan's exposed legs a look before caressing its knee, "Her legs looks really great for starters," and then more chuckle.

They continued to talk, tease, and sweet talk the girls till Derek pulls into a drive way of a fairly large house with modern architecture design and a lot of glass panes. He opens the limo door for his passengers to get off.

Harry got off first and stood aside for the rest to get off. Joan and Drake totally forgot who Derek were and didn't mind him at all. Harry led them towards the front door while Dan talks to Derek.

"Well young fella, you know the routine," Dan said and gave him a key. "Help yourself in the kitchen or whatever. Harry will call you when your service is needed but it should be after a few hours," he chuckled and gave Derek a nudge on the shoulder as he chuckled and winks at him before turning around and into his house.

Joan was in awe as she entered the house. The outside was impressive but the inside was unbelievably spacious and professionally decorated from the looks of it.

Drake was impressed too. He noticed the two stairs on both ends of the center room to the second floor or is it third; it's really deceiving how the floor levels were, looking from below. In the center of the room are comfortable leather sofas, chairs and benches in the middle was a table of some sort. He couldn't really tell what it is; it's bigger, wider and a little bit taller for a coffee table and it looks heavy and sturdy.

"Well, lets get comfy," Dan said then asked Amy, "You may want to show Joan where to freshen up if she wants to."

Amy looked at Joan and she saw her nod in response. "Come on," she said and smiled at her.

Drake followed the two with his eyes and when he returned his sight back at the center of the room, he saw Tony and Dan lift the top of the table and flips it gently over. He walked towards it as Dan reached under it and did something. The table doesn't look like it anymore but more than a small bed. Its top is comfy and covered with soft velvety fabric. Its height were almost leveled with his mid thighs and wide enough for two persons but a lot longer than a coffee table, a little longer than an average height person, probably even taller than Joan's 5' 3", lengthwise from the looks of it.

Dan tapped the makeshift bed, "Like it?" he asked Drake, "Custom made just for it," he finished and chuckled.

Drake knew exactly what it is used for.


Amy opens up a drawer and retrieved two boxed toothbrushes and offered Joan the other, "Want to use one? There's lotions, mouthwash, scent sprays on that closet too. Check it out."

Joan took the toothbrush and opens up the closet Amy pointed to, "You seem to know where everything's at."

"I was here two days ago," Amy said. Joan looks at her, "Tony talked me into...you know with Dan," she continued.

"A birthday gift I assume?"

"Sort of I guess and for his generosity too," Amy replied. She saw the questioning look on Joan's face. "Well, I was in need of money. Tony helped me but it's not enough. Dan gave me the rest through Tony's help. He's a good man, he didn't ask for anything, I don't owe him anything, it's a gift but Tony talked me into showing how grateful I am. It was really a very generous thing he did for me so I agreed," Amy finished.

Joan wanted to ask the reason but decided not to pursue it, it's too personal perhaps and she would have told it already if she wanted to.

Then Amy asked her, "So how long have you been swinging?"

"Swinging?" Joan questioned.

"You know, having sex with other couples with your husband."

Joan blushed, "Uhhh, we haven't really and it's been with Harry only," she lied, "and it's something to do with returning a favor too, sort of."

"So your husband's having a kickoff with it, huh?"

"No sense of keeping it a secret from you. Yeah, he does. He seems to be turned on watching me get fucked by others." Joan said.

"Do you like it?" Amy asked as she began to brush her teeth.

"What?" Joan asked.

Although muffled with the toothbrush in her mouth, Joan understood what Amy said, "Black dicks?"

Joan didn't answer, she don't know what answer to give her.

Amy spit, gurgled and spit before she turns to Joan and said, "I love it as long as it's gently done."

"I know what you mean," Joan unconsciously responded.

The two looked at each other and then giggled and laughed.


Drake already chose a spot where he will be watching with Amy and sitting on it comfortably when Joan and Amy showed up in lingerie attires. He was in trance as he looked at Amy in her two piece lingerie with a see through over wear. He could see every curve and shape of her entire body and admires her exotic beautiful face.

Joan's standing next to Amy, in one piece very short lingerie with string straps tied by her shoulders. It's not as revealing as Amy's but her lovely legs is enough to make any man drool. Drake noticed the shoes she's wearing which made her taller. Even with the shoes, Amy still stood taller than Joan.

"It's about time you girls show up, I thought you lovely ladies snuck out and left us hanging here," Dan jokingly said and then chuckled.

Harry closest to Joan took her hand and led her toward the center of the room while Amy went towards Drake and sat next to him.

Dan caressed Joan's smooth arm with his hand and felt her nervousness, "You are such a fine lady, Joan. It's really an honor and pleasing to have such beauty in our presence," he whispered.

Dan was so close to Joan's cheek and felt his breath against her ears and neck that made her shiver. She then suddenly felt his arms around her and then his lips against her neck.

Joan tried to relax and moved her head aside giving Dan much more skin to kiss. She then felt another hand on her back and to her breast, then another on both her thighs.

Tony was kneeling behind Joan and started to caress her thigh. He slid his dark skinned hands slowly up and down her smooth soft white thighs as Harry stood besides her caressing her breast through the thin smooth fabric of its lingerie.

Waves of electrifying feeling shot through her body from every part of her body where hands were positioned. She noticed Harry next to her as she moved her head as Dan kisses move from one side to the other. She knew Tony's hands were caressing her thighs. She gasps as she felt its hands slid further up her thighs and followed by soft kisses.

"You should see and taste her cunt," Harry whispered to Dan.

And with that said, Dan took Joan by the waist and backs her towards the table bed and slightly lifts her and have her lay on it. He then slid his lingerie up her waist and practically tore the thin panties she's wearing (which is also designed for) and toss it aside.

"Sweeet mother," Dan exclaimed as he saw the now exposed mound of Joan.

"That's all natural, if you could believe it," Harry commented on Joan's smooth clean cunt with a thin patch of pubic black hair just above its slit.

Although Tony prefers Asian women because of their exotic look, shyness, well till they got a taste of black meat anyway, and of course their tight little pussy, particularly Amy who closely resembles his favorite porn star, "Charmane Star", only with lighter brown hair and much lighter skin tone, he's really impressed with Joan's features, particularly her mound and got this unexplainable aura about her that pushes his likings of her. "Damn girl," he commented as he took a better peek between her legs.

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