The mountains, though beautiful, can be very lonely. Especially to an 18 year old girl. But this wasn't the case for Holly Franklin. She had grown up in the mountains, just her daddy, Jeff, and her. She loved them. Holly couldn't even imagine living anywhere else, although her father often told her, while they were sitting by the fire, that someday she would have to leave him and live her own life. She would always just smile and cuddle closer to her daddy, knowing she could never leave him.

Holly's mother had died when she was an infant and her father had bought their cabin. It was secluded, deep in the woods, and Holly had never left it except to go exploring. The only other people Holly ever saw was Thomas and Maria Winston, an old couple that lived about 5 miles down the mountain and would stay with her when her daddy went to town for supplies. There was no computer, no television, and no telephone. Holly only knew the little about sex that her daddy had told her when she had been curious about where the baby animals in their small barn came about. But that would soon change.

Holly heard the front door of their cabin close and she grinned and put down her book. Her daddy was finally home. She ran to the door and he enveloped her in a big bear hug.

His jacket was cold and smelled of autumn. She pressed her nose to his shoulder and breathed in. Her daddy stroked her hair and then kissed her cheek.

"What did you bring me?" Holly asked excitedly.

"Bring you? And why should I bring you anything?"

Holly pouted, something she had found could get her anything. Her daddy smiled and then laughed.

"Go on. Your present is outside."

Holly opened the door and then gasped. Tied to the porch was a cute beagle pup with a red ribbon tied around his neck. He looked up at her and whined excitedly. Holly giggled and stooped to pick up the puppy, who licked her cheek as soon as he was close enough. She cuddled with her present for awhile and then set him down and ran back inside to her daddy.

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, telling him he was the best daddy in the world.

Jeff chuckled and patted her arm as she drew away from him. His eyes were drawn to his daughters pert little ass as she went to go and bring the pup inside. It swayed seductively and he shook his head. His daughter was so innocent, raised away from the world, and it was wrong to have such thoughts about his baby but he couldn't help it.It had been happening more and more, these thought about his grown up daughter. It had been so long since he had been with a woman and his daughter had turned into one far too quickly. Not only that, but she looked just like her mother, the love of his life. Holly looked up from her puppy and smiled at him and his heart flip-flopped and his cock began to harden. He cleared his throat and asked "What's for dinner, baby?"

"Oh!" exclaimed Holly and she jumped up, "I almost forgot. I'm making stew from the deer you shot last week."

"Mmmmm. Sounds good. Let me know when it's done, I'm going to go up and take a shower." A cold shower, he told himself.

"Ok Daddy."

The shower served it's purpose and about 15 minutes later, Jeff came down the stairs, refreshed and with a clear head. But when he saw Holly, standing on tip toe to reach the bowls in the cupboard, his cock sprang to life once again. He couldn't very well take another shower so he averted his eyes and sat at the table, waiting for his daughter to serve him.

All through dinner, Jeff tried to keep his eyes down and to concentrate on his stew. They ate dinner in silence and then Holly rose to clear the table and do the dishes.

Later that evening, Holly took her pup out of the box he had been kept in during dinner and sat on the wood floor to play with him. She was wearing a long, white nightdress that tied up in front. The playful puppy grabbed one of the ties in his mouth and pulled, exposing the tops of Holly's breasts. Holly, always innocent, just giggled and continued playing. Jeff couldn't take his eyes off his daughters almost fully reveiled breasts.

It bean to get late and Holly retied her nightgown, to the relief and disappointment of Jeff, and put her puppy to bed. She yawned and stretched and then walked over to Jeff.

"Good night Daddy." she whispered against his cheek and then kissed it. She stood to leave and Jeff, without thinking grabbed her wrist.

"Yes, Daddy?"

Holly frowned slightly. Her daddy looked upset and she knelt down in front of him. "Yes, Daddy?" she asked again.

Jeff's hand seemed to act on it's own as he brushed a strand of hair away from his daughter's face. "Give me another kiss."

Holly smiled and lined in to kiss her daddy again, this time on the lips.

When her full,lush lips touched his, Jeff couldn't stand it anymore.He picked her up and put her in his lap and kissed her, not as a father, but as a man kisses a woman. Holly was scared and confused at first but her daddy whispered "Holly, it's ok." and she relaxed. She allowed her daddy to kiss her long and full. His tongue slid into her mouth and she gasped. She felt a warming and stirring in her belly and between her legs and she shifted on her daddy's lap.

Jeff explored Holly's mouth with his tongue. She responded amazingly and tried to mimick her daddy. She put her sweet little tongue in his mouth and he sighed against her lips.

"Baby, I love you."

"I love you too,Daddy."

"Will you let me do something to you?"

"What Daddy?"

"I want to fuck you, Holly. I want to teach you how. Will you let me?"

Jeff's hand reached up and began to massage Holly's breast. "Does that feel good, angel?"

"Yes Daddy." she said, closing her eyes.

"I can make you feel better. And you would make me so happy. Will you let me, baby? Will you let me teach you how to make me happy?"

Holly hesitated for a moment and then nodded.

Jeff smiled and kissed her, slipping his tongue in her mouth again. "Thank you baby. Come with me."

Jeff led her to his room and had her sit on the bed.

"Just do what I tell you baby. Do you promise?"

"Yes Daddy." she said.

"Good girl."

Jeff began to untie the nightgown that had driven him crazy downstairs. He slowly pulled the ribbons and reached underneath his daughter's night dress. Her breasts were a little more then a handful and were warm and round. He gently rubbed them and then pulled his daughter's nightie up and over her head.

Holly instinctively covered her self and Jeff gently moved her arms down.

"Lie back." he told her.

His daughter was even more beautiful naked then when she was fully covered. Her light brown hair cascaded around her shoulders and across the pillow and her big hazel eyes stared at him with wonder.

Jeff cupped his daughter's knees in his hands and spread her legs, bareing her virgin pussy. He began to lick her, starting at the bottom of her slit and then slid his tongue inside. Holly's hips bucked and she gasped. "What are you doing daddy?"

"Making love to you baby. Do you like it?"

Holly nodded. "Yes. Don't stop daddy."

Jeff smiled and kissed her belly,sending shivers through his daughter's body. He licked his way back down to her pussy and began gently licking her clit, making Holly moan and and buck. "Daddy that feels so good!"

Jeff stuck a finger in Holly's cunt. It was so tight! His cock was throbbing against his jeans and, when Holly was pushed over the edge into her very first orgasam, Jeff began to unzip his pants to free his 8 inch cock.

While his baby girl was catching her breath, Jeff undressed and was soon naked. Holly gazed at her father and when she saw his cock she stopped.

"What's that?"

Jeff was never so fully aware of how sheltered his daughter had been. "This is my cock baby. It gets hard like this when I see you. Do you see what you do to me?"

"I'm sorry."

He laughed. "It's a good thing baby." He came closer and kissed her forehead.

"I want you to suck on it baby."

"Does it taste good daddy?"

"How about you tell me?"

Jeff told Holly to get on her hands and knees and to crawl to the edge of the bed. He then offered his cock to her and she opened her mouth. Jeff slowly pushed it in and then lifted one of his daughters hands to the rest of his cock.

Holly, following her daddy's instructions, began to suck and jack her daddy's cock, tasting the salty pre-cum. His cock was hard and smooth and smelled of cum and soap. It throbbed in her mouth and her daddy groaned. In and out, Holly sucked, bobbing up and down and making Jeff's cock shiny with her saliva. Jeff dug his hands in his baby's hair and pushed her further onto his cock.

Suddenly, Holly felt her daddy's cum fill her mouth and she tried to pull away, surprised. But Jeff held her there and said, "Swallow it baby."

Like a good girl, she obeyed and swallowed almost every drop of her father's seed, the same seed that had created her. Jeff kneeled by the side of the bed and kissed Holly, tasteing himself on her lips.

"Lie back down, Baby." he said huskily.

Jeff began to rub his daughter from head to toe, paying special attention to her breasts, sucking on each nipple and massaging it. He trailed kisses down her belly and licked her navel.

Holly spread her legs again and Jeff positioned himself at her hot opening.

"This might hurt a little baby. Are you ready?"

Holly nodded. "Yes Daddy." she said breathlessly.

Inch by inch, Jeff began to fill his baby girl's pussy. She was so goddam tight and wet that it took everything he had not to cum right then and there. He reached her hymen annd thrust against it, tearing it and making an ex-virgin out of his little girl.

Holly cried out against the pain and her daddy kissed her and began to fuck her. With each thrust, the pain lessened and soon a beautiful and hot fire began to build up in the pit of her stomach. She began to meet his thrust for those of hr own, crying out in pleasure and pain when their pelvic bones met.

"Oh, god, Daddy. Daddy, this feels so good. Is this fucking daddy?"

"Yes baby. Do you like it? Do you like it when your daddy fucks you?"

"Yes daddy."

"Beg me for it, tell me that you need my big cock in you hot pussy."

"Please daddy. Fuck me with you big cock. It feel s-so good in my pussy. Please daddy."

"Tell me you want me to make you cum."

"Oh, I do want to cum daddy. Please, pretty please, make me cum."

Jeff began to pound in his daughter's pussy harder and harder, faster and faster. Holly was making little moans with each thrust that got louder and louder.They came at the same time, hard and fast. Jeff shot his load into Holly's womb and Holly's pussy milked his shaft.

Jeff lifted his baby up off the bed and placed her again on his lap.

"Ooh!" she moaned. "Daddy. That was amazing. I didn't know anything like that exsisted. Thank you daddy. I love you."

"I love you too, baby. You've made me very happy."

"Can we do this again daddy? Can we please?"


Please let me know what you think and, if I get enough positive feedback, I'll write another chapter to this story.

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