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Innocent Comment



It started out very innocently. My wife Jill and I were in the bedroom continuing the job of unpacking boxes in the house we had moved into two weeks earlier.

Our eight-year son came in with a magazine subscription ad, asking his mom to fill it out and order the magazine for him. "I only want to get it for a little while," he said whining only slightly.

"You have to have 12 inches." was my wife's reply. Looking over at me embarrassed she said, "I mean 12 issues. If you want it you'll have to get 12 issues."

Of course I, not being able to let a good slip go past said "I can't get you twelve inches right now, but if you wait a while...." This went right over the head of the eight-year whose mind remained on the magazine while mine descended into the gutter.

Jill and our son, Michael continued their magazine conversation as if I hadn't said anything and for a while I thought neither of them had heard me.

After Michael left the room Jill turned to me and said "Where are you going to get twelve inches from?"

"Would you like it if I had 12 inches for you?" was my reply.

"Hmmm," was her reply as she picked a laundry basket and headed for the washer.

As I continued unpacking and watched some baseball on TV I thought about the conversation and that very strange "Hmmmm."

Jill and I had been married for fifteen years. Our sex life had been good, but as with most couples it had tapered off quite a bit in the last few years. Juggling a home, work and family sometimes doesn't leave with time or energy to pursue an active sex life. We had done a few things to enliven our sex play a little. We have talked quite a bit about our sex lives before marriage and those chats usually led to some pretty hot sexual action afterward.

As I put things away I tried to remember if Jill had ever talked about the size of her previous sex partners. She had told me about her adventure sucking off two of her medical school classmates on the same night, at different times, and about the guy she almost got engaged to. But she had never said if they were larger than my 6 1/2" cock.

She'd never complained although vaginal orgasms were rare for her. I love eating her pussy anyway and feeling it get wetter after she cums, so having her cum by clitoral stimulation was fine by me.

I wondered maybe any of her previous lovers were big dick cocksman. Being a black man who isn't blessed with a 10 inch swinger between my legs got me to thinking that her Freudian slip might be something to follow up on.

The thoughts buzzed around inside my head the rest of the afternoon as I mindlessly unpacked and put things away. I had had the wife watching thoughts before and they were very arousing, but I had never put this much thought time into it. It's amazing what an innocent comment and some time to explore it can do for you.

That evening in bed we went through weekly round of sex. Things as I've said, had gotten a bit staid but tonight fueled by thoughts I'd been having all afternoon, my sexual energy was ramped up and running high. Jill must have noticed to because there was more swing to her hips as I moved inside her pussy. Circling hip motions to match my own and serious pushing back as I pushed in. Trying to make it last I pulled out to have just the head of my cock between her lips. Jill opened her eyes and said, "My, what got into you?"

"It's what's in you my love," I replied, smiling. As I started to push back in I finally asked the question. "Were any of your boyfriends bigger than I am?"

She looked at me puzzled. "Taller?" she asked.

"No," I said "bigger, you know, bigger?"

"Oh, that bigger," she said getting my meaning. "Maybe, I don't know."

Something about the way she said made me know she did know.

"Come on," I said, "Tell me."

"Well, I guess James was bigger and maybe Larry was," she said.

James and Larry were two of the six lovers she had had before we met and married.

"It doesn't matter though, I like the way you feel inside me."

I wasn't about to leave it alone yet. "Did you cum more easily vaginally with a larger dick inside you?" I asked. Still inside her I could feel a little contraction of her pussy muscles as I asked the question.

"Not really" was her answer. I could tell she was getting close to cutting off this conversation, so I let it go and we went off to a great finish. I pushed in deeper and wrapped my arms around her. We were sweating from our efforts and the brief conversation had given us some rest and added sexual tension, as if we had been talking about something forbidden or taboo. As I stroked in and out rushing to the finish I wondered if she were thinking about one of those larger cocks fucking her now. Her orgasm, and mine right after it certainly made me think she was. As I lay inside her, the hardness of my cock receding and our breathing returning to normal, Jill said, "You've always been big enough for me." I rolled off on to my side of the bed, kissed her good night and went to sleep.

At the time she didn't know it, but Jill had just opened the door on my secret fantasy. I've always been highly sexed. Daily masturbation was part of my routine day before I got married at age 28. Now 15 years later it was still apart of my life just maybe not on a daily basis. Moving from secretly watching X-rated VHS tapes in basement after Jill went to sleep to catching video clips on the net before going to sleep at night, to chatting on line, and reading stories, I liked sex and porn.

One night I was chatting with a woman who told me the hottest story I had ever heard. She told me her husband had brought a few friends over after they had been bowling. The husband and friends were in the hot tub relaxing. Husband comes into the kitchen and asks her to bring out some drinks. She says okay. Then he asks her to do it wearing a bikini. She protested a little but wound up doing just that. After the first round of drinks he asked her to serve the second round to them topless. She agreed and things got wilder when she joined them in the hot tub. She wound up having her pussy eaten by all three of her husband's friends, and sucked off two of the guys while hubby watched. Her story had me so hard I had to take care of it before going to sleep. I chatted with her another time and she said she was waiting for them to come over again. This time she was ready and wanted to fuck all of them.

That story was the start to my fantasy. Before that the idea of watching my wife Jill with another man would never have entered my mind. That night it entered my mind and stayed there. It was something I could never tell Jill about. I thought she'd freak out, call me a pervert and I'd find myself sleeping in the guest room. Now a seemingly innocent slip of the tongue might have put the fantasy thing in a different perspective. Maybe she did want a 12 inch cock, and maybe I could be there to watch. The thought gave my cock a big twitch.

I decided to think it out and slowly see where things went. I knew I couldn't just spring it on her: "Honey, can I watch while you fuck this guy with the big cock?" That would never work. As a few weeks went by I thought more about it and got increasingly excited as I did.

On a Friday a couple of weeks later, on my drive home on the highway I noticed at the exit before mine a new X-rated superstore had just opened. An X-rated superstore? Sounded like the kind of place I would like. Being in the right lane made it an easy choice to get off the highway and take a look.

Of course it was nothing special. Like a lot of the x-rated bookstores I'd been to before except this was brand new and giving out toys for grand opening prizes, and a buy one toy, get one half off promotion. I looked around and selected about an eight inch vibrating dildo and then a larger one that looked to be about ten inches. My cock got hard just thinking watching it slide into Jill. I also bought various lubes and a string of those anal beads that I'd seen I porn videos. They looked like they'd give her a little thrill; if she'd agree to try them.

The rest of the ride home was spent thinking about how I'd work all these things into our sex play. Jill wasn't the all that adventurous when it came to sex. Anal was very rare and making a move like I was thinking about was totally off the chart, but hey: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

I remembered Jill was scheduled to go out of town to a medical convention the following week. That would give me plenty of time to figure out how I was going to work this all out. However it might be good to put the bug in her head before she goes away, then she might have a thought about while she's away and be intrigued when she comes back.

I began to envision the Saturday night before she left for her convention on Sunday. Sex is usually really great on nights before we're away from each other and the night we get back together is pretty good too. I felt my erection throbbing as I exited the highway a few blocks from home.

Saturday was a busy day with Jill packing and readying for her trip to and me keeping the kids out of her way and doing things around the house. When evening finally came upon us we were both tired but knowing our pre-parting ritual knew that sex was on the menu for the night.

We started with our usual kissing and touching. She has marvelous tits that feel full with large semi-hard nipples that I never get enough of. Working my way down over her little bit of a belly that had housed three babies I made my way to her pussy. Licking around the lips I teased with my tongue. Her pussy became wetter and wetter as I teased, nibbled and licked. Alternating sliding between her lips and sucking and nibbling on her clit she was soon trying unsuccessfully to keep the moaning and "oohs" down to a low level.

Our bedroom was on the other side of the house from where kids slept but she still always wanted to keep the noise. "The kids will hear," she'd say.

My reply was always,"So?"

As I pushed her toward the edge of her first cum of the night I pulled my head from her sweet, tasty and very wet pussy and said, "I've got a surprise for you."

"For me? she asked. What kind of surprise?"

"The kind you have to measure in inches," was my reply.

She rose up on her elbows and looked at me as I took a little time to suck on her inner thigh.

"Oh," she cooed, enjoying the feeling. "What are you talking about?"

I reached down under the bed and brought out the 8 and 10 inch cock vibes. There was a funny little look on her face that I'd never seen before. A look of fascination or maybe it was a hint of the possibility the toys could bring.

"What are going to do with those?" she asked as she moved her legs apart a little more.

I took it as a rhetorical question and rubbed the already lubed 8-incher between her wet and ready pussy lips. I could tell she was tense as I pushed it in till those lips covered the head of the cock.

Her breathing was quick and anxious. She laid back, her hands pressed into the bed waiting for more. I pushed in more, about one-third of the length inside her.

She moaned again. My own cock was hard as a rock by now. It pulsated from the excitement. I pushed another third of the rubber cock in then pulled back some. Her pussy walls sucked at it not wanting to let it out. I turned the vibration on to it's lowest setting eliciting a big "mmm." I took that to mean all was good so I pressed on a little further.

I pushed going a little deeper. In and out a few more times until almost all of it was in.

She whispered loudly "Don't move it. Just hold still."

Of course I didn't do that. Instead I pulled back some then went back all the way in again. I could tell she was getting close. I could hear the wetness in her pussy as I pulled in and out with the vibe. Pulling all the way out I rubbed it against her clit as she moaned again. I leaned over and slid my tongue in the warm wetness that told me she was enjoying our play. Picking up the 10 incher, which was also a little fatter, I slide the head of it where my tongue had just been. The taste on my lips reminded me why I loved eating her so much. The bigger dildo went in easily at first. "Oh, that's bigger," she said in a low almost whisper that coincided with her legs spreading even wider. "Close to those 12 inches we talked about," I said. "Ooh, nice," she said, seeming to luxuriate in the feeling. I pushed in and out until almost about 9 inches of it was in her.

I watched as she moved her hips around on it. I let go of it and watched as the end of it protruded from her pussy as she squirmed around on the bed. Those beautiful brown hips moved and the thighs opened and closed. The cock moved as she squeezed and relaxed her pussy. It was really something to see.

After a minute I went back to moving the dildo in and out increasing speed. She moved with it, keeping most of it deep within her. A few minutes later, she arched her back and raised her ass about six inches off the bed then plopped back down.

"Oh my God!," she said over and over again as she spasmed, cumming mightily from the cock that was deeper inside her than I'd ever been.

As she calmed down I resumed the in and out thrust fucking movement with the dildo Jill must have cum six, seven or maybe eight times.

The cum was ready to burst from my own cock soon even if I didn't touch it. I turned her into doggie position with her head down on the bed. I pulled the plastic pleasure stick from her pussy and thrust my cock into her warm, very wet pussy. It closed around me comfortably.

We moaned together as I got in maybe ten strokes before I shot a huge load deep into he pussy. We flopped down the bed a rested, both of us breathing hard. Jill was out almost immediately. I slipped the both of the rubber cocks back in the box under the bed, curled up next to my wife and slept the sleep of the satisfied.


The mother–in-law and I don't always see eye to eye on things but when she volunteered to take our three kids for a month during the summer I could have kissed her. Well, not actually kiss. Anyway it was good to have them taken care of for few weeks while out of school. It also afforded Jill and I some time alone like we hadn't had in years. We certainly took advantage of it. From skinny-dipping in our pool late at night, to an afternoon quicky on the couch, we were in high sex mode and enjoying it.

The toys had become a good part of our sex play that also included some fantasy role-play about strangers with big cocks and what she'd do if the encounter really happened. Without the kids in the house, it seemed to free Jill up a bit and allowed us to play a little wilder than usual. We kept the role-play in the bedroom and never even spoke of them in the light of day. The idea of any of it coming even remotely true was out of the question.... so we thought.

On the second weekend the kids were away we went to a little cultural fair in one of the local parks. It was a hot afternoon in Florida and we were soon pretty hot and thirsty. We sat on the grass listening to a reggae band that was actually quite good. Just as their set ended I looked over and saw an iced tea stand a little ways off from us.

"Do you want something to drink," I asked Jill.

"Like what," she said.

"There's some iced tea over there, I said and pointed.

We both got up, but I said, "I'll go. You can wait here."

"Okay," she said looking around toward the stage."

I walked off. After a few yards I looked back at where she stood. She looked beautiful. She wore a white sundress that hugged her curves nicely. She held her low heel backless sandals in her hand.

Looking through the crowd she seemed as though she was looking for someone or had seen someone she knew. I turned and continued toward the iced tea stand. After getting the tea I looked for her again and she was still in the same spot, only now she was talking and laughing with a man, an older guy. He looked to be in his late fifties. Kind of tall, he looked in good shape, lean with a shaved head. As I got closer I could see it was the singer from the reggae band.

As I got closer Jill looked up and while taking the iced tea I extended to her she said, "Barry, This is Jonah. I met him a long time ago when my mother and I went to St. Thomas on vacation."

"Nice to meet you Barry," he said in a mild island accent. "I couldn't have imagined running into Jill after so long and having her remember me."

"Well you haven't changed that much in 17 years, it's really amazing." Jill said shaking her head looking at him, "Besides how could I forget that voice?"

"Thank you for that complement. The years have been very kind to you as well. You look as lovely as I remember you. How could I forget you and your lovely mother from that weekend we enjoyed?"

Weekend they enjoyed? What weekend did they enjoy and what was so enjoyable?

After talking a few minutes more we found out Jonah had been in town to visit some friends and would be leaving in two days. His friend had convinced him to come out and sing with his band at this fair.

Since their set was finished we walked around and talked some more. I didn't want to like him but he was a genuine and personable guy.

As he and Jill talked about St Thomas and them meeting at a club where it turned out Jonah had actually been trying to make a play at Jill's mother. Not a too far fetched an idea since Jill's mom had been divorced for a while then and even now at 62 looks damn good in a dress and heels. I can imagine how she could have been very attractive almost twenty years back.

It started getting later and we decided to go somewhere to continue chatting and get some dinner.

Jonah had a rental car and we decided that he would follow us as we led to a local place to eat. As it turned out we had to go right past our house on the way and the call of nature beckoned both Jill and I so we stopped to use the bathroom. Jonah came in and also used the facilities. The sun was going down and the breeze through the house felt good.

"Let's just order a pizza and stay here." I suggested.

"Sounds excellent," Jonah said with a nod.

We popped open a few beers and Jill had some wine as we waited for the food

We drank quite a few more beers with the pizza as we talked about the long ago vacation to St Thomas. As Jill and Jonah said more about it I began to wonder if something had gone on between them during the five days they'd shared time. I hadn't really noticed until Jill started to slur her words that she downed almost an entire bottle of wine by herself.

We had already decided Jonah would use our guest bedroom instead of returning to his friends place for the night so we talked and laughed the evening away.

I went to answer nature's call again and walked into Jill as I was coming out of the bathroom. She gave slightly drunk giggle and I asked her what was funny.

She said, "From where I was sitting on the floor I could see Jonah is going commodore."

"What?" I said.

"He's going commodore. You know, no underwear"

"Oh!" I laughed. "It's going commando, honey! Commando, not commodore! And why pray tell, were you looking there?" I said with mock indignation.

"I couldn't help it," she said. It was peeking out of his shorts." In a low husky voice she said, "It's huge."

"Huge, how could you tell that?" I said, my own shorts getting a little tighter as my cock began to fully come to life.

"It's long even though it's soft. When it's hard it must be huge."

As she said "huge," she kind of stretched the word out and slowly closed her eyes like she was imagining seeing it hard.

She opened her eyes to see me staring at her. She stared back both of us silently knowing we were moving close to something that would have unthinkable a few months before.

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