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Innocent Husband


She had been teasing and flirting with him from the first day he walked into the training room at their office. Lisa had a reputation as the office slut, it was quite a reputation for an office of five hundred workers, but that didn’t bother her. She was always more focused on her next conquest. Her position as a trainer for new hires gave her the opportunity to quickly asses all the new bodies moving through the office and she had the pick of the crop before the regular workers could even meet the new staff. The moment she spotted John she knew she would have him between her thighs.

Almost thirty years old, Lisa knew she was still attractive to both men and women. Her dark brown hair was usually tied up in a bun at the base of her neck so that it would not fall in her face when she leaned over the trainees computers to instruct them. More importantly, it wouldn’t obstruct the astonished gazes of those same trainees as she gave them the opportunity to admire her deep cleavage. She considered herself a classic beauty: pale skin that covered her soft curves that she proudly showed off to any admirer, with her large, heavy breasts and full ass she wouldn’t be confused with the lithe, taut bodies of the workout bimbos, but that was the point. She was in charge of herself and didn’t let others whims dictate her pleasures.

John was tall and almost blandishly handsome with curly auburn hair, wide shoulders and a small, firm ass. There was something in the way he moved, confident with a touch of timidity that made him stand out. Lisa happily introduced herself to him, and the rest of the class, but knew he would be her first conquest in this group. The moment she shook his hand she knew it was a certainty. Though he looked young, and was certainly younger than she, he already wore a wedding band. Lisa smiled when she saw this. Taking away another woman’s possession was a passion of hers.

She began in her usual way, letting him look down her low-cut blouses, bending over to show off her ass when appropriate, crossing her legs and letting her skirt slip up her legs when he was looking. He liked to look, but immediately glanced away when he saw her watching him. She knew men and she knew he wanted her.

At lunch in the second week of training he lingered a few minutes as the others cleared out of the room. Lisa took the opportunity and swept down on him. “I’ve been seeing you staring at me,” she said softly, as if keeping a secret.

“Sorry,” he stammered, looking down at his training manuals.

“Don’t be,” she said in a reassuring tone. “I like it.”

He looked up now, interested. She was confident he had heard stories about her sexual conquests. Now it was only a matter of sealing the deal. “Uh, what do you mean?”

She smiled at him. It’s so easy, she thought to herself. “Do you ever play around on your wife?” she asked, indicating the wedding band.

“No,” he said, perhaps a bit too quickly. He blushed at her meaning.

From her books she took a folded piece of paper and placed it on his desk. “This is the address of a hotel I use. I’ll be waiting for you there after work.” Before he could protest or deny he understood what she meant, she turned and walked out the door. She could feel his eyes on her ass as she left.

The afternoon training session was long and intense, they had just started some of the more complex computer systems and complete attention was needed. John was usually focused in his work but that day his attention was anywhere but on the teacher or the work. Lisa smiled as he was the first to jump up and leave at the end of the day. She wasn’t worried; she knew where he would be. Moving with an easy confidence, she made her way to her car and then drove to the hotel where she had made her usual room reservation. Picking up her room key from Brad, the desk clerk who knew her by name and reputation, she sauntered to the room that had become her favorite. It had a nice but not distracting view of the cityscape and, most importantly, had mirrored windows so she could fuck with the blinds open and pretend those outside were admiring her nude body, all the while those on the facing buildings could see nothing.

There was a knock at the door barely moments after she had put down her bag and kicked off her shoes. A glance through the peephole assured her it was John on the other side. Undoing one more button on her black lace blouse to fully show off her cleavage and nearly expose the silk bra beneath, she opened the door to admit the young man.

“You’re certainly prompt,” she said in admiration, her eyes shining.

He was almost shaking with nervousness and nodded. “I watched you drive into the parking lot. I’ve been waiting.”

She smiled, not wanting to laugh at him. He blushed again. “How old are you, John?” she asked as she ushered him inside.

“Twenty three.”

“And how long have you been married?”

“Just over a year.”

“Am I going to be the first other woman you’ll fuck since you married your wife?”

He nodded yes.

“Have you fucked other women before you got married?”

“Yes,” he managed to croak out this time.

“Then it’s just like riding a bicycle. Once you get back on you’ll know what to do.” She smiled at him again, but he didn’t notice. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her tits since she had opened the door. “Why don’t I start with a blow job to relax you? Get your clothes off,” she ordered.

He hesitated for a moment before reacting, not wanting to seem too eager or too scared.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked. “We can’t fuck if you don’t get naked.”

“I, uh, I’ve never done this before,” he mumbled, not wanting to sound like a fool.

“What?” she asking, mocking him. “Cheated on your wife? There’s a first time for everything, isn’t there.” She laid her hand on his cheek. “I think it’s cute you’re thinking of her, but I want to fuck, so get naked or get out.”

He nodded and started stripping off his clothes while she watched. He was tall and a bit thinner than she liked her men, but his chest was smooth and hairless, a plus, and when his cock popped out when he pulled off his pants, she was thrilled. It was only semi-erect but well proportioned. His long, smooth shaft stood up from a bed of curly light brown hair that trailed up to his belly button. The head was a light shade of red and only slightly bulbous. He was neither huge nor tiny, long nor short. The cock John wielded was perhaps the most perfect she had seen; unremarkable but perfect.

In appreciation she fell to her knees, still fully dressed except for her shoes, and took John’s cock head into her mouth. It was pleasantly hot on her tongue and immediately responded to her action by standing up straight and solidifying. She gave a small moan in the back of her throat, released the cock, then proceeded to slid her wet tongue down the sensitive underside. John shuddered and reached backwards, trying to steady himself against the wall.

“Too good, love?” Lisa asked. “Move over to the bed and lay down.”

He did as ordered, face up, and she lay down between his legs and once again took his penis into her mouth. This time she decided to show off and relaxed her throat, sliding his magnificent cock all the way into her mouth and beyond her gag reflex, down into her throat. Her nose came to a rest on his curly pubes. She inhaled his masculine scent and then backed off, releasing his cock with a slight pop. It was wet with her saliva, a tiny string of which connected her lip with the tip of his cock. He groaned in appreciation. She leaned back, breaking the wet string.

“I learned that in college,” she told him. “It was probably my best subject,” she laughed.

“Enough teasing,” he complained.

“Well, you were easy enough to bring around,” she said, then resumed the blow job. She wasted no time now and sucked the upper half of his cock into her mouth and used one hand on the rest of the exposed shaft while cupping his balls with the other. It was a difficult technique, but one that had always guaranteed results for her. Lisa allowed her saliva to well out of her mouth and slide down his shaft, lubricating her moving hand. It didn’t take long to finish the job. Lisa thought his wife must be lousy in bed so easy and eager was he to come.

His orgasm erupted in her mouth and she readily swallowed the first load he forced up. More semen spurted out of his cock and this she held in her mouth along with the next few weaker eruptions. Soon her mouth was full and when he had reopened his eyes she allowed some of the sticky white fluid to dribble over lips, then she visibly swallowed again. “Delicious,” she said. “Some women hate it, but come is the best treat in the world. Every man tastes different.” Then she wiped her chin with her fingers and held it out to him. “Care to sample?”

He shook his head fearfully. It was one thing for a woman to give him head and swallow his spunk, but John didn’t want to taste it himself. She giggled at him, then licked of the remains of his leavings. He watched intently as her tongue cleaned up between her fingers. It was as if the flexible red organ had a mind of its own, seeking out every little bit of his semen and bringing it into her mouth.

When she was done she got up from the bed and announced, “Now it’s my turn. I hope you’re hungry.” Her hands quickly unbuttoned her white silk blouse and tossed it on the floor. Underneath she wore a lacy white bra that barely contained her oversized tits. John realized he had misjudged the size of her breasts. He knew she was larger than average, but these were a pair of swollen beauties that were almost too large for even her curvaceous figure. “They’re nice, aren’t they?” she asked him, but didn’t wait for an answer. She slid down the zipper of her pants and quickly pushed them over her hips and down her legs. She was wearing a white thong panty that matched her bra. John could just barely make out a small patch of brown curly pubes underneath the lace. She crawled back on the bed and sat on his thighs, straddling them.

“Do you like my tits?” she asked. Whenever Lisa took off her clothes for a man or woman she felt the need to be told she was beautiful. She needed a compliment and she had never been disappointed.

“Yes,” he breathed.

“Well then?” she asked, indicating her breasts.

He sat up and pressed his face into the ample flesh, kissing her along the edge of the lace. His hands went behind her back and after a moment’s struggle he managed to unhook the bra and released her tits. There was no disappointment for him. The soft rounded flesh was capped by a deep brown areola topped with oversized nipples flush with excitement. He hungrily sucked one into his mouth and used his right index finger and thumb to pinch the other. Both nipples immediately erected and Lisa sighed.

John spent little time here and quickly moved his hands down to her curvy ass. His cock was already becoming hard again; he was pleased with himself for being ready again so quickly. After squeezing her fleshy bottom for a few moments he tried to remove her thong. She stopped him with a hand on each of his wrists. “No,” she told him and he suddenly feared she was about to leave him and take away the pleasures she had promised. “I’m the only one who takes off my panties.”

“Why?” he asked.

“My pussy, my decision,” she declared. “When I bare my pussy, I’m the one deciding that I’m going to have sex. No man can make that decision for me. Or woman,” she added.

“Woman?” he asked.

“I don’t limit my sex partners by gender,” she told him, teasing. She looked down at his cock. It became even larger and harder as she spoke those words. It was the same reaction she had gotten from every man to whom she had spoken those exact words.

“Can I see your pussy?” he asked quietly, in reverence.

She smiled at him. “You only want to look?”

“And fuck,” he added.

Her smile broadened. In a fluid move she got off his thighs, stood up at the side of the bed and placed her hands on her hips. She wiggled her hips and thighs a moment in anticipation, then hooked her thumbs into the sides of the lace thong and slid them down her shapely thighs. John gasped.

It had been apparent from the time she took of her pants that Lisa kept her pubic hair neatly shaved but he hadn’t realized the extent of grooming she had done. All of her pubic hair was gone save a small perfect circle of chestnut brown curls sitting at the top of her slit. “I like to keep it neat,” she said. “Every other woman does triangles or strips. I like being different.”

She paused to let him admire her pretty pussy for a moment, then remounted the bed and placed her thighs on either side of his head. He could see the curve of her belly as it sloped down to her flat pubis and then flared out to her soft, rounded thighs. She knelt over him, letting him look up into her cunt. She was an expert with a razor for he could see not a single stray hair anywhere in her crotch, anywhere between her belly button and anus. Her vulva had swollen and he could see her juices beginning to glisten on the inner lips which were starting to protrude from their hiding place. The musky scent of her sex sent a shiver down his back and he inhaled her perfume deeply.

“You smell beautiful,” he told her.

She laughed at him. “Good, because if it smells good then it must taste good too.” She dipped her fingers of her right hand into her vagina, wiggled them around a moment, then brought them up to her mouth. She hesitated a moment, looked down at him and smiled. “Actually, I know it tastes wonderful already.” With that her tongue came out and she licked the copious juices from her fingers. John watched in awe.

“Mmm,” she moaned in pleasure, her eyes closed. “Here,” she said, “you try.” Again her fingers went inside herself and she withdrew more of her natural lubrication. This time she put her fingers inside John’s mouth. He sucked the liquid away greedily. He found her pungent taste a pleasant mix of musk and sweat and desire. His cock already hardening cock became a swollen pillar of lust.

“Enough of that,” Lisa said, pulling away her fingers. “I want you tongue on my clit.” Without further preamble she scooted forward and lowered her cunt onto his face. For a brief moment he was lost in her flesh, but then his tongue found her slick lips and it slipped into her vagina. Lisa grunted in pleasure. He wrapped his arms around her thighs and repositioned his head, working his tongue up to the top of her pussy until he found her eager clitoris. It was already engorged with lust and incredibly sensitive. He flattened his tongue over the tiny organ and she spasmed, clamping her thighs tighter on his head. It wasn’t an orgasm, just a precursor to that heavenly event. Encouraged, he repeated the same action and her whole body started to shake. He realized she was already warmed up and wouldn’t need much stimulation to come.

He ran his tongue up and down her labia, spending special attention to her clit each time he reached the top of her cunt. Cunnilingus had always been one of his favorite sex acts and Lisa was quick to respond to his nimble tongue. There was no stubble to be found, her pubic area was as smooth as could be possible. Either she was an expert with a razor or was not very hirsute. John enjoyed the lack of hair tremendously and found it a change from his wife’s full bush. Obviously Lisa enjoyed her pussy and was proud of it for it would take a strict daily shaving routine to maintain such a tidy pussy. Taking his tongue back up to the top of her slit he vibrated the tip against the tiny little bundle of nerves until she cried out in triumph and fell against the wall, holding herself up with her hands, her tits crushed against the headboard. A long pleasant sigh escaped her mouth as John stayed between her thighs, lightly licking the drips of her secretions as they formed on her nether lips.

After several long minutes she was finally able to regain her composure enough to roll off John’s chest and collapse onto the bed, her legs up near his head.. “That was fantastic,” she breathed. “You have a very talented tongue.”

“Thank you,” he said, looking between her legs. She was still wet and he was still hard. Her trimmed pussy looked like an upside down exclamation mark to him. “I see you’re still offering what I came here for.”

She smiled as he got off his back and moved on top of her. She spread her legs wider to give him easier access to the treasure he sought. It wasn’t necessary for his hard cock slipped easily into her wet pussy.

“Uhh!” she cried, celebrating his entry. “There’s nothing like a cock in my cunt,” she said. He was unsure if she was talking to herself or not, but didn’t care. Her pussy was slick and tight. It attempted to grab hold of his penis each time he pulled out and with each thrust in the wet walls welcomed his return. Lisa was obviously accustomed to being well fucked for he set up a rapid thrusting that she easily met, forcing her hips up to receive his every plunge. Her control over herself was rapidly diminishing and her moans became less coherent and louder by the moment. Her tits were bouncing between them and John lowered his head to take a nipple between his teeth. Biting down gently rewarded him with a sharp cry of pleasure and pain for his lover. Lisa wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles together so he could not escape. He wanted to come and there was little doubt she would release him before either was done.

With a cry to match hers, John’s orgasm began at the base of his penis and exploded up through the tip and deep into Lisa’s cunt. The hot semen splashing into her tight pussy resulted into another orgasm washing over her body. She screamed in celebration, her entire body rigid, then collapsed back against the bed. John followed her a moment later as he finished coming. Minutes later, once he had recovered, he rolled off of her soft body and lay next to her.

“That was wonderful,” he complimented her.

She said nothing, only groaned in appreciation at his efforts, then snaked her hand down to her sore pussy. He watched as she dipped her fingers into herself, scooped up some of his semen, and brought the treat up to her lips. She licked her fingers clean again; he smiled at her actions. She was clearly an insatiable slut.

“I didn’t know you loved the taste of come so much,” he said with laughing eyes.

“It’s the best part of a man,” she replied, scooping some more of the sticky white fluid from her cunt, but this time rubbed it into her tits. He continued to watch, fascinated. She smiled at him. “It’s supposed to be the greatest moisturizer in the world,” she explained. “Like an all natural beauty cream.”

“Then I should have come on your face as well.”

She laughed at him. “Don’t worry, others have already. I’m sure you’ll get another chance soon.” She reached for his cock and idly began playing with it, but he pulled away.

“I need to be getting home,” he explained lamely.

Lisa let go of his cock and looked angrily at him. “You’d rather go home to your boring wife than fuck me again?”

His eyes looked away from her in shame. “No. But if I stay much longer I’ll have to explain where I’ve been. Besides, I don’t think I could get it up again.” They both looked at his limp dick. Lisa brightened a little.

“We’ll plan things better our next go round so we’ll have more time to fuck,” she declared with a smile.

He nodded and got dressed as she watched him. “Aren’t you leaving?” he asked her.

“No, I’ll stay here and maybe masturbate a bit. I’ll see you at work,” she said and closed her eyes. Her hand drifted down to her shaven pussy.

He nodded and said, “Yeah, okay,” then slipped from the hotel room.

As he walked into the bedroom of his home, John’s wife Penny was already in bed half asleep, the light dimmed. She hadn’t bothered staying awake until he came home. He stripped his clothes and climbed in bed next to her. She stirred, starting to wake.

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