tagExhibitionist & VoyeurInnocent Morning

Innocent Morning


As Meir walked across his small apartment and sat in the chair by the window he thought about innocence and intent. It was something he had talked about at length with his friends at work and now, by himself, he began to question his own understanding of right and wrong. Reaching for his binoculars and focusing them on the naked man in a bedroom in the building across the street, he asked himself if this was right.

When he spotted the naked woman climb onto the bed and spread her legs, he focused the binoculars and looked more closely. She was thin, with small breasts, a tight stomach and an intriguing black curly patch of pubic hair. Meir reached down and unfastened his pants as he watched the man crawl over to the woman and begin kissing her breasts. All thought of right or wrong evaporated from Meir's mind as he watched the man's fingers wind their way through the curls of her pubic hair, down through the pink curved lips and disappear into her pussy.

He had watched them before on numerous occasions. It was his own private pornographic show, only this was better than porn. Yeah, he missed the close ups, he thought while noticing the woman's fingers wrap around her lover's cock, but this was real, not some silicone enhanced, airbrushed actors pretending to enjoy sex. No, this was unabashed, unadorned passion.

Meir reached down and began to stroke his cock as he saw the man slowly kiss his way down the woman's body, the tongue sliding down her stomach, slipping into her navel and then enter her thick forest of hair. He wondered if the soft curls tickled the man's nose as the tongue worked its way between the delicate lips and then pushed into the woman's opening. The man could taste her now, as his tongue burrowed into her.

Letting the binoculars move a bit to the side, Meir watched as the man straddled his lover, kneeling above her as she grabbed his cock and guided it into her mouth. Her tongue slid over the shaft before her lips encased his purple head as she began sucking hard. The woman's cheeks drew inward with the suction as she began stroking the shaft.

Looking back down at the man's head, Meir could see he had moved to her clit, his tongue dancing wildly over the tiny nub. Noticing the two lovers seemed to be in a hurry today, Meir began stroking himself faster, trying to time it so he would come when they did. After a few moments the tingling in his balls let him know he was getting close.

He could see the woman lift her hips and noticed she had stopped sucking on the man's cock. Yes, she was about to come, and Meir watched closely as she ground her pussy onto her lover's face, coating him in her juices. He saw the man finally lift his head and shove his fingers deep into her pussy as she suddenly relaxed. Even from this distance, Meir could see the man's face glistening with her wetness.

Stroking himself, he moved the binoculars back to look at her face as she grabbed the man's cock and slipped it into her mouth once again. Meir could feel the pleasure building in his shaft as he saw the woman suck and stroke her lover's cock, quickly taking him to the edge. Suddenly, in a surge of pleasure Meir came, spurting his cum up onto his stomach as he watched the woman slide her mouth up to the cock's head as she tried to swallow her lover's cum.

Meir smiled as he noticed a slight drop dribble out of the woman's mouth and he imagined himself spurting into her. Yeah, he'd watched her take this man's cum in almost every position imaginable and yet each time it seemed new. He grabbed a towel and cleaned himself up as he watched the couple quickly get up from the bed and get dressed.

When they finished getting dressed, Meir watched as they embraced in a long kiss and then both grabbed heavy looking backpacks and left their apartment. He grabbed his phone, made a quick call and then began to gather up his things. He was a bit saddened, knowing that if everything went as planned this was the last time he'd get to watch them like this.

Meir was still packing up his stuff when he noticed movement in the apartment below. Grabbing his binoculars he focused back into the bedroom where he saw a police officer going through some of the drawers in the room. Later he got the word, the couple was stopped just before boarding a bus full of school children, their packs full of plastic explosive. Meir shook his head convinced, at least for now, that what he did was right.

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