tagNonConsent/ReluctanceInnocent Pawn Ch. 03

Innocent Pawn Ch. 03


Isabella discovers his plans for revenge.

The hateful man with the burning amber eyes returned, the scrape of the latch against metal and stone her only warning.

When he entered, she was sitting on the bay window seat, her arms wrapped protectively around her legs and her chin resting on her knees. Having no clothing to cover her nakedness, she had wrapped the huge bed sheet around tiny frame several times and tied two corners together at the nape of her neck.

He strode into the room as though a King, flicking her a frowning glance before pouring himself a goblet of wine from a skin left by a servant earlier. He stood by the fireplace, his watchful amber eyes moving over her body.

“You are not to conceal your delightful little body from me while in the confines of this chamber, do you understand me?” he queried softly, pouring more wine into a second gold goblet.

“Y-you want me to…” She gasped, rising from where she sat by the window overlooking a small walled garden far below. Her small hands clutched nervously at the draping protective folds of the bed sheet.

“Do you understand me?” his demanded coldly, a tone his friends knew brook no argument.

She nodded, her moss green eyes wide. She remembered how he had ripped her nun’s habit from her, stripping her naked before him. Turning away so that her back was to him, her trembling fingers sought the knot at the nape of her neck. She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the material fall with a soft whoosh to form a puddle at her feet.

“Turn around.”

Slowly she did his bidding, her eyes lowered shyly to the floor, her hands cupping her small breasts.

“You know what I’m about to do, don’t you, little one?” he queried softly. He moved swiftly and silently across the chamber to stand before her. A gentle finger under her chin tipped her head up.

She nodded, unable to meet his gaze.

His large hands firmly coaxed hers from her breasts.

“There will be no pain this time, Isabella, I promise you. Only pleasure, exquisite pleasure.” The backs of his fingers brushed down the side of her cheek. She shivered.

He tugged her up against him, crushing her soft breasts against the solid wall of his chest as his mouth settled firmly over hers. Her knees trembled as he held her against him, all the while caressing her lips with his.

Her eyes flew to his in trepidation when he caught her wrists behind her back, even as he kissed her. “Please don’t,” she whispered, wrenching her mouth from his, as she felt a strip of leather being wrapped firmly around her captured wrists. He ignored her, his lips moving lower, nibbling the tender skin of her neck. Helpless tears welled in her eyes.

“Ah, Bella. You cannot deny me what is mine to take. Soon you will come to realise that I am your master, and that your sole purpose is to ensure my pleasure.”

She knew that she could not prevent him from taking her, her diminutive size no match against the finely chiseled muscle that filled out his golden chest and shoulders. She remembered how he had groaned and shuddered as he spurted his seed deep inside of her, and her body shivered. Fear and a strange heat welled in her belly.

He left her then, to lounge on a wide, deep chair before the fire, and picked up his goblet from the table and took a long draft, watching her all the while over its rim. She stood before him, naked and bound, her tumbled mane of scarlet waves affording her little protection from his all-seeing amber gaze. She felt a trickle of warmth where there should have been none.

He motioned her to him with a cursory flick of his fingers. “Come, do not fight the inevitable.”

She hesitated, and knew that small moment in time would cost her dearly as his eyes narrowed dangerously. She forced herself to move to stand motionless before him, her gaze focusing on a point on the opposite wall.

Dipping a finger in the goblet, he traced the red wine over her rosy nipple, and to her shame it hardened and pouted before his eyes. He leant forward to lick the cool moisture with his tongue in long, persuasive strokes. Her stomach muscles clenched against the sweet torment, and she bit her lip to prevent a traitorous moan from escaping her. Tugging her hips closer so that her knees butted the edge of the chair between his tautly muscled thighs, he dipped his finger in the wine and circled its mate, before lapping at it and drawing it into his hot mouth. A low thrumming started between her thighs as he suckled and nibbled her with his mouth while his skillful fingers mercilessly teased the other. Her head tipped back, her eyes closed as his tender mouth sent shots of ecstasy between her quivering thighs.

“Please,” she gasped, and she didn’t know if she was pleading for him to stop or to continue this sweet assault on her melting body.

“So delightfully innocent,” he murmured, as his fingers slipped down over her belly to find the sparse ruby curls between her quivering thighs. He pried the lush pink lips apart and probed her slick heat, holding her open to his interested gaze. She gasped as he inserted a finger into her cunt. “So lush and responsive.”

She tried to step back, and she bit her lip as his eyes narrowed. “Do not fight me, little one. I always win.” Long fingers tangled in the sensitive curls at the nape of her neck, and he tugged down brutally, drawing a whimper of pain from her. The only way to ease the pressure was to bend her knees, and the pressure of his hand forced her to straddle him on the chair with her knees tight against his hips, spreading her thighs wide across his straining breeches.

Tugging her head closer still with his cruel grip so that her hard nipples brushed against the soft material of his tunic, he crushed his mouth against hers in a punishing, demanding kiss. When he nipped her bottom lip with his teeth, causing her to gasp, his tongue plunged into the warm depths of her mouth. His other hand stroked down over the curve of her buttocks, down between her valley of melting flesh to find her pearl of pleasure. She moaned into his mouth as his skilful fingers began to flick and spank the pulsing nub, unable to close her legs against the invasion even if she wanted to.

“Mmm, you like that don’t you, my little cat in heat.”

Soon she was writhing against his hand, a scandalous heat building low in her belly as his fingers probed, swirled and massaged her in that secretive place.

When his finger withdrew she moaned in protest against his mouth, but soon she felt it nudging at her, and she sunk down on it, hastening its return. Only she realised in horror it wasn’t his finger that slid up inside her, but the swollen cock she feared. She froze where she straddled him, the tip of him nestled inside of her.

“Take all of me deep inside of you,” he commanded, running a caressing hand down her silky back.

“I can’t,” she cried, afraid of the pain, of the pleasure. Even now her cunt clenched with remembrance as he tore through her maidenhood. She pleaded with her eyes even though she knew her captor would afford her no mercy.

“Don’t make me punish you,” he warned her, his thumb continuing to manipulate her clitoris so that she arched against him.

A shiver ran through her as the vulnerability of her situation was brought home to her. Her milky thighs splayed naked over him, his cock poised threateningly at her gate, of her wrists bound helplessly behind her, of his intimidating size and strength.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she slowly sunk a little further on his cock, waiting for that excruciating pain. She was surprised to experience only a burning exquisite uncomfortableness as she felt him slide up into her, stretching her tight walls around the hard column of his cock. “Oh,” she gasped.

Slowly she sunk down on him, inch by inch, allowing her body adjust to the size of him as she took him deeper and deeper into her tight cunt. When she finally took him all in after several tense long minutes, her cheeks resting against his furry balls, she rested her head on his shoulder, her breathing uneven.

“Good girl,” he whispered huskily, head thrown back. “Now ride me. Fuck yourself on my cock.”

Seeing her confusion, his hands raised her off him, guiding her, so that only the tip of him filled her, before his hands, clenched firmly around her hips, rammed her back down, impaling her on his cock and drawing cries from both of them. His hands urged her on, and she raised herself experimentally, and slowly, hesitantly lowered herself back down, her wide eyes gazing up into triumphant amber ones.

“That’s it,” he grunted approvingly.

Again she moved, with growing ease and the realisation that, even bound though she was, she controlled the movement, controlled the speed with which she took him deep inside of her. And with this came the shameful knowledge that she enjoyed it. Enjoyed every sinful thing he did to her body. Surely she would go to the devil…

She was helpless against the sensations he wrought in her as she shimmied up and down, again and again, ramming herself down on his thick cock before lifting herself up off of him. She whimpered into his mouth as his fingers toyed with her jiggling breasts, cupping them, molding them with his hard, insistent hands.

“Soon your belly will swell with my bastard, and then all my plans will start to fall nicely into place.” He murmured as she rode him, his hand slipping lower to leisurely rub her belly.

“What plans?” she asked tremulously, freezing on top of him, his cock resting in her to the hilt. Fear chased through her.

His fingers stilled possessively against her belly as his hot amber eyes met hers. “I plan to fill your belly with my bastard, so that when the news filters to your father’s ears, his honour, what little that he has, will demand he seek you out. And when he crawls out from under that rock he has been hiding for the past six months, I plan to kill him. Slowly.”

She didn’t know whether he jested with her or not, his mouth cruelly mocking as he rolled his hips, watching her eyes darken with desire even as she tried to focus on his words.

“What did my father ever do to you make you want to… to do this evil thing to me? You don’t even know me!” She cried, struggling on his cock, yet the intensity of sensations at the feel of him locked deep inside as she wiggled on top of him only made her situation worse. She was so close to losing control…

She gasped as she was emptied and toppled down onto the rug, his body quickly following hers. The slam of his body on hers forced the breath from her lungs, and she had barely registered what had happened before he was spreading her thighs and thrusting into her with a force that left her gasping.

“No,” she panted. “I-”

His cock rode her, hard and forceful, pushing her, driving into her as his balls slapped against her buttocks. She was uncaring of the pain of her bound arms caught beneath them as she moaned and writhed under him.

“He murdered my father.” He grunted against her ear. “And you are wrong, my delightful little captive. I know you better than you know yourself. The way you love it when I play with your tender little breasts, how even though your small body is reluctant to take the full size of my cock, you writhe and shudder as I ride your virginal cunt hard. You were made to be a man’s mistress, a man’s whore.”

Soon his fingers found her, sliding between their bodies, delving between her slippery pink folds to find her pleasure nub. She was moaning, shaking around him.

“No,” She cried, as he pounded into her. Her body refused to heed her mind as it trembled on the brink. She needed him to explain…

“Oh, yes. You cannot deny me, deny this, my little slut. Come for your master.”

Her thoughts were washed away on a tide of fierce hot pleasure as she came with a muffled scream. He continued his demanding strokes into her clutching tightness, forcing her pleasure further and further until it was almost unbearable.

His thrusting increased, and her cries echoed his as she tried to keep up, feeling as though nothing mattered except the screaming tension he created between her writhing, bucking hips, the burning exquisite pain as he rammed into her over and over with animalistic frenzy, almost splitting her with his thickness. Soon she felt that twisting, coiling sensation low in the pit of her belly as his driving thrusts pushed her in a relentless tide toward a new peak.

Another orgasm rolled over her, and her tight sheath squeezed him as she rippled and pulsed around him as she lost herself to the pleasure.

“Christ,” he cried.

His whole body tensed on top of her, then she felt him explode inside of her, his sticky warmth pulsing deep into her womb as he collapsed heavily on top of her. She was too stunned to take much notice of the kiss he planted on the feverish skin of her shoulder.

She lay unmoving, rigid beneath him as their breathing evened out. No longer the victim of her body’s responses, anxious thoughts skittered through her mind. She remembered little of her father beyond that he would come to her each night before bedtime, watching as she ran her silver brush through her long mane. Sometimes he would ask that she remove her nightgown as she counted to a hundred strokes. She remembered feeling her chest tighten as she would inadvertently catch sight of him in the mirror touching himself in a strange way.

She gasped as his fingers slid down between their sweaty bodies to where they were joined, and her eyes flew to his. They both knew that his seed, spurted deep inside of her, might reach its goal. Fear flickered in her moss green depths.

“You are right to fear me, little one.” His mouth closed over hers, forcing her to accept his demanding kiss. His fingers tangled in her scarlet mane as his tongue delved the moist cavern of her mouth, and her small hand fluttered hesitantly in the air before coming to rest flat against his chest.

He drew back from her, and she shuddered as his soft cock slithered from her hot sheath.

He moved to stand over her, tying his leather breaches, and she turned her face away in shame. He had not even bothered to undress before rutting with her like an animal.

The tip of his booted foot slide through her slick mound, glistening with their mingled juices, and she whimpered into the soft cloud of her scarlet mane.

He chuckled at her misery. “Your body craves my touch even as your mind continues to resist me. Know that I will soon master your mind,” her body arched as the pointed tip scraped across her clitoris, “as I have mastered your body.”

Then he left her.

As he jogged down the twisting steps, he was unable to prevent the thought from crossing his mind that he hoped his delightful little captive didn’t get pregnant too quickly. But knowing how she stirred his cock, he thought this to be highly unlikely. For the first time in his twenty-eight years he had felt distracted from his work by a fierce need to drive his cock over and over into the clutching, tight channel of his beautiful prisoner, and knew it had little to do with revenge.

To be continued…

Let me know if you are interested in me continuing this story. If the interest is there, I plan for a rebellious Isabella to try to escape her prison, leading to her being punished by Leonn in the dungeon (every castle must have a secret dungeon kitted out for the master’s pleasure!) in part 4.

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