tagNonConsent/ReluctanceInnocent Pawn Ch. 05

Innocent Pawn Ch. 05


Authors note: please ignore the authors note at the end of Ch.04 where I said Marie was Leonn’s jealous and neglected mistress. I’ve since changed my mind. : )


A day had passed since Leonn had punished her in the dungeon. A whole day in which the promises she had made while her traitorous body was tormented with pleasure and pain played over and over in her mind. She was still disbelieving that in a moment of weakness she had promised to enjoy every thing Leonn did to her. She had been kidnapped from the convent, her innocent body ravished, her freedom denied her. To also promise that she would not make any further attempts to escape him… She hung her head in shame. She hated herself for giving those promises so easily, yet she knew she would hate herself even more if she went back on them.

Deep in thought as she gazed out over the small garden below, she was at first grateful for the distraction provided by the unexpected visitor. She was dazzling, tall and voluptuous with thickly fringed ice-blue eyes and honey locks that tumbled over her shoulders and glinted with golden highlights. Her gown was exquisite, made of rose silk cut low over sun-kissed mounds and cinched in tight beneath their heavy weight before flaring softly to the ground. Matching beaded slippers peaked from beneath its hem.

“So you are the little whore Leonn has stashed in his tower,” the woman said coolly, striding further into the chamber. Cold blue eyes narrowed as they raked over the sweet face and creamy shoulders, the small upthrust breasts and the mound of red curls at the apex of her thighs. “Passably pretty, I suppose.”

Isabella blushed to the tips of her breasts, striding over to the bed to gather up the bed-sheet protectively before her body. Never had she been so looked at by another woman, with a mixture of scorn and fascination.

“You, I presume, are Isabella.”

Bella could do no more than nod, the arrogance of the woman taking her breath away.

“I am Marie de Angel, mistress of this pile of rocks,” the woman moved to stand before Bella, hooking an imperious finger over the edge of the bed-sheet as she gazed down into wide green eyes set in a gentle face.

“You are young. Much younger than I had been led to believe.” At Bella’s look of surprise, the woman laughed. “Gossip of Leonn carrying you through the kitchens spread like wild fire.”

The finger nestled between the valley of her breasts dragged on the material, revealing a rosy tipped breast. Bella’s face burned, and she lowered her eyes.

“Ah,” the woman murmured, as if realising something about the young girl’s shy demeanor. “Tell me, Isabella,” the woman demanded coldly, her small fingers gripping Bella’s chin and forcing her to meet the woman’s gaze. “Was it Leonn who burst your delicious little cherry?”

It took Bella a few moments to realise what the woman meant, and her flush deepened. The woman smiled, but it did not reach her eyes.

“Did you enjoy the feel of his large cock filling your hungry pussy for the first time?” Marie whispered, leaning close as though sharing a confidence, the sweet cloying scent of her filling Bella’s nostrils. “Quite a lover, isn’t he?”

Was it possible that Marie was Leonn’s wife? Bella was horrified at the thought. Had she been intimate with another woman’s husband? Had Leonn betrayed this woman in the cause for revenge?

“N-no,” she gasped hesitantly, her moss green eyes widening as she felt the material tugged from her suddenly nerveless fingers.

“No?” A fine blonde eyebrow arched in surprise as the older woman yanked the sheet fully from Bella’s grasp, tossing it behind her. “You didn’t squirm and writhe as you worked yourself on his big juicy pole, loving the feel of it sliding deep inside your little love purse?”

Bella swallowed hard, unable to answer. A teasing nail circled her rosy areola, its tip puckering shamefully. She was scandalised that another woman would touch her so. She knew it was a sin to be intimate with a man before marriage, but a woman…

She gasped as the long nail trailed down over her belly, delving scandalously in the fleecy mound between her thighs.

“I think you are lying. Perhaps we should investigate, hmm?”

Bella stiffened as the finger curled between her pink folds. Without thought she instinctively stepped back, feeling the bed brush the backs of her knees. The woman moved quickly, slapping her across the face.

Bella cried out, her hand flying to her face as the stinging spread like fire across her cheek, tears brimming in her eyes.

“You dare defy me, your mistress? You wish to incur Leonn’s wrath?” Marie demanded, gazing down at her with flashing blue eyes.

A shiver traced down her spine as remembered the dungeon lined with sinister whips and paddles. Bella silently shook her head, unable to prevent a tear from sliding down her raw cheek.

“Good,” Marie smiled coldly. “Now lay on the bed and spread your legs. I want to see this honey-pot the servants have been raving about.”

Bella gasped, shocked to the core. She couldn’t…

“You don’t want to displease Leonn, now, do you?”

Marie’s eyes narrowed as Bella hesitated. Biting her lip, Bella slowly sat on the bed, turning to lie lengthways. She eased her quivering thighs slightly apart. “Wider, that’s it,” the woman murmured appreciatively as Isabella obeyed.

“So soft,” the woman murmured, her fingers trailing along her calf and over the inside of her knee. “Like baby’s down.” The hand curved around her inner thigh, massaging the fleshy bit at the top of her thigh.

She quivered as the fingers gently cupped her mound. “Is this innocence an act?” Marie asked, her fingers curling into her heat. Bella moaned, a heavy pulsing beginning between her thighs. “You’re exquisite.”

Isabella squirmed as soft fingers peeled her plump lips apart, exposing her secret pink flesh to the inquisitive blue eyes.

“Mmm, someone’s been a naughty girl. The skin looks slightly tender. He must take you rigorously and often,” the woman murmured, as if to herself. Bella bit her lip as the fingers explored her there, soft and tender, melting her resistance.

She gasped as a finger was inserted inside of her. “You’re tight, extremely tight,” Marie murmured as her the muscles clenched around her invading finger. “Let’s get you wet, shall we? Then we can see what we can do about stretching your little cunny.”

Isabella shuddered as another finger entered her there. Shame welled up in her as the fingers began caressing her, drawing a response from her young body she didn’t wish to give.

“Please don’t,” Isabella whimpered as a finger found her pleasure nub, and she turned her head to the side, her eyes closed in misery. She felt the bed shift under the weight of the other woman as she straddled Bella’s spread thighs, sweeping her voluminous silk skirts out behind her.

Bella moaned as a hot mouth closed over a sensitive nipple, suckling her sweetly, the feel of her heat sliding against her thigh so wicked. She tried to imagine it was Leonn lavishing her breasts with kisses, his mouth hot and tender, not this woman with the cruel eyes and soft touch. Soon she found she couldn’t stop, her helpless body beginning to respond as a trickle of dew seeped between her thighs.

“Oh, you like that, don’t you, you little slut,” the woman said delightedly as she blew on her damp nipple.

Her back arched, seeking the woman’s mouth as she felt her control slipping. She was panting and writhing as the skillful fingers tormented her, so different from Leonn’s demanding caresses.

The mouth trailed across her chest to find the tip of her other breast hard and expectant. “No, please…I-I don’t want this.” Another hot tear spilled down her cheek. She shivered as Marie’s tongue swirled around its taut length before taking it fully in her mouth.

“Ah, but your sweet little body tells me quite the opposite. It can’t lie like your pretty mouth.”

A small whimper escaped her as another finger joined the others to plunder her pussy, and her body arched off of the bed, her hands clenched at her sides. “Oh…”

“Marie,” both women gasped at the unexpectedness of that quietly spoken word. Leonn leaned negligently against the door to the chamber, his narrowed amber eyes taking in the spectacle laid before him.

“Darling,” the woman cried, quickly turning toward the voice. She slipped off of Bella and crossed the room, flinging her arms around the tall silent man. “You’re back early.”

Bella’s breath caught in her throat as his eyes skimmed her creamy curves over Marie’s head, noting the dazed eyes and feverish cheeks, the taut nipples still damp from Marie’s attentions. Her whole body clenched under that unreadable gaze.

Leonn tore his eyes from Bella to stare down at the blonde woman in his arms as he slowly yet firmly grasped the woman’s wrists and removed them from around his neck.

Something about the stiffness of his shoulders chased a warning shiver down Bella’s spine. Slowly she sat up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed.

Bella’s eyes drunk in the sight of him, tall and forbidding as he gazed down at Marie. He was like a golden god, with gleaming gold locks that brushed the collar of his black leather coat. A snowy white tunic brought out his golden skin and tight brown breeches clung to his muscular thighs before disappearing into knee high black leather boots. She felt her body palpitate at the sight of him, and wondered if she could ever bear the sight of him without her traitorous body responding to his mere presence.

“I gave orders that this tower is out of bounds.” Leonn said quietly to the woman before him. Too quietly.

“But darling, I knew you couldn’t mean me, and once I heard you had a delicious girl up here, I simply had to find out for myself. And truly, Leonn, she is remarkable, so pliant and fresh.”

Leonn raised an eyebrow. “My orders were crystal-clear.”

“I haven’t seen you in days, ever since that convent slut arrived, and I was starting to get lonely.”

“Whether she is a slut is yet to be seen,” Leonn replied coldly, his eyes flicking briefly over Bella. “And if you feel the need to amuse yourself, there are any number of men or women willing to lend a hand. Now get out.”

“We could share her, Leonn.” The woman, in all her arrogance, seemed to be pleading. Isabella held her breath, wondering what his answer would be. He wouldn’t…

“Marie, you are not in a position to control me or make demands upon me. Now go. I will deal with you later.” His coldly spoken words were like a whiplash.

Isabella watched with wide eyes as Marie flicked her a chilling glance over her shoulder before storming from the chamber. Slowly Bella’s eyes swung warily to Leonn’s. It had slowly dawned on her that it had not been his wish that she allow Marie to fondle her so intimately. Her faced burned in humiliation.

Leonn stood silently, hands on hips, his amber eyes molten as he surveyed her. She had never seen him look so, and hoped she never would again. His eyes seemed to burn all the more fiercely set as they were in a coldly stern face, a muscle ticking at his jaw. She tore her eyes from his, ducking her head, and waited.

“Isabella,” was all he said, moving silently toward her. He stopped before the bed, his legs brushing her knees. “Show me.”

She gazed up at him from beneath lowered lashes, unsure of his meaning.

“I want to see if Marie made you wet,” he said slowly and carefully.

Her eyes widened, and shame at her stupidity flickered through her. She couldn’t bear to show him and simply nodded her head.

“Show me.” The hairs on the back of her neck prickled.

She eased her legs apart, allowing a glimpse of red curls.

“Wider.” He ordered, a harsh reminder of Marie. She obeyed him. She did not need to look down to know the plump lips were glistening with hard fought desire.

“Come, do not hide the precious jewel between your soft thighs from your master.” His tone was icy.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she moved her hands to rest on her inner thighs. Taking a deep breath, her fingers curled around the pouting lips, slowly spreading them wide to reveal the full extent of her shame.

He was silent a long while as he gazed down upon her swollen flesh, slick with her juices.

She cried out when he caught her knees, lifting them high and wide as he dragged her across the bed so that her bottom rested at its edge. He flung her legs wide apart, moving to stand between them. “Don’t move,” he commanded her. He was silent as he swiftly slipped the tunic over his head and tossed it carelessly to the ground. All the while his eyes where fixed on her lower belly, burning with anger.

Even now, fearing his barely leashed anger, her body responded to the sight of him. His shoulders were broad, his golden chest lightly matted with honey blonde hair that traveled down over the flat plane of his belly and disappeared beneath the laces of his breeches in a tempting line. The state of his arousal was clearly evident by the thick bulge straining the material across his hips.

“Please, Leonn, don’t do this, not in anger,” she pleaded.

She lay there, her hair spread like a halo around her, her breath coming in short pants. She was unable to move as his fingers tugged at the laces of his breeches, making short work of them. She moistened suddenly dry lips as his shaft sprung free. He was so very so thick and swollen, nestled in a thatch of dark golden curls. Her insides clenched at the thought of him moving over her, his shaft stroking the deepest parts inside of her.

“No!” She cried, moving swiftly as she rose from the bed, almost disappointed that he didn’t stop her. She had taken two steps before his arm flung out, his fingers curling around her upper arm. He used brute strength to swing her back around, pulling her up tight against him so that she felt fullness of his lust against her bottom.

“I leave you alone and you amuse yourself with the first person that comes along,” he breathed angrily against her ear. “Did you enjoy the touch of another? Were you glad it was not my touch you had to bear?”

“No,” she cried, wiggling against him, but her held her there, his breath stirring her hair. The warmth of his body seeped into her through the fine cloth, and his scent, male and tangy, teased her nostrils.

“You are mine. You belong to me and no one else.” She felt him stir against her as her mind registered the hurt, the possessive jealously behind the words.

He forced her face down on the bed, kicking her ankles wide apart so that she was stretched over the bed on tip-toe. She felt him slide in her cleft, searching for her dewy gate. A moan escaped her as the tip of him nudged her entrance.

“No, Leonn,” she gasped, trying to buck him off of her, but her position made it useless. His fingers splayed over her cheeks, spreading them wide as the head of his shaft found her again.

“You are mine, and mine alone,” he breathed harshly, jealousy firing his lust.

He thrust into her, ramming up deep inside her tight pussy. She cried out, the breath rushing from her lungs as he took her fiercely.

“No, please” she cried. She felt him still inside of her, feeling the large length of him pulsing against her walls, his balls resting against her mound.

“’Yes’ Bella, I want to hear you say it. Soon you will be begging me.”

She moaned as he began moving in her with deep possessive strokes, drawing gasping cries from her as her body shuddered around him.

“Please…” She panted. Even as her mind protested, her traitorous body responded to his touch, the moisture gathering in her sheath.

His hands gripped her hips as his body drove into hers, over and over. It felt as though he was splitting her, trying to push his body through hers and out the other side.

A hand slid beneath her body, cupping a tiny breast. She cried out from the roughness of it, even as the nipple hardened, as if encouraging the brutal assault.

“Did you even care who played with your eager body, glad it wasn’t me?” He demanded, rolling the nipple.

“Stop this, Leonn,” she begged, her body shaking beneath him with each thrust.

“Did you enjoy her gentle woman’s fingers deep in your pussy?” His hand slide under her belly to stroke the slick valley between her thighs, dewy with her need. Her found her nub, his fingers maddening as they circled it, teasing her. “Do you hate that I interrupted you before she got to taste you, licking up your sweet juices as you came in her mouth?”

The tempo of his thrusts increased, his body a forceful slap against hers. She was moaning and writhing beneath him, trying to ease the exquisite pain of his driving cock, her body craving relief only he could give.

“Tell me you want me,” he demanded, his long strokes creating havoc between her thighs, his fingers tormenting her. She felt the tingling, coiling sensation snaking low in her belly and hated herself for her weakness. Even now she wanted him, all of him.

“No,” she cried, denying him even as her body welcomed his savage possession. She trembled on the crest of her pleasure, her whole body as taut as wire as his fingers explored her channel. She almost screamed aloud as he stilled against her, only the tip of him resting in her quivering sheath.

“Beg me, little one,” he whispered cruelly.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, her whole body feverish with lust for him. “I hate you,” she cried.

“Do you?” He whispered. “Tell me to stop and I will.” Desire prickled her skin as his teeth nipped the flesh of her shoulder.

She clenched her fists, burying her pink face against her arm as she fought for control in a losing battle.

“Tell me you want what only I can give you.”

She pushed her hips against him in silent entreaty. She whimpered as he withdrew from her fully.

“No,” she choked.

Her pussy clenched and unclenched around emptiness, desperately craving his familiar fullness. She felt the tip of him sliding along her cleft, rubbing her clitoris and drawing a deep moan from her.

“Oh, God,” she cried, no longer able to deny her need. “I want you. Please…”

He groaned triumphantly as in one swift thrust he surged into her to the hilt, starting a fierce tempo that left her gasping. His grunts echoed her moans, the bed shaking with the force of his thrusts. She cried out with relief as his fingers found her, raking her nub. She screamed beneath him, almost bucking him off of her as violent waves of pleasure washed over her. She shattered around him, her tight walls milking him, drawing him in deep as her rapture took her.

“Christ!” He cried at the force of her orgasm, his head thrown back as he slammed into her with deep thrusts as he took himself to the brink. He spent himself fiercely inside of her, the pulsing spurts filling her womb.

Bella drew a ragged breath as he pulled away from her so suddenly, leaving her bereft.

He swore under his breath, gathering up his breeches. She heard the chamber door slam behind him.

She rolled over onto her back, easing the pressure on her lungs, her body limp and exhausted. She rubbed a hand over dry eyes, feeling the disgust well in her. She hated him then, for what he has done to her. He had shown her that even in anger her body craved his with an intensity that scared her.

* * *

Leonn woke with a pounding head, scratchy eyes and a mouth that felt like old leather. He groaned, flinging an arm up over his eyes, feeling the world tilt on its axis as he waited for the world to right itself.

He was unprepared for the sight of a furious Marie storming into his chamber not long later, her golden hair uncombed as she slammed the door shut.

“How dare you!” She screamed, and he grimaced from the pain. “You filthy, rotten, low down bastard. You are no better than your father.”

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