tagIncest/TabooInnocent Sexy Daughter Ch. 01

Innocent Sexy Daughter Ch. 01


This story was written for a young female reader of Literotica.com. She sent me an email expressing her love for my work and requested a story depicting an event between her and her own father. I hope she and all enjoy. As always, I welcome all responses. Be sure to check out the rest of my stories, both factual and fiction. ~Ryno

As my wife closed the door on her way to work, my mind flashed back to the days when she had to pull herself away from my lips in order to get to work on time. Now, a wave of the hand or maybe a quick “Bye” is the norm. I guess after a child, several promotions and many years past, it is just a bit more difficult to keep the spark alive. For now, I drift back into memories of a more loving time.

My daydreaming is interrupted by the sound of an off-key version of a song I have been hearing too much of lately. Teenage girls, when they love something they can’t seem to get enough. My daughter Kelly was no different. I have heard nothing but this song coming from her room for the last 4 weeks. Worse yet, I have been forced to hear her trying to sing it over and over and over again. Strolling into the kitchen, fresh from an hour of shower, make-up, hair and clothes decisions, she goes straight for the toast I just buttered. With a quick smile and kiss on my cheek she disappears back into her room for final preparations before heading off to school.

I look down at my empty plate and smile. It is strange the little quirks we inherit from birth. Her dancing, singing, stealing my breakfast and sweet kisses completed my morning flashback. If I had not been of sound mind, I would have thought that my wife had returned. Kelly’s mannerisms were identical to her mother’s. So sweet and care-free. So innocent and yet so sexy. My little girl was growing up, growing up to be a very lovely woman.

I decided against breakfast, poured another cup of coffee, grabbed the paper and headed outside to enjoy the crisp sunny morning. Sitting on my back deck, my mind kept returning back to my little girl. It seems just yesterday I taught her to swim in our pool and later the same day, to dive. Her cute little one-piece suit with sunflowers and flip-flops to match. She was the cutest and I a very proud papa. That suit is long gone now, replaced with a skimpy bikini that at our last BBQ had all the neighborhood boys attention. Me, still proud.

“Bye daddy,” she called out from inside.

I turned to see her close the door behind her just as her mother did 30 minutes ago.


Working from home can be difficult without a little discipline. Today I had none. I finished my paper, drank all my coffee and cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, but had yet to step foot in my office. I decided exercise was the key to jumpstart my day. I changed into my running shoes, shorts and tank and took off out the front door. It was a gorgeous day. I waved to Mrs. Wilton who was planting yet another rose in her overgrown flowerbed. It reminded me of last month when I attempted to plant a bunch of colorful flowers in the backyard by the pool. A week later they were all brown. As I pulled them up to toss in the trash, Kelly came out to swim, but instead stood over me with her hands on her hips.

“Daddy, do think you are Mrs. Wilton?” She wore a big grin and the smallest bikini I had ever seen. “It’s ok, I still love you.” Before I could say a word, she had bent down to kiss my cheek, exposing some very deep cleavage and then turned to the pool.

As I finished my first mile, I felt a slight jump of my penis. As I was running and thinking about my teenage daughter, I was getting aroused. Yikes! I quickly picked up my pace and turned my mind to the papers that must be completed by the Friday. Yes work… work.


Several hours later, just after noon, I sat at my desk finishing a response to a business email, still stinking of my run. I felt my muscles start to stiffen, crying out for a hot shower. Moments later, my body covered soapy Irish Spring suds, my muscles relaxed and mind cleared of business. Instead thoughts of my sexy blonde bride standing by the pool dripping with water sent blood pulsing into my penis. Using the slippery suds, I slowly stroked my penis as it continued to lengthen and harden. The image changed with my wife’s back to me as she seductively removed her bikini. In my mind, I walked closer, reached out to caress her shoulder, she turned slowly and looked up into my eyes. But it wasn’t my wife. To my surprise and pleasure, it was my daughter Kelly. My penis jerked and I felt as if I could cum right there. Suddenly I realized what I was imagining and stopped short. I shook my head and rinsed off.

What is it with me? Why all these thoughts? Perhaps it was the lack of intimacy between my wife and I. Combine that with Kelly’s growth into a sexy young woman and her close resemblance to her mother, my wife. My mind swirled with guilt and eroticism. Stopping the madness, I went straight to my office and pulled out a file that needed to be completed. Yes, work.


Two hours later, I still sat at my desk unclothed, my damp towel on the floor beside me and another project file completed, printed and sent via email. It turned out to be a productive day after all. An involuntary pulse of my penis gave me the idea to check out a sexy site I had found last week. I scrolled through the various entries on Literotica.com; stories of wives, submission, lesbianism and …incest. My curiosity and horniness sent me straight to the incest files. I scrolled down reading the brief descriptions of each story; mothers and sons, brothers and sisters, and of course fathers and daughters. I opened a father/daughter story and paused in thought. Should I be reading this? My cock stood upright nearly touching my keyboard with it’s crown. It is just a story, right? Not real? So it is ok, right? My erection said “right”, but head was confused.

The decision was made for me by a familiar out of key tune followed by the sound of the front door closing. A second later, Kelly was walking into my office and toward my desk. I clicked the mouse and the screen displayed only the windows desktop. As I reached for my towel, it was too late. Kelly stood by my desk surprised by her father’s nakedness and my engorged penis still hard and pointing upward. I covered my lap and apologized. Her eyes found their way to mine and her gasp was replaced with a smile.

“It’s ok daddy. Just wasn’t ready for… ya’ know I never thought… anyway. Hi!” She quickly shook off her embarrassment, but my hard-on was another story.

“I guess I should get some pants now.” I stood and wrapped the towel as tight as I could around my waist, but it could not hide my erection. Kelly noticed the bulge and giggled lightly. “Hey girl, not funny.”

“You look a bit, tense. Might want to take of that daddy.”

“Yea, yea, yea. You just don’t worry about my… my… just don’t worry.” I continued upstairs to find some pants.


Kelly watched her father leave the room. She felt hot inside, a strange feeling of warmth throughout her body. She has seen her father naked before, quick glimpses, but never full on naked and never with an erection. He seemed so much more of a man than the two boyfriends she had experienced in the last few years. Thicker, longer, a real man. Her teen curiosity sent her to sit in her father’s chair. A glance at the computer screen fed her curious nature. She noticed a minimized window from the internet. She clicked on the bar and opened the Literotica story and began to read.

Kelly was unprepared for the feelings she was experiencing as she read. She felt her panties moisten and her nipples tingle as she touched her breasts under her t-shirt. She had never really thought about her father this way. She knew he was gorgeous and fit, but still he was daddy. Now, after seeing his hard cock and finding this story on his computer, she wondered. As the story progressed into intense sexual imagery, she found herself slipping her jeans and panties down and giving her access to her hungry wet pussy. She rubbed her clit and slid a finger into her lubed tight hole. Soon her eyes closed, her body slumped deep into the chair with both hands concentrated on her upcoming orgasm. Her breathing turned to low moans, turning to quick deep breaths, until she was overcome and she could not breathe at all. Her body jumped and shook as she climaxed. Her juices covered her hands and dripped between her thighs onto the leather chair. After several minutes her mind came back to earth and her body relaxed. She felt sexy sitting in her daddy’s chair with her hands covered in her cum and slowly caressing her sex. She did not want to move, but knew she must. Kelly quickly pulled up her jeans, minimized the story window and was off to the kitchen for some much needed water.


After my daughter walked in my office with me naked with a huge hard-on, I found myself in my bedroom a bit guilty, but still hard as hell. I made sure the door was shut and locked, pulled out one of my favorite Andrew Blake videos and within minutes found myself covered in cum. I hoped that the release of fluids would also release my mind from the improper thoughts that had consumed me. Another shower, into some faded Levi’s and an old Lakers t-shirt and back down the stairs to my office. Just as I was about to sit, I spot something glistening on the leather. Liquid? I wiped my fingertip on the chair and found it to be very slick, slippery in fact. I brought my fingers to my nostrils and the scent caught me by surprise. It was sweet, musky…it was female sex juices, but where did it … Kelly!

I wiped off my chair and held my hand in front of my nose absorbing the luscious scent as I took a seat. What had happened? Confused and aroused I wipe the juices on my pant leg. Did my little girl sit here and her skirt rose up and she leaked…wait, she was wearing jeans. My mind swirled until I looked at my computer screen and saw the minimized window. No! I had sworn I had closed the internet, but I must have hit the minimize button instead of the close button. I maximized the screen and the file opened, but not at the top of story, but at the bottom. She had opened the window. My daughter had read this story of incest and masturbated on my chair. I could not believe what was happening today. It had seemed like everything was changing. But where does it go from here. This must stop now before it gets crazy and wrong. I put Literotica in my favorite list and shut down my computer.

The ring of a phone broke the uncomfortable silence. I picked it up to hear my wife’s voice on the other end. I got nervous and felt guilt stricken. She said that she was invited to go out to dinner with a client and wanted me to meet them at the restaurant in an hour. I honestly did not feel like putting on a suit and having dinner with some snobby investment banker. I asked if I could sit this out; that I wasn’t up for it. She pouted a little and sexily demanded that I make it up to her when she gets home. I excitedly agreed and hung up.

I grabbed a cold beer from the kitchen and stepped out the back. The pool looked so inviting; the still water reflecting the color changing dusk sky. My mind drifted as I gulped my beer and admired the evening sunset. I realized that I hadn’t heard Kelly for awhile. Perhaps, she was just doing her homework. Or perhaps she also felt guilty and embarrassed about today’s strange events. I decided that I should check on her and make sure she was alright.

Walking up the stairs and toward her room, I noticed that she had finally changed her music selection and now was listening to a new group with a slightly different sound. Finally, the last cd she was into lasted a very long time. This music was at least different, if not better. Her door was closed, but I quietly turned the knob and slowly opened it. I poked my head in and saw Kelly sitting at her computer, her back to me. I figured she was busy with homework and thought I could sneak up and scare her for a bit of fun. I opened the door and squeezed in stepping heel-toe and quiet as a mouse. I held back my own giggles as I crept closer and ready to give her a playful fright. As I got close I notice the screen. It was not homework, but a webpage from Literotica.com. I stopped just two feet away and held my breath as I took in the sight before me.

She was wearing no clothes at all with one hand on her nipple, the other using the mouse to scroll down the page. Her breathing was heavy as she read. I focused my eyes on the text and caught enough of the words to understand it was another incest story. I felt my cock strain against my jeans begging to be set free, but stood frozen in my tracks, unprepared for the position I found myself in. Images of my young daughter growing up through the years mixed with the vision of the sexy young teen in front of me. I was torn between right and wrong. I had made the decision to slowly walk back out, when the unthinkable happened. She spoke to me.

“Daddy, do you want to read a story together?” She had seen my reflection in the computer screen. She turned to face me. “If you do, you must get rid of those jeans and that old raggedy shirt.”

I could not answer, or if I did, I couldn’t hear myself. She stood up, unbuttoned my jeans and tugged them down to my ankles. She grabbed the bottle of beer from my hand and took a big swallow before setting in down on the desk. Next, she pulled my shirt up and off and led me to her chair. I sat down, my penis fully erect and pointing upward. She sat herself on my left thigh and reached for the mouse.

“So have you read many of these before?”

I cleared my throat, “Uhm, no, actually no.”

“Good. We can read them together for the first time. Let me see…hey how about this one about a pool party?”

“Sure. Yea, that sounds good.”

She acted so natural, so normal. It was as if she was a little girl again and we were reading a fairy tale together. I had a hard time focusing on the story, but soon she was reading aloud and really getting into the characters. Her hips gyrated, sliding her sex across my thigh leaving her juices dripping down my leg. I could feel her moist hairs, her slick lips and pubic bone grinding into my thigh. I found my hand reaching up to grab her breast from behind. She immediately slid further back until my chest was pressed against her back and my hand fully cupped her firm young tit. Her hand soon dropped down to my lap and her fingers wrapped around my shaft, squeezing tightly, but with the softest touch. She began to slowly massage my cock, milking droplets of slippery pre-cum fluid onto her fingers and then licking them clean before returning for more.

With my other hand, I reached for her tight box. My digits worked through her trimmed hair, across her swollen clit and in between her soft wet lips. I sunk one, then two fingers deep inside her and used my thumb to flick across her clit. I am not sure how long we sat there exploring each other still trying to read the story until she gave up and threw her head back to my shoulder as her orgasm shook through her body. Her grasp tighten around my dick as she slid down off my leg and began to stroke me faster.

“Cum for me daddy! Please! Please cum for me!”

No sooner did I hear those words, my cock erupted with cum across my daughter’s chest, her cheek and her open lips. She slowly milked it dry and kissed the tip, licking the cum clean. For the first time, she looked up at me and into my eyes. She smiled that huge innocent sexy smile.

“Wow.” Sadly, that was about all I could say.

“I love you daddy.”

“I love you too.”

My daughter stood up in front of me, leaned over and kissed me tenderly on my lips slipping her tongue briefly inside. She smiled that beautiful smile and disappeared into her bathroom. I sat, dazed. I reached over and saved the webpage as one of her favorites. Part of me hoped that this would not be the last time we read together; another part felt remorse and guilt. I picked up my clothes and cleaned up. My wife, Kelly’s mother, will be home soon.

To be continued.

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Lovely.... such a dreamy daughter.
more please:

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