Innocent Wife Fucks Hotel Stranger


I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She moved her hips with genuine determination, getting more and more of his cock inside of her until it was nearly all the way in. With one final thrust, she took the last bit of his cock into her sweet pussy. Charlie's cock HAD to be all the way into her belly. I have no idea how she took all of it. What a fucking trooper my sweet wife is. Wow. She just stayed down there, totally impaled on his big cock. "Oh shit! Oh my God! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! OHHH!" Claire's head started thrashing back and forth. Without so much as a thrust once she got Charlie balls-deep into her pussy, she started having an amazing orgasm. She went to a different place all together. It was like she was being tased for several minutes.

Eventually Claire calmed down. She looked at me, smiling and panting, shaking her head in disbelief. "Holy shit, Dave. That was fucking incredible!"

"We're just getting warmed up." Charlie announced confidently. He pushed her torso forward and stood up without ever taking his cock out of her. He bent her forward and she had to put her hands on the coffee table for balance. Charlie immediately started drilling her from behind. Nothing slow or gentle about it. He was a little rougher than I had expected. So far though, Claire didn't seem to mind. He carefully took up all of her hair at the base of her neck and made a ponytail with his fist. He pulled her head back toward him and put his mouth close to her ear. "You like this, Claire?"

Claire smiled, "Oh my God, yes. Yes, I like it."

This moment was really weird for me. I didn't know if I should kick his ass or start jerking off. I decided that I would let her reaction determine my reaction. As long as she was into it, I would just watch.

Charlie started fucking her really hard. If his dick wasn't so damn big it wouldn't have bothered me so much, but I was concerned he might actually do internal damage.

"You like being a fucking slut for your husband?" Charlie asked.

"Oh God, yes!" Claire responded.

It was incredible that he never stopped fucking her the whole time he asked her these questions. I could tell it was hard for her to concentrate long enough to answer them correctly.

"Tell me what you want me to do to you- you dirty slut!" Charlie barked.

"I... I... I want you to fuck... I want you to fuck me with... with your big... cock!" She finally managed to answer.

With his fistful of hair, he slowly pulled her head back again. "Do you love it?" He asked.

"Yes... I love it! Oh God... Please... fuck me..." She pleaded.

Charlie started really slamming her from behind after that. She was responding to every thrust with a guttural grunt. Her beautiful tits were swinging and jerking violently and she seemed to love it. She was totally submissive to him. I had never seen this side of her before. It was mildly disturbing but very erotic. I moved to the side of them so I could watch his big dick going all the way inside of her.

Charlie pulled out of her, grabbed her by the hand and led her to the bed where he laid her down on her back. He followed her onto the bed, put his arms under her legs and raised them up as he positioned himself between them. Claire's wet pussy was totally exposed in this position for maximum penetration. Charlie put the tip of his cock just inside her lips to tease her. With her feet now straddling her own head, Charlie started to slowly lower himself into her.

"Oh my... Oh God!" Moaned Claire.

Once again Charlie explored the depths of my sweet wife. Inch by inch he worked himself into her. Claire responded with each new thrust.

"Uh, uh, uh... Oh... my... GOD!" Claire tried to moan.

With this new position, it looked like Charlie had bottomed out with at least two inches to go.

Panting hard, Claire whispered, "Don't stop there... Charlie. I... ugh... want all of it."

This was almost too much to hear. First, I had no idea how her little pussy was handling this cock of Charlie's. Second, the idea that she would ask him to figure out how to slam two more inches into her body when her body was clearly saying "no" was amazing. My wife was doing and saying things tonight that I had never even dreamed of. She was truly the biggest slut I had ever met.

Charlie began slowly driving himself down into my wife. One inch gone...

"OH YES!" Claire screamed.

Charlie backed his hips out about six inches and then with one fast and powerful thrust, buried everything he had into Claire's pussy.

Charlie held himself there, deep inside her belly, not retreating. "AAGHHHH!!!" Grunted Claire. "Uh... Oh... oh... my G... God. Ohhhh shit! Oh shit!"

Charlie then started fucking her hard and deep. She seemed only semi-conscious through much of this. If I didn't know better I would have thought she was speaking in tongues. I couldn't understand half of what she was moaning. For several minutes this magical, fantastical fucking of my wife continued. I didn't want it to ever end.

But finally Charlie announced, "I'm going to cum."

"Good! Please keep fucking me!" Claire pleaded.

This was suddenly a problem for me. I wasn't buying the fact that Charlie the liar actually had a vasectomy. The last thing we needed was Claire getting pregnant from a stranger that I picked out, who lied about his fertility. I needed to intervene quickly.

"Claire, wait!" I blurted out. "I would love to see you swallow his cum, baby. Please?"

She looked up at Charlie and asked, "Is that ok with you Charlie?"

"Fine with me!" He laughed. He pulled his long, glistening cock out of my wife and rolled over on his back. Claire moved over him and grabbed his balls tightly with one hand, pulling them toward her. With her other hand she grabbed the base of his dick and started to stroke. With her beautiful, innocent mouth, she took the head of that fat, veiny cock and started to suck it like a five dollar hooker. This was yet another move I had never seen before out of my amazing wife.

Charlie grabbed the back of her head with both hands and held on tight. She was clearly taking quite a bit of him into her throat to accommodate his length, and to this day I can't tell you how she was breathing. But she only deep-throated him for a minute or so before he started to cum.

"Oh yeah!" Charlie yelled. "You dirty slut! Suck my cock, Claire!"

My sweet wife grunted and sucked him harder and faster. I prayed the video was capturing all of this.

"Aahh!!! Yes!" Charlie yelled as he came. "Yeah! PLEASE swallow it, Claire! Oh man..."

Claire sucked him hard and, as usual, swallowed every last drop. She does love her cum. Once he was done, she carefully licked cleaned his cock and balls with her mouth. Her thorough blow job clean-up is a patented move and I've never seen it done better. I tell you, she does it with love.

I was dying to fuck her right in front of Charlie, but also loved the idea of getting him the fuck out of our lives before one of us accidentally spilled the beans that his cover had been blown all night. That would be weird. This was the perfect evening, but I wanted my wife to myself now.

"Are you ready, big guy?" Claire said in my direction.

"Oh... Well, I'm sure Charlie has some place to be. I can wait... I'm good." I said.

"What are you talking about?" She asked incredulously. "You don't want to FUCK me right now? I'm quite sure Charlie doesn't care. Charlie?"

Charlie smiled and reluctantly nodded in agreement at me. "Actually, I do have to be going. This has been an awesome night, guys. Dave, you've got an amazing wife. Anytime you want a replay of this evening, PLEASE give me a call." He wrote down his number and gave it to Claire. He shook my hand, kissed my wife on the mouth, and left our hotel room.

"Holy shit," Claire exclaimed as he left. "He set the bar pretty fucking high, babe. You did good."

"Yep." I smiled, leading my wife to the bed. "He was a good one." I laid her on her back and started licking her freshly fucked pussy. Sweet Jesus... Life is good.

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Great story

Again a fantastic story! Forget the idiotic comments- hot story of wife fucking - awesome and I'd enjoy watching taking pics and fucking her afterwards too!!!

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by cindylynn3412/11/17

I really loved it.. Thank you for sharing it.

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by racfguy12/11/17

"...Claire just isn't into black guys or huge cocks. Two of her few, major flaws.."

So she doesn't want to fuck niggers or big boners. What's the problem you moron? Fuck her yourself. Cuck Cuck Cuck.

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by Anonymous09/19/17


cuck shit.

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by Anonymous08/22/17

love this story and if I could comment to" screwher "

I loved this story and love the comment from "screwher" He said he wished another man would take his wife to a hotel and fuck her and I wish it too with My wife. . I would love it if another man hadmore...

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