Allan a middle-aged psychologist counsels an intoxicatingly beautiful young woman. Under hypnosis, she describes an insatiable quest for sex and eventually she draws him into a world of eroticism and sex far beyond any fantasy.

This story is something that I have been able to piece together from the fragments of memories that remained after the events and discussions with my new partner Laurie. My wife of 20 years Melissa had died over a year before, after a long and painful illness. My grief and associated pain over several years had severely affected my relationships and sex was something that had not been part of my life for a long time. I hadn't even masturbated in over a year. Laurie was a psychologist who I met when she interviewed me about my experiences with clients who suffered chronic sexual addiction that might have been termed 'nymphomania' in non-clinical terms. Laurie had interviewed me a number of times, and despite my home situation and the twenty-year difference in our age, we became close friends and I began to enjoy, and even look forward to, our monthly meetings and began to see her socially outside of her research.

Laurie was an attractive and petite blond, not unlike my late wife. She was bright and an excellent therapist with a profound insight into sexuality that I found intriguing. There was an occasion when I was particularly exhausted from looking after my wife and my own sense of loss that Laurie and I had hugged and for a moment, we both looked at each other lustfully. We both felt guilty afterwards and ethics and my devotion to my wife prevailed. When my wife died, Laurie was there to support me as a therapist and a friend and I despite our growing attraction for each other I could never bring myself to any more than friends at that stage of my life. I also referred extreme cases of sexual addiction to her when she had finished her doctorate.

One of the interesting observations found by Laurie's PhD had discovered a rare connection with a group of highly sexual active women that had historical roots in such archetypes as witchcraft and mythological creatures in many cultures like enchantresses, nymphs and all kinds of feminine temptresses who used their sexuality to seduce and manipulate men. I had read much of her data and observations about the contemporary representations of this myth in groups that she had infiltrated and in a sense 'gone native' to find out about their existence and practices. Her good looks would have allowed her into the exclusive world of sex parties that seemed to be the focus of this mysterious lifestyle. Our own attraction seemed to grow and a couple of times Laurie had invited me to move our relationship beyond the plutonic but I still resisted. Around the time when Laurie's sexual invitations became even more overt, I encountered a client that I thought Laurie might be interested in.

Sarina came to me professing that she had difficulty maintaining long termed relationships. She was around 25 and breathtakingly beautiful. Around five foot six with a Eurasian mysticism about her facial features offset by clear blue almond shaped eyes. Her glistening silken hair was jet black and cut into a superb bob that showed her slender neck. Her breasts drew attention not because they were large but because they were so firm and perfectly shaped. Each time she came to sessions at my office she wore low plunging necklines that displayed her voluptuous beauty to full advantage and there was always a trace of nipple visible through her sheer tops. Her delectable slender waist and curvaceous hips highlighted her sensational body and long shapely legs always displayed in short skirts and dresses. The first time we met, I could barely take my eyes off her and despite my long sexual drought felt aroused for the first time in years. She would sit legs crossed sensuously, her short skirt rose up exposing her delectable thighs. Then she sat back in the comfortable chair and began to tell me her stories of relationships and sex. After the first introductory session, I decided to use hypnotic techniques to get deeper descriptions of her lifestyle.

'So, Sarina, today I am going to put you into a hypnotic trance so you can talk about your experiences in a bit more unrestrained way. This session I'm going to simply talk about your day yesterday to get an idea of what you feel and do in a typical day. Are you ok with that?' Sarina nodded and uncrossed her legs and noticed my eyes scan her exposed flesh. I quickly relaxed her and inducted her into the trance and she lay back in the armchair, her legs uncrossed with a distant look in her beautiful eyes. 'Now Sarina, the alarm has just sounded and its Wednesday morning I want you to tell me where you are and how you are feeling and then recount your day to me.'

'I reached out to quieten the alarm. Richard my most recent partner lay behind me. I smiled when I thought of how hot he had been last night. His cock was so big when he is aroused and he fucked me so hard and long and cum in my pussy and my ass. Orgasming with him was so easy with his huge cock and awesome attention to making me hot with his magic fingers and tongue. I glanced at his shrunken spent cock. He was exhausted by the intensity and hours of sex we had last night. We just couldn't get enough of each other. Though I love the idea that all men get hard when I'm with them, I also really enjoy a soft cock because it gives me the challenge of making it hard again. He hadn't stirred from his deep sleep when the alarm sounded so I couldn't resist going down on him. I took his flaccid cock into my wet mouth and swirled my tongue around it as I consumed it completely. He moaned and his cock began to swell immediately until it burst from my mouth as it grew. I slid my fingers around his huge balls, grazing them seductively with the fingernails of one hand and circling the base of his cock with the other squeezing firmly. His groans increased but he didn't wake from his deep sleep. I removed his cock from my mouth and began to slide my tongue and lips over it wildly. His cock swelled to the mega proportions I loved and became engorged and throbbed excitedly. I blew warm air across the tip as his moans rose to ecstatic levels, yet he was still not awake. I plunged my head down on his cock and sucked hard sliding him down my throat I adored his cock when it was this big and this excited it made me feel so powerful and wanted. As his cock slid down the back of my throat I felt it throb more and more as my head bobbed up and down on him greedily he exploded and awoke screaming 'Oh fuck that's so good suck my cock I'm cumming.' And he came shooting hot delicious cum into me. I swallowed and then withdrew it and let a few spurts spray my tits as his eyes looked down at me in adoration half pleading with me to continue. When he finished cumming, I kissed him sweetly and then showered and dressed for work rushing out the door after a rapid breakfast both promising to have an equally hot time tonight.

I arrived at work slightly late for my meeting with Brian my boss. Brian and I had had a brief but hot affair a few months ago but he felt guilty about cheating on his wife and so we stopped actually fucking but still couldn't help teasing each other. Brian was obsessed with panties and as I make a habit of wearing sexy underwear all the time, his obsession with me was more than just sex. I looked around his office I had had sex with him on his desk several times and every time he had been obsessed with my keeping my panties on and got off on touching his cock against the soft shiny silk or satin panties I wore. I was wearing a business suit today with a purple lace and silk camisole, matching bra and bikini panties. The short black skirt fitting tightly over my hips and I knew Brian was wondering what my panties looked like the moment I entered the room.

I locked the door to the office I was feeling as horny as hell. Sucking Richard before work had made me very wet and excited and the thought of waiting all day before having his hot cock inside me again was impossible to contemplate. 'They're purple silk, Brian. I said as I gently lifted my hem to show the bottom of my panties. 'We shouldn't be doing this.' He said. 'I feel so guilty.' I moved toward him and saw how immediately hard he was. I love the idea that I can make a man hot so quickly. I kissed him sweetly and he was shaking with excitement. 'Go on touch them, you know you want to.' I said and he slid a hand under my skirt and felt my panties cupping may ass and caressing my buns excitedly. "You know what feels good Brian?' he panted and nodded his head and I unzipped him a and took out his cock and began to rub the tip across the moist purple silk triangle that stretched across my pussy. His cock throbbed and I felt tingles inside me. I was so horny. He moaned deeply and I guided him to sit in his chair and then sat on his thickened cock. He wasn't quite as big as Richard was but I was aching to have a cock inside me and his was so ripe for the fucking. He pressed his cock against my panty-clad ass and began to rub against it masturbating himself through the action of the soft fabric against his engorged cock. He was trying to bring himself off without fucking me because he felt guilty. He fondled my pussy from the front and I too was feeling like an orgasm wasn't far off. I wanted his cock inside me so I kissed him longingly and reached down and slid my panties aside and touched his cock against my wetness. He protested feebly but his cock slid into me easily.

I feel so good when I have a cock inside me. I felt my pussy close around his swelling, throbbing shaft. I raised myself up and down on his cock and I saw his eyes roll back into his head. He looked so helpless so vulnerable but so unbelievably excited he was shaking with sexual tension. We began fucking hard and fast his cock thrust into me as I bounced on him. All the time his hands stroked every inch of my panties. It was as if my panties were giving him all the pleasure rather than me bouncing wildly on his overexcited cock. I came excitedly I remember shooting off and drenching my panties and him with the intensity of how much I came. At that moment, it is as if my pussy sucked his cock into me deeper and my pussy walls closed around him making myself impossibly tight. He moaned helplessly and I felt him cum, shooting hard into me and with each shot his hands excitedly caressed my panties. When he had finished I took off the panties and wiped the cum from my pussy and wiped his cock with them and left the panties with him. The meeting would have to wait he was too distracted by my sticky panties to talk about anything.

I went back to my desk, worked solidly for a couple of hours, and then got a call from a girlfriend who wanted to have coffee with me. Natalie is about thirty and bisexual and I have had a brief sexual encounter with her during a threesome that happened with another guy from work some time ago and ever since she has been keen on seeing me to try and encourage me to try her without a man around. We have become quite close friends and often had coffee and chatted girl talk stuff. We met at a coffee shop and I told her about my quickie with Brian. She was less shocked by it than turned on by my not wearing any panties. She slid a discreet hand beneath my skirt and touched me to make sure and I felt a little turned on by her excitement. When we returned to work, she called again shortly after we got back and invited me to a boardroom. When I got there, Natalie had removed her panties and swung them around her fingers cheekily as if to say two can play at that game. She beckoned me to lie on the big boardroom table. I let her lift my skirt and she buried her head in my pussy and began to slide her tongue around my labia and suck at my clit. Girls know what girls like. In a few moments, I was shivering in pleasure quivering with excitement. My pussy wet and hot as she brought me to orgasm several times inserting three fingers and finger fucking me as she sucked and lapped at my excited pussy. She climbed onto the table and repositioned herself so her legs were spread over my head. I grabbed her hips, drew her wet pussy to my lips, and inhaled the excited wetness that dripped from her. The moment my lips touched her pussy she shivered and moaned. 'You don't know how long I've dreamed of this.' she moaned and I hardly touched her clit before she began to cum violently. We brought each off several times and then both went back to work wet and panty-less.

I barely had time to recompose myself before rushing to an appointment with a prospective large investing client for lunch and met with him in the lobby of his hotel. We went to the hotel restaurant and like most male clients his eyes and body language suggested he was more than excited by having lunch with me. The longing gazes and the suggestive conversation plus my own absence of panties made for an interesting lunch. By the end of lunch I knew I could speed up his becoming a new account by sleeping with him so I suggested we go to his hotel room to go over the contract. When we got into the elevator, he said. Sarina tell me something about you that nobody knows?' I simply turned to him and told him I wasn't wearing any panties and from that moment on, I knew the contract would be signed without reading. When we got to the room and I put my briefcase on the table he came up behind me and put his hand up my skirt and gasped when he touched my naked buns. I turned and let him press against me as we kissed. I looked at him sweetly, unbuttoned my jacket, removed it, unzipped my skirt, and let it slip to the floor. I handed him the contract and asked him to sign it and as he fumbled with the pen I removed his pants and fondled his already rock hard cock. I removed my camisole and bra as he hurriedly undressed and we rushed to the king sized bed. We kissed and fondled for a little while, his hands continued to fondle my ass, and I guided his cock to my wet tight pussy. Once inside me, he fucked me excitedly and the hand that cupped my ass moved compulsively to finger my ass. He was an anal lover I could tell. 'I love it in my ass too.' I panted into his ear. His cock throbbed in response and I orgasmed with the excitement and intensity of his thrusts. Dribbles of my cum rolled down my inner thigh as he withdrew from me.

I rolled over and presented my ass for him and I could see him shiver with excitement as he came up behind me. 'Do my tight little ass.' I shouted to him. God I want you inside me, cum in my hot ass. I'm so hot for you.' He took little encouragement and pressed his engorged cock against my tight button. It was slick and lubricated from being inside my pussy and he barely waited a moment before pressing his cock deep inside my ass. I screamed partially from the discomfort and a bit from the speed of entry but he wasn't a particularly large cock so in a few minutes he was thrusting into me his balls slapping my clit. I came several times and fingered myself to a few more orgasms as he almost blindly fucked my ass in a wild frenzy. All that mattered to him was my ass and his cock inside it. He liked my tits too, reached around, squeezed them both, and pinched the nipples hard as he revelled in being deep inside me. He was shouting and moaning excitedly and I felt his cock swell and throb as his excitement reached fever pitch and he shot inside me. It felt like hot liquid bursting into my anal passages and then it was as if my ass sucked his cock inside me deeper and enclosed around him tighter drawing every drop of his cum into me we lay connected moaning and shivering for some time before I dressed and packed up the contract into my briefcase. He lay exhausted on the bed, eyes glazed and in a sort of trance babbling deliriously about 'the best fuck of his life.' I left and returned to work briefly before going home to Richard.

I deposited the signed contract on Brian's desk and headed for home. When I got home, I stripped and had a long hot bath washing the residue of my day from my body and the pungent sticky smell of sex from my orifices. By the time Richard came home, I had dressed in my sexiest white satin baby-doll nightie with string bikini panties and busied myself in the kitchen making a simple salad and pasta dish. Richard came in carrying a bottle of red, pressed up behind me in the kitchen, wrapped his arms around me, and kissed my neck and cheek as I stirred the sauce. He was already hard, his cock pushed against me through his business suit and my flimsy nightie. This is what I had been waiting for all day. He reached around and fondled my tits through the soft halter to, teasing the nipples to hardness as he continued to slide his lips across the nape of my neck and send shivers of desire through me. Richard could do this for hours until I was begging for it. Richard knew how to make me so hot so quickly. I don't know whether I loved him but I love what he did to me. We ate dinner talking animatedly about our respective days. I told him about Brian and Natalie and the contract we both talked about our lovers partially to make each other jealous and partially because it made us more determined to pleasure each other in ways that no one else could. We cuddled with no genital contact for few hours as we watched TV and finished the wine.

When it was finally bedtime Richard took me to the bedroom and peeled kissed me slowly all over my body from toes to head. Pausing toss suckle my hard nipples through the satin halter then peeling up the hem to expose my string bikini panties. He inhaled my damp sex for a while and then began a slow and deliberate process of kissing my panties never quite touching my sex but licking and kissing all around it. When his lips finally met my pussy folds, I shivered in pleasure. Then he sucked and kissed my clit wildly and I came violently. In the midst of cumming, I felt him slide my panties aside and thrust in two fingers into my pussy and I came again. Then as I peaked once more, I felt him reach around and insert a finger in my ass and I screamed the house down I was so hot. I kissed him and bit him scratched at him wildly and he bit my lip and neck in return. The unwritten rules were I wasn't allowed to touch him until he was ready to let me undress him. I recovered from my orgasms feeling hot and wet. Richard removed his fingers from me and stood up. I sot up too and removed his shirt a button at a time kissing down his chest. Then unbuckled his pants and let them drop to the floor. I hurriedly removed his shorts and looked eagerly at his enormous genitals. His balls were like oranges full and juicy and the nine inches of thick flesh that I worshipped beckoned me to touch him. I caressed him as we lay back on the bed sliding my fingers lightly over his engorged shaft. 'Did you like my mouth on you this morning?' His cock throbbed in reply. I slid down to kiss his swollen balls and returned the favour of not touching his cock with my mouth for some time as I kissed his balls and inner thighs. When I did touch it I glided my moist lips over the head with featherlike touch tasting the pre cum that had gathered there then suckled the tip sliding my tongue around the underside revelling in the groans he emitted and the throbs that became a regular pulse.

I stopped sucking him and straddled him and guided his cock to my moist lips and let droplets of my cum roll down it. I pushed his cock against my opening and he moaned and I let it part my tight lips feeling the pleasure of a man who stretched me so much as he entered me then slowly filled me so completely that I shivered with joy just having him there. By the time, he was fully inside me, and I was rocking on him deep in me he had begun to fondle my tits again pushing them free of the tight halter so they bounced as I began to rise up on him and ride him. I bounced on him until I felt myself squirt all over him then without taking his hot cock from me I turned around and bounced on him again. He grasped my hips, pushed me forward onto my face, and then began to pummel me hard from behind bringing me to a succession of wild orgasms. Sex with Richard was like that I seemed to have orgasm after orgasm and my body filled with endorphins as he found yet another way to bring me to climax in positions all over the bed, bending my legs around like a rag doll until I was begging him to cum in me. At that point, I could feel my pussy contract around him as his cock swelled and throbbed and then he didn't just explode in me it was as if my pussy sucked his cock into me and our sexual organs pulsed and clamped together in unison while we almost lost consciousness from the intensity of it all. We fucked until about 3am when he shot a load into my ass and we collapsed in sleep and exhaustion in a endorphin haze.'

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