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Insatiable an Appetite


Dear Cassandra,

I leave you my grandmother's ring, an ancient heirloom passed down through generations. Your mother begged me to destroy it rather than leave it to you. She was sure that it is cursed, but I suspect it is cursed only by the fears of men, and not from some intrinsic evil - unless all witchcraft be so. I have never dared wear it myself, being content with my life, but you may find it brings you fortune in need.

All of my love,



Sue studied her husband, George, as he gazed out through the front window. There was a longing in his eyes that she had not seen for a long time - for decades, perhaps. Once upon a time, it had been her that he had looked at like that. Back when she had had an elegant figure free from the aches and pains of advancing age, and unblemished by time.

No doubt she had looked at him like that too, but the endless energy and enthusiasm of youth had given way to the responsibilities of looking after children and too many long hours of hard work. The kids had flown the nest now, and they had the house to themselves, but retirement and freedom had failed to rekindle the excitement of youth.

Until now. Sue watched, amused, as George adjusted his trousers. If nothing else, it proved he could still get an erection. She supposed she should be jealous that it was another woman he lusted over, but she doubted it would lead to anything. And besides...

And besides, she too often found herself lost in admiration for their new neighbour. "She's beautiful, isn't she?" Sue said, curling her arms about her husband's waist.

George jumped guiltily. "What? No. I was just -" He fell abruptly silent as Sue's hands caressed his hard cock through his trousers.

"It's okay," she said. "I like watching her too."

Outside, their neighbour was in conversation with someone. A builder, probably. They were looking up at the eaves and pointing. She had bought the house two weeks previously and must have been spending a small fortune on decorators and furniture. There were people in and out every day.

Sue moved round in front of her husband, her back to him, her bum pressing back against the tented material. With a moan of lust, he reached round to grab her breasts, mauling them roughly in a way he hadn't done for years. "Take my bra off," she said, as she tugged at his belt.

They were both out of practice, but they soon managed to strip away the major obstacles. They stood pressed together as before, wearing only shirts - enough to conceal what was visible through the window, should anyone glance their way.

"I can't believe we're doing this," she said.

"Shall we go to bed?" George asked, his voice neutral. His cock, however, pressed urgently between her cheeks.

"Just do it," she said, and guided him to her entrance. She was wet. Incredibly wet. It still hurt her as he pushed in roughly, clumsy with impatience, but the pain gave way swiftly to pleasure.

He was only part of the way in. They had never done it standing up before, and she had to bend over slightly and adjust her stance before George was able to thrust his full length into her, but once this was achieved, he pounded her with vigour.

It felt wickedly sinful. Even with their shirts on, anyone looking their way would have been in no doubt about what was happening. The passion of her husband's assault on her was something she had missed for a long time, and she prayed he would sustain it long enough to satisfy her. She resisted the temptation to touch her clit and to hasten her climax. She wanted it to last.

She didn't care that it wasn't her that had inspired his sudden ardour. It was their new neighbour. Cassie. Tall and slender, with long, golden hair. Beautiful enough to be a model, or a porn star, even, given the size of her perfectly shaped breasts.

Exactly the sort of woman that would normally arouse Sue's jealousy, except this time... Sue had never been attracted to women before, but this time she found herself wanting to suckle on those breasts, and wondering what it would be like to spread those elegant legs, to taste a pussy wet with desire for her.

"I'm close," George said, panting with the effort of maintaining his rhythm.

Sue knew it was Cassie he was imagining. She wondered what it would be like to watch her husband really fuck their neighbour. To see his cock pulsing as it unloaded deep within her. To see his cum dripping from those delicate, ravished lips.

To taste George's cum in Cassie's desire-wet pussy...

George thrust harder than ever, his cock thickening as he climaxed. Sue cried out with pleasure as her own orgasm washed through her. Feeling the cum spurting from her husband's jerking cock, she imagined herself to be her golden-haired neighbour...

... just as her golden-haired neighbour glanced round and up, through the window, directly into Sue's eyes. The shock of it was electric, but it served only to intensify what was already an incredible orgasm.

George pulled out of her and staggered away in search of a seat, and Cassie returned her attention to the builder, albeit with a noticeable smirk. Sue, satisfied but far from finished, retreated to the bedroom and sank onto the bed. Scooping her husband's cum from her tender pussy, she lost herself again in the fantasy that it Cassie's young pussy she was tasting on her fingers.

"What's wrong with me?" she whispered, laughing at her own absurdity, but it wasn't long before she climaxed again, and a third time, all the while thinking of her extraordinary neighbour.


Cassie stood in front of a long mirror, still not quite able to believe it was real. That she was real. That any of it was real.

After a long cruel year, starting with the loss of her parents and finishing with the loss of her aunt, and very nearly losing herself in the middle, suddenly everything had changed, and in the most magical way.

Quite literally so.

At the point where she had nothing - no friends, no family, no money, no hope - she received one thing. A ring. And a note with it, from her aunt.

It was silver ring that gleamed as if recently polished, and was marked with a design that looked maybe Celtic. Bemused and intrigued by her aunt's note, Cassie had slipped the ring onto her finger, fully expecting her fingers to be too thick for it, and had been surprised therefore when it fit perfectly.

"Cassandra," sang out a voice. "Cassandra!" A chorus of voices, laughing and singing. Merry voices, playful and loving. "What would you ask of us? What does your heart wish for? Three wishes can we grant this day."

"To be beautiful," Cassie said at once. Assigned male at birth, and never having been able to afford to transition, she had resigned herself to her ugly and too masculine appearance, but in her heart... she longed to be beautiful. To look like the woman she knew she was.


Joe followed the superhot babe around the house, nodding along at her suggestions. He'd only dropped by to give a quick quote - he had other jobs that needed doing - but she had persuaded him to start straight away. She'd even handed him a thick wad of cash for the work before he could change his mind.

There was just something about her. Her breasts, for one thing, that called out for his hands to cradle them. Or to be squeezed together while his hard cock drove between them until his cum was unleashed. This recurring thought kept stirring his cock to life, so that he was constantly trying to adjust his trousers when she was talking to him.

In seven years of marriage, Joe had never once been unfaithful. He had been sorely tempted on occasion, but wore his wedding band almost as a talisman, a reminder of what truly mattered. But this woman... Every time she looked at him with her big blue eyes, he felt as if she were provoking him somehow, as if she wanted him to tear off her clothes and give her the fuck of the century.

For three long days he resisted this urge, and though his wife had not complained at all about his passionate use of her, she was getting suspicious.

"That's everything," he announced with relief at the end of the fourth day. "Some of my best work."

"Thank you, Joe," Cassie said. "But I do have one last job for you."

Joe's heart fell. "Oh?"

"Can you open this for me?"

She handed him a bottle, which he opened easily. The rich smell of coconut oil filled his nostrils. Cassie, meanwhile, unzipped her short dress at the back and allowed it to fall to the floor. She stood there nude from the waist up, and sexy as hell in fishnet stockings.

Joe couldn't tear his gaze away from her voluptuous breasts. "Would you oil them for me, please, Joe?" she asked.

Joe gulped and nodded. There was no thought of objecting. The world in that moment existed only of those amazing, beautiful breasts and his hands, as he poured some oil and put the bottle down. He wanted to use both hands, to give those breasts all the reverent attention they deserved.

And they felt so soft, yet firm and heavy, and warm, and her large, thick nipples were hard as they slipped between his fingers. He massaged and squeezed her breasts until they gleamed all over, and he loved the way she whimpered as he pinched and teased their tender tips.

Cassie led him over to a chair, where she sat and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them and his pants down to his knees. "Fuck my tits, Joe," she said.

His cock was fully erect. It was a good cock, well above average size, and it looked magnificent between Cassie's gleaming breasts. She pressed them together as he thrust between, the head of his cock nudging against her neck at the limit.

"Is this what you wanted, Joe?" she asked.

"Ever since I first saw you," he replied between thrusts.

"Do you fuck your wife's tits like this?"

"Sometimes, but she doesn't have tits like yours." Fucking Cassie's tits felt like the most natural thing in the world. It was almost better than pussy.

"You should bring her here. I bet she'd love watching you do this."

Joe laughed. "She'd kill me."

"If you bring her here, I promise I'll have her licking your cum from my breasts."

The idea was utterly daft, but Cassie said it so sincerely that Joe could almost imagine it. "Come on her tits, baby," his wife growled in his imagination. "Cover her with your cum. I'm going to lick every drop off while you give this slut the ass-fucking she's begging for."

The thought of fucking Cassie's sweet ass was too much for him. He grunted as he climaxed with painful intensity, and rejoiced in the sight of his cum splashing against Cassie's neck and running down across and between her breasts.

He pulled away after a minute, and she bent to take his cock in her mouth, licking him clean of cum. "Thanks, Joe," she said.

"Thanks, sweetheart," he said with a grin.

"Bring your wife, sometime."

Joe looked down admiringly at Cassie's cum-coated breasts, impressed as much by the quantity he had produced as its thick, creamy consistency. The thought of his wife's sweet mouth sucking on Cassie's prominent nipples was enough to renew his lust. "I will," he said, abruptly impatient to get home to his willing wife and her insatiable pussy.


"You know I love you," Rob said, looking down into his fiancée's bright, blue eyes. Jennifer's eyes were one of the things he loved most about her. It was so easy to drown in them.

Jennifer laughed. "What is it?"

Rob hesitated. He could feel himself blushing. "Ah, nothing really. I was just thinking."

"What?" she insisted. Jennifer sat up against the headboard, amused by Rob's embarrassment, but also a little concerned. "It's okay. You can tell me."

"It's just... I was wondering... Have you ever had a threesome?"

Jennifer's eyebrows shot up. "What? No!" A heartbeat later she demanded, "Why? Have you?"


"You have, haven't you!"


Jennifer chuckled. "But you want one? They say every man secretly fantasises about having two women at the same time."

"Well... Maybe. I was just thinking. Wouldn't you like to sleep with two men at the same time?"

Shrugging, she said, only half-serious, "Maybe, but I'd be okay with another woman."

Rob brightened up immediately. "You would?"

It didn't escape Jennifer's attention that Rob's cock was suddenly springing to life. She felt a corresponding tingling excitement herself at the thought of another woman sharing their bed. "Well," she said carefully, wrapping her hand teasingly about his stiffening cock. "It would really depend on who she was."

Jennifer had never admitted it to Rob, but she was bisexual and had been with several girls during her time at school and college. Indeed, if she had a preference it was definitely for women, and the developing seriousness of her relationship with Rob often surprised her.

She loved him, and fully intended to love him and only him, for the rest of their lives together. However, just recently, she had found herself admiring their new neighbour, the attractive, golden-haired Cassie who seemed comically ill-at-ease in her high stilettos and overdone make-up.

She tried to imagine Cassie in the bed with them, straddling Rob and with her huge breasts pendulous above his face. Rob's cock buried in her gold-framed pussy while Jennifer watched from the side...

Rob, as it happened, was imagining much the same thing. He was very much a breast man, and although Jennifer's breasts were a good size and perfect shape, wonderful things to cup in his hands, and with delightfully sensitive nipples that he could suck on for hours, in theory anyway... nevertheless, he had found himself captivated by their beautiful new neighbour whose huge breasts dwarfed Jennifer's.

The thought of Cassie straddling him, her breasts above him, her nipples teasing his lips as he thrust his hard cock deep into her, or as she drove herself down onto him, made him whimper with need. Jennifer's hand was wrapped about his cock, but that wasn't enough. He needed to fuck. Jennifer, Cassie, whoever, but he needed to fuck.

He rolled over on top of Jennifer, who opened her legs eagerly.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Can't you tell?"

Even so, he eased himself into her with care. Having a cock as large as his was often a curse rather than a blessing, but on this occasion, at least, Jennifer showed no sign of discomfort, though she was breathing so heavily it was difficult to tell. "Okay?"

"Fuck, yes," she said. "You know I'm only marrying you for your cock, don't you?"

It was a familiar joke between them. "You know I'm only marrying you for your pussy," he replied.

"But I bet you wish I had Cassie's breasts..."

Rob froze, unable to decide on a suitable response.

Jennifer laughed. "That's who you were thinking of, isn't it? In bed with us."

Rob nodded. Jennifer didn't seem upset, and he dared to hope she wasn't. Here he was, making love to his fiancée, but imagining another woman in their bed. "It's okay," she said. "Close your eyes and imagine I'm her. Fuck me, Rob. Fuck me the way you want to fuck her."

Jennifer closed her own eyes, losing herself in a fantasy of being Cassie. She couldn't believe how wet she was. How ready to be fucked. Rob's cock usually took some getting used to, but this time it seemed made for her. "Fuck me," she whispered. "Hard."

No one had ever said that to Rob before. He closed his eyes, and found it easy to picture Cassie, size queen and cum slut, begging him to fuck her hard. He pulled out slowly and thrust deep in one swift move, forcing a cry from her. "Fuck!" she shouted. "Yes! Again!"

Again he did, and again. He settled quickly into a rhythm of hard, deep thrusts, unforgiving and almost cruel, but not once did Cassie complain. She was like a bitch in heat, a porn star, her hips lifting up in tempo, as if to take him deeper still. Never before had a woman taken his full length.

The pleasure was indescribable. He felt like a stallion given free rein for the first time in his life.

Jennifer loved every minute of it. Every inch of it. She'd enjoyed Rob's for the past few months, but she'd never experienced this. A good, hard fuck. No doubt she would be feeling bruised for days, but right then she didn't care.

In the past she had found it uncomfortable when Rob's cock nudged against her cervix. This time it felt amazing, and somehow he had driven deeper, she didn't know how. The friction of his cock against her stretched vaginal walls, added to the impact of his pelvis against her, was exciting her clit blissfully.

She didn't even need to touch herself. "I'm close," she said.

"Me too," he said, wanting the pleasure to last forever, but also starting to cramp up a little. He concentrated on achieving his climax, on maintaining an increasingly erratic rhythm, until his whole body clenched uncontrollably. Cassie cried out as he stiffened inside her, and then his cock was pulsing majestically, pumping cum deep inside her vagina.

"Fuck!" Jennifer cried as Rob's orgasm triggered her own. She wished he hadn't suddenly stopped moving, and she thrust up against him to continue the stimulation. Waves of pleasure swept through her as his cock stretched and filled her vagina. She could feel his cum, and imagined it penetrating her womb, or Cassie's womb, rather, impregnating her.

She opened her eyes eventually to find Rob looking down at her. "Okay," she said.

"Okay what?"

"Let's have a threesome. With Cassie."

Rob grinned. "Okay, but I'm not finished with you yet. Get on your hands and knees."

Jennifer groaned, but did as asked, and sighed with pleasure as Rob's still-hard stallion cock thrust deep into her cum-soaked vagina.


Jennifer watched her fiancé sleep, struck, and not for the first time, how feminine he seemed sometimes. Not effeminate as a man in daily life, but when asleep, or when relaxed and off-guard, then she often found herself comparing him to the women she'd had in her life.

Well endowed as he was, Rob had nothing to prove. He certainly satisfied her in bed. But he had a slender frame, almost delicate, and with the right make-up and styling could almost pass as a woman. He might even be pretty.

Not that she was ever likely to find out.

A pretty girl with a huge cock. A huge-breasted neighbour. Now that would be a threesome to write home about.

Laughing at the idea of writing home about anything like that, Jennifer rolled over and eventually drifted off to sleep.


Although Cassie was tall for a woman, she took great pleasure in wearing high heels. Which is not to say they weren't bloody awkward and often painful as hell to walk in, but she loved how they made her feel.

Her second wish had been for a fortune, and her lottery ticket that wonderful day had netted her a share of the rollover jackpot. A few days later, she had cash enough to not only buy a good-sized house in London, but also to repair it and redecorate it and furnish it - and still have more than enough left over to keep her very comfortable for a decade or more.

Certainly enough for a rapidly building collection of shoes and clothes.

If wearing platform stilettos was a discomfort Cassie was willing to endure, the weight of her breasts was an unexpected burden. But her new, bespoke, overbust, black-and-silver corset was an effective solution, tight about her waist, and snug and supportive above. It accentuated her figure in a way that was both stylish and sexy.

She had already ordered another.

Cassie sat on the edge of her bed, facing her mirror. She was dressed only in knee-high black leather boots and her corset. The sight of a pussy between her parted thighs was a pleasure that never lessened. She brushed the gold curls with her fingers and teased her sensitive labia with an inquisitive fingertip.

As her nipples hardened within the confining corset, pressing urgently against the silk lining, the fingertip continued its exploration, circling cautiously about her clitoris and teasing its way deeper into her increasingly wet vagina.

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