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Insatiable Wife Gets More


I am a tall brunette woman who stands 5'10 and weighs about 135 lbs. I am 39 years old, a MILF I guess. I have long wavy hair, deep sexy brown eyes and a sweet innocent smile. I'm kinda the girl next door, with a high sex drive to go with it. I have very long legs, and a round sexy ass that seems to draw attention. I have 2 piercings, my navel and my nose. I work in an office for a large national association.

Recently, a courier that I have been flirting with and teasing for months came into the office. He had a large shipment of brochures that we would not be able to fit into our supply room, so I arranged for him to deliver them to our storage room adjacent to the parking garage. I met him down there and flirted with him a lot.

That's not the story today, maybe I'll write that one another time. He asked me when we were done our first encounter to join him alone at his place Sunday afternoon for a lust filled day. I accepted and informed my husband that I'd be going. We live in an open relationship, and he loves to hear my stories after the fact. Here is the story I wrote out for him when I got home:

I went to his house with a sexy short dress on. I had sexy heels on and my toes were painted nicely. I walked in, pinned him against the wall and kissed him. We probably kissed for 10 minutes there, very passionately. We shared tongues and I kissed his neck and ears, and he did the same to me as I whimpered and moaned. I asked him if he wanted to move to the living room. He poured me a glass of wine and we sat and talked for a few minutes, that just built up the sexual tension more. He took out some massage oil, slowly slid my shoe off and massaged my foot. He rubbed the tension out and massaged each of them for quite some time. Then he massaged my calves and thighs up and down for a while.

Without taking my dress off, he slid it up and kissed me through my thong. His tongue felt so good and I had an orgasm through the panties. His face was soaked. Then he pulled the panties to the side and flicked his tongue over my clit so fast that I started to shake. He made me cum so hard. I couldn't breathe. My toes were curled and I was screaming.

We moved to his bed, my dress and bra and thong still on. I slid his pants off and he still had his boxers on. I took out 2 of his neckties and tied his wrists to the bedposts after I removed his shirt. I left his boxers on. I moved down and used the lotion he's spread on my feet on him. I ran my feet up the inside of his legs and under his boxers. I teased the underside of his cock with my feet under his boxers. Then I curled my toes off and pulled his boxers off with my feet.

I wrapped my feet around his cock, used some more lotion and slid them up and down while he hardened even more between my feet. I loved his long, thick cock. He was throbbing. I did it for a few minutes and he was groaning and bucking my feet. He spurted a load of cum all over my feet and he was helpless being tied to his bedposts. Then I rubbed his cum back onto his cock with my feet and then began licking his cum off his balls and cock. He was so sensitive after cumming.. He wanted me to stop but I refused and licked all his cum off his cock and began to lick and suck his balls while I pinched and twisted his nipples. I sucked his cock now, bobbing up and down and using my tongue on his shaft while I sucked. I managed to get him going again and after a while sucking on him, he came again in my mouth. This time I swallowed it and licked him clean.

Now I told him it was my turn and I lifted my dress over my head. I wrapped my dress around his head covering his eyes and then I straddled his face with my thong and bra still on. I ground my pussy into his face as he moaned. He loved it. He got me off licking my pussy, he was very good with his tongue and knew how to apply the exact right pressure to my clit. I was bucking and humping his face, it was so hot. Then I took his blindfold off and slid down his body, kissing and licking his nipples, biting on them just a litlte. Then I took my bra off and rubbed my breasts against his chest, touching his hard nipples with mine. I put them between his lips and let him kiss and suck them gently. My nipples were so hard, he had me so turned on. I loved controlling him.

I can be both dom and sub, but this day I was in the mood to tease him for a while anyway. I sat back on his face, this time facing his cock so I could lower myself into a 69 position. Now I took my time and kissed and licked his cock which was getting hard again. I kissed and licked so slowly while he licked and kissed my pussy to orgasm after orgasm. Then he took flicked his tongue over my asshole and circled it repeatedly. It felt so fucking good. Then he slid his tongue into my asshole, and thrust it back and forth into there. It was such a high, I stopped sucking his cock and enjoyed the sensations of pleasure shooting through my body. I lost track of my orgasms, they were so intense.

I was so horny by this time and had him nice and hard. I took a condom off his night stand and rolled it over his big thick head. I slid it down and climbed on top of him facing him. I squeezed his cock in my hands and rubbed the swollen head against my clit and pussy lips. I wanted his cock so badly . I placed it against my hole and slowly took the head in. I gasped for air and enjoyed his thickness entering me. He felt amazing. I played with just the head in my pussy, moving my hips back and forth. He was groaning and telling me how good my wet pussy felt. He loved how tight my pussy was, I told him it's from years of exercising it. LOL He tried to push up into me, but I pushed his hips down and pinched his nipples. I told him everytime he did that I'd either pinch his nipples or squeeze his balls.

He behaved for a while and then tried again. I grabbed his balls in my hand and firmly twisted them without hurting him too much. He yelped and said he'd behave. I slowly took inch by inch of his cock, making figure 8 motions with my hips. He was moaning, sweating and begging for me to fuck him. I bucked forward and back, not up and down, grinding my clit against the bone above his cock. I had orgasm after orgasm with his throbbing cock inside of me. He was trying to free his hands, but I refused to allow it. I rocked back and forth on his cock until I milked it dry again and he spurted in his condom. I must have rode him for 30 mins, we were both soaked in sweat and my makeup was smeared. He said I looked so hot sweaty with makeup all over. I was full of lust.

I wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. He wanted to have a smoke, so I lit one and held it for him while he smoked it. I lay there kissing and touching him after he was done smoking, then I rolled the condom off of him and licked and played with his cock for a while, running my fingernails under his balls. I had him rock hard again. I rolled another condom on him and then I released him. He was so full of desire. He put me on my back and pinned me down. There was nothing gentle now.

He rammed his cock into me so hard and so fast. I screamed, bucked, and cried out his name. I dug my fingernails into him as I wrapped my long legs around his back locking my ankles together and squeezing him while he thrust into me deep. Then he grabbed my legs and put my ankles over his shoulders and he got up on his knees and fucked me fast and deep. I screamed and dug my fingernails in his ass and back. He pounded me deep and fast, dripping his sweat on me. Then he got me on all 4's and thrust his cock into me from behind. I was losing it. I started to squirt and I gushed all over his cock, balls, stomach and the sheets were soaked. He blasted another load deep into his condom. We lay in the soaked bed and cuddled for a while and decided to have a shower and a glass of wine.

We showered together, soaping each other's bodies and kissing passionately many times. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it. I wanted his cock right there, but we didn't bring a condom with us, and I wasn't prepared to go bareback with him. I told him we should go enjoy some wine.

I went and slipped my bra and thong on and we curled up on the couch and enjoyed some wine and football together just laying in each other's arms. I actually fell asleep in his arms and he dozed off too. We slept for almost 90 minutes, just relaxed and enjoying the moment. He held me so gently as we spooned.

I woke up to him playing with my breasts. He went and grabbed a condom and slipped into me from behind laying on our sides. He bucked into me slowly and softly, making me whimper his name. I was so horny for his big shaft and wanted it hard and fast. He took me back to the bed and this time he lay me on the side, his balls against my inner thigh. He slid into me slowly, teasing and torturing me. I begged for him to fuck me hard and finally he gave it to me like I wanted. I screamed out his name and he rammed me hard for at least 30-40 minutes. I squirted many times during this.

Finally, he lay me on my back and gave me the most intimate slow fuck I've ever had. My toes curled, his mouth kissed me so softly and he held me close while he made love to me. We ground our bodies together and we came together at exactly the same time. We lay there catching our breath and then I offered to make us some food. I went into the kitchen and made us some wings in his oven, I make a wicked honey garlic sauce. We sat there eating the wings and watching some football.

I didn't care about the game, I cared about fucking this stud one more time. I was insatiable. I went up to his dining room table, took my bra and thong off, and bent over the table and begged for him to fuck me from behind. After squirting so much, I asked him to grab some lube from my purse. I carry little packages for just this type of thing. I squirted some lube on his cockhead, and surprised him by rubbing his cockhead against my ass.

I rarely do anal and need to be in a very particular state of desire to do it. This guy had fucked me so well, I wanted him in my ass and I HAD to have him there. He slid in so slowly, taking his time and waiting for my ass to relax and take it in. He got in all the way, and then grabbed my hips and began to slide in and out. I screamed out and buried my face in the table, my ass straight up in the air. I was up on my tippytoes and begging for him to fuck my ass. He loved my ass and said it was hard not to cum when he looked down and saw the shape of it. I told him not to look down then, I wanted him to last inside of me. He fucked me slowly for a while, I enjoyed the sensations. We decided to move to the bed and I slid his cock into my ass again, this time me on top.

It went in much easier this time, I was still ready and open for him. My ass started to squeeze him everytime I contracted my muscles. He loved the riding and was sweating again. I told him I wanted him to finish from behind, so I got in doggy style position and he rammed my ass deep. It hurt a bit, but felt so good. I screamed and started to shake uncontrollably.

Finally, I could take no more and I screamed out and squeezed so hard that he came with me and fucked me right through my orgasm. I fell to the bed and he fell on top of me. We fell asleep in each other's arms again and I woke up an hour later smiling. I kissed him a few times, but he was exhausted. He wasn't stirring. I covered him up with his blankets, and I moved into his bathroom. I taped my thong to his mirror and kissed the mirror so my lipstick would be on his mirror. I left the bathroom, put on my clothes, and locked the door and left. He texted me this morning thanking me for the most unforgettable afternoon of his life. We're planning another encounter later this month, an early birthday present for me, he's taking me to the mountains to make love to me. I can't wait!

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