tagLoving WivesInseminating Judy

Inseminating Judy


My wife recently hired Judy, a beautiful young and trim Japanese-American. Judy quickly became a top performer in the office and a favorite employee. My wife, Carol, and Judy took frequent trips together, and a respectful bond grew between the two women, even though we are cruising through our fifties and Judy just turned thirty.

Judy relocated from her home in California when she married Zeke and settled in our area. They had been married just over a year when Judy came to work with my wife Carol. The first time I met Judy, I was impressed by her intelligence and also by her beauty. She is about five feet three inches tall and couldn't weigh much more than one hundred pounds, with well trimmed jet black hair and a killer smile.

After a recent trip together, Carol told me in confidence that Judy and Zeke are seeking fertility testing after failing to start a family. I was surprised that Carol would tell me something so personal about Judy and Zeke. I've been with them at several social occasions, and I like Zeke and of course always enjoyed Judy's company. My mind started to whirl.

When I was younger, and before marrying Carol, I used to enjoy meeting couples for threesomes. Those were the days of swingers magazines and contact via letters. It was fairly easy for me to be selected by couples because of my cock size. A photo of me with even a semi erection often did the trick and brought an invitation to meet. It also helps to have a good sense of humor and great respect for the wife involved. Couples can sense respect, and the woman must always feel safe and secure. The combination of being blessed with a thick nine inch cock, a tall fit body, and the right psychology was my ticket to many a fun weekend with playful couples.

When Carol told me about Judy's dilemma, my cock stirred.

After a day or two, I asked Carol if she heard more about Judy and Zeke's problem. She told me that they visited a clinic and that Zeke was unlikely to become a father. "Do you think they will adopt?" I asked.

"No, Judy said they'll keep trying to do it the natural way," Carol responded.

My cock stirred again.

"Well, if they need a surrogate, you can volunteer me," I said. Carol knew my pre-marriage history, and she stared at me and laughed. "Well, buster, how would you bring that up?" I shrugged and laughed it off.

Well, on their next business trip, Carol asked Judy if they were considering alternative means of pregnancy. Judy opened up more and confided that it wasn't just infertility, it was also that Zeke had quite a small penis. It could get erect and stay hard, but he was only two inches. Judy questioned if this also made their attempts to conceive a failure. Carol said she didn't think that made any difference, but I was delighted to hear this news.

Then Carol dropped a bombshell on me. In reaction to the news about Zeke's dick, Carol must have expressed surprise or smiled. After a few more drinks, Carol spilled the beans about my inches. Carol said that she wasn't sure exactly what else she told Judy, but the next morning at breakfast, Judy was in a laughing playful mood.

When she told me all this, I could feel the cum dripping down my pant leg.

Carol said, "Who knows what Judy and Zeke are considering? Maybe they'll call you for some expert service." Another stream of cum rolled down my leg.

Within the month, I was with Zeke and Judy at a company dinner. During the evening, I spoke privately with Zeke and told him that I heard about their troubles having a family. I offered my sympathy and told him that I understood the problem.

"You do?" Zeke asked.

"Yes, I certainly do," I answered. "Years ago, before Carol and I were married, I worked for a fertility clinic."

"What did you do there?" he asked.

"I was a donor," I said. "I answered an ad for sperm donors. The clinic tested me for all sorts of things and got a family history on me to qualify me as a donor."

"My goodness," Zeke replied.

"Yes, it was actually a fun job, as you can imagine." "I just showed up at intervals and produced a sample for them to use in the lab."

By this time, I was betting Zeke had a little hardon listening to my story. I sure did, as I watched his wife at the party and told my story to her husband.

"Actually, I haven't told Carol, but I've continued to donate over the years." "The nurses at the clinic are old friends now, and I enjoy the getaway to relax with them as they watch me jerk off."

"They watch?" Zeke asked.

"Not at first, but over time I joked with them and we go more informal about it."

"Wow, that's sort of kinky," Zeke said.

"Well, it started when one of the nurses had to come into the room when I was exposed and started to get hard. She squealed at the size of my dick then excused herself. At my next appointment, she was working that shift and I joked with her about her prior intrusion. At one point, I told her that it didn't bother me and that she was welcome to come in and watch the whole process."

Zeke was slack jawed as I continued, "Ten minutes later I was in the donor room, stroking myself to get aroused, and she knocked gently on the door. I was delighted, of course. The nurse wasn't pretty or young, but I didn't mind."

Zeke interrupted, "Size of your dick?" he asked.

I answered, "I don't know about such things, but they seemed to think it was something worth watching. Long story short, over the next months, every nurse who worked there came in to watch me, and eventually they got hands-on experience. I let them stroke me until I spurted, and we all left happy."

"But don't tell Judy!" I implored.

Now we all knew secrets about each other, and I liked it that way. I hoped that what I had told Zeke would percolate in his mind and that he might feel compelled to tell Judy. Actually, Carol knows about my little trips to the clinic to get milked, and she thinks it's funny that a bevy of older nurses are so easily entertained.

I couldn't have planned this better. Judy had confided to my wife about their dilemma, and I had confided to her husband about my past. The kindling was laid, and now all I needed was a spark to light the fire. But I was content to let the facts be known and see how nature would take its course.

The four of us were having drinks one evening, and when the ladies left the table for a visit to the powder room, I turned to Zeke. "Any progress on the fertility front?" I asked.

"No, not really," replied Zeke.

"Well, you can always adopt, or have you thought about artificial ways?"

Zeke confided, "We're thinking about all of those ideas, but Judy is sort of an old fashioned girl.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"She's not happy about getting pregnant in a lab or in a clinic."

"So what's the best option for you now?" I asked Zeke.

He took a deep breath and said, "We may look for a donor."

"Wouldn't that involve a clinic or lab?" I asked. But just then the women returned to our table. Zeke clammed up and changed the subject.

Unknown to me, more had been discussed among the other three of them than I knew. In fact, the evening was a set up by them, including my wife, to pop a question to me.

Carol began, "Judy said it was ok for me to tell you about their problems getting pregnant, and Zeke told Judy about your exploits as a sperm donor."

I was beginning to sense the situation. And I liked it.

Zeke added, "I've talked it over with Judy a million times, and she's talked it over with your wife, and we would like to ask if you might please consider being a donor for Judy."

I was speechless, but smiling I'm sure. "Well, I would definitely be willing to help, but I've got to talk with Carol first."

Carol jumped in, "Not a problem here, buster."

Silence. We all nursed our drinks for a moment, and then I said, "The lab where I donate would be glad to help you. They already have what you need."

That's when Zeke said, "We're not thinking about a clinical situation...if you get my drift."

I smiled a big smile, took Carol's hand, looked across the table at both Judy and Zeke, and said, "You mean, you want me to fuck your wife?"

Even Carol was startled. "You don't have to say it like that!"

Then I laughed out loud, and soon all three of us were in hysterics.

We left for the evening with matters still in the planning stage, but I was pretty sure that Carol had convinced Judy to try my big cock and in the process maybe she would get pregnant, too. As for Zeke, I think he loved Judy so much that he bought into the plan as a way to solve their problem, not realizing the effect that a deep fucking might have on his lovely wife.

That night, Carol sucked me off to climax but I was so excited that my erection didn't leave, and we fucked like rabbits.

I decided that since the three of them had hatched a plan, I should join in the scheming and also have some added fun. I composed a letter to Zeke, outlining a few terms to govern the fucking of his wife. Number one, both Carol and Zeke must be present. Two, it will take place at our home. Three, Judy must prove she's in the mood, and I suggested that she and Carol shop for special lingerie and model it for Zeke and me to enjoy. Four, Judy must be bare, and for that I suggested a Brazilian waxing at a local spa.

I mailed the letter to Zeke via registered mail in order to create in his mind, and Judy's, a feeling that the act would not be a quick dick dipping. After mailing the letter, I went to the clinic to by milked by the nurses. My deposit that day was probably a record.

In a couple of days, Zeke called and accepted all my terms. He and I set a date for a week hence to meet at our home at eight o'clock.

When I showed Carol my letter, she laughed and said, "So that's why Judy asked me to go shopping with her?"

I even called the spa to check to see if Judy and Zeke had made an appointment, and sure enough they had. I paid for the service as a treat.

Saturday rolled around, and I was buzzed all day. I had held off ejaculating for the entire week and was ready to unload. At eight the bell rang, and Carol answered the door.

Judy was dressed in heels and a satin dress, very elegant. Her hair had been done specially, and she carried a little suitcase. Zeke looked a little ashen but otherwise he was holding up.

I served drinks and we sat in the livingroom to talk a bit. Carol brought up my youthful exploits with other men's wives, while the husbands watched, and she forced me to tell a few stories. It was very arousing, at least to me, to be so candid about times I'd fucked other men's wives while they watched.

I looked at Carol and asked her about the shopping trip with Judy. She disappeared into the bedroom and called Judy to come with her. Judy carried her little suitcase with her into our room and shut the door.

Zeke was apprehensive and obviously a little nervous. I tried to console him by confiding that this wasn't such a big deal and that it would be fun. At that point, I told him that we would get a treat watching our wives model lingerie.

Just then, the ladies came out wearing only teddies and heels. Wow, what a sight they both were. I looked at Zeke and said, "Doesn't Carol look great? A gift for you."

My eyes were all over Judy's slim small body. Her breasts were small, and her legs were very shapely. I couldn't take my eyes off the bulge of her mons, thinking about how it must look bare and hairless.

I stood and hugged Carol, congratulating her on how great she looked. I took her by the hand to where Zeke was sitting rather shyly, and I ran my hands over Carol's body right in front of Zeke. He was transfixed.

Then I moved to Judy and gave her a first hug. I reached around and firmly cupped her ass cheeks. They were solid and firm.

"What's next?" I shouted out.

Carol and Judy pranced back in to the bedroom. I heard giggling and laughing coming from the bedroom, and finally the door opened again.

This time they wore exercise leotards that revealed their shapes and did not hide nipples and cameltoes.

Again back to change, and this time they came out only in lacy bras and panties. I applauded and again stood Carol very close to my friend Zeke. But this time I faced her to him and went behind her and unhooked her bra. I let it drop. Her sizeable tits swung into view with perky nipples enjoying the fresh air and the stares of a Zeke.

"Hey, Zeke," I said, "how would you like Carol to take off her panties?" He was silent but I know what he wanted.

I proposed that we make it a fair fight, "Let's draw cards." I brought out a deck of cards that I had prepared just so. I cut the cards, but they were still stacked. "High card wins," I told Zeke. Carol drew first and got a Jack. Zeke drew and got a three. "Sorry Zeke," now you take off something. He looked pleased and took off his shirt.

After he lost five hands in a row, I think he caught on to the fact that he might be naked before he could get my wife's panties down. Judy watched in hysterics in her bra and panties, and I kept her close by my side, giving her an occasional hug, as we watched her husband get undressed.

Finally, we got down to Zeke's boxers and my wife's panties. I stopped the slaughter and suggested that we flip a coin for the final exhibition. My poor wife lost, so I did the honors of sliding her panties down her legs as Zeke feasted on her pussy.

Carol sat on Zeke's lap and all eyes turned to Judy. I told her it wasn't fair for the others to be almost undressed while I was still fully clothed. So I led Judy to a chair and sat her down to watch while I took off my clothes.

Just for the evening, I also had shopped and was wearing silk boxers but underneath also had a stretchy nylon banana sling for my cock and balls. By this time I had already been hard for an hour and my cock had deflated and inflated several times.

When I got down to just the sling, my dick was almost fully extended, completely filling the long stretchy white pouch. Judy was transfixed. I only glanced around briefly at Zeke and Carol. I figured poor Zeke deserved to feel up Carol all he wanted if he was going to let me have his wife tonight.

I undulated my hips to helicopter my dick around in circles, still encased in the pouch. But the motion sprang my balls free. I stepped up to Judy, raised her up off her chair and kissed her passionately. Then I whispered in her ear, "I'm going to fuck you so good tonight," and sat her back down.

She didn't need instructions. Judy reached out and peeled down the cock sling. My dripping dick swung in front of her. She wanted to touch it but looked over at her husband first. He nodded, and she reached out and handled my dick as if grew to maximum size.

Now for her. I picked her up in my arms, lifted her off the ground, held her up with one arm and reached around to release her bra with the other. Pop, off it came revealing almost no breasts but two well defined very pointed nipples.

She wrapped her legs around me and my cock stuck straight out as if she were sitting on it. Zeke could see his wife sitting on my dick with several inches to spare sticking out under her ass. I slowly led her down as my hard cock rubbed perfectly between her panty covered pussy lips.

"Zeke, come over here and take off your wife's panties for me, won't you?" I asked.

He was happy to oblige, as Carol got up off his lap. By now, Zeke's boxers had come off, and I could see his little button of a dick doing its best to stick out.

Before he did the honors, I looked Zeke in the eye and asked, "Did you do as I directed? Did you take off all the hair from Judy's pussy?"

Zeke grinned and said, "See for yourself," and with that he lowered his wife's panties for me.

There was a perfect slit, hairless for sure and gaping apart slightly with tiny inner lips shiny in anticipation.

"Before we inseminate," I said, "I think we should take time to get Judy ready." As I said that, I looked at my cock then at Zeke's and added, "You know, for the size difference."

"Zeke, get your wife as wet as you can for me. Carol, bring the lubricant for me." Zeke knelt down and started licking between his wife's legs as she relaxed on the sofa. She was already gasping as if little climaxes were surging through her.

Carol brought a tube of lubricant for my cock, and I watched Judy writhing between climaxes while Carol spread the slips juice on my dick head and shaft and rubbed it in.

I returned the favor for Carol and licked her cunt as she lay next to Judy, then Zeke and I changed places. I dove into Judy's tiny slit and licked her with long slow laps of my tongue while Zeke got his face into Carol's pussy.

A few minutes later I looked over to see Zeke putting his pud into Carol's pussy. It was small but he could hit her clit just fine with it. I let him spurt a load and collapse on Carol before I began my assault on his wife's pussy.

With her husband spent, I stood over Judy and leaned down to let the tip of my dick just touch her twat gently. I moved it ever so carefully up and over her clit and down again, trying to make her cum by just the threat of the coming massive penetration. It worked like a charm. Judy gasped and shouted as my cock head only massaged her slit from the outside.

"You want to stop now?" I asked Judy. I looked over at Zeke and added, "Maybe we should stop now. Come back next week and we can see if we're in the mood to get the job done."

Judy's eyes bugged, "Oh, no please fuck me!"

Zeke was alarmed, "But you haven't done it yet!"

I continued rubbing my cock on Judy cunt lips, which was very stimulating for me, too. All nine inches were powerfully in position to plunge into her pussy, and it would only take a slight change of angle to fill her cunt with my spewing cum.

But just at that moment, I had an inspiration. I looked at Zeke and said, "You met the terms of my letter, but my letter did not say I would fuck your wife, only that you would prepare her to be fucked."

I was considering ending the night right there and leaving Judy desperate for a fuck, but her little dicked hubby had shot his load and wouldn't have much to give her.

"Gee," I said, with my dick still in position, still tracing Judy's pussy lips gently with her still breathing heavily and in suspense.

"Well, it's not in our agreement letter, but Zeke I'll make you a deal," I said, "If you've still got that coin, flip it. Tails and we call it a night and just use this as a preparation for later. Heads and I fuck her immediately."

Zeke found the same coin. "Wait," I shouted, "Carol, you watch and call out the result." She got up and stood next to Zeke.

I looked into Judy's eyes and smiled. She was in another zone where lots of little flutter mini orgasms were taking their toll on her sanity. She was very very ready, but I was willing to withhold and make them wait.

Zeke flipped the coin high in the air. It hit the carpet and bounded. Carol leaned over and called out, "Heads!"

In that instant I plunged my cock into his wife. She gasped, Zeke gasped, as my dick disappeared.

I could feel the tightness increase as I passed Zeke's limit and began to open up Judy's pussy to a much larger dick. I nested my dick fully inside her for a few moments, then began an intentionally slow pistoning with long withdrawals followed by long slow insertions. Each time her reactions were different.

I had been so hard for so long that I was able to continue for quite a while. Sometimes I blow quickly, but not this night.

Carol sucked Zeke back to hardness and got him off again while they watched me slowly fuck Judy. As they watched, I moved her around, entered from behind, lifted her and held her off the ground and impaled her on my dick while walking around. I lay down on the carpet and had her sit on me and motioned her husband to take her feet and hands and walk around me with her spinning on top of me.

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