The Darkness and the fog slowly evaporate from the portals of your mind as your brain slowly advances toward consciousness. You feel so groggy as you slowly waken in such a foreign environment as you find yourself. Your limbs feel so heavy. You think to yourself, Why am I so tired, I can hardly move....

You force your eyes open and gaze about you. Where am I you ask yourself.... The vaporous forms you see about you begin to condense as you become more awake.

You appear to be in some sort of Exam room and you wonder, Was I in an accident? Is this an emergency room?? Am I hurt? Is that why I can't move?

As you grasp reality with a firmer grip, you see what appears to be a Nurse standing at a counter at the side of the room.

You ask the Nurse, What happened? Why am I hear, Was I in some sort of Accident? What is going on?

The Nurse says nothing, but you do hear a slight laugh and giggle.

What is Going On!! you demand to know.

The nurse turns around, and looks at you. "You should know" She says. You filled out all the paper work and forms.

You are puzzled... Are you still dreaming you think to yourself? I this real?

What forms you Ask?

I Have them right here the Nurse states matter of factly. The Forms you filled out for the Insemination Project.

What?? I don't remember... Oh wait!!!! That was months ago and that was for our Cows!!!

"No my dear," The Nurse points out, "the forms you filled out, the authorizations and releases you signed were all for you!!!"

But I don't want to be inseminated!! I don't want to be Pregnant!!

Well I am sorry, but we cannot stop at this late date. You should be more observant and pay attention to the papers you sign.

"No, No, Stop!! You can't do this to me!! "You scream.

If you are going to act this way, I will just have to gag you. We cannot have you disturbing the procedure, or the other clients in the building. With that being said, the Nurse takes a ball gag out of the drawer, and proceeds to place it into your mouth and strap it to the back of your head.

There that is better she says.

Now to finish the preparations....

The Nurse take the blanket off of you and you suddenly see why you could not move. You have been restrained, and strapped down to an examination table. Your arms and wrists strapped to the side of the table, a belt across your chest and another across your waist. Your legs are also strapped down to extensions at the foot of the table.

The nurse reaches into a drawer at the side of the table and withdraws Some sort of electrical device. She pushes a button and you hear a motor begin to purr inside of the table. The nurse presses another button and you feel the leg extensions begin to move. They raise, and at the same time, begin to flex just under your knees. Your thoughts immediately return to the Gynecological exam you have four months ago...

The nurse presses another button and the leg extensions begin to move apart spreading your legs open widely.

You say to yourself, This has to be a dream, a Nightmare, This can't be real, it can't be happening.

Once the Nurse has you in this obscene position, she turns the table off and places the control back in the drawer. She then brings privacy curtains over to the table and places them on either side of you. Finally a third curtain is connected to those on either side of you and draped over your midsection, completely blocking your view of the other side of the room, and the lower half of your body.

We are almost ready to begin the Nurse says. Just one last thing to do as she picks up a pair of rubber gloves.she disappears around to the other side of the privacy curtain. You hear the opening of a jar...

Suddenly you feel her touch, her fingers as she spreads the labia of your vagina. You feel her fingers tracing the lips,,, a finger slips inside of you... OMG she is applying lubricant!!

She comes back to the other side, and you watch her as she removes the rubber gloves from her hands... The lubricant is only necessary for the first time.. after that your own lubrication will suffice. First time you thing to yourself? what does that mean?

Suddenly you hear a door open on the other side of the curtain. You can see a shadow cast against the privacy curtain... you hear the sound of a zipper being undone... The shadow steps closer...

OH MY GOD!!! you thing to yourself, I am going to be Fucked!!! You try to move, you try to struggle, but the restraints were put on by a professional, and you cannot move an inch.

You feel it; the head of some strange cock pressing against you. The lips of your pussy opening up, The invasion of your most private parts. deeper and deeper that cock is pressed into you. Yes the Nurse Lubricated you, but it is still rough going, you were still not ready.

That seems to make no difference to the man on the other side of the curtain. He keeps on sliding his cock in and out of you, sometimes pulling it all the way out sometimes leaving the head of his cock inside of you.

You are being fuck and there is nothing you can do to stop it!! The fucking becomes faster, and you realize that the nurse was right, that your body is responding to the fucking, that your body is producing the lubricant she said it would. You hate the thought that your body is responding in such a fashion, yet you are also glad because it does make this unwanted invasion easier to endure.

You hear the sound of the man on the other side of the curtain grunt and you realize that he is going to cum. Yes he is going to inject his sperm into you!!! You begin to feel it, He thrusts forward, and hold his cock deep inside of you, as his cock begins to convulse, and you feel the hot shots of semen spewing inside of you. Thank God, you think to yourself, it is over.... You feel the man pull his cock out of you, and you hear him leave the room. You hear yourself whimpering at the invasion you have just endured, the shame of being treated in such a fashion, when you hear the door open and close again. A second shadow has appeared on the Privacy Curtain. You hear the sound of a Zipper again, and you realize it is not over. You are to be fucked again!!!

You feel a second cock nuzzling around the mouth of your pussy, this one slips in easily, so much lubrication this time. He begins to pound you right away. ramming his cock in and out of you, thrusting so deep... You hear him grunt with each thrust as he pounds his cock into you. You own breathing becomes faster. Your juices are flowing out of your pussy now,. You can't believe it but you realize that you are going to cum from this fucking!! You feel so dirty!! How can you cum from being treated like this?? All at once He also thrusts deep into you and holds on to your hips as you feel his seed being pumped into you. You count the squirts: one two three, four five six, seven eight nine, shot of sperm he has placed inside of you. Just as quickly, this stranger pulls his cock out of your pussy and leaves the room.

You begin to catch your breath, when the door opens again. GOD not another fucking you think to yourself!!

Another shadow appears on the curtain, the sound of yet another Zipper... you feel it, the invasion of yet another cock!! This one is different, it is so thick! You think it is going to split you open as he forces it inside of you. Deeper and deeper it plows into your pussy. You begin to cum. Your orgasm convulsing on this huge cock as it rams in and out of you.Stretching you,ripping so deep into you. Your pussy has never been so full before!!!

You feel the muscles of your pussy convulsing from your orgasm, squeezing this foreign impalement, milking it as it thrusts into you. Your pussy has done its work, as you feel the ejaculations of even more sperm into your body...

This cock is withdrawn from your body, and now you feel so empty... You desire to be filled again. You hate this empty feeling...

The Nurse reappears beside you. She reaches into the drawer and removes the control to the table. You look at her, and she says, don't worry, I just need to readjust the table, some of the seminal fluid is leaking out of you, and we must not have that.

She presses a button on the control and the head of the table tilts down, raising your hips up above your head. There, now you will be able to hold more.

The Nurse Places the control back in the drawer, and you hear the door on the other side of the curtain open and close again...

You think to your self, mmm.... more cum!!

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