It was mid-summer and I was lazily laying out on the back porch of my condo in the afternoon sun, I had drifted off only to be awakened when my phone chimed. I picked my cell up to see a message from my twin sister that puzzled me.

"Hey, sorry bro, if you could pretend you didn't see that, I'd appreciate it." I had obviously missed the first text. Curious now to see what my sister was probably hoping I hadn't seen, I scrolled to the first text message, my eye's went wide, and I had to look around to see if anyone else could see what I was reading, of course no one could because I was alone.

"My pussy is so fucking wet right now! Can't wait til we're together again! I'm so horny for you!"

I laid there, frozen, reading the message over and over. Seriously, my sister wrote this? I was extremely curious, it was obvious the text wasn't meant for me, but who was it for? I read the message again, and shook my head with a laugh, but this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

I could have left it alone but my curiosity had the better of me, I started my reply, wondering first if I should inquire as to whom that message was meant for, but I could find that out later, I decided to mess with her instead.

I thought to myself, this should be good and if all else fails I could bribe her into buying some more beer, next time she comes to visit.

I typed my reply into my cell. "How wet is it? My hard cock needs some atten... whoops.. hey, sis! ;)"

I sent the text with a laugh, I was sure I was going to get a beating next time she came by, but it's worth it, I smiled.

Almost immediately my cell chimed back with a message, "I'll show you some attention, I'll squeeze your nuts off if you tell anyone about this. That's what I'll do." It was an empty threat and I knew it, so again I replied.

"Huh, BDSM isn't really my thing, could we start off with something a little more simple? Maybe foreplay?" I replied, smirking, that'll get her!

And for about twenty minutes I was sure I had won when my cell chimed again. "What do you have in mind??" I quickly sat up. There's no way this could be my sister. Someone was fucking with me. After a moment to think things through I decided to reply back, I had to figure out if it was really my sister or to see which one of her friends was messing with me.

I replied, simply, "A blow-job"

Again a quick reply, "You want your own sister to suck you off? What makes you think you can get that to happen?"

I was shocked, if this was my sister texting me, she was definitely not acting like her normal self.

But this certainly was getting interesting, and I replied to her. "What would it take to make that happen?"

It was quiet for a while but about 10 minutes later I got another reply, "Well you can quit leaving the toilet seat up when your home, for a start!"

Yeah, that's my sister all right, and she was calling it quits, game over.

I replied, "You're no fun..." send. I was just getting up to go back inside when my cell chimed again.

"Promise to keep this under wraps and I will cook you dinner tonight"

Sweet! Free food, and I don't have to cook.

"Sounds fair. Come on over after work."

A couple hours later.

I was in the living room when I heard my sister at the door, I had put on jeans and a t-shirt and was watching TV, drinking a cold beer.

"Hey bro, how was your afternoon?" she asked as she walked into the room, she had dropped the grocery bags in the kitchen then climbed over the back of the couch to sit across from me, plopping her purse on the nightstand to the side of the couch behind her. She was wearing black pants and a button up blouse that showed a little cleavage with the top couple buttons undone. She snuggled into the side of the couch, tired, probably exhausted from work. She didn't mention our text messaging game, so I decided to play coy, seeing if I could get a rise out of her.

"You know, a usual day, boring, uneventful, not even any good texts." I grinned, paying more attention to the TV than the conversation.

"Smart-ass," she replied, and kicked at me playfully.

I smiled to myself knowing her texts was something I'd be able to tease her about for months.

We sat for a bit longer, watching TV, but I was getting hungry and I started to wonder if my sister was actually going to make dinner or if she just brought food over for me to make. A thought crossed my mind and I pulled my cell from my pocket and started to text her. "You mentioned dinner? What's it gonna take to make that happen?"

A few seconds later my sister's phone beeped from her purse and she looked at me, her eyes narrowing. She sighed and reached back behind her to grab her purse, her blouse raising to show her flat mid-riff, and pulled out her cell, read the text and smirked again. Of course she played along texting me back.

"Well, whats gonna happen for me?" I laughed to myself as i read her reply, she certainly wanted to play the game, and I was seeing an unusually different side to my twin sister.

"I made sure the toilet seat was down already, what else were you hoping to have happen?" I text back.

She read the text, smiled and started typing away again, then stopped and started watching TV for a bit, my reply didn't come and I wondered what she was waiting for. Moments later she clicked a couple more buttons and a reply came to my phone.

"Well i guess a good hard fuck is out of the question, so I'll settle for a foot massage, though it wont be half as much fun ;o)" I laughed again, as she stuck her legs out at me and wiggled her toes for a massage. She was definitely not holding back in this game. I was starting to get hard and I wanted to see how far she would go or if she was just teasing.

I replied, "Ohhh? Why is a fuck out of the question?? It would be fun,"

"Because I'm your sister, & that would be very VERY naughty!" she replied back to me, she was now keeping her gaze upon the TV and seemed a little too shy to look at me.

"But it would be fun though," I text back to her.

"Well naughty is always fun" she replied.

With that I took a risk.

"Just say you did want to fuck your brother, what position would you want to be in?"

"I didn't say i didn't want to, I said it was naughty ;o) I'm not telling you what position"

My cock was starting to grow and throb against my jeans, this was really starting to turn me on, I had no idea what had gotten into my twin sister, I knew I was crossing the line, but she was definitely being playful, perhaps she was more adventurous than I gave her credit for, and I went back to my original thoughts of who the first texts were actually meant for? A question for later perhaps.... I was enjoying this texting game, perhaps a little too much if my hardening cock was anything to go by and I crossed my legs in order to conceal it, however the movement wasn't lost on my sister as she giggled out loud when she saw me do this.

Before I had a chance to reply to her, she started texting again. "brother dear, are you hard for your sister?"

I blushed embarrassed yet excited that she had noticed, and she seemed to be bringing the game into a reality by mentioning it. I replied back to her, "Well of course, you being so naughty is turning me on,"

"What are you going to do about it?" she text back, still smirking at me. I unexpectedly grew extremely nervous, "do?", that meant take action. Was the game going to the next level?

Nervously I typed, "What do you want to do about it?" My face was crimson with embarrassment, and I couldn't believe how nervous I had become so quickly, this certainly wasn't me, I had a girlfriend of almost a year that let me fuck her whenever I wanted, I could usually talk my way out of, or into, any situation, but this was different, this was my sister, and I guess you would never ever practice what you would do in this situation because it's never meant to arise, besides the fact that she was probably only playing a game, I wouldn't want to make a move and freak her out if she wasn't serious.

My sister started to giggle, she was really enjoying herself, and she sat up facing me as she replied to my text. "Well dear brother, ... :(... I still can't let you fuck me," she texted and then looked me dead in my eyes. What the fuck, I now know where my confidence went, she stole it, as she typed another word. "But........", and then stopped.

I gulped, not pulling my eyes away from hers until I looked down to text."But what?"

She hesitated, and looked down at my crotch briefly, taking in the sight of my dick making a tent out of my jeans, the smile hadn't left her sweet lips since this had began, she really seemed to be enjoying this. Finally she text again. "I think you should take that out and jerk off for me, it wouldn't be anywhere near as naughty as fucking, but it would still be fun."

I smiled back at my sister and replied."Still naughty though, sis."

She grinned and leaned in closer to me. Her first words came as a whisper "Very naughty." She reached forward and pulled my zipper down, then leaned back away from me, got comfortable on the other side of the couch and texted me again., "It would make me so wet to watch my handsome brother take his cock into his hand and stroke it for me."

I was so hard that I actually squeezed my cock for a second to take some of the pressure off, but my sister texted me again. "You've got ten seconds to pull your jeans down or I might change my mind."

I sat there staring at her for five seconds, hesitating, before realizing she was serious. I quickly reached down to my jeans, undoing the button and lifting my ass off the couch and pulling them down under my hips, my underwear with them and when they cleared my penis it flicked back hitting me in the stomach. Then looking over at my smiling sister I sat back into the couch, my hard cock standing up at attention.

My sister's face was one of pure mock shock, and then a wide open lipped smile spread across her pretty face as she texted me again. "I was half joking with you," I looked up to see her looking into my eyes, the big smile still evident.

After a few moments, just staring at each other, not concealing my exposed cock, I texted her back. "And the other half?" My hand slowly strayed towards my erect cock. Her eyes left mine as they watched my moving hand and for the first time she took in my naked cock, completely hard and waiting for some attention, and her smile got even bigger as her lips came together for a delightful grin.

"That half is excited beyond belief" I read this and put my phone to the side, as my sister watched my fingers wrap around my dick and give a quick squeeze, making the blood rush to the head and grow even larger, as I watched my sister as she wet her lips and spread her legs out so that her knees would not block her view..

Watching her watch me, I started stroking myself, slowly at first but then sped up to a constant rhythm, I was turned on beyond belief as I lay on the couch, stroking myself in front of my twin sister, she was taking in every little movement of my hand around cock. As I sped up even more, a drop of pre-cum leaked from the head and she purred with a sultry, "Mmmmmmm." My next movement took my foreskin over the head spreading the pre-cum and giving the knob a shiny sheen. I closed my eyes for a moment, enjoying the pleasure when my sister spoke again.

"No dear brother, I want you to watch me watch you." she purred very softly. I opened my eyes again, staring directly into hers.

"Oh fuck," was all that I could manage to stammer out.

My sister's mouth curled up into a grin, "Oh fuck what, my sexy brother?" She said looking down, watching me stroke my cock. "Do you feel like coming yet?"

"Mmm Hmmm," I simply mumbled my reply as I kept stroking, watching her gaze hungrily at my cock.

I slowed down a bit and her eyes lifted to mine again. Her smile still on her face. "Now..." she said looking directly into my eyes, her legs moving back and forth, she was horny as hell but resisting touching herself. "I want you to cum, cum for your sister, don't hold back one bit."

"Fuck sis, I'm so hot right now I'll do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that you ask," I said with a big lust filled grin and started to stroke my cock at full speed, the sound of my masturbation could be heard throughout the room as my pre-cum coated my shaft, the head shiny and moist, my hand slick with the juices of my arousal.

"Good," she purred, her eyes again returning to the action between my legs. "Stroke your nice hard cock for me, bro." She kept watching avidly, while I stroked myself for her, then she started to move, positioning herself on all fours, she crawled over to me. My mind was whirling, what was she going to do, I kept stroking my cock even faster as she leaned in and pulled my shirt up.

I suddenly felt a cold, wet sensation on my right nipple as I looked down to see my sisters tongue circling the hardening nub. "Mmmm," I moaned out loud as her tongue played quickly over my nipple, and then she placed her lips over my whole tit and started to suck as much as she could into her mouth. This was definitely something new to me and it turned me on beyond anything I'd ever felt before, while I stroked my hard cock and my sister sucked on my hardening nipple, I looked down and could see under her blouse, her breasts hung firmly in a red sexy bra. My cock pulsed in my hand while I stared down my sisters shirt.

A small pain, I winced and pulled my gaze to see my sister cheekily looking up at me, her teeth clenched tightly on my nipple, her eyes smiling naughtily. I leaned in to go for a kiss and in turn received another bite to my hard nipple, and then she released and started lapping with her wet tongue like a kitten to a bowl of milk, all the while her eyes smiling up at mine.

With all the sensations combined, and the fact that this was my twin sister that I was doing this with, I felt that familiar feeling in my balls, my body telling me that my release was close.

"Sis, I'm gonna cum," I gasped, my hand speeding up even more, my fist grasping so the head turned a dark purple, my other hand gripping the arm of the couch

"Do it bro, come for your naughty sister" she said, her voice sultry and deep, she then twisted her head towards my hard cock and latched on to my nipple with her teeth, biting hard, a shot of joyful pain ripped through my body as she did so, only heightening the excitement of the moment. Her right hand rubbed all over my stomach then slid down lower, her fingers combing through my pubic hair while my own hand pumped my hard cock. She bit her teeth into my nipple even more and moved her hand over the top of my cock, she squeezed my hand into my flesh even tighter as we began to pump my hardness together. This all became too much for me to handle and I gasped loudly as my cock began to erupt and the first spurt of cum shot high into the air, in front of my sisters eyes, and landed on my stomach. This excited my sister even more as she started to moan with me while I shot many more ropes of cum into the air, most of which landed on my stomach. The release felt fantastic, my whole being exiting through my hard cock while my sister squeezed my own hand harder around my shaft. Finally, my release started to ease and the last few drops just rolled down over mine and my sisters fingers that were still clasped tightly around my cock and she finally eased her attack on my nipple and turned her head to look at me again.

A wicked smile played over my sisters lips as she looked into my eyes.

"I can't believe we just did that, where did that just come from?" I said completely out of breath.

My sister replied "I think it's something we've both been wanting for a long time. And if you're not against it, maybe next time you can release my tension." My sister slid away from me with a smile, and went into the kitchen....


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