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Inside His World


The whole place seemed surreal, like a scene from a horror film. Its eerie location in a completely desolate area, surrounded by miles and miles of forest-covered hills, was in itself disturbing. The heavy iron gates with bewildering patterns, the grounds with an impressive maze and uncanny statues were enough to make one's blood run cold and then there was the old mansion. Looming amidst the trees, it stood tall and dark, with ivy creeping up its gray walls, the twisted faces of perched gargoyles staring down like silent witnesses to who-knew-what. The intricate stained glass windows seemed purposely designed to filter the daylight and to keep most of it from penetrating inside. As soon as she had passed the doorstep earlier that day, a hair-raising feeling crept over her. The heavy antique interior with colossal fireplaces and crystal chandeliers gave her the strangest of impressions of having stepped back in time.

The cold stone walls seemed to be closing in on her as she hurried down the obscure hallway lit only by flickering candles. Her eyes kept straying to the bizarre yet sensual paintings and she could not help but feel enthralled by their erotic nature. Her black hair was flowing in waves down her back and the strap of her red silk dress kept sliding over her shoulder as she tried to walk as fast as possible without running. She did not want her fear to get the better of her judgment but it was difficult. The sound of her heels against the stone tiles disturbed the silence but it was the echoing footsteps behind her that made her nervous. Mostly because every time she glanced over her shoulder, she saw no one.

Her senses were alert, her adrenaline running high and her heart felt like it might break out of her constraining ribcage by the time she reached the room that had been appointed to her. The sudden quietness was even more unnerving. Her cold hands trembled while she tried to unlock the door and she swore under her breath when the heavy brass key slipped from her clumsy fingers. The piercing sound of it hitting the floor resonated through the corridor, making her nerves react with a needle-pricking pain running through her tensed body.

Her thoughts strayed to her enigmatic host. With his flawless, almost empyrean features and with the way he was elegantly dressed all in black, he stood out from the crowd. Overflowing with charisma and confident in the way he held himself; he was the perfect entertainer and everyone seemed dazzled by him and yet, she found him intimidating. Perhaps that was because he was making her body disobey her mind. During the whole of dinner, he had stared at her with a provocative smile on his sensuous lips, his piercing eyes full of lust, shamelessly devouring her, despite the many other guests. It was clear that he knew how he was affecting her and he used it to baffle and entice her.

She should not feel attracted to this man. He was dangerous. She sensed it as soon as she laid eyes on him. And yet it excited her to have his attention. There were many beautiful women present that evening but for some reason, he seemed to have singled her out. Never before had anyone ignited the fire inside her body the way this strangely fascinating man did. It made her head spin. Flustered and confused, she'd lost her appetite and excused herself, with everyone's head turning her way as she quickly walked away from the dining room. She did not care. She could no longer handle his probing stare and needed to get away to compose herself.

She sighed and bent down to pick up the key but when she lifted herself back up; a large hand covered her mouth and silenced her cry of surprise.

"Shhhh," was all he said. His body pressed onto her back made her breathe faster and his appealing scent made her dizzy. She wasn't sure whether she felt more frightened or thrilled by the unexpected close encounter. It didn't take her long to figure out that trying to scream and fight him was useless.

As soon as she stopped struggling, his hand slid from her mouth down to her neck and rested against the skin of her fast-raising chest. He removed the key from her trembling fingers and unlocked the door to her room, pushing it open. With his other arm still around her, he moved her forward, her resistance having no effect on his strength. Not that she tried that hard. She was battling against herself and she was certain that he knew it.

She heard the door close behind them and for a moment, she did not dare to move. His hand on her cleavage was scalding hot on her skin. She wished her fast breaths would not make her fear so evident. The way he held on to her showed he had no intention of letting her go. He was tall and strong which made her feel small and weak against him. Pressing his lips to her hair, he inhaled her scent and then breathed out into her ear.

"Long have I been waiting for someone like you," his hot breath made her fingernails dig into her palms and his honey-coated voice had a soothingly hypnotic effect on her but his words sent chills down her spine.

With his fingertips, he caressed the exposed part of her breasts all the way up her white neck; then, taking her chin, he turned her face to his. Not daring to look into his eyes, she closed hers. It only intensified the feeling of his lips brushing over hers with a gentleness she did not expect. His breath was sweet, his kiss invigorating, his touch sensual, and she was completely helpless in his arms.

"Say that you want me," he whispered between his teasing kisses, the tone of his voice slightly pleading, and for a fleeting moment, it made him seem almost vulnerable.

There was no use of fooling herself. She did want him with every fibre in her body. But the alarms were still ringing in the back of her mind. The dangerous man was in her room and had her under his spell. It took all of her will for her to wiggle out of his embrace but to her surprise he let her go. She bolted away from him to the other side of the room. Without making a single move, he watched her and only seemed amused by her poor attempt to escape.

She stood there, facing him with her head high but under her shield of defiance and pride, she was wavering. The way his glowing eyes were taking her in and beckoning her to him was making her want to give in. In her despair, she looked at the door and took one step forward but before she even knew how he got there, he was standing in front of her, blocking her way.

"Let me go!" she begged him, but did not sound very convincing.

"Is that what you really want?" he smiled and took another step closer.

His self-assurance was both appealing and infuriating to her. She wanted to run past him but in one quick move, he caught her and had her pressed against the wall. She tried to fight him, hitting her fists against his chest but he grabbed her wrists and pinned them roughly above her head, pressing his hips against her and making it impossible for her to struggle. She glared back at him, her pale eyes full of fire. It only seemed to make him want her more.

He kissed her again but she bit his bottom lip and made it bleed, which made him growl with excitement. He teased her with the tip of his tongue and pressed his lips harder against hers. His blood touching her mouth, she instinctively licked it and was surprised by its pleasant taste and how it made her thirsty for more. Distracted, she could not resist sucking on his lip to get more of his sweetness. He moaned with pleasure and let her lick him for a while before slowly moving his lips away to kiss the side of her neck. She cried out in protest.

"It's no use trying to run from me," he whispered against the delicate skin under which her hot blood pulsed, kissing it lasciviously all the way down to her collarbone and back up to her ear. She was unable to prevent the moan that escaped her lips.

"Now say it." he ordered with a tantalizing voice. His lips against her ear, his tongue gently probed its curves and cavities, taming her into a complete state of submissiveness. Her thoughts grew hazy and all of a sudden, all that she could think of was to give into her unbearable desire to have him take her.

Her breaths deep and her knees trembling, she whimpered, "I want you."

With a soft growl of satisfaction he brought his lips back to her neck. He was no longer so gentle, sucking and biting her tender flesh, making her moan through her clenched teeth.

Feeling her yield to him, he dropped her wrists and placed his hands under her ass to lift her to him, wrapping her legs around his waist and holding her close to him. His mouth exploring her inviting breasts, he pulled her dress down with his teeth to bare them more to his satisfaction. She wrapped her arms around his strong shoulders and let him carry her to the four poster bed in the middle of the dark room. He placed her in the middle of it and slowly stepped back. She stared at him, puzzled.

"Undress for me now," he whispered.

His request thrilled her in the most electrifying way. The ambient light from the roaring flames in the open fireplace softened her features. The lust she saw in his eyes no longer intimidated her but only intensified her desire for him. She lifted herself onto her knees, and looking directly into his eyes, she undid the zipper on the back of her dress. Very slowly, enjoying the teasing game, she pulled one side of her dress over her shoulder and then the other. His eyes widened with obvious appreciation as the silky dress slid off her, revealing more of her curvaceous body, with only her white lace bra and panties covering her nakedness. Her eyes not moving away from his, she provocatively licked her upper lip and then lifted her arms to slowly run her hands through her hair. She brushed it to the side, baring her smooth neck and shoulder. His smile showed how pleased he was with what he was seeing.

"Don't move," He ordered when she was about to remove her bra. She froze. He removed his black jacket and placed it on the chair. Loosening his silk black tie, he pulled it off his neck and threw it over the jacket, where it was swiftly followed by the brocade waistcoat. He was quick to unbutton his fitted black dress shirt, slowly revealing his muscular body. Watching him undress excited her and she was starting to grow impatient to have him near her again. Shirt over the chair, he walked to the other side of the bed.

Kneeling behind her, he pressed his body against her back, his skin hot against hers. She felt his hands slide under her arms and slowly scoop her breasts over her lacy bra, lifting and squeezing them while his lips brushed the left side of her neck. One of his hands slowly travelled from her breast over her stomach to slide inside her panties, caressing the wet folds of her sex. She moaned loudly when his fingers found her clitoris and started rubbing with the skills of a connoisseur, applying just the right pressure. It surprised her how her body responded to his touch, her back arching and the small electric shocks rapidly sending her toward her climax. She grabbed onto his thighs and gripped the material of his trousers. His teeth grazing her shoulder, he growled into her skin as he pressed his arousal onto her soft ass.

He had her contracting under him in no time, her body shaking with spasms from the violent climax she was experiencing. She hardly had time to recover when he bent her forward so that her palms rested on the soft bed covers. His hands ran over the roundness of her ass cheeks, squeezing them with appreciation before tugging on her panties and sliding them down to her knees. He pushed her legs wider apart before bringing his mouth to her aroused pussy. Still shaken from her orgasm, she tensed immediately but his tongue was gentle at first, licking her wetness, making her eyes close and her fingers dig into the soft quilt under her. The way his tongue explored her was almost too much to handle and she could not hold back the loud moan when his pleasure inducing attention brought on her second climax.

Weakened, she sank onto the quilt and rested her head sideways. She heard him unbutton and remove his trousers and then felt him slide her panties down her legs to discard them. He brought his lips to her calves, kissing her softly, making his way up to her thighs and over the skin of her ass, then slowly up her back. He brushed away the hair from her face and pushed it to the side to bare her shoulder and neck to his mouth. His strong body covered all of her soft one and the way he rubbed it against her made her want to have him inside her.

"Will you let me make you mine?" he whispered into her ear.

"Yes." She had no will to refuse him. He could do as he pleased with her. There was nothing she desired more than to be his.

He kissed her lips with deep passion, making her struggle for breath and then brought his teeth to her neck, licking and pressing into her skin. She didn't know which made her cry out more, his hard cock pushing into her or his teeth piercing her skin. The sensation from both at the same time was unlike anything she had ever experienced. He filled her completely and while his hardness slid in and out of her, his mouth covered her pierced flesh to suck on her blood that now stained his lips. It did not hurt her; on the contrary, the intensity of the pleasure it brought her was overwhelming. He growled into her neck as his thrusts became faster and deeper.

His fingers threaded through hers to hold her hands against the bed. She did not even think whether she was going to survive the night. She did not care. All she could think of was how sweet and lascivious the present moment was. He drank from her greedily all the while making love to her in the most sensual way. Just when she was starting to grow weak, he removed his teeth from her skin and licked and kissed the small wound.

Turning her over onto her back, he removed her bra and placed himself against her hips, pushing his arousal back into her. Kissing her breasts and sucking on her pink nipples, she could feel his excitement intensifying at the same time as her own. She arched her back and pushed her head backward. He brought his lips back to hers, kissing her deep and long, his tongue still coated with her own blood penetrating into her mouth. Holding her close to him, his thrusts became faster and his groans louder. He slowed down for a short moment to bring her hand to his chest, taking her fingers and making her nails dig into his skin. She frowned but he pulled at them, creating a deep scratch which immediately started to bleed. He then sat up, bringing her with him, placing her lips against his wound. As soon as she tasted his blood she could not stop herself from wanting more. She sucked and licked his chest while he wrapped her legs around him and pushed her onto him.

Even a little of his blood made her regain back her energy. He moaned with her lips on his chest and her wet pussy sliding up and down his hard cock with her arousal all over his groin and thighs. The blood soon stopped flowing and it was with regret that she removed her lips from his skin but he brought her face to his and their lips met again and again while their bodies moved together, bringing on waves of the most pleasurable of sensations. Their breathing loud and fast, their skin covered in sweat, there seemed no end to their carnal lust for each other.

He pushed her back onto the bed and lifted her knees to his hips, to push deeper inside her with a roughness that made her cry out with delight and beg him not to stop. He filled her again and again until, with one last deep thrust and a growl of release, his climax spilled deep inside her contracting pussy. Holding her close to him, he laid his body over hers and rested his forehead on her shoulder while she ran her fingers through his disheveled hair. They stayed in that position for the longest time, their breathing slowing down and the waves in their bodies slowly subsiding. Both were reluctant to let the other one go.

It was she who broke the silence.

"Are you a vampire?" It seemed quite unreal to even be asking such a question. In the books, vampires were always described as the cold ones but feeling his warm body against hers, he did not seem like he could be one of the living dead.

"No." He chuckled against her shoulder.

"Why the drinking of blood then?" She was confused.

"I'm of a different race. A very ancient and secret one. And by us exchanging our blood, you are now part of it too. I made you mine and you made me yours."

"What are you then?"

"Shhhh. No more questions for now." He silenced her with a passionate kiss and her question was soon forgotten.

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