tagLoving WivesInside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 04

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 04


Little Recap

While less spoken Pawan Malhotra was always keeping eyes over Sarla, I was in a state of having continuous erection from months for Rekha.

We all knew of this fire.

In the movie hall lit by silver screen, desperate Pawan at last pulled Sarla from my arms while Rekha slipped on the seat emptied by Sarla....

It seemed desires could be accepted and we began chasing honey in other's gardens! .....


Rekha had just rinsed the mugs from tap and was placing them in cub when I quietly reached behind her and lovingly folded my arms around her waist, and then softly kissed her hair over back of her neck. This could have been upsetting but my tranquility harmonized with her's and she didn't move. I began kissing her hair and turning her face softly with my fingers, slipped my lips over her cheeks.

Her entire face had set in heaviness and it seemed some thing that she was keeping inside her from long was coming out and softening her. Soon her lips were before me and I put mine over them.

Her breaths came slowly, one after the other. I gradually turned liquefying lady towards me and softly pressed every inch of me over her and she came in airless contact with me. With slight motivation she pulled her arms around my neck and our lips- to- thighs contact was intensified. I further pressed her in me and I could feel she remained seized by a moan deep inside her.

The taste of her thick lips was different I was used to. I slowly pulled her lower lip between mine, and made my saliva all over it. Her lips seemed for me, I kissed her mushy mouth, as much I could with care not swell her lips.

She mumbled moving her head back, " Now leave me.... It won't look good if any one comes. "

I kissed her cheek and whispered, " Pawan is with Sarla...we may take a while...Please kiss me."

Before she could speak again, I put my lips over her and then jointly moved with her towards the door we had come in, and came in cover of door's open shutter and rested my back on wall. It was safer here and the wood was hiding us. My lips remained there before long she kissed them once and then I had several kisses in sequence from this beautiful lady.

She looked beyond my shoulder and asked, " Where are they?"

And I told her.

She seemed uneasy and said wearily, " It is enough ... late, I have to see children for school in morning."

It didn't make me good but I spoke pressing me in her, "Ok! As you say! Thanks for what you have given me.... believe me, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

I halfheartedly released her and she took her arms off my neck and stepped back. I remained there with my back on wall, softly smiling in her eyes and as she looked me ; sex was silently oozing from open thick lip's of her. I kissed them through that air between us!

She continued to look at me ; gradually her face was spiraling red and eyelids were dropping. It seemed a time when ladies are taken over by basic instincts ; there breasts turn sensitive and they begin leaking in vagina!

Then after few wavering controls, to my extreme disbelief she moved towards me and unrestrained her body over me. This time she fully came over me, and encircling my neck in arms remained unmoved and then breathing quietly she put her lips over mine. The same breasts, I had been dreaming from months had come by their own over my chest though the protective bra still didn't let me feel them at time when her thigh's junction had come over my rigid bulge.

It completely blew me when she slightly rubbed her over me, surely not to tease me in those unwavering sailings! How wonderful a woman can be, I thought!

This was the finest I could ever get from such a decent lady!

I enclosed her hips in my both hands and pulled her more and more in me. My hands were gasping over her compact mounds around the hip crack. She was entirely resting over me and I could move my hand all over her back, over her tight bra lines and over her underwear in hip zone ; I knew from movie what she had there below her sari.

The passion had taken impulsive loftiness. Her lips over mine, I moved my hand from her hip and attempted to bring it in between us, and when she pulled a bit her belly back, I could enter my hand in between us and opened my fly ; some extra efforts were still required to bring out fluidized staff out from my jammed underwear.

It came out furiously and a sharp smell of liquid widened around us. The staff went over her sari and was pressing hard over her thighs joint. She didn't skipped her place and let my natural manly outbreak come to her ; and after few more minutes I could guide her hand over it.

She held at its mid by her fingertips and pressed softly. I again guided her fingers to move along it and she did few times. The more she did, more it leaked and more difficult it became for her to do that. I again took my hand her over hips, this time keeping them over her wide hip crack, pressed her more over me ; my rod was brutally restrained by her sari pierced to the limits between her thighs.

When a woman truly looses herself in man, she care little for any small or big thing. My staff was absurdly leaking and I knew would awfully soil her sari precisely over her ladyship. And then, there was the live danger of my furiously cumming any second! All was set to give a scary view to this lady!

I slipped below my right hand from her hip, and slightly bending down with stretched arm, pinched between my two fingers both her sari and petticoat cloth below her knees and lifted them till I could get them at hem. I held both cloths as near to her front as I could and began gradually raising my hand. She gasped a breath and placed her hand over mine but after assured of my right conviction through that contact, she pulled her hand from mine for this big thing ; and I could slowly lift her sari .

Her white underwear over her crotch partly came in my finger's contact. Dim was the light; but was enough to show me glimpse of her adult thighs through the horde of her sari and thick petticoat cloth.

Holding red georgette in fingers near her waist I gave her a flaming kiss over her rainy mouth and then put my member over her underwear. It rested slanting over temple of heat and went to the waistband. Still holding her cloth, I gradually slipped my fingers between her thighs to make some gap. She gave a little way and I could put my staff between them and slip it further. It was tricky to do with her cloths always tugged in the same fingers!

Oh! My thick staff was just in place God had made for it. I remembered; my chief object must be to give her pleasure. It jerked few times before it settled in that soft surroundings.

It was extending all over the panty lining that fortified her treasures. I pushed my belly in and out and the thickness vaguely rubbed over there. Again the protective fabric over there didn't let fluids enter her opening ; but through it I felt the intense feminine heat of her.

Keeping my lips over her's and my shaft there, I swing us 360 degrees and softly made her to rest her back on wall. We remained there, I sucking her lower lip and then I slowly opened her thighs little more and pushed my belly ; my balls went almost to her joint. Her sari in my fingers however veiled the place of such confined union.

I couldn't imagine if I would ever have any thing better than this!

Moving slowly my hips to-fro and up - down, I began feeling her underwear exactly over her slit through my heavy shaft. Whenever I had to bring my hand there to adjust my shaft , I found her underwear was wetter from previous time ; also every rub intensified the heat coming from her concealed opening .

She had shut her eyes and rested her head over my shoulder, and her humming breaths came in my ear. I could make here that she was indeed in need of a creditable man and I remembered the responses I was getting from her, right from the evening we first went to their house in Delhi.

Frenzy was gripping over me and then still holding her key fabrics, I slide my finger along my shaft. Gradually my finger moved over the periphery of her underwear and some time marginally slipping inside. The edges had soggy traces of my staff and then a couple of minute after, assisting my with my fingers I slipped rod and its fluid inside her underwear.

It touched her raw space ; she jerked and seized her head in my shoulder never looking at me . It was all slippery soft and her tinny hairs were thorns to shaft. It moved vaguely along her outlawed lips. It rubbed as much as it could through those absurd angles.

She was now breathing through her nose, and slippery heat of her was coming as a tremor over my shaft and the air around us was beginning to have that smell. I put my other hand over her hips and drew her closer and closer! Her head seemed permanently found its place in my shoulder.

As I did that, I couldn't distinguish between her crack and exact hole but at times I could have partly penetrated but I restrained me willfully: I was not sure she had yet that trust in me. However its head mostly remained near the richest place of woman.. Oh! What a jewel I was having!

I had been holding since all the evening ; but now it was like volcano, and couldn't hold any more. I came and came in gushes even though I had drained me in Sarla that evening! And all that first horribly filled fabric pores of that small female underwear and then it flowed all over around her tinny hairs, inside and outside holes and cracks. I knew it had completely ruined her inside and this nonsense of any man was too much for any lady to bear. The air was filled with soapy smell of semen.

She slowly opened her eyelids; leaving my lips from her's, she looked in me. I was in real shame and felt sinner. Then as an another amusing gift during last three hours, she kissed me for longer, as if saying -do not be so afraid, I know it was not your fault!

She held my hand and took the hems of both cloths from me in her fingers, and walked to the sink. There, she took small towel from the board and making it in a pad like form, inserted between her thighs over the underwear and pressed few times always substituting dry for wet part of that little towel. Then she pulled out the soapy wet cloth from her thighs and released her petticoat and sari from her hold. Keeping that wet cloth in her fingertips she adjusted the sari's folds, and then rinsed the towel below the tap in sink and hung that wet on the hook.

I seemed riding over the time ; I took her in arms and kissed and then followed slow sways of her hips out of kitchen.


We came in living room ; Pawn was still not there. Rekha was unsteady and seemed to be under tremendous load of her own. Although I had been careful but her face had reddened and her lips looked eaten up as she walked in wrinkled sari.

I took her to settee and made her to sit beside me and lovingly held her hand. Those magic moments were flying me over the clouds!

For some moments she remained busy around her breasts with her hands below her sari, adjusting her blouse and then covering bosoms better, she reordered her sari and made good some of apparent creases by her hand over it. She had a distinct soapy stench all around her. As she redressed her hairs, it took some more time of her to be convinced for better looks and that also helped her to restore her mind. I slowly slipped close to her and held her from waist; she looked at me for some time and then fell over my shoulder. With the other hand I lovingly stroked her hairs.

Her body in contact of me once more began to stir me and I kissed her hairs and then placed my lips over her neck. Soon I was lost in lady's soft flesh and irresistible urge grew for the developed bosoms before me.

Looking down at her breasts I said tenderly, "You have lovely there, Pawan must be very fond of these!"

She didn't speak and relaxed over my shoulder. I said again, " Tell me? "

"hmmm," she mumbled on my support and sexily hummed over my shoulder ," Not more than you ...ok I want to use bathroom, where should I go? " She tried to move but I didn't let her go ; she again settled her on my support.

I kissed her on head and then slowly moved my hand up from her waist over her red georgette sari and began floating it on her breasts. Slowly I took ample of it in my palm and pressed. She moaned! I did it in tender sequences but she continually hissed, putting her hand over mine.

Then gradually I slipped my hand below her sari over her black blouse stretched out by her stiff bra, fingered upper hook of blouse and opened it, and then slowly unhooked another two hooks below that. Stretching me bit above, I slipped my fingers through her bra and going down reached to her left nipple. She surged up as I moved and moved my fingers over it and than took it between them.

"Sseee..please..seee.ooohh..seee..they may come any time. " She had up-jerks, still laying over my shoulder. She held my hand tight and restrained it disturbing her.

I put that to very slow, she took few relaxed breaths and eased, still her hand over mine on her breast and whispered from my shoulder, " Since when you were after me?"

Making no apparent monition of my hand below her hand, I took gently some of her breast besides that nipple in my hand, " When I saw you at dinner after you came here."

"Not at Ranchi? " She asked tiring to hold my hand.

"Not like this truly I say!"

"Yeah!" She spoke," I saw you were looking at me that night!"

"And after that?" I asked.

"mmmmm," she sniffed.

"Did you ever think of me?" I whispered pressing her nipple.

"Mummm," She mumbled restraining my hand, " Not so much ...it looked bad when you always looked at me everywhere. What you were doing behind me in that birthday party?"

That gave me a jitter remembering how I tried to get her intoxicating aroma, " Oh! Did you felt that?"

"What did you think?"


"Then Sarla told me one day that you were after me....and tell me why did you kiss me in park before every one? " She giggled from her head's seat.

I said tapping my fingers over her nipple, " Oh! That was not my mistake..you came in my arms."

She blushed and folded in me, " That was by chance, and not for kiss."

I said, " That happened for good...."

I spoke, "I think it is not good and Pawan will not like it later, it is only few days passing charm.... " She said hesitantly, " You should be careful when you talk me before others."

I again chuckled in her ear, "Do you like me?"

I pressed her nipple hard and that made her to faintly sigh, "ssiiiseee...why you ask that?"

I spoke tenderly," Please tell me?"

She almost whispered, "It's Ok..ok..k! But don't take it anything more than him."

"Thanks..for that, " I kissed her on her neck.

"You do daily with Sarla?" She asked in low voice.

"Not exactly...but more or less...three to four times in a week, I can say," I said.

"When? last time?" She asked.

"This evening before coming to hotel," I said again pressing little hard over her nipple.

"Sssseee..not so hard...Oh! You do such things after coming from office!" She un- believed around my neck.

"Because of prospects for seeing you after so long days," I too whispered.

She seemed bowled over, " Sarla knew that."


"You tell her every thing?" She cautiously pressed my hand that was yet under her bra.

"Yeah!" I said softly.

"She told me you were after me...but I really can't believe she knew it that way?" She asked pressing my hand.

"She knows me more than me," I quietly yelled.

"Did you and Pawan talked about us....."

"Yeah! Over lunch in office one day."

"What did he said about me?"

"Oh! He was worried about life becoming dull ..."

"He talked like that....and what did you suggested your friend?"

"I told him he should break some how from routine ...perhaps both of you."

"Why you dragged me? And?"

"Should I haven't said that?"

"I don't know. What did you say?

" I suggested him to look for a woman for little fun , that would renew him!"

"And, then?"

"He told me he could never convince a woman ....then when I repeatedly asked if he liked any woman in particular. And then when I told him that I knew he had been eyeing Sarla from long ...he confessed that...but said he was not going to cheat his wife..I mean you."

"You talked like that? I can't accept he would have said that! "She jerked her up and looked at me.

"Yeah I swear..! I knew he had attraction for Sarla since we were married. Didn't you ever saw him looking at her?" I yelled in soft voice.

"Then...? You told him you were after me?"

"Not exactly....it came accidentally in park.."

"Did he tell you any thing?" I asked keeping her hand in mime.

"I knew something had happened ...he was becoming zealous every day ....he often talked Sarla and you to me," she spoke looking at our hands over her breasts.

"Did I do that wrong?" I asked holding her hand.

"Is it not wrong to think other when you are married?" She asked straight.

I held her hand tightly and spoke, " Look Rekha....every person has his own secret garden in his mind...the more are the boundaries, more alluring it is...and no one can cut nature ...may be Sarla had made him somewhere very sensitively! "

She said, " Yeah! He is always likes tall and slim actresses..."

"Did you tell his fascinations to Sarla? And suggested her something?" She asked.

"Yes I did but didn't suggest any thing to her..she is her own person."

"She is liking him?" She again firmly held my hand.

"I think she is drawn ...I have often felt her thinking of him." I confessed.

"You are not jealous?"

"No...till we can stop it when we want ..!" I said.

"How long to go, you think..?" she asked.

I kissed her neck. " And that is exactly what he is getting now!"

"And you?" She wishpered,"Is it worries you.... Pawan is after her in such a manner, like mad, I mean?" She still held that pressure over my hand.

"Yeah! He could have been not so wild! But he is a good man and we should be patient. " I said.

"He is like that..he won't do or would go like this..." She spoke.

I began playing with nipple, pressing and releasing between two fingers but softly.

"When did you last?" I asked still playing inside her.

She spoke after many moments had passed, " When he went Bombay."

I kissed her ear. "Can we do some time? You are so sweet," I lovingly whispered.

She kept on laying over me and spoke, "You have almost done every thing. "

I took out my hand from her blouse and held her's in mine, " Oh no! Not like this..I mean for full night ...in all ways."

She jerked," I don't know. I think it is enough! Is it not?" She spoke holding my hand in her's.

Her eyes moved to TV that showed some remixes, and I too was drawn towards it. Those were not so interesting and meaningful to us.

She turned and looked at me and then held my hand that was inside her blouse and said in whisper, " Will you tell him what you did in kitchen?"

I looked in her eyes and said, " No, if you say so to me."

She said, " I told you he may feel it differently later...."

"It is our little secret!" I spoke holding her hand in mine.

I reached over her neck and kissed her but she was looking at the empty sofa in front of us, and it reminded me of them. My eyes moved to TV that showed some remixes,


...some thing more in Ch. 5

A small feedback I desire besides your evergreen delights!

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