tagLoving WivesInside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 07

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 07


Little Recap

While less spoken Pawan Malhotra was always keeping eyes over Sarla, I was in a state of having continuous erection for Rekha from months.

We all knew there were fires in us.

In the movie hall lit by silver screen, desperate Pawan at last pulled Sarla from my arms while Rekha slipped on the seat emptied by Sarla....and we were in pursuits for sweeter honey. ....

.... in late night breezes while bees were falling over the honey in forbidden gardens, it was becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between chaser and chased!


Pawan looked at us though his eyelids. It was an extremely unusual situation but surprisingly he didn't make attempt to hide his flames. I walked near the bed while Rekha hesitantly stayed behind me, but I held her arm and drew her ahead of me and she undecidedly made her to sit at down side of bed. I sat besides her near Pawan's belly.

Rekha was abnormally quiet and looked lovely. Pawan's elongated penis below the fabric was now more than visible. I slightly turned at her and winked towards his pant, she faintly followed my eyes there but didn't show any reaction.

Then I saw Pawan gently eying his wife across me, I said in an visible sneer , " .... Seems... these ladies have taken all your piece..?"

He kept on looking at Rekha and mumbled, " Yeah, you lucky man! I can't keep ladies happy like you...except dreaming them...." Then he sniggered at her, " Honey, how you look so worried.......what's in that .. darling...?"

She raised her eyes but didn't speak ; her lips looked swollen!

Pawan spoke , " ..you must say that dear..?"

It was more or less a steam out of a loose lid when she spoke never looking at him, " ...you have become so shameless!...Chinni is in school team.... she has to reach at eight... and.. .school bus will not come for her...then school has asked parents to reach in annual function at 2 in afternoon and will have to collect their children in evening after prize distribution ... "

Pawan held my palm and chuckled, "...friend I told you that ... are you sure...you are doing that for one day? .... for your friend ...please...."

Though I had already talked this both with Pawan and Rekha but the idea of escorting this prettiest woman for the whole day again sent new flock of butterflies in my belly...I smiled as a devoted friend.... Rekha had a puzzled face for him.

I said what I had talked with Rekha, "....Yeah!..you may possibly be relieved of that ....if you are really not here for anything nasty ...I mean against wishes of ladies...!"

However Rekha skimmed her eyes at Pawan, " ..Have you thought how it all looks!...Your friend taking me home after the night while you are at his home with his wife...so openly .... ...think what it would reflect to your parents!...They are not babies. ...and then all school teachers know both of us... and please... think of children.."

She didn't look particularly at anyone and said after a brief pause ," ....that's too shameless even to think...."

Her sudden outburst made me chill and I looked at Pawan whose face was knocked by another set of redness. Pawan hastily spoke, " Oh dear ...you seems thinking too much...no one will think anything like it .....what's so unbelievable ...if I am suddenly laid up here ........" He looked at me , "..can't you assure my parents, I bet you can...you are well known in house?"

Rekha didn't look sure even though I thought I had convinced her for that. Pawan took her hand and pulled her slightly before he spoke to me, "...you were right friend...we need to talk with each other...I think it is important.."

I alternately looked at them and said, " Yeah! That would be one thing you must do....I think you two need to talk this in cool..."

....and as I began getting to my feet Pawan held me by my arm, "......please stay for a while... .We haven't been so intimate earlier .."

He waved me to come on other side of bed and I looking at Rekha hesitantly stood and walked while he pulled her up where I had been. Her face had turned red and she nervously looked me walking to other side and sitting over the bed.

Pawan's voice stumbled as he spoke to Rekha " ...Oh dear...if you please not be so nervous ..... we all are so close now...I know.. you didn't imagine it will ever come...... but we all had true feelings ... so it came soooo naturally...but dear....seems something is still cutting in your head....."

He gently bashed her through his eyes and said, " Look dear.. first we open our heart to this lovely friend ...that....now....."

....before Rekha could retort he floated an edgy glance at her and spoke through heavy throat, "...Friend this I have never told you earlier...remember that day in bar when you yourself opened your heart and frankly confessed your attractions for Rekha and asked how I see Sarla as woman ...."

... and that made his wife to look killingly at him but he kept the pace, "...it was like bursting of clouds for me after years & years in deserts ..... ..and then I too could spoke the most difficult words....how Sarla had taken my piece from the day I saw her ... day first .. six years back at Ranchi just after your marriage...she was exactly the woman I always had in my fantasies...tall, slender...always like an untouched flower...but I didn't had guts like you to speak that...."

Rekha's body shook over the bed, her eyes wide as she suddenly looked at him and attempted to pull out her hand from him but he held her from fingers and spoke towards her , " Dear...I never mean hurting you......you are one of the rare woman one can dream.....you know this all ..please let me confess for once before this friend....."

This made Rekha's face utterly wavering but he managed to hold her from her fingers. I felt sweat trickling through my backbone....

....after a pause his sultry voice came in my loins, "...after we talked our hearts and found you too were having same temperature...and our spouses were not ignorant of it ....it was a blast ...and for two days and nights there was nothing... except thinking about your wife.... and then at last I decided to act.... and told Rekha every thing.... all that you had said to me about her...and what Sarla had done to me for six years .... how many nights I had passed in eyes with out any one letting it know..."

Rekha escaped her fingers from his hold and came to the edge of bed and said,"...Cchheee! What are you speaking this ....?"

Pawan opened his eyes and spoke , " Darling...we both men are no where dishonest ...if you had idea how he had been wanting you...please this is no joke ...we should be honest .. "

He gasped looking at me, "... believe me friend ....that upshot both of us...on that night we didn't sleep ... ohhh .... This was an earthquake ... soon we knew we had wonderful other side of us...after that every time we had been teasing each other..."

Rekha was now loosing her balance. She spoke, "...will you please check you now...at least for God..."

He put his hand over her thighs and spoke, " Ohhh dear...tell me if I am wrong...then one night didn't you said he had always been looking at you?"

He looked in her eyes and I saw her unsteadily biting her lower lip. He spoke to me again, " ...and because of all this she came in your arms automatically in park ...for which you comically apologized next day.....had in real made both of us a cock and hen...as you said in bar... "

Looking in her eyes he spoke, " ...at that late night...didn't you confess....he looks powerful and handsome.....Is it not darling...?."

Rekha shivered, took a deep breath and brought her both palms over her face ......he pressed his hand over her thigh but drawing one hand from her face she pushed his hand from her lap but holding her arm he pulled her hand over his thigh near to his elongation.... she lowered her eyes and was breathing through her entire face veiled by fingers spread over her eyes ...

He spoke sweeping his eyes at both of us , " ...I again frankly admit....I had been dreaming Sarla day and night ...and was hiding from you...I know I shouldn't have done that...but she had knocked me everywhere....I can tell today ...she was always with me ... in thoughts... more than you would have done with her in real.... "

I was not correctly hearing his words..all I knew we all three had their faces shark red...He looked in my eyes, " ..please ...do not get offended...it's a frank admission .....friend... ...I had practically not slept ..."

Looking at Rekha he said to me ,"... and after our talks...she was constantly teasing me ...calculatingly telling what Sarla was wearing in school...how she became attentive by my name...."

He saw me for answer and then turned eyes at her but she didn't have any thing on her face except wide eyes.

Then he spoke looking at Rekha, "...remember.. ... just two days before I went to Bombay ... when you saw me after that complete sleepless night .... ... you yourself said that I should go to training peacefully... and after I returned I may try my luck provided she was ok with it...and I didn't harm my friend....though in heart you were sure it was impossible...and today in morning after reaching home you smiling gave me that hint... Sarla seems considering me seriously ... .and today when I ringed you in school we were invited for dinner....you teased Sarla looks in no mood to wear that sari ..." He abruptly paused.

Then after almost half a minute sniffing in his throat he continued, "....now this marvel is happening tonight... by itself ... ... so what is wrong if I am asking this ..."

Looking at Rekha he again gulped air and spoke , ".. but dear at this time ..if you say no...every thing will end.... nothing can happen with out your consent...."

Pawan pulled her hand from her face and put it over her lap. She sat dumb looking at her fingers and never seemed to speak a world of consent ... I saw her wide eyes damping like a wet cloud ....

...... that silence was fast eating all the heat ... butterflies one after the other began to escape from my tummy...

It was at this moment all temptations came at my face and I began intensely looking at her...I leaned towards her and put my palm over her hand that was over Pawan's thigh and...then...began shipping that towards Pawan's elongated penis and not startling her craftily floated her palm over the elongation ... and then... pressed my hand over her's...I saw her ears getting red. She tried to pull out but I kept pressure over her soft flesh. There was a sudden jerk under his pant and while I was fluffily hovering my hand over the softness of her palm ... I saw.. she began melting...I kept on ....and let the penis continue to grow...

Rekha's face smelted heavy and she twisted her fingers and never looking in Pawan's eyes sultrily spoke, "... Chinni has to be dropped in school... but Malti is not coming since two days and I shall also have to do complete kitchen jobs in morning...papa... ..."

His penis was now hard as rod and I subtly made her fingers to twist around it.

He looked in her eyes and spoke huskily, ".... Pleasseeee.... let him look after you for for one day... you are always mine ... ... I shall not be able to bear it for another day...give me this gift...if you can...."

He looked at me...and that also made me restless for the first time! I had interruptions in my breaths and I didn't ever had a idea ..a man had been so loving to Sarla from that long. Was I loosing my spouse to her real lover?

Pawan intruded my thoughts and said to me, ".....can't you do that...friend...?"

That made Rekha to raise her eyes at him.

Pawan pleaded, " Rekha ...pleassee..."

Rekha shrugged her shoulders and looked at me...our eyes met little longer and I felt her eyes were alive now.... Balancing the swings!

Rekha looked at me and hesitantly spoke so faintly , "...can you drop her...it is in cantonment...five kilometers from home..."

I spoke almost jumping in her mouth,".... for me its no problem...if you tell me the name of school..!" I was ready to do any thing to please this most exotic woman I had ever known!

Pawan said, " She will tell you that..."

I looked at Rekha and she softly bit her lower lip.

I mumbled looking at Pawan," ..you want me here after I drop Chinni to school...?"

That made Rekha to look straight at me but Pawan said, " ..why are you asking that?...please stay there...and take Rekha and Avi and yours junior to function...you two forms a perfect couple!"

I faintly asked, " ..we discussed that we can't push any thing...are you sure...of Sarla? If that doesn't come as you think..?"

Pawan chuckled," Oh...why you think so? ...I will ring you then..."

Rekha mumbled, " ...how we can remain at home for so long....when you are here...that will make your parents uneasy..."

Pawan made an attempt to say something but could only churn his lips and again closed eyes....I again pressed her fingers over the tight fabric of his pants, .

Few moments after he spoke , " ..I think you can tell ... them...Sarla have some games duty in school and I am asleep at home...you will collect me when you go to children's' school in afternoon ...I think that will do..."

I again looked at Rekha and she lowered her eyes and once again my loins were charged by fresh blood.

Looking at Rekha I said to Pawan, " ...Ok friend...we will leave around 6 in morning ...two and half hours from now...so man till than you remain with your spouse...and I would say hello to Sarla..."

I got up and walked towards the door, never looking at back of me.


Any one under this setup would have sweat entering his own bedroom ...and so did I!

The door was ajar and had the thick curtain drawn behind it... and behind that was my wife... so desired by my friend!

After I fucked her in evening, she had been mostly with Pawan. ...and .. amid those killing pushes & pulls....... Pawan's unblemished revelations were resonating inside me.....both Sarla and I had been aware of his long cherished temptations...but never on earth any one of us had idea he was quietly burning him for her from so many years....

...... and one or other day this innocent devotion of him was surely to go deep in Sarla in one or other way? Yeah! I sensed my ribs spinning though my heart.......though Rekha's returns of my eyes messages had been almost equally killing me......

From the day one Pawan went Bombay I had been asking Sarla we both make a call at his house and ask Rekha if she needed any service but Sarla understanding my motive teasingly avoided my suggestions. Although I was deprived of the pleasant views but as each difficult day passed... my heart became more & more decisive to act next time...and at times when I revealed this to Sarla in so many ways... I got hints from her that both ladies were talking of us in school!

Pawan had returned this morning only.... and seeing him in office I had proposed couples' dinner tonight almost in childish hurry... that had put cherries in our lips and not looking in my eyes he coyly accepted my proposal! In afternoon when my beaming voice reached Sarla in school through phone....she already knew it... and teasingly suggested to take care of my health in office ...I might be disappointed in evening as Rekha seemed tired possibly by extra morning pains...

This absurd replay continued in me for some more time...and then pointlessly I tried to peep though the curtain...

.....this was the same bedroom where just after coming home in evening I had mercilessly fucked her in anticipation of seeing I had been missing from fifteen days ...Sarla was not willing for this service at that time and out rightly discarded my moves to pull her in bedroom. In shear frustration I had opened my fly and the eight inches fluidized pole proved my point ; she instead went in kitchen for my tea. But seeing me still wandering behind her, she shrugged her head and smilingly switched off the gas... and ...walked through all the living room ...left me to follow her to bedroom like a street cattle!

In bedroom her killing eyes said.. 'Wait a minute, let me get on my back first...' .. and indeed did nothing except laying her straight on bed .....then like child before a toy I had raised her knees.... her long kurta had slipped up to waist displaying her salwar and rounds of those secret zones...and then with softer widening coerce on both her knees .. had made her thighs to swiftly unfold. ...

....the white cotton cloth of salwar exactly passed over the womanly treasures though not truly gave trace of any line beneath it....

... then handling my rod with fingers, I had opened the knot of the cord...no underwear this time.... ... fluidized vagina filled pungent fishy smell in the air.... Yeah! I pulled my watered-down head over the tight line of lips near the hole....and the hairless reddened head began finding the space to slip its sunshade ..... It sensed the opening with the aid of my not merciful forwards jerks ... her smile suddenly went off and the face was shrouded by heaviness of compromised pains ... more and more fluid of her made smells and piston to sound mushy..... sometimes defeating squeaks of bed.....

...... all these pre excitements.. and there after cumming furiously had left little time for us to prepare ourselves ......she almost ran to bathroom ..I too got up as I heard water sounds.....after that forced bath she was looking again a virgin. I insisted salwar suite but she had chosen peach sari and short sleeved blouse and arms half full of glass bangles ...... we still had our nerves on as we walked towards the car.... ...

.........the thoughts were still playing as I entered the room through the curtains.....

Under 40 watts yellow light in our bedroom, beneath a pink sheet laid Sarla on her right with her legs folded in her belly. I had instinct of a trespasser ... didn't make sound though I wasn't sure she was sleeping.

Moving over heels I went near down of bed and squatted on carpet...she was before me below that sheet with her back at me... I almost crawled my hand near her feet ...it... made a touch and then slowly began to feel the heat under the cloth .......the wakening nerves below the sheet began striking my fingers....Ohhh! I felt her feet trembled few times and then I became recipient of heat filtering through the cloth....

I kissed the cloth and then my lips slipped over her calf sniffing the sheet that had more fragrance of its occupant ......tracing towards hips stretched by the folded legs .... was easier .. along the widened crack line .... it made her to shake but I knew how women feel around here.....

It took longer to slip my fingers beneath the sheet. The blood raced in her veins but she didn't turn..... slowly and steadily my fingers moved over the petticoat around hip's zone. The cloth effortlessly slipped between crack and seemed gone over the softer swamp emitting heat ...yeah, it was a feel of different lady.... goddess of a man ...

....... and at times I felt she would turn and look at me ....my fingers moved up over colder tie cord of petticoat at waist.... and then encountered the bra strap loosely placed somewhere there....that also led me towards breasts... beginning of the softer flesh.....first through the bra cover ......the open bra had no material role ...

Crawling only through the softness I was led to front ..then over the nipples....and she jerked.... with one tip of finger I pawed there ....she shook again and I wished to turn her towards me......she stiffened and I let hard nipple to rub my fingers...however the heat was enough to melt firmness of my hands... and she turned.....

....and saw me through heavy eyes..... all her blood was at her face.......before eyes could rightly see each other , her face went inside her chest and elbow firmly over her eyes.....may be for an unexpected sight.....

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