tagLoving WivesInside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 08

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 08


Little Recap

Since the day I was married six years back, my less spoken colleague Pawan Malhotra was keeping eyes over Sarla, while from months I was in a state of having continuous erection for Rekha.

We all four knew the fire was slowly melting us inch by inch. It was becoming hard for us to look at each other with our normal eyes!

On that evening in the movie hall lit by silver screen, desperate Pawan was continuously staring from his eye's corner at my wife across Rekha while her face had turned heavy. At last Pawan was not able to withhold any more and pulled her from me while his wife slipped on the seat emptied by Sarla....and then we were in pursuits for sweeter honey. ....

.... in late night breezes while bees were falling over the honey in forbidden gardens, it was becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between chaser and chased!


Ever since Pawan Malhotra moved to Delhi , Rekha always looked lovelier whenever I saw her next , but this time was different when she came out of curtain and stood before the door in a bid to set her nerves.

She looked around in dim light and then towards the sofas where I was!

Although she had had ample of minutes to repair herself but her look was not even near to decent. Her face was overcast in heaviness and lips looked muddy. The red georgette sari had rowdy creases visible from that distance and bra cups were not in anyway keeping their contents in intended manner. Though the hairs were still woven in interlaced tail but at least one third of them had lost any sense of discipline they were tamed for! The red bangles between two golden rings in each of her half sleeved round arms looked heavier.

Even in that looks of her's, a man from wilderness would have staked his existence for being allowed slightest nasty with this full-grown woman of 166 cm height with body measurements 37-25-37 inches, cup size C!

As she saw me curiously looking at her another wave of heaviness swept over her face. She folded her arms and faintly smiled at me never separating lips more than a slit. I was not sure if any other women in that disorderly state would look so unsure while looking at a man already permitted by her to kiss her any where. I swallowed a chunk of my own salvia and chickenly grinned, conscious of my face that was going redder every second with a kind of strange obsession.

Her folded arms had pushed up the immense counters of black blouse that looked quite slackened. My staff along with my breaths was stretching inside me and I was aware of a scratchy streak of salvia from my fluidized pole that had begun to creep inside the pores of underwear's taunt fabric.

A hard wave crept inside me that suddenly recalled me ...... Ohhh! This was the woman I would be escorting .... Today! And that made my pole to extend more in tight hidings.

Although I had felt her inside charms but at that moment it was difficult for me to have any other thing in my mind. Looking at those alluring contours all my temptations had come at my face. She too had obviously read them as shown by a similar wave that blew for a moment though her eyes. I staggered a kiss in air; her face went heavier swiftly shadowing over her smile.

It was one of the most powerful erections. For another moment I continued to look in her eyes and before I could have any another assault from those enticements, I stood and walked towards her almost flying over the floor and held her in arms. May be she was expecting it or not, she staggered over her feet and dropped her arms and looked at me with wide eyes and then at the door behind her. She looked weary and hot and had entirely different musky smell.

I didn't let her move and swiftly put my lips over her's. They looked hot and more swollen than seen from distance. Then there was a rain of kisses over her lips - in spells of about ten a time. The more I kissed them the more they loosened with salvia in my mouth. Her breasts rested over my chest and looked separated from her bra.

I pressed her in me and she curled herself to come out of me , " .... uuunnnnn ..... uuunnnn ...... "

I would not have left her for another hour had she not skimmed like a fish and had almost ran wheezingly towards sofa holding her sari in front by her hand. I followed her rather slowly. As she stood besides the sofa she had been sitting with me and took her leather wallet she had left there and put the strap over her shoulder. I embraced her from back pressing my groin all through her back.

She again curled to release her but as I began kissing her neck from back she somewhat pushed me and made a swift escape.

She hurriedly saw at me and spoke, " Leave me ....What is this are you doing? It is morning now! What did papa say on phone .... ohhh! I am looking so bad. How we will go home like this! "

Again I had to make a chicken face. I breathed hard while I spoke , " ..... Last night when you dropped children at home, Pawan locked the door from out side .... When papa and mummy woke for morning walk ..... House is locked from outside .... "

Guilt was sweeping over her face . She saw at window filtering the dawn inside , " ..... Oh! He gave me key in car .... It's in my purse ... " She grimaced, "..It is quite over six ....What you are two doing like this ..... Children must be up now ..... Ohhh! How is this morning .... please .... Take me home ..."

I saw in her face and nodded through my eyes, " ..It won't take more take fifteen minutes for me ..... come ..".

She swiftly caressed creases over her sari and then hesitantly looked around and then saw at me as she spoke timidly , " ..... The bathroom door ..... Is locked from inside ...... "

Yeah! I had not opened the bolt of the door for other bedroom while I came out of bathroom after that bath.

"Sorry!" I made a culpable face, "I forgot to open the bolt from inside ..... You may go through our bedroom ....." I waved towards our bedroom. She hesitantly glanced at its door and curtain and then not exactly looking any where twisted her lips in uncertainty, " .... I will go at home ........ If we are more late .. Today Chinni must reach school at eight ........ She is in team! "

There was no time for any other act. I was about to turn when she again looked around and spoke, " ...is there not any other bathroom ....? "

I spoke, " .... Oh dear ...we have only one bathroom .... It is with both rooms in that way ..... If you don't want to walk through other bedroom .... there .... Ok .... there is little place near entrance .... It has a drain ..... "

I had a little spark in voice and I nodded her to follow me. She hesitantly walked behind me holing her sari at front in her fingers and as I led her near that un-doored little box type legroom in right of alley where we kept a larger green plastic trash bin that had a lid. I looked at her and pointed towards the floor behind that bin which had a drain hole covered by a neat steel round trap.

It took a couple of moments for her to decide and then firmly waved me to step back : As I retreated two steps she went behind the bin.

I was just around the corner when heard scuffle of her sari and sensed her squatting. In few seconds a hiss came slowly and then built a persistent resonating spatter over the floor. It remained pointedly splashing the concrete for some moments and seemed she had enough in bladder. It had quite a force that remained steady before it gradually weakened and then finished. However it took couple of moments before I sensed from shamble of sari that she was getting up.

I stood there waiting her signal to move ahead. The night had ended but still I was in the nightmare. I had constant erection but looking at her tight schedule it was difficult to think any thing like that.

After Sarla refused me a while back I was dying for lady's secret favor .... once ...... any how ...any way! Once! To give peace to my wild senses ..... My hands went down and tore the fly .... and with trembling fingers I drew out my hardest pole reeking by fluid all around it .... It flew before me like a slant tower ..... It was paining .....I rather mercilessly drew back foreskin and clipped it back leaving that glittering reddish hairless mushroom in naked air .....

She faintly called me, " Come...."

I silently stepped ahead holding my pole in that way and stood near that bin. Her eyes were at the floor, which had a stocky yellowish pool slowly draining in small hole. She held her sari in fingers to half of her calf and was trying to put her heels in dry.

Then before she could make her sari even and step out of that box she saw me and read my reddened face .... and then with dismay lowered her eyes at my pant . Her lips fluttered and her face began gathering heaviness.

There was hardly any time...... I tried to melt me in her eyes and before there could be retort, I pleaded, " Rekha ..... Please ..... It won't take any time .... Please let me do once only for two minutes..... if it does not discharge .... then I will take it out.... Please only for two minutes .... Please Rekha ..."

I can tell a blast in house would not have stunned her more. She looked at me with widest eyes.

However it was the moment when I knew what exactly I needed at this time. I pleaded, " Please keep one foot over this bin cover ...... Here!" I closely pointed the place with my fore finger, " I promise ..... It won't be another second beyond two minute ..... Please Rekha ."

I didn't know .... might be hurry .... or my pleading ..... or the force of that throbbing gentile .... might be all or any other thing .... She suddenly looked in my eyes ... deeper than normal ..... slowly smiled ...that made my head senseless for a moment!

Looking at the yellowish pool near her feet she spoke faintly, " ....First let me bring some water from kitchen ..... and flush this!"

I was holing my breath. I said looking at her foot, " Later ..... Please ...Put it here " I pointed at the lid of that plastic bin.

She looked for the dry space for her left foot and then looking at wall slowly raised her right foot and placed the sandal tip it over the plastic cover of that bin. That was a tricky as she stood wall touching her back. . Her opened thighs and sari spread before me but the thin polished sole of her sandal was repeatedly slipping over the plastic. I bent down and almost half sitting over my toes near the pungent odor, held her sandal over the lid and unfastened back strap and slipped out sandal and put it on the floor. With other hand helped her feet to get better clutch over the top ... and she did with her toe which had that silver tow ring.

Then with that hand I held the hem of her sari and I began lifting it. Infant dawn was just not enough but my fingers shook once as they began taking sari in hairless rounds above calf.... While sari was half way through the thighs I gave the hem in her fingers.

Then slowly raising me at my toes I peeped. Inside was shady and I felt a severe salty smell before she pressed sari quickly over her thighs. Then I put my lips over her thigh, kissed it softly and began taking them above till denied any further by the sari pressed closely over the thighs .... When I tried to loosen it she firmly pushed my head down by her fingers.

My rigid pole and my toes in that uneven position were making me more pains than pleasures.

Raising her sari a bit more I slipped my hand over her mound ..... She didn't have underwear she was wearing earlier ..... My fingers struck the moist hairs and then traced the woman's lips below ... It was very hot there , a different kind of slippery heat! My fingers slid near her weakened voids.

She slowly pulled me up by my hairs ..... still holding hem of sari still over her thighs ..... that made me raise me over my feet. . I stood before her but her eyes never even once moved from the wall at her left. I knew we had pretty tightest time!

I placed my hand over her's holding sari and she didn't resist any more when I moved them up higher and higher ...... sari coming above waist and I slipped my hand on my stained pole and pulled foreskin ..... the leaking head touched her crotch .

Adjusting my position slightly below, I could put it though the opened thighs and immense heat was instantly transmitted as it struck over the slit that had mature slippery feeling. Not allowing longer time she brought her other hand in between us and not really much caring for the fluids, held the stem in her fingers and placed over the entrance made for men.

It had extra warmth and the risky drench there gave way to the bald mushroom and as it went beyond the point I had already traced in kitchen .........

The increasing heat and salty stench suggested that sweltering womanhood was heating the fluids that were coming out from every genital slits of us even with out any movement ..... the used womanhood didn't have enough time to restore it for man's use again ... I sensed slipping and slipping in swamps ...... she had withdrawn her hand from inside and it was now behind my waist lightly holing me ......

This untimely union had increased the pace of her breaths and she closed her eyes and with another sequence of breaths put her head over my shoulder ...... her hand still at back of me and loose breasts unintentionally pressed by my chest .....

Suddenly I felt I was going deep and then all inside her ... the stem was floating in fluids residing at greater depths..... umbrella was now caressed by something special of woman only reserved for the potent voyagers .... it was altogether different ..... than I used to feel in very tight Sarla .... it was no place ... and occasion to rub genital in that depth ......but I had had the greatest reward of the dawn of this incredible day ....

Then ...... It was little movement of her thigh which did that ....

Offffhhh! With out any preliminaries ...... I began cumming .... chumming ..... cummmminnnnng ...... in that swamp of heat and fluid ..... all I knew .... it was adding another slippery in those un-licensed greater depths ..... I slipped it ahead as I still not finished ..... and then slowly and slowly I felt last drops draining there ...... the rod was self loosening and in her tight hold of my waist the pole stirred once again .....

Holding her chin in fingers, I raised her head from my shoulders.... she had the heaviness of haven over her face ..... her stray hairs had come over her forehead .... she slowly looked at me through slight slits of eyes ........ with no particular language .... I brought her lips before mine and kissed her deep ..... and that again transmitted our wetness of different kind .......

My lips were still over her's, it was again she who pulled her hips slightly back sensitizing again my pole as it retraced out its voyage through that tunnel.....

She removed her lips and pushed me back. As I traced myself back, she raising her sari above her waist, widened her thigh and looked there.

The thin air around was weird by ammonia and mushy salts. It was the first time I could see in sultry rounds of hairless thighs what had been maddening me from the months ......

Yeah! It had stray hairs all around, I had been feeling through my fingers since that evening .... the secret lips matched with her thick lips, I had been so kissing ..... the vaginal opening below the lady-hood was distinct.....that had a pair of little flaps on both sides .... to protect it that from those rubbish airs containing unwanted fertile pollens from wandering males ..... Ohhffff! Entire day could have been lost looking at her there .....

Then suddenly and slowly it began coming out .... the first spurt of what I had left in depths ..... It came in gush ... white thick sticky and glittering semen capable to bring another life in her womb .... a dangerous play of nature!

She looked around in fix.... it was coming out naked in air .... .... and then indiscreetly I pulled from my pocket white handkerchief and put it in her hand. She instantaneously seized it over the leaking hole and kept on pressing over each gush .... it took a minute of that tight time before she was comfortable with the sequential leaks .... she pulled the cloth saw it .... and rolled a fold over the semened cloth .... then thinking a moment put it in the wallet hanging over her shoulder ......

Before she could move her toe from the lid cover , I again went over my toes and held her sandal from floor for her feet .... with that spread sari before me she fastened her strap .....

She slowly moved down her feet from that high and came out of that alley.... and again looked at the drain cover where her spent had almost tricked down leaving the wet history all around it.

She waved towards that as she was vigilantly organizing the creases of sari. Though my eyes told her not to worry about that and pointed at my wrist watch. She twisted her lips..... I almost ran towards kitchen and it took less than half a minute to bring water in little pan with handle Sarla meant for tea ..... She was still systematizing her blouse over the mounds ..... I flushed water over the wet spot ..... and then briskly walked in kitchen to relieve that ........

She stood near the door as I came back .... looked better now ..... I went near her and dressed her stray hairs from forehead ...

She didn't smile as I looked towards the Pawan's room and swiftly walked near the door and said, " ..... OK Pawan .... we are going .... I am locking door from outside .. ...."

Ascertaining he heard, I walked to the shelf and picked the large brass lock with it's key and again made back stride and standing near that mushy smelling woman with heavy mental loads opened the bolt of front door.

We came out closing the door back and locking it and then I saw from eye's corners at Rekha as I put that key in my pant's pocket. She looked weary and tired while little air puffed over her stray hairs.

We almost flew down the stairs in that unspoiled fresh dawn. There was hardly any one around except morning walkers on the road visible from that height.


Rekha sat breathless besides me her eyes on the road, as I drove the car on the wide metropolis road, often passing lone or group of morning walkers, few cars , scooters and city bus plying almost empty. The life of the day was beginning on that amazing Sunday morning!

As we past the movie hall we had been in night, I geared car straight on crossing towards her house; Rekha stiffened & faintly waved towards left road telling me that led to Chinni's school.


Pawan's house was on ground and better than ours.... Rekha had already taken out the key bunch from her wallet ..... I hurriedly braked the speed before the gate and saw her nearly jumping from the car and grasping for iron gate's latch ..... she was through that little grass and reached the front door even before I could lock the car.

I had to follow her quicker as she opened that heavy lock and then the lock hanging at the door ...... I paused twice with many skips of heart beats before I stepped in after her!

Older Malhotra was on the sofa before us .... looking eagerly at us from the spread 'Sunday Times' in his hands that would have probably passed through the small slit below the door. He wore white shorts and his whitish face with silvery white hairs above high forehead was unmarked. I heaved a sigh when he unhurriedly smiled at us!

However Rekha's nervousness was more apparent than the smeared lipstick on her lips.

"Its change of climate ..... but I am more bothered for the trouble they have given you in this Sunday morning! " He again smiled potently and waved me towards the sofa at his front.

As I made me on sofa besides him he thinly shifted his glance at Rekha who looked still unsure, " Won't you tell mama to add tea cups ... she is in kitchen."

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