tagIncest/TabooInside my Sister

Inside my Sister


It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. The big family meal was over and everyone had retired to their rooms to rest. This was an old tradition in our family. The week's stresses and duties were all forgotten during this three or four hour period and we would just slumber the afternoon away and recharge ourselves for the week ahead.

Invariably, the bed springs in our parent's room could be heard squeaking as they slowly bounced up and down as my father was giving it to my mother again this afternoon. She always lay back on the bed towards the centre and stretched out her legs as she spread them wide, sort of pushing my father over a bit, and then he would roll over on top of her, fumble a bit and then start thrusting. My mother's legs would rise up of course, and sometimes she locked her ankles around his waste. They always did it in the missionary position, sometimes with a pillow under her ass. You could hear their bodies slapping together as he pistoned his cock into her, and you could see his balls slapping her ass as they bounced against her when he slammed into her.

This rhythm seemed to go on for a long time until my mother would start to gasp and her breathing would get shorter and shorter. She would sometimes make these funny squeaking sounds as she tried to muffle her moans so we wouldn't here them fucking. This was sort of funny to us because all of us grew up hearing them in the tiny bungalow that we lived in. Nudity and nakedness was common in the house but all of their fucking was done behind closed doors in their bedroom. Sometime during the summertime when the temperature was hot, they would leave their door ajar, or it would swing open and when they were in the throws of passion and oblivious to their surroundings, we could watch them fuck and sometimes even masturbate while watching.

My father had this average size, uncut dick, and usually he would fuck my mother until she came and then he would shoot his load. This used to take 10 to 15 minutes and happened four or five times a week. After fucking, he sometimes would walk into the bathroom while he held his cock with one hand and he would hold his cock and balls over the edge of the sink and wash them with soapy warm water.

My mother was very curvy, with a few extra pounds. She had beautiful thick fur on her pussy, and as I was able to observe one time when she was bent over, knelling down, had the chubbiest pussy lips that needed to have a cock shoved up between them. Usually after fucking, she just rolled over towards my dad, and let her heavy mommy breasts with her big brown nipples lie like soft pillows where my dad would place his head when he returned to bed.

All of this bedroom activity excited my sister and me on a regular basis. When we were both seniors at high school we used to compare notes, when we were walking to school and talk about how hot it made us feel. We described in detail how we stroked ourselves and made ourselves cum while our parents fucked across the hall. I must say that we got pretty good at it and we could time our orgasms so that they erupted at the same time mother was gasping and wheezing and dad would groan.

About this time we both began sleeping in the nude, and when we would hear the talking stop across the hall, we would know that the fondling had probably begun. That would be our clue to turn off our lights and open our doors quietly and then lie down with the covers pulled down and then we could begin stroking ourselves and keep time to the bed springs across the hall. When my sister and I got a little bolder, we would prearrange during our walk home, who would watch the other from the darkened doorway. I loved to watch my sister get off. She would raise her hips as her legs stiffened, and she would pull a pillow onto her face to muffle any sounds she uttered. Watching her and hearing our parents at the same time made it impossible to hold back. Cum would shoot out of my cock so hard, and as the precum dripped out and lubed my shaft, I would struggle to catch the creamy white cum so that it wouldn't get all over.

My sister and I obviously progressed to where we lost our cherry's to each other. Many times we would fuck with wild abandonment when our parents were away and had left us alone.

She was a real "girly" girl. She spent all of her money on frilly underwear, make up and sexy fashion clothes. She detested any kind of pants unless they were very tight and short. She had naturally blond hair that went midway down her back and she had the face of an angel with blue eyes and lushes lips that made you want to kiss her. Her breasts were large like mothers but were firm and seemed to present themselves to you when she stood in front of you. Mother made her wear a full bra whenever she went out because her nipples stood straight out all the time, especially when she was horny, which seemed like all the time. Her pussy lips where drawn tight right down between her legs and she had the most neatly naturally groomed pussy fur that was a couple of shades darker then her hair. When you walked behind her the odd time she wore pants she had this little space between her legs where you could see the outline off her pussy lips and ass. It seemed like a natural space to want to rest your stiff cock.

Usually she wore see through tops that teased you into seeing her bra and often the hard points of her nipples would give themselves away. She loved short skirts that were very full and would easily lift up in the breeze as she walked. If you add knee socks and heeled pumps to her well formed legs, you can imagine that she was a wet dream for most of the guys in our senior class.

I hope that you have a good mental picture of things as they were that Sunday afternoon. We had been sneaking around and fucking any time we could. I would like to tell you how we grew into our first time and some of the other fun things that we did, but this day I had opted out of the afternoon nap because I was behind in my reading for an English paper that was due. I chose to sit in the living room and hopefully get some reading done while the house was quiet. I knew that the bedroom gymnastics were likely going to take place, but after those few minutes, they would fall into a deep sleep and I could study.

Inside my English book I had a porno novel that was much more interesting to read. As I heard the activities up the hall reaching climax, I leafed ahead in the novel to a really hot sexy part and rubbed my cock through my pants while I listened to my parents fucking. I didn't cum at that time but I was hard and could feel dampness in my pants. I waited to hear if my dad would come out to the bathroom after they were done, but it seemed that they just fell asleep.

I put the novel away and started to read my assignment. I don't know how long it was, but I had become lost in the book I was reading and hardly heard the door open quietly up the hall. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my sister tip toe by me and sit down in the chair across from me. It didn't seem strange that she would be there, especially after hearing the activity up the hall. Ever since we had started fucking, we both had discussed how getting off by ourselves wasn't nearly as satisfying as cumming together. The only thing that we were concerned about was that we needed to protect our little secret.

I keep reading for some time before I dropped my book into my lap to see what she was doing. She sat right across from me on this arm chair, fully clothed, except for her panties. She had this short full skirt on and sat there with her legs splayed wide open. Her pussy lips were wet and red from the abuse she had been giving them. I looked at her and her eyes were just twinkling. Her pussy fur glistened with her juices and she just smiled at me.

I didn't need any further invitation. I quietly leaned forward in my chair trying to move without making any noise. Her chair was back just enough so that we would not be seen from the hallway. I got down on my knees between her wide open legs. I undid my fly and let my stiff hard cock free. She eased herself forward to the edge of the chair and I slipped a cushion behind her ass so she could lean back. I eased my cock against her wet slit and moved it up and down slightly as I leaned further forward and started to push it into her warm moist velvet love tunnel. Slowly I pushed it all the way in. She was always so hot that it seemed to almost burn my cock as it slipped inside her.

WE had fucked energetically many times before, but this time we just moved slowly back and forth and savored the heat and velvet sensations of fucking. Soon she began to stroke her clit with her fingers. That, plus the steady pressure of me leaning into her depths, soon had her on the edge of cumming. I followed by drawing back out of her as I watched her inner lips hold my shaft as hard as they could. Again I disappeared inside the entrance of her love tunnel as I started sliding into her again. Time and again my cock came out almost too far, and then in slowly, agonizingly slow, while our orgasms continued to build. When she rubbed her lips, she twitched inside and that was all I needed for the cum to start bursting up my shaft. I yanked my member out and just caught my cum spurting out of my cock. I held it in my hand as spurt after spurt kept trying to find its way to her womb. Her legs stiffened out straight and her eyes went back as she enjoyed the afternoon orgasm.

She straightened in the chair and I stood with my cock sticking straight out of my pants. I held my cock with my cupped hand which was full of sticky juice. My cock was covered with girl juice and my pee hole continued to ooze. I looked up the hall and when I saw it was clear, I tip toed to the bathroom, where I hung my cock and balls over the sink and washed them as I had seen my dad do many times. When I was all cleaned up and had wiped the sex juice off the zipper, I put the little solder back into my pants and made sure everything was right. I quietly left the bathroom and went back to the living room. My sister had gone back to her room and I sat down and contemplated our contentment. Everyone had cum and everyone was satisfied.

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