tagExhibitionist & VoyeurInside the Garden Shed Ch. 06

Inside the Garden Shed Ch. 06


Chapter 6 – The bathing of Zara

It was something Gary had been waiting for; either the visit or the call, and finding Zara with Zoe again. Zara had been prepared - or was it permitted - to touch his cock that first time in his garden. Something Zoe would not do. He could certainly see Zoe's scruples. All she and he were doing was using each other's bodies as visual stimulus - though their conversation could be just as stimulating. They were simply wanking: not having sex. Even their distinctly odd sharing of his cum over the strawberries had been divorced from sex. Perhaps, though, his masturbating Zoe with vegetable dildos - but not actually physically touching - had got rather close to having sex.

It was not that Zoe did not want to have sex with him; he could see she did, but she was not going to cheat on Tom, her husband. Gary was quite sure she would love to get down on her knees and suck his short, stumpy cock until he filled - and he would do that - her mouth with cum. He was quite sure she would take great pleasure in drinking him down straight from the source. Moreover, he was sure she wanted to try his stumpy organ in the proper place and feel what its girth actually felt like; would take great pleasure in it stretching her and would enjoy bouncing up and down on it - though probably not in her own bed.

It was a very attractive image: instead of him going out into the loke back to his garden gate with his cum all down his front - something Zoe seemed to insist upon - instead it would be her going out into the loke back from his home to her house, naked and with his cum simply running down her inner thighs. Perhaps rather than going straight home she would stay for a time chatting with him, perhaps walking around his garden with him but evidencing the result of what he had so recently done. Crikey, give him an hour and he could get it up again. Imagine approaching Zoe with his erection returned, getting her to bend over and him feeling her thighs and sex all sticky with his own cum - his own lubrication mixing with her own. A delightfully hot, sticky and so well lubricated sex to sink his cock into and pump away. It would take a time but it would be so nice in the sunshine to penetrate her from behind; feel the warmth of the sun on his body; listen to the sound of the bees buzzing and the sexy squelching sound of a very liquid intercourse before he released his second load.

It was hot in his shed. Gary had gone in there for some fertiliser but had sat down and started thinking of the girls and one thing had lead to another and he had begun to wank. He was building up nicely - indeed had been close to coming on the image of Zoe bent over and he engaged in fucking her from the rear; enjoying his own 'sloppy seconds,' as they say - when, all at once two real bottoms hove into view. Two naked female bottoms for real right outside his window and certainly a sight to wank over! Gary of course recognised Zoe's behind and the other had to be Zara. They had come around to see him and let him see them!

Of course he had fantasised about Zara coming around, or him going next door and finding Zara in her school uniform - all ready to take it off or have it taken off - but this was fine, no, more than fine! They had come visiting.

They were looking down the garden for him and he just stared at them through his window. Stared at Zara's bottom - so smooth and with dimples at the top. Her long legs did not quite meet at the top leaving a gap showing the light through them and he could just see the hint of hair between. The idea of a hairless Zara was certainly exciting but clearly she had matured beyond that. The down had come and, by the looks of it, rather more. He would see when she turned. Her naked back was long and beneath her long blond hair he could see the bumps of her backbone going all the way down to her bottom. Gary could not yet see her little pug nose and full lips but he would see them when she turned and just how budding her breasts actually were. In a few seconds he was really going to see those breasts! Beside her was little Zoe all rounded, dark, sexy with her wide hips - that so feminine look. A couple of quick strokes at what he was seeing and Gary went out to greet his guests.

They did not hear him coming so intent were they in looking down the garden.

"I'm sure I heard him, Zara, but he didn't answer."

Gary wished he had a long grass stalk. He could imagine just reaching with it and tickling Zoe's bottom, perhaps even catching her right on her anus - that would make her jump!

"What are you doing here?"

It made them jump and they whizzed around to face him. Heart beat speeded and breasts bouncing.

"Good morning ladies, coffee?"

"Gary! You didn't half make us jump. Where were you?"

"In my shed."

"Well – of course, where else? You frightened us. We came round so Zara could get some more cream and then you go and do that! You really frightened me. I think, instead you need a sound spanking. Look at him, Zara, standing all cocky like with that great big grin and the other thing. Slap him one where it hurts."

And she did. Far too hard. A genuine misjudgement but with Gary's cock standing proud there was nothing to defend his hanging, sun slackened balls. Just a slap of her hand but it caught them just wrong. Gary knew the pain was coming, that it was never instant, but come it would - and then it did and he was doubled up.

"Oh Mr Roldern, sorry!"

They helped him down the garden, Zara all a flutter. "Sorry, sorry. Would it help if I stroked them?"

"Better to kiss them better," said Zoe.

And she did!

Unbelievably there was this leggy blond teen squatting down and actually kissing his balls. One soft kiss to each. It did not ease the dull ache but...!

And she was a sight. Zara's breasts had not yet filled out and had that interesting conical shape breasts sometimes get before they grow rounded. They were already a good size nonetheless and topped by sweet little pale nipples. Nipples not yet really filled out, more man-like than Zoe's brown areolae but time, men and babies would change them. Flat tummy with a very neat tummy button and below not the expected curls but straight, fair hair with a neat parting right down the middle where her slit very clearly showed. An erotic vision indeed and Gary's erection returned despite the pain.

"Not much wrong with him after all, Zara, but perhaps we had better leave his testes alone. I'd certainly give that cock a slap but I am, of course, not allowed to touch! Gary, stop trying to make Zara sorry for you and don't look so hopeful that she is going to give that cock of yours a slap and then kiss it better. Go and make us some coffee instead of creeping up and frightening us."

It was lovely seeing Zara redden at the mention of kissing his cock. Did he enjoy having naked women around talking about his cock, or did he! He was a happy man as he walked into the house, his erection showing him the way.

It was all so ordinary really coming out with a tray of coffee mugs and a plate of biscuits. And it was perfectly ordinary sitting there chatting and drinking coffee in the sunshine - if you ignored the nudity and it was difficult for Gary to do that! Crikey - he'd seen plenty of Zoe and that got him hard every time but Zara, the sometime schoolgirl from across the road, undoubtedly a woman - with all the right bits!

Gary waited this time for the girls to introduce the subject of sex. It would come if he simply waited for it. They had come around for something and it was certainly to do with sex! Pleasingly it was Zara who broached the topic.

"You're right Zoe, it is nice being out like this, without clothes."

"With your fair skin you'll have to be a bit more careful than me. Gary, of course, virtually lives like that - or at least I think so." Zoe looked at Gary.

"Yes, I like gardening like this and spend much of my time in the garden. Of course out on the golf course it's a bit of a different matter!"

"And you really visit each other like that and, you know, both of you?"

"It's nice watching each other."

"But you don't touch."

"That's our rule but there is nothing to stop you, Zara, and you certainly touched Gary the other day!"

Zara blushed. "Mr Roldern I keep thinking about that. Could I do it again? Could I see it again? Zoe says she would like to watch us and, Mr Roldern, could you make me come too please?"

Gary thought he would be willing to try!

"With my fingers?"

"I'm not on the Pill and I don't think your penis would be able to get in. I don't..."

"Gary, Zara's a virgin and I think she needs a nice boyfriend to do that with and with something rather less like a battering ram! She's nervous about that. What she wants is some skilful, safe, handwork and I said you would be happy to help."

"Zoe - all I meant is, well she might like me to kiss her down there too..."

Zara's eyes widened.

"Unless you would rather do that, Zoe."

"Gary! Well Zara, isn't that typical. Men so have this thing about two women making out. Does the idea of two men making love turn you on? It doesn't me."

Zara looked thoughtful. "I don't know, Zoe. I haven't really thought about it. Two penises rubbing together would look sort of good I suppose and I'd like to see them coming I think."

"Zara, really! Not exactly backing me up are you? Look how smug he's looking and what this talk has done to his cock."

Gary knew Zara had not missed that, she had been watching it grow again.

Gary stood, "Well, Zara, Zoe is going to do her own thing but what would you like me to do? May I suggest a little breast work, followed by a gentle meander downwards? Am I OK to insert fingers? May I nibble your breasts and would you like me to perform cunnilingus - if Zoe is going to be a spoilsport and not do that whilst I watch!"

"Hmmph," went Zoe.

Of course he would like to see them making out. How very pleasant to watch and wank but better to have Zara working him - much better.

"I like my breasts being sucked." Said Zara.

"Do you? Who's done that?"

"Gary!" It was Zoe. "You are prying."

"Was it you?"

"No it wasn't!"

Zara looked downwards, "I've done it. That's all."

"I'd like to see that!"

"Gary!" It was Zoe again, "Really!"

"Well I would - and you. I haven't seen you do that either. Come on girls, titty sucking time!"

And they both did. They did what he asked. Zara was more matter of fact, just lifting up one breast and bending her head and sucking on the nipple: Zoe was more suggestive, she too lifted a much fuller breast towards her mouth, bent her head but looked upwards at Gary with big eyes as her tongue came out and just lightly brushed across her nipple.

'Fuck,' thought Gary, he wouldn't half like to fuck them both now. Moving easily from one to the other and enjoying sucking those tits as well. His cock was straining - the blood filling it to capacity.

But fucking was not to be. Instead Gary loomed over Zara on her lounger. It was so good feeling being the dominant male. This young girl, in the submissive position of lying down with him above her; standing there with his so blatant male erection. Gary smiled as he pushed his cock forward adding to its prominence. He imagined the King of the Apes looming like that over naked Jane, loincloth removed revealing his, presumably, great penis, but it ejaculating at his first sight of a naked woman, coming all over her - best make them voluptuous - breasts as he beat his own breast and uttered his famous cry.

Well he, Gary, was not going to ejaculate just yet. He had a girl to bring to orgasm first but it did not help when Zara, still sucking on her nipple, reaching up and clasped his cock in her hand. Did it feel good? It did! Would he have been happy to have been brought off there and then, spewing his cum over Zara's breasts, face and hair? Well, yes! Was it more prudent to remove her hand? It was!

"Now Zara, leave me alone for now. Just lie back and close your eyes."

Gary knelt and began to stroke with his fingers, just gently at first on Zara's arms and shoulders but ever so slowly his fingers crept down to her breasts, her lovely conical breasts and their little nipples. Deliciously pale. Really the areolae were not much bigger than his own. The nipples just little small peas and not yet swollen by men, babies and sex. He glanced at Zoe's much fuller bosom and large areolae - so pleasing to have the contrast! His fingers stroked upwards towards the nipples but not quite touching, working his way around the softness. Zara stretched and sighed. She was enjoying the attention. Gradually his fingers moved until they were coming up just onto the different pigmentation and then lightly brushing the sensitive and hard nipples. It was so nice to see young Zara's sexual excitement. So exciting for him to think he would soon be touching her where she would be wet.

Zara wriggled as Gary touched her nipples properly - touched and squeezed. He bent his head and took one between his lips and stroked it with his wet tongue. It was clear that found favour and lovely for Gary to suck more of it into his mouth until it was not just the areole but half the breast in his mouth. He could feel Zara wriggling with sexual excitement under him. Her face was a picture as he glanced down whilst changing from one breast to the other. Mouth half open, eyes shut; lips seemingly waiting to be caressed by a cock. He was tempted but she had not yet done that. Would she want to? Would she want to lick and suck on a cock?

Gary looked across at Zoe and saw her own fingers mimicking his movements. He smiled at her and took hold of Zara's two nipples and pulled. It was lovely seeing Zoe doing just the same.

Stroking fingers, fingers moving downwards. A finger in Zara's tummy button. Perhaps he might fill it later with his cum. It would be good, rather than ejaculating over his own chest and tummy, if he could come over Zara. What a body to come over! To see his stuff coming out all over her young cones and see it pooling in her tummy button. It was what wet dreams are made of.

His fingers travelled, just to the edge of Zara's growing pubic hair, just where the fine hairs of her tummy got a little thicker and spread out so neatly and straight either side of her sweet little slit. So straight and regular - it was as if they had been combed. Had she and Zoe been preparing themselves to come around to see him? Lovely to imagine them combing each other's pubes; lovely to imagine them in the bath together washing each other - lovely as he had suggested earlier to see them making love to each other in a feminine way.

Gary stroked, stroked Zara's fine fair pubic hair. He liked woman au naturel but would it not be fun to shave both Zara and Zoe! Her hair was so fine, not like the delightful dark riot of Zoe's. He glanced over at his neighbour and saw she was stroking her own fur - something she had not permitted him to do - unfortunately. His finger moved to the little valley running down between Zara's still closed thighs. Would Zara want him to open them, perhaps with a bit of applied force or would they open of their own accord - inviting him in?

The lovely little valley, rather obscured in Zoe's case by her curls which grew thicker around it, but very visible in Zara's case was a valley to explore. His finger began its journey downwards. A little moan from Zara and her thighs parted revealing more - the little pink, poking out, soft, fleshy clitoral hood and the sparsely haired labia major. The hair had not really started growing there at all – just a few wispy fair hairs. So different from Zoe. He glanced, yes, so different. Zoe's legs too were a little parted and her finger following the same path. Gary's finger rested on Zara's fleshy hood, the female equivalent of the male prepuce. Just beyond it would be that little button of pleasure. So sensitive, the female version of the glans penis - indeed anatomically equivalent though it was odd that the urethral opening was not there. He would touch that too - but later.

Gary wondered whether Zara's clitoris would be a little hidden away affair, difficult to put your finger on, so to speak, or a more prominent item, more like a nipple but even more sensitive. Gary liked the idea of the nipple; one he too would like to suck if Zara let him - and did not fly off her chair. He had seen Zoe's, tickled it with an asparagus spear, but not touched, let alone licked. That was a shame but that was for Tom's pleasure: not his.

Zara certainly liked what he was doing. He could tell. Gary's finger and thumb separated as he ran them independently along just where her thighs met her labia major - the outer edges of her sex. Zara opened her legs a little wider but Gary held her labia major closed, the protective skin remaining over the softer, moister flesh within, squeezing and fondling sending all sorts of tremors through Zara. It was little different for Zoe. She was clearly enjoying watching them and repeating their actions.

Then he spread her, opening her sex to the sunlight, all pink, very wet and virginal - he could see that. With his forefinger he touched her opening but could barely get that inside and not very far. It was not that she was not very wet - she was. She was truly a virgin. Not even the stretching of exercise, climbing trees or horse riding had done the deed. He knew horse riding was bad on hymens, the widely spread thighs and the bouncing up and down on hard leather saddles having an inevitable effect. He could see why side saddle appeared so much more lady like. The sexual imagery of jodhpur clad thighs and buttocks bouncing up and down - up and down - as the girl rode a horse was obvious in the extreme. It did not take much to imagine the girl riding without the jodhpurs, indeed nothing separating hard shiny leather from soft pudenda. The spreading of thighs would open the girl's sex, leaving it unprotected by the labia major, with nothing twixt leather and sex. How many girls actually got off simply by riding? Easy to imagine himself as the stable boy helping his mistress or the young daughter of the house from her saddle and noting the tell tale wetness on the saddle; a distinctive shape to the dampness; knowing the lady or girl was weak from her exertions and happy to be placed on the hay to have her hot vagina cooled by the ready balm of the stable boy's cock.

Gary looked over at Zoe. Not for her the finger tip. She had four fingers stuffed in herself and was doing a very passable imitation of the motion of fucking. It was good to see and nice to see how wet her fingers were in the sun. Gary smiled and lifted his forefinger and watched as Zoe smiled back and did the same; and then, very deliberately, he licked all the way up his finger and sucked it into his mouth; Zoe frowned at him but did the same tasting her own wetness.

Gary's fingers returned and began to play with the soft folds. Zara was as wet as he had known a woman, positively leaking lubrication as perhaps only young girls can - and he counted Zoe a girl too and she was clearly sopping as well. Teasingly he kept away from Zara's clit - oh yes he could see it raised up all right, just beyond her pleasingly crinkly pink hood. It was indeed nipple like, a real little erection. Zara was moaning now, making sweet girl having sex noises. He looked at Zoe and mimed pressing a button with his free hand. Zoe got his message and nodded holding up a hand with fingers outstretched and counting down with fingers and thumb - five, four, three, two, one.

Zara went off like a rocket. Gary's finger touched her clit and Zara just went into spasm - a really rollicking orgasm. Lovely to see. Zoe and he just stared at Zara's thrashing body as Gary's finger stayed right on the button as his hand was clamped between her thighs.

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