tagExhibitionist & VoyeurInside the Garden Shed Ch. 13

Inside the Garden Shed Ch. 13


Chapter 13 - The girl in the shed

It was a thin time for Gary -- a very thin time. Zoe was probably pregnant and autumn had come in rather coldly. Zoe no longer thought she needed Gary's help with baby making duties and was certainly more than a little excited about the prospect of the baby. After that Saturday in the kitchen her period had not come and she had not seen any immediate need for further intercourse with Gary. The sudden loss of intimacy was certainly a disappointment to Gary. Meanwhile Zara had disappeared off to university; an excited fresher wondering what new things might be in store -- Gary had wondered too.

The sudden change from man with two girls to play with to man on his own in a shed was hard. It was too cold outside to garden naked -- which Gary did so enjoy - and Zoe had not offered to enjoy mutual masturbation at her house or his. There had been no call over the garden fence. Confirmation of pregnancy seemed to further settle this state of affairs. It was not that he did not see Zoe on occasion but it was not to play together. Perhaps Tom was satisfying her or perhaps she had gone off sex for a time. He did not like to ask. And so Gary had been rather left to his own devices or, more particularly, his own hand -- sometimes, of course, in the shed. He had plenty of experience to recall!

Christmas was a bit cheerless but towards the end of the holiday there was an unexpected girl in his shed which brightened the end of December up considerably. It had actually snowed. Gary awoke to a winter wonderland; the air crisp and still and across his lawn a good three inches of virgin snow with just the footprints of birds to disturb its purity. Breakfasted, he had dressed up warm and walked down his garden thinking how beautiful it looked but how different from the summer. Certainly it was not the weather to be out naked in his garden. There was no way even as a bit of a joke that he would wander around his garden like that! It was difficult to think how cold the three inches of snow would be on his feet let along the cold anywhere else! He was not a Finn used to rolling in the snow -- albeit after a sauna!

It was the footprints outside his shed that alerted him. They went in but did not come out -- unless someone had very carefully retraced her steps (and he suspected it was a she) walking backwards.

A pleasure to open the door and find Zara sitting there all wrapped up in coat and scarf.

"Zara, my dear -- how are you? Lovely to see you again!"

She was looking as lovely as ever; was having a whale of a time at uni.; her course was going well and she was really enjoying it. Moreover Zara now had a boyfriend and she was more than happy to talk to Gary about him -- and talk she did! Clearly she was really smitten with him, they had met at uni. but he lived up in Scotland so she was not going to be seeing him until next term started. Letters and phone calls were are all very well but it was not the same. Hardly!

Gary did not raise it; after all, asking other people about their sex lives is not something you normally do and he was not really expecting Zara to say anything -- except there was the puzzle of why she was in his shed rather than simply coming around to see him via his front door for a mug of coffee or something.

Gary did not say anything and it was Zara who mentioned sex first with the interesting phrase, "and of course we did it."


"You know. You know of all people. We had sex."

"Ah yes, good. All well?" Well, what else did you say?

"Yeah. Oh yeah! Hurt the first time like you said, Mr Roldern. but then... I can't count the times."

Nice for Gary to imagine the two of them like rabbits. Easy to imagine having been shown Iain's photograph! Easy to imagine Zara with legs spread and a male bottom pushing at her. Easy to imagine all sorts of things. He was, after all, in his shed and he imagined many things there!

"I really miss Iain -- for all sorts of reasons -- and the sex! It's great, really great. I just love it so much and today I thought of the shed and you and I wondered if we could perhaps do what we did before. Zoe said you wouldn't mind."

"I haven't seen much of Zoe."

"Oh she's growing isn't she?"

"I hadn't noticed really - yet."

"Oh yes she is; you did well for her but I'm on the Pill now. Can we do things, please?"

Well, Gary was hardly going to say 'no' - was he?

"Iain and I have sex in bed."

"The normal place, so I am told!"

"Yeah, but we don't do all the walking around naked and touching in funny places like we did before."

"I'm sure you both touch all sorts of funny places."

"That's not what I meant! Just the thought of the three of us all being naked in the garden and playing makes me wet. Go on; put your hand down my jeans, in my panties and feel. I want you to do that."

Well, was that not just what men want to do? Slip a hand down across a teen's tummy into the waistband of her jeans and feel down to her hair and then curl fingers around and under into that warm slippery wetness -- a glandular wetness so beautifully slippery for the pleasurable sliding of cock and vagina.

Gary certainly was more than happy to do that. More than happy to undo the brass button once again, and slip his hand into Zara's panties; so lovely to feel the soft hair once more, not curly but still straight -- though there was more there than the last time he had touched; lovely to stroke the hair before feeling for the little divide and letting his finger run onwards, down and under; the back of his hand rubbing on the smooth cotton of her panties: lovely to feel fingers slipping into more than a little dampness -- yes, hot liquid and soft, soft skin. A little further and then, well Gary would be able to feel for himself and confirm the veracity of Zara's statement that she had been 'opened' for business.

Gary's hand was well stuffed down Zara's jeans; to a viewer through the shed window there would be no question what he was doing. His fingers curled a little and his forefinger probed; a delightful intake of breath from Zara and his finger tip was travelling upwards, exploring up inside the young girl; one finger, two fingers, three fingers -- all pushed to their full extent, further even than, Gary knew, his penis could travel; Zara's hidden depths were not for him to explore: that was for other men with longer cocks. It was very clear Zara had been properly exercised by Iain; her vagina had been regularly and properly stretched. How many times, Gary wondered, had Iain's penis been inserted and how many times had the lad released his stuff in that very place?

Gary began gently pushing his fingers in and out, simulating the motion of sexual intercourse, thinking there was a very good chance he would be doing just that for real later.

"Very wet, Zara, you are very wet indeed!"

"Oooh, that's lovely, keep doing that please. It's been two weeks..."

And Gary did; he was more than happy to keep doing that; his three fingers bunched together and moving in and out, in and out.

A hand on his fly, a fumbling and then his own sexual organ brought out into the not exactly warm air of the garden shed, an organ that despite the cold was certainly very erect and potent.

"Oooh," A sound of pleasure again, "I had not quite remembered just how thick your cock is. It's like a salami compared to Iain's sausage -- not that his isn't nice or is small or anything -- oh, Mr Roldern, I did not mean..."

"We know I'm not very long, Zara, you can say it -- it is very short!"

"No, Mr Roldern, it's lovely, just different; it's big in a different way."

To emphasise her point, Zara's little hand was working away on his cock, the foreskin sliding over his big knob like it had not slid since -- well the night before last actually (but that had been his own hand in bed).

Amazing really. There was fifty-eight year old Gary with his cock sticking out of his fly standing with his hand down a nineteen year old's jeans in the middle of winter in his cold garden shed.

"This is nice, Zara, but wouldn't you like to come inside the house; it's warm in there and..."

"Can we just use hands this morning please Mr Roldern and do it properly later. I want to see you cum, I do so like how you cum and cum; if you are inside me I can feel but can't see; Iain and I do that sometimes; I don't think he understands how much I like seeing his cock spurting its stuff but it really gives me a thrill."

Gary smiled, he knew he was the cause of that little fetish!

"Of course, Zara, anything you want."

"Well, Mr Roldern, what I would like is to be naked, both of us in your shed."

"But it's too cold; had I known I'd have put the paraffin heater on hours ago..."

"And then to walk down the garden naked to your house."

"What! NO! Run you mean!"

"No walk; it'd be really sexy."

"Really cold you mean!"

"Only for a short time and then we'll be warm inside!"

"Do we roll in the snow as well."

"NO! That would be too cold."

"Snowball fight?"


Complete madness! But there they were pulling their clothes off; Zara's hand returning to his cock as soon as her panties were off, keen to maintain its firmness -- clearly he was expected to walk down the garden in bare feet with an erection. Complete madness!

Zara was filling out, there was not the same conical shape to her breasts; a few extra months and perhaps a lot of manipulation by Iain had brought her to a more womanly shape. Still the delightful areolae he remembered, sweet and pale, with two hard little nipples -- a product of sexual excitement and perhaps the cold.

"Ready, let's go."

If Zoe could have seen them! Her two friends walking casually down a garden blanketed in almost virgin snow - just Gary's shod footprints coming from the house; leaving footprints behind them in the snow -- real footprints with toes and everything; walking naked except for Zara with her scarf around her neck; she had left that on -- perhaps she had forgotten, perhaps she knew it added to her sexiness - walking close together with Zara's hand around Gary's cock actually wanking it out there in the cold sunshine. Gary was actually walking naked in the snow with an erection!

"Ahhh, careful Zara -- stop!"

Gary had nearly come, nearly had his penis release the pent up excitement at the girl's handwork. Almost his cock had started to fountain sending its usual shower of hot semen into the air. It would not have quite 'sizzled' as it fell to the snow but Gary could imagine it melting the snow leaving very clear evidence in the snow of what had happened! Perhaps it might have been like that old joke about the little boy writing his name in pee in the snow -- but in the next door neighbour's daughter's handwriting! Well perhaps not -- he didn't produce that much!

Gary glanced at Zara -- she was staring as if she was actually hoping to see it happen. He bent and picked up a handful of snow, her eyes widened and she ran. Gary caught her on the back with his snowball; Zara bent to pick up some snow and Gary's second snowball could not have been more perfectly aimed catching her right on her bottom, right in the middle, right on - yes! She squealed and sent a snowball flying back to Gary but he dodged as his third flew towards Zara. It was short, furious and very cold!

A snowball fight is not conducive to maintaining an erection especially when you have been hit in the groin with a snowball. They tumbled into the house laughing and really feeling the cold; Gary even had snow in his pubic hair. Jumping up and down on the spot certainly was warming and made their sexual bits bounce in a pleasing way! Gary just loved watching Zara's bouncing breasts.

Of course the sensible thing to do would have been to get dressed but they had left their clothes in the shed.

"Shower to warm up?" suggested Gary.

Lovely once more to be in the shower with his favourite teen; lovely once more to be soaping her body all over; lovely once more to be standing next to Zara with his cock touching her and the hot water pouring down them. Of course he was erect again; of course he was hoping that Zara would just put her arms around his neck and hop up onto his cock and sink it into her sex and join them.

But that was not what Zara wanted; what she liked was being dried with a big bath towel, placed on the bed and, as the expression goes, 'eaten out.' Lovely for her to just spread-eagle herself and let Gary come between her thighs and push his long tongue up into the girl; lovely for him to taste her; lovely to lap at all that juicy wetness; lovely to be so intimate. Lovely for him to hear her moan and know she was playing with her breasts as she reached an impressive climax.

"Oh Mr Roldern you do that so well! What would be so fantastic is have Iain's cock to suck whilst you did that but I don't think he'd like another man in bed with him."

"No, probably not." And what would young Iain think if he knew his girlfriend was engaged in naked games with a man as old as Gary -- perhaps he would be relieved it was not a younger man!

Gary stared at Zara's pudenda, all revealed between her spread thighs, deliciously wet and engorged -- fresh from a cunnilingus orgasm -- of course Gary was thinking how fantastic it would be to sink himself into the girl and come. His fingers touched and entered, such a privilege to have permission to do that -- and so lovely the way was now open.

"Mr Roldern! What are you thinking of?"

"I am thinking of getting on top of you and fucking you, Zara. May I?"

"Later -- tonight. I can stay the night can't I?"

It was getting better -- Zara was actually going to sleep with him.

"Of course."

"Just sit on me and come. I want to see you spurt like before; cum right across my tits and then I'm going to eat it all up like a good little girl."

It was an invitation and a half. Gary settled himself, legs spread over Zara's hips, his balls lowered to rest on the cushion of her vee of hair. A place any man would like to rest his balls!

"Shall I do it or will you?"


Zara's hand clasped around his cock, Gary put his hand over hers, her other hand touching his balls and Gary began the movement that would lead to ejaculation. It was wonderful, it was so exciting but it did not take long. Not with the added bonus of feeling Zara's hair on his balls, soft and tickling.

He groaned as he came -- of course he did - moving Zara's hand fast and urgently on his penis. The eye opened and out Gary's stuff poured, flying onto Zara's breasts, face -- everywhere. Gary made his usual manly mess as Zara stared and stared.

Even before he had finished, Zara's hand left his balls and was lifting cum to her lips; it was an added erotic image to make his last few squirts just that bit more pleasurable.

"Mr Roldern, you produce so much. I had forgotten how much. Iain just, well it's nice but it's not quite the bath you give! And it's lovely!"

"You'll need another shower or a bath -- a proper one!" But first she did what she said and slurped up as much of his cum as she could, lifting it on her fingers, thick and slippery.

A little sleep, a shower together, a morning and afternoon spent talking and watching television. A lovely supper cooked by Gary and then at last it was bedtime.

"What did you tell your parents?"

"I'm a big girl now; I just told them I would be stopping over with a friend."

Big girl indeed, thought Gary, all of nineteen years old, still a teen but with her chest now filling out a little more. She was in her twentieth year and becoming a woman. He thought back to when he was nineteen -- it was a long time ago.

"Shall we go to bed, Mr Roldern?"

"Yes, yes, I'll run your bath. Do you want some night clothes?"

"Don't be silly."

Gary had her there; basically to do with her what he liked. Zara seemed game and the idea of soaping her, washing her in the bath seemed just so much fun.

The bath was hot but not too hot. Just right for a winter's day. Gary patted Zara's bottom as he encouraged her in. One foot on the floor, one foot in the bath and then it came to him as he looked at the vee of her pubic hair and her parted thighs that he was about to, he was really about to have sexual intercourse with this girl. He had known that since the morning in the shed but the reality suddenly kicked in. He was actually going to fuck her. He was going to push at her soft pinkness and his cock was going to sink into her and he was going to do the movement, the in and out movement that led to ejaculation -- he was going to release his semen right inside her. He really was.

Just watching her settle in the bath, the pinkness of her skin under the water where its heat is drawing the blood to the surface, her pretty face turned towards him, eyes wide open at the sensation of the hot bath; Gary so conscious of just how close her mouth was to his ready erection. He reached for the soap -- and dropped it.

It was classic; Gary was fishing around between Zara's legs trying to find the soap. Like a comedy really, though a difficult scene to pull off without making it a very adult comedy! It made Zara laugh.

A dream come true really; a wet dream; the naughty uncle bathing his little or rather not so little niece; pretending everything was fine but really it was anything but; when even if the girl had been playing Rugby in a muddy field, would her breasts have needed so much soaping; was it really right for so much attention be paid to her anus -- and even in Gary's case a soapy finger slipping inside -- "Mr Roldern!" -- and a lot of very careful soapy rubbing of her 'front bottom;' and, like the imaginary niece of the fantasy, Zara opened her legs wider to permit more of that very careful rubbing.

Nice then to step into the bath with Zara, his erection standing over her and then sit facing her, their legs alternate, their toes touching each other's sex. Perhaps more of the niece fantasy. Nice to be washed in turn by Zara, nice to get out of the bath together and dry each other.

Gary pulled at the plug and when he turned back Zara was gone. Lovely to find her in his double bed, the sheet pulled up to her chin looking at him with her big eyes as he walked in, his erection swaying.

"We're normally in a single bed."

It wasn't the best time to be reminded of Iain but Gary had to accept he was very much a second best. He too could remember sleeping in a single bed with a girl. It was OK when you are nineteen: he was not sure it would be easy now.


"Mmmm. I miss him."

"If you'd rather...."

"No, don't be silly, Mr Roldern. He's my boyfriend: this is different. I really want to feel your thick, thick cock inside me. Come on, get in and fuck me. Fuck me hard."

Gary turned off the light. It was the first time he had been with either Zoe or Zara without light, without being able to see them. Of course it is good to see naked women; better to see naked aroused women but nonetheless there is a special intimacy when the senses are reduced. What he had not expected as he got in and settled down was to feel Zara come straight over to him and kiss him properly on the mouth, her tongue pushing, pushing in past his lips until they were French kissing like she and Iain must do every day. And as they kissed Zara rolled on top of him and Gary could feel her thighs open and a soft wetness touching his cock.

It was about to happen. The petting already done in the bath; Zara was ready for intercourse proper. She was pushing at him, her hand moving, positioning him and then with a further push he could feel his knob sliding inward.

Penetration. Finally Gary was embedded in Zara; having intercourse with a girl actually young enough to be his granddaughter -- a sobering thought about just how young she was and how lucky for him that Zara wanted to play. He was inside her, he could feel the hot wetness of her channel enveloping him, and she was moving on him.

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