tagExhibitionist & VoyeurInside the Garden Shed Ch. 15

Inside the Garden Shed Ch. 15


Chapter 15 -- the allure of the pregnant woman

A knock at the door one morning in late January. Gary had been expecting a parcel, a new golf club, but it was not a parcel: indeed not even the postman, though he liked what was delivered, both the packaging and contents -- after all, he knew from experience what was beneath the packaging.

"How are you doing?" Gary had not really seen Zoe for weeks. She had not been around and time had just passed.

"Fine, Gary, thanks. Really fine."

"You're certainly looking blooming, if I may say so."

And she was, positively glowing and the pregnancy was now obvious - not yet a large bump but it was very definitely there.

"Come on in; come in and have a cup of coffee."

It was really good to see her.

They talked about the neighbourhood, about Tom, what Gary had been doing, the awful weather and the garden - the usual sort of things -- about Zara and her course at uni. and, inevitably, the pregnancy.

Zoe was revelling in it -- after all she had been seeking that state for long enough. "You know how some women have a craving during pregnancy?"

It was a comment rather out of the blue.

Gary's brow furrowed as he thought. "Yes, um, chocolate, ice cream, pickles, bananas - that sort of thing. I've no experience but, yes, I've heard."

"Yes, that's it; you'll never guess what I crave."

Gary shrugged his shoulders, "oranges, milk, strawberries."


"Raspberries -- though rather out of season."

"No, cum, semen, man juice if you like. I've a real craving. Tom can't believe it but there it is."

"No, really, surely not!"

"Yes. I wake up in the night or mid morning or even mid afternoon and all I can think about is having it in my mouth and slipping it down my throat all salty, thick and warm. Is that weird or not?"

"Well, I wouldn't know. Bit odd perhaps. It's not something I've had but there again I've not been pregnant! And you are looking so good on it. An odd thing though. Is there by any chance something you want from me?"

"Didn't take you long to realise but, Mmmm, yes please. If you wouldn't mind. I mean Tom's good but he does not... you know, like you do."

"Well I'm sure I'm happy to oblige."

"Thought you might be!"

"How do you want it, in a glass, on strawberries -- but they are out of season - or straight from the source?"

"Just get it out and wank, Gary, shoot it straight in my mouth like you did before. I really can't wait; it's been so on my mind all morning. Tom's been getting a little fed up that I won't fuck and just want to suck though I'm grabbing him three times a day. Not much comes on the third attempt though! Very disappointing. But you Gary. You come 'family size' -- no, that's a stupid expression in the circumstances -- more a 'giant' sized portion!"

It was lovely to be getting it out again for Zoe. It had been weeks and weeks but here he was again with his cock exposed for his next door neighbour.

"Just take your trousers off, Gary, and sit on the table -- do you remember us fucking on that? Do you think that did it?"

Gary did rather -- he had been terrified Tom would walk in. There was no worry now. He just sat on the table, opened his legs and Zoe sat comfortably at the kitchen table between his spread thighs, her head just at the right height to bend and suck.

"Mmmm, yum!"

"Salt, pepper?"

Zoe laughed and actually did, she actually took and shook the salt and pepper pots over Gary's erection before she licked and then sucked.

Gary shook his head to himself. What a lucky man he was. There in is naked lap was his neighbour's black curly head and she was gently fellating him and making little soft cooing noises all to herself. Clearly she was as content as anything. It must be a little how babies were on the nipple. Gary could not remember about that; it must be fifty-six or something years since he had sucked milk from a breast!

Coming was not going to be anything to do with himself. It was not like masturbation or fucking when you had control over that. Here he was with his penis surrendered to his next door neighbour. She would be the cause of the ejaculation not him. All he could do was enjoy the wet sensations of her pretty mouth and try not to come too quickly. Zoe's tongue moved expertly and her hand cupped his balls. It would not be easy to hold back!

It wasn't! Once she had her mouth clamped on him there was no escape. There was no pausing to let him hold back and regain his composure -- so to speak. No, Zoe had one thing in mind and steadily she was bringing him to orgasm. A man can only last so long when a pretty woman has his cock in her mouth and she is doing the sorts of things Zoe was doing with her tongue and lips. Gary did not bother with the somewhat trite, "I'm coming." Zoe did not need warning. She knew all about men and particularly about what Gary did when he came. The pulling up of the balls in her hand as he prepared to come would be all the warning she needed and she was not some timid virgin who had not yet felt the warm rush of semen in her mouth -- far from it and that warm rush was exactly what Zoe was seeking!

And of course Gary produced; simply lots of it as he did. Given her craving Zoe could not have chosen better. Not that he saw any of it. Zoe did not waste a drop and kept happily sucking long after Gary had subsided. It was as if she was clamped to a nipple -- a very large nipple -- and did not want to let go.

"Mmmmm, delicious."

Gary's eyebrows rose. He could imagine a girl saying "It's all right, it's OK, sort of salty," or perhaps even, "nice," but "delicious," seemed a little overstating it.

"Can I come back later for more? I'm just obsessed at present. Sorry."

Gary certainly was not sorry, not sorry at all. The craving was clearly strong but Gary was an obliging sort of neighbour. Happy to lend sugar or anything...

And so Gary's days got better again. Zara, of course, was back at uni., had taken her hot little body back to Iain, and so she was not around to play with. Gary could imagine them at it like rabbits but he could not be jealous. He could hardly expect to keep Zara to himself -- not at his age. He was more than happy to share with Iain. Indeed more than happy, actually, if the sharing was in a past tense and Zara did not want sex again with him when she came home from uni. next time. It would hardly be surprising really.

Instead he had chubby dark, pregnant Zoe wanting to suck him off twice a day. She would not let him have sex with her even when he asked really nicely. But she was prepared to be a little less mechanical than that first time when she had simply sucked him off in the kitchen. She had accepted that he was not simply the supplier of the liquid that satisfied for a little while her craving but, reasonably, should enjoy the experience -- to an extent. The extent did not go as far as he really would have liked which was to fuck her properly and like a porn star in a film pull out at the last moment and feed her with his cum. To be fair to Gary it really was a bit like a porn film just how much Zoe seemed to enjoy his cum, not splashed across her face as in the film, but spurting thickly into her mouth.

Zoe was back that very afternoon. Insisted Gary took all his clothes off whilst he made her tea and happily alternated sipping hot tea with sucking his cock.

Once again Gary found himself naked with a fully clothed woman; indeed one fully appreciative of his penis. One who said, "That looks nice," when something she said made his penis fill with blood and erect. One very happy to keep doing that whilst he made the tea; all the while watching for a change in angle, a drooping, and then saying something to encourage it up again.

Being made to sit so his penis was within comfortable reaching distance as Zoe drank her tea so she could swop between tea and Gary was a surprisingly extra enjoyable experience for Gary. The feel of Zoe's mouth heated by the hot tea was very pleasing indeed and as Zoe was not hurrying quite like she had been in the morning it all went on well into Zoe's second cup before a different liquid slipped down her throat.

Another time she had Gary stand naked next to her whilst she drank her tea telling him about a fantasy that had come to her at her anti-natal class whilst she and the other prospective young mothers drank tea. She had imagined them all with the same craving and each sitting at a tea party beautifully dressed whilst alternating, as she was, between tea and the erect penis of a young naked man standing beside them; rather as if they were taking smoke from a cigarette or, perhaps a hookah. Zoe described this all in detail, the lovely Edwardian lacy dresses and the women calmly talking about this or that, respectfully pausing whilst one of their companions enjoyed a refreshing ejaculation. It was a quite bizarre fantasy which Gary enjoyed listening to immensely.

Once or twice Zoe relaxed her no touching rule and allowed Gary to play with her growing breasts. It was lovely to feel -- and see -- how they were changing as her pregnancy advanced. Lovely to mould and tickle whilst his penis was sucked. Despite the offer, Zoe was not prepared to have Gary manipulate her further down. He offered to do all sorts of things -- he was generous that way -- but Zoe declined.

Tom too, it seemed, was having to forego traditional intercourse in favour of feeding Zoe's craving. Zoe described how she was milking him two or even three times a day -- and it was often the same with Gary. The two men, though obviously they never mentioned it to each other, were feeling quite drained. Gary even asked Zoe if she had another man on the go!

"Of course not... though it would be nice. Sometimes it gets so strong -- the craving I mean -- that I could do a whole football team!"

Zoe had tried to be nice to Gary, had tried to make his donations extra pleasant. Sometimes by sexy talk, sometimes by letting him play with her boobs and trying to be original and different for him. She had even suggested he come around one evening and watch her suck Tom off. She had left the French windows unlocked and the door from the dining room to the lounge open and Gary had stood outside in the dark of her garden and watched Tom, clearly engrossed in a football match, have his pyjama fly opened, his penis extracted and a naked Zoe perform. Tom clearly did not particularly appreciate what Zoe was doing, as the television had virtually all of his attention, but Zoe was performing on his cock as if she had an audience -- and she had! Gary even crept into the house to see the better, fascinated by Zoe's lips and tongue working on Tom; watched her licking him like a lollipop, opening her eyes wide as she slipped her lips down the shaft but looking at Gary the whole time. It was a performance and a half missed entirely by Tom who clearly was far more interested in the match but accepting of his wife's need. He took a long time to come but when he did she did not stop her performance as she rolled the expelled semen around her tongue and over her lips as she looked at Gary.

Tom barely looked up as Zoe said she would get him a coffee. It was very unlikely he noticed the delay before it came. A delay caused by Zoe taking Gary's erection out from his trousers and straightway sucking him. Through the now almost closed door he could still see Tom with his soft penis still out of his pyjamas, staring at the football match on the television whilst below him was naked Zoe kneeling and already sucking on his own penis, her fingers tickling his balls.

"Not here," he whispered.

But Zoe was not interested in letting go. It was one of Gary's most unusual ejaculations. The only one he could remember when he had been looking not at some pretty girl's picture, or actually involved with a woman but at simply a man and a man's limp penis at that. Gary did not dare take his eyes off Tom, was ready to dash for the French windows and the safety of the dark garden should Tom so much as move: but Tom did not move.

Having watched Zoe's 'show' and, moreover, having her do wonderful things to his cock, it was not too long before he was providing Zoe with a second helping of semen. Tom's 'hurrah' as his team scored was slightly out of place coming just at the moment Gary's ejaculation began spurting into Zoe's mouth. It was unlikely he would have been quite so happy had he known that his cheering a goal coincided with his wife taking sustenance from his neighbour's cock in the next room!

"We've scored," he called to Zoe.

"Lovely dear, I umph..."

It is not easy to speak when a man is ejaculating in your mouth.


But Zoe did not answer. She was enjoying what Gary was giving her too much.

Rising Zoe hugged and kissed Gary on the lips. Gary tasted semen which he hoped was all his own and then was gently pushed back out into the garden. By the time he looked back Zoe was already in the kitchen making coffee. Gary shook his head. What madness. It was only as he walked down his own garden path did he remember his cock was still out of his fly.

It was funny really. The craving stopped as suddenly as it had begun and once more Gary was left to his own devices -- or other euphemism! A few months passed and Zoe was nearing term; indeed was if anything a bit overdue. Gary invited her around for coffee. It was spring and whilst there was plenty to do in the garden it was not yet warm enough to garden naked. The time, though, was coming and Gary was looking forward to his natural gardening.

Gary passed the coffee to Zoe.

"Have you got your clothes off yet in the garden, Gary?"

"Not really, I managed an hour on Saturday though. Almost warm enough."

"I might come around and watch."

"And take your things off?" Gary was suddenly hopeful.

"Not like this. What a turn off for you!"


"Well men don't find pregnant women attractive, do they?"

"Um, yes."

"No they don't. Tom doesn't. He's lost interest. I'm not surprised. I'm all misshapen with a sticking out tummy button right at the top of this great bump. Not that I'm unhappy at all being pregnant. It's just what I wanted and it's not long now!"

"Zoe, I think you look just wonderful and sexy. And I am most definitely not just saying that." Gary pulled his erection out from his trousers to demonstrate.

"Gary, put it away. I'm a married woman."

"No, you show me. I am sure you look simply fabulous."

"I couldn't, I'm embarrassed about it."

"Zoe, take your clothes off now."

And she did. She did as she was told.

Of course Zoe was a different shape. That is what pregnancy does. Not only was there her very pronounced bump with her tummy button turned inside out and protruding but her breasts and areolae had grown all ready for breast feeding.

Gary nodded appreciatively. "You look such a woman, Zoe. Can I use the word fecund? To me you look incredibly sexy; perhaps it is because you are displaying so clearly the result of sex. Very fuckable - again if I may use the expression."

"Tom doesn't think so."

"Well he's wrong. Completely wrong. Look, here's my camera. Let's pose you and you see what you think."

And she let him. Let him pose her. Simply standing, lying down, sitting even opening a door before he moved her to more suggestive poses. Come hither looks, lifting her breasts, on all fours with her tummy hanging but the strong suggestive focus being between her legs, lying back exposed and open, sitting up on a kitchen worktop holding a cucumber in her hand with a surprised expression and then with the cucumber between her legs.

"Let's look at them on the laptop. See, now isn't that sexy?"

Gradually Zoe had to agree. She then wanted a few with Gary in it -- the reverse of the more usual naked Gary and clothed girls -- pictures of naked Zoe with clothed Gary and, at last, he took his clothes off. Nice shots of Zoe leaning forward to almost kiss his penis head, a shot of Zoe pretending to be fucked from behind - though with no actual touching, Zoe holding a cucumber but looking at Gary's cock. Gary's camera on the tripod -- the remote in his hand.

Of course Gary's erection would not go away. Even as Zoe sat looking at the laptop screen he was standing beside her, his cock threatening to poke her in the eye if she turned too quickly. Certainly that was what she said but then:

"You've got me really worked up, Gary. Come on let's fuck. Let's do it. If Tom won't, well you're so helpful. You've got me so wet Gary. No coming until I do. You can't get me pregnant so... It'll have to be doggy; you can't lie on my tummy. I want to come. Let me suck you first."

And she had just turned to his penis and done it. It was right next to her. She had just had to turn and there it was, its head big, shiny and smooth -- even if there was not much body to it. The no touching rule seemingly went out of the window at that moment. As her lips touched his cock the camera went 'click.' Gary still had the remote!

Gary simply stood in delight with his cock right back in Zoe's mouth, her tongue tickling away even seeking to burrow in the little hole. Again the camera went click with Zoe deep throating him -- except of course 'deep' was not the word with him and he was nowhere near her throat! It looked very different in the photograph as if he was half way down her throat -- and he would have been if he was a normal length!

Zoe did not hurry, she was clearly enjoying having him in her mouth -- again. Gary's hands went to her breasts. So much bigger than before. It was a real turn on thinking they would soon be producing milk. How he would like to suck on them then! Would he be permitted? He had not forgotten the muesli and Zoe's promise!

Her lips left his cock and gave his plum end a big kiss. "Come on Gary. Fuck me now. Fuck me like only you can. I need it and I haven't been getting it."

Zoe knelt on an arm chair, hands on its back, knees apart, bottom facing him, breasts and tummy hanging. She looked what she was. A sexy woman needing fucking. Gary moved forward and tempting though it was to just push in and ram away, he took his time. He let his hands roam -- and roam they did - everywhere. Zoe had not been misleading him, she was as wet as anything. Amazing to think as he inserted one, then two and then three fingers into her that it could all really stretch that much to let a baby out -- and would be doing so soon. His penis had gone in one way -- and that had been a little bit of a squeeze -- done its fertilising thing and now 9 months later a baby would come down from the other direction. Quite amazing.

"Gary stop playing around and fuck me."

Zoe was not in perhaps the best position to give orders with her bottom in the air. Gary gave her a couple of playful slaps.

"Just wait a bit."

His fingers slipped forward, moulding her lovely black bush, feeling the soft mound beneath it before gently teasing her clit. With her legs spread wide it was unprotected and easy for Gary to stroke and tease.

"Come on Gary, fill me up, fuck me properly."

Lovely to approach Zoe's behind, everything on display not least the brown rosebud of her anus. He touched with his fingers.

"Gary -- not there. Don't be silly. Fuck me properly."

A little lower and his knob was resting right at the entrance as Gary savoured the wet feeling. A little push from Zoe and he slid in. Gary just watched as his knob slipped inside. Reaching under he gently held her swollen tummy in both hands and pushed home -- well as far as he could go anyway. Lovely to feel Zoe's bottom cheeks against him, lovely to be embedded, lovely actually to be fucking another man's wife -- well if Tom didn't want to then Gary was happy to be obliging. He began to move.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck."

Gary was. He did not need Zoe to tell him what to do!

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