tagLesbian SexInside the Green Door

Inside the Green Door


She sat there with her dog at her feet. Listening to the sounds around her filled her with a sense of what might be. Admit it; she must, she always felt so alive in this very busy shopping centre, and was so comfortable in the surroundings of her favourite cafe. It was so much more alive in this busy hustle, than in the emptiness of her home.

The coffee smelt just divine, it sang a song of togetherness and the passion that she felt engulf her. She loved coming here to her same favourite seat every day, to just sit and enjoy the bustle of the people going about their busy lives.

There was no doubt the passion of that wonderful aroma; of her favourite coffee; wafting across the room made her feel secure and comfortable. Every day, or almost every day, secretly, she hoped that someone would sit down next to her and just talk to her; and perhaps if she was really lucky to entertain her. Like many of us, she longed to start a new adventure, but when would it start? So sadly for her, but typical of their arrogance, many men had approached her to try it engage her but she never been fortunate to receive attention from a woman.

Across the room Susan was in a daze, but she couldn't help but notice Bev sitting there with her dog. She must come here every day she thought; what was it that drove her to this café every day? What is it that she gets out of coming to this place every day? Why would she bother to be surrounded by all these horrid rushing people who cared for no-one but themselves?

Feeling so tired from a lack of sleep, Susan walked towards the counter to order another coffee; she wished it wasn't so necessary but she desperately needed another coffee. Fate grabbed her right then, for although she intended to walk right past Bev's table, just like she had done so many times before, it wasn't going to be like that again. Yes on this day, because she was so tired, she stumbled as she walked past Bev's chair, and as she stumbled she put her hand out to stop herself from falling.

As she lost her balance her hand grabbed at Bev's dress to stabilise herself, and her hand landed right near Bev left breast; how embarrassing. Just for a split second she found herself feeling the softness of that exotic flesh that had been so often a part of her fantasies. As she felt her body washed in the pleasure that lay in her hand; for even a short time the connection between two can be enough to create a bond. Desire consumed them both, and Susan felt compelled by her desire to know more of that flesh.

Even though she didn't know it then, it would be a feeling memory that would stay with her for her life! A sensual experience of unexpected togetherness that happened quite spontaneously but that can never be undone in the mind of those who know it as real affects!

Bev had heard Susan walking towards her table. The walk was a little shuffled today; she must be tired or drug affected thought Bev. And then it was her perfume, Bev knew it well for Susan always wore Channel No 5, and while Bev didn't know her name she knew Susan's smell.

No 5 on Susan, the sweetest mixture of all, oh yes she knew it so very well, and she felt herself re-act to that mixture of perfume and Bev's pheromones. Her mind responded sub-consciously and her body was captured. A slight tingling, that warm glowing feeling that dwelt within her body; she always felt this way when someone with a special sexual appeal to her happened to be near her.

Bev was never expecting that Susan would come so close to her, and it was beyond a dream that some form of physical connection would occur. Both women were so surprised by what happened. Both were in their own worlds of self obsession when their worlds crash together.

Their physical contact had now bought then both to a point of surprisingly teasing tension where there worlds were turned the right way up; as a result of this unforseen accident. Neither would ever be the same after today. It was the day that started a togetherness for them both; where the sea meets the sand on the beach. For this was where these two were to meet at the start of their life together; so much of their life together was to be ignited right now.

In that split second, when they crashed together in life, Bev was so utterly socked when she felt Susan's hand land on her breast. Did she imagine it, or did that hand connected to that smell of loveliness linger there longer than she should have ever expected? Was it just her imagination, or simply the hope that it was a special touch of opportunity? Bev felt Susan trying to regain her balance from the stumble, as Susan put her other hand out to land on the table; to stop her fall, but fate had truly taken a hand in today's events.

For while her hand connected with the table, it missed its target on the table and instead crashed into Bev's coffee; which was by now only a warm latte. The cup of milk coffee was hurtled toward where Bev was sitting, and as most of the fluid swam towards her, Bev had no chance to even know where it was heading.

All Bev felt was the warmness of the liquid as the waterfall of coffee cascaded off the table's edge and into her lap. Her mind never expected such a sensation, hot wetness spread across her lap and then down between her legs. Poor Bev's jeans were soaked in the coffee and the sensation of hot sticky wetness surrounding an area of sensitivity was confusing. So many feelings invaded Bev's mind that she felt uncomfortably sticky.

Susan's response was mortification, not only had she managed to intimately touch the body of someone she'd fantasized so much about, agonisingly she had now managed to cover her victims body in coffee. It was little wonder that Susan cried out in self mortification.

"Oh heavens, I'm so sorry, please forgive me, let me help with that," Susan half moaned in conflicted agony.

Susan felt compelled to provide assistance to right the disaster she had created. With Susan's body now steadied, and in better control of her physical body she grabbed a handful of napkins lying on the coffee table. Without thinking she began to dab the napkins around the top of Bev's jeans. If she hadn't been half asleep she would have probably recognised the inappropriateness of her physical invasion of Bev space and the unexpected touching of Bev's body.

The last 30 seconds had been an absolute surprise and an overwhelming crash into Bev's private physical world of oneness. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that Susan would respond to their accidental connection by rubbing her jeans in that way.

The touching by Susan was so totally misguided and invasive, so the erotic experience had Bev wondering what was Susan doing to her? Bev gradually understood that the hand that was touching the top of her jeans, below her stomach and between her legs, and all around her upper thighs was filled with good intentions for correcting the mistake she had made. Nevertheless it was overwhelming in its affect on Bev's body.

Really Bev didn't want Susan to stop her attention, for any touch was very welcome from this gorgeous smelling woman; what a lucky day it was for Bev that fate had created such a crash. It was a busy city shopping centre, those who saw what had happened had soon lose any interest what had happened; knowing they weren't affected and to avoid any chance of having to be involved themselves. These two women could sort it out between themselves couldn't they?

Bev knew Susan must eventually recognise what she doing would be affecting Bev and understand that her physical touching of Bev's body could be misconstrued as assault; not that Bev felt anything like that about what was happening.

Until Susan realised what she was really doing Bev intended to enjoy herself. Bev felt Susan hand move to touch her in ways she had only dreamt off. Never had anything like this happened to her before. This was a welcome distraction from emptiness, and she felt that it must surely be her lucky day.

It suddenly hit Susan, what was she doing, why was Bev just staying very still as Susan had managed to touch Bev much more than was necessary. What was she doing to this beautiful woman of her dreams?

Tired and overcome by the situation Susan just started to cry and she looked at Bev she said, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it, I've ruined your jean and now you'll think I'm weird cause I've been trying to help clean you up, but I'm just making things worse."

Bev had felt Susan's hands all over her by now and knew that caress of her breast indicate that Susan was compelled to caress Bev's flesh.

Bev just smiled at her and explained, "don't be silly I'm not upset with you, it was an accident, so dry your eyes and order me another coffee, and tell me why you're really crying."

Bev wanted to be reconnected with Susan's hands. For probably most other women, they might not have noticed the extra moments it took for Susan to remove her hands, but Bev certainly noticed! Once Susan's hands were on Bev's body, Bev had been hyper-sensitive to the erotic touches she was receiving from Susan.

When Susan came back to Bev's table, her tiredness and fate were about to tease her more! Her second trip and crash into Bev was just too much to bear. Bev heard Susan's shriek as she tripped and the coffee flew out of her hands and spilt all over Bev again.

Bev just couldn't believe it as she felt her warm coffee seep through her shirt, she wondered what had happened to her; could it really happen again? And until the smell of her coffee hit her nostrils again, she hadn't believed it could be possible. Susan was mortified; this coffee would surely be a lot hotter, and would be burning Bev's gorgeous body.

Now how could that happen? No, no, no, how could she be doing this, Susan was almost beside herself with self loathing. She must do something to make sure Bev wasn't hurt.

What they both didn't know was that day there was a new coffee maker behind the counter who had been making semi-hot coffees all day; while they might get away with it in a big shopping centre such horribly warm coffee would have created a catastrophe on a real café.

And then suddenly Susan had more napkins in her hand and was dabbing them on Bev's dirtied and coffee drenched shirt. Bev's breasts couldn't stand all the attention that they were receiving from Susan attempts to assist in cleaning up the mess Susan had made of Bev's shirt.

Suddenly something inside Susan's mind succulently clicked on, and Susan noticed that Bev's nipples were poking out. Those nipples she had fantasised about, they were very visible under the wet shirt that Bev had on. It made her stop and stare at Bev.

Susan was astounded when Bev smiled just said to her, "please don't stop, I need you to get as much of that coffee off as you can, and I need my top as dry as possible after you have dunked me in coffees."

That just delighted Susan! It told Susan so many things, the secret was no longer a secret, but it was safe secret with her. She wanted to use this insight to her advantage, to have more fun, her mind was racing; was this what Bev really needed and wanted? Bev's body language was definitely saying it was.

Smiling to herself, Susan picked up another napkin and quickly looked around the room. After the initial second commotion in the cafe, the few patrons now in the cafe had again focused on their own space, leaving Susan and Bev to entertain themselves in their own special world. Susan positioned herself so others wouldn't be able to see what she was doing.

Then very deliberately Susan dabbed at Bev's shirt again, but this time she made sure she paid particular attention to Bev's nipples. As Susan looked at Bev's face it told the story of what Bev was feeling. There was a serine look of delight, something approaching a demanding lustful look; it told her that Bev required more of her attention, and Bev's face reflected a body craving attention and a smouldering fire lay evident even on her public face.

Susan wasn't sure how long she could keep up the charade before others in the cafe would see the real purpose of her attention to the front of Bev's shirt. Surely a little while longer was worth the risk! Bev said nothing, so Susan continued her gentle assault on Bev's sexualised nipples and breasts.

To cover herself, Susan began by distracting those who might think they were seeing more than was publicly acceptable.

Susan said in a clear unemotional voice, "Oh my, I'm so sorry, let me clean that up for you, let me make sure it doesn't stain! I think I missed a bit over there. I'll just get a clean napkin. Can you just move a little to your left I think I just missed a bit just there."

As she reached over, she became bolder, and rubbed Bev's nipple with the tips of her fingers, and then squeezed each nipple ever so carefully between her thumb and finger. Bev felt the shooting bolts of desire from her nipples. They were so sensitive.

Bev recognised how bizarre this situation was, and really wonderful if Susan had spilt coffee all over her top on purpose. How could Susan stand there in a very busy shopping centre and just play with her? With her pussy on fire Bev just couldn't move away from the attention Susan was dishing out to her. Truthfully she was hornier than she'd ever been before, all this attention felt so unbelievably good.

Bev mind reeled from the amount of pleasure that was overwhelming her body. She felt the need to take back some control.

So Bev said to Susan, "please I really need to get to the bathroom so I can clean myself up and stop my top from staining badly."

Susan understood that Bev might need some help to get to bathroom so she asked, "would you like me to come and help you?"

Bev just smiled, like a cat smiles at a mouse as it watches it; waiting for it to flee before it chases it.

Bev continued the facade, "of course I need you to help me, you've made a complete mess of my clothes, and now you need to help sort things out."

Bev stood up, and she and her dog walked with Susan to the disabled bathroom. Bev knew the disabled bathroom was exactly where she needed to be for her to take control.

Once the door to the bathroom was locked Bev knew Susan was all hers and she said to Susan, "you have been a very bad girl, spilling coffee on me twice, but I'm sure you'll find a way to make it up to me."

Bev's hand shot out to where she knew Susan's upper arm was, and she pulled Susan's body towards hers. As she did this, Bev moved her other hand to the back of where Susan's head should be. She wanted to taste Susan's lips on her.

Bev really wanted to see how Susan would respond to her aggressiveness and sexual assertion. As her lips pressed against Susan's lips she felt Susan open her mouth for her. At that invitation, Bev gently bit Susan's lips and then sucked on them. Finally Bev slipped her tongue inside Susan's mouth and aggressively French kissed her.

Overwhelmed by Bev's kisses, Susan struggled to keep up with Bev's rough kissing. Susan had never expected this type of response from Bev but being so tired, and feeling vulnerable after all of her mornings mistakes, she wanted to show Bev what a good girl she could be.

Eventually her aggressive kissing meant that Bev had slowly moved Susan so she was pressed with her back against the wall. As Susan was now pinned to the wall, Bev began her fun by using her fingers to unbutton Susan's top.

And as Bev did so she said, "you were such a bad girl before playing with my nipples in the café, I think we should punish you for that, don't you, and I think the best way to do that is to tease your nipples like you did to mine."

Susan felt Bev remove the clasp on her bra and then Bev's hands pulled her bra down, with her shirt open, Bev hands had full reign over Susan's breasts. Bev started by cupping them, to see just how big Susan's breasts were, for she loved to play with breasts. Bev's intentions were also to listen for indications, and feel for, what types of attention Susan liked and what might be erotic triggers for Susan; to give the advantage of providing Susan the most erotic attention she could.

Bev by now had Susan's nipples in her fingers, and while she was twisting them, she was not doing it in a cruel way, her attentions where focused on erotising Susan's nipples so that Susan would feel the tingling of the twisting nipples create shooting erotic electricity through Susan's body.

Without any advance warning Bev let go of Susan's right nipple and ran her hand straight up Susan's leg, under Susan's lose shorts, and pushed Susan's panty gusset aside. Bev knew exactly what she was searching for.

Even a blind woman knows where a woman's clit is located; okay so most men have to search! As her fingers connected with Susan's clit Bev felt Susan legs wobble a little as they struggled to keep her upright when such pleasure was consuming her mind; as she expected Susan was now putty in Bev's hands.

Her fingers slid all over her clit. Her hand's fingers were sliding and gliding in a wonderfully tantalising feast of teasing of Susan. Bev continued her caressing and began drawing out Susan's clit from its hiding place. Bev could hear Susan gasping for breath every time she flicked Susan's clit. It was so much harder now, swollen to its full glory.

Wonderful though Bev, she is my delight and ready for whatever I want. Obviously Bev needed to find somewhere more private to continue her game of delight with this prize! Bev wanted their time together to be relaxed and memorable.

Bev instructed Susan about what she thought they should do now.

"It's getting a little hard to continue in here, I think we should leave right now, and because you are a naughty girl; having have made a complete mess of my top. I think the only way you can make amends is to come home with me and help me clean up the mess you've made of my clothes," scolded Bev.

Feeling completely within Bev's control Susan simply said, "I'd love to come home with you and help you in whatever way you want me to."

Bev led them all out of the door of the toilet, with her guide dog Bev moved towards the door of the cafe, with Susan just behind them both.

Once in the street, Bev hailed a taxi. They both got in the taxi. The guide dog sat in the foot well on the rear drivers side, Bev in the middle and Susan on the passenger side. Bev made sure she was pressed tightly against Susan.

Bev's left hand was well hidden from the view of the driver's mirror. She had her hand under Susan and she moved her hand over Susan's bottom, fully aware that her shorts were slutty hipsters. Without too much effort she started to pinch Susan's bottom, and then she put her hand in over the top part of the back of Susan's shorts. Then she dug her nails into Susan's flesh.

Susan moved her arse forward to avoid the sudden unexpected sensations. It was so new to her this rough playing. So unexpected from her fantasy woman, but then what had she really expected Bev to be like, had she really thought what it might be like to play with Bev?

Obviously Bev liked to dish it out rough, and to be the aggressor, which suited Susan didn't it; so Susan felt herself gushing with lust for more of Bev's attention. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined she would find such a beautiful woman like Bev; one who would be so exactly suited to her strange and unfulfilled desires.

Desiring more, she leaned over and whispered teasingly in Bev's ear. "Baby that's wonderful, but why are being so gentle with me? Go on show me what you really want to do to me. Give me what I want, please give me more, you know what I want and need more, help me know how much you want me," teased Susan.

Bev thought to herself what a brilliant little treasure she had discovered.

Bev dug her nails into Susan arse as hard as she could; Susan flesh was so soft. She then moved her hand up higher, raking her nails across the succulent flesh of Susan's lower back. Susan was lapping it up.

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