tagIncest/TabooInside Their Door

Inside Their Door


I know it was wrong to do; I know it was wrong to do, but I did it anyway. I listened to my cousin and her husband having sex – several times. I just turned 19 a month ago; and though quite a few people have told me I'm cute, I haven't had many direct sexual experiences. I'm just under 6', weight about 175, and am somewhat athletic. I graduated high school in Ohio, and was attending USC for my second year. For longer vacations I usually went home, and stayed with my cousin and her husband on long weekends. They lived near L.A., and I did house chores to repay them for their hospitality. That summer though, everyone agreed to let me stay in California. I got a part-time job doing the city's most popular profession – waiting tables.

My cousin, my fine ass cousin – Beverly – didn't have the prettiest of names, but that was the least pretty thing about her. I remember her before she left home, when she lived with her family in Tallahassee. A lot of my father's family lived there, and I loved to spend summers there. Beverly, and a girl who was an extended cousin, were sooo fine. They were both a kind of dark caramel complexion; Beverly had reddish hair, and Colleen had blackish brown hair. I had an incredible crush on both of them.

They were about 10 years older than me, so of course they didn't' pay any attention to me like that. When I was fourteen, I remember almost stroking my dick raw after I saw their revealing bathing suits at the beach. I overheard some guys guessing that their measurements were 38-24-36; whether or not that was accurate, their suits had to have been a size or two too small. That night, I was jerking off even when I didn't have anymore cum to shoot. Matter of fact, I liked when I was empty because there was no mess to clean up afterwards.

So anyway, Beverly's husband, Clayton, was cool. Matter of fact, I think Beverly's biggest concern to me being there was that I would be around their weed. As a young cousin, I got sent home back in the day when the older cousins wanted to take off. Beverly and Clayton had a big house, and nice jobs, so I knew they weren't blazing up often. But on long weekends, I was sure they had a few hits. Beverly had gained some pounds all over since then, but her proportions still looked great on her 5'6" frame.

My first time hearing them have sex was on one of those long weekends, Memorial Day. Beverly was a little surprised when I grabbed a beer from the cooler, but Clayton reminded her I was an adult now.

"He ain't of legal drinking age."

"Old enough to die, old enough to imbibe, that's what I say," Clayton slapped hands with one of his friends. "How can you be just 18 to go to war, but gotta be 21 to drink? Makes no sense!"

"One," Beverly conceded. "Uncle Gary Aunt Eva ain't gonna be able to blame me for turning her baby son into a lush."

I really didn't like beer that much, but I was trying to fit into the friends as much as possible – even though I was clearly the youngest one there. By the time the cookout was over, I had snuck a second beer, and had a buzz. After everyone was gone, I was in my room listening to my stereo and enjoying my buzz. About 1AM I wanted some of the leftovers, and went down to the kitchen without turning my music off. I could hear it down the hallway, but Beverly and Clayton didn't complain. I have to go by their room to get to the stairs. Their door was closed, and I was glad they wouldn't see my slight balance issues. My full concentration was on getting downstairs without stumbling.

I warmed up a plate of food, grabbed a soda, and made my way back upstairs. My music had gone off, and the hallway was almost quiet – almost, except for the heavy breathing I could hear from Beverly's room when I got to the top of the stairs. I stopped for a second, and the breathing quickly got louder. Soon she was screaming – I mean I could tell she was trying not to get too loud, but I could clearly hear her. Had I been in my room, I wouldn't have heard a thing. But outside their door, I could hear it all.

I heard Clayton's voice now and then, but couldn't make out what he was saying – but I could imagine what he was doing. My dick went from a limp noodle to a steel rod almost instantly as I listened to my sexy cousin pant and moan. Despite my buzz, I could imagine Beverly on her back, with her legs wide open for her pussy to be filled. Oh, what her pussy must look like – and feel like, and even taste like. Her ecstasy got a little louder, and a lot more intense – I could even hear the bed squeaking.

My judgment being impaired, I set my plate and drink down and pulled down my pants. I pulled down my underwear, sat down and stroked my dick. Just as it was getting good to me, Beverly called out Clayton's name about three times, let out a squeal, then the room went quiet. I stopped too. I waited a few minutes, then quietly pulled up my pants, grabbed my food, and crept to my room. I didn't care how much colder my food got; I had to masturbate first and foremost. I sat it on the desk, pulled my dick out, and laid back on the bed with my eyes closed to imagine how Beverly must have looked. I imagined myself in the room, watching Clayton work his dick in and out of her. My hand pumped to his rhythm, and before long I had a mess to clean up. I went to the bathroom across from my room to clean up, but another image of Beverly being fucked crossed my mind and I was immediately hard again. I stood with my dick over the sink, and stroked until I shot a smaller load over the drain.

Once I rinsed that down and wiped the sink, I went to my room and ate quickly because I knew another erection was coming. I could not stop thinking about Beverly's ecstasy. I had that same feeling I had after the bathing suit episode; I was going to jerk off to what I heard for a couple of years! I shot two more exceedingly smaller loads before falling asleep about 3AM.

The next morning, I masturbated again before going to get something to eat. I had to be mindful not to stare at Beverly – but my dick got hard again seeing her in her business suit and knowing what she sounded like. I did my best to keep turned away from her, and slipped into the bathroom to jerk off again.

"Are you hung over?" she asked when I came out.

"No, I'm fine," I sat down with some orange juice.

"Don't make a habit of doing what you did last night."

My heart skipped, "I'm so sorry!"

"I said you could have one beer, and you had two."


"I'm not your mother, and you are 18, but listen to what I tell you: don't get hooked on drinking so early. Your future is in college, not some job you have to take because you drank yourself out of school."

I smiled, "Don't worry, I know I have too much to do to get sidetracked with drinking."

"You know there's a lot of it on college campuses – especially out here."

"Being a college alcoholic is not in my plans."

"All right," she smiled. "What are your plans today?"

"I'm going to cut your grass before it gets too hot; then I may call up some friends to go to a movie later tonight."

"When do you work again?"


"We're going to catch a play this evening," she got up from the table. "If you get back first, leave the chains off. If we're already here, remember to put them on."

"No problem," I watched her ass as she walked out the room and felt my dick stir again. I ate a bowl of cereal, then masturbated again in my bedroom before I went out to cut the grass – laboring behind the lawn mower would get my mind off Beverly for a while. When I was through, I called some friends and made plans to hook up with them in a few hours. We caught a movie, then flirted with some girls at Roscoe's in Pasadena. The girl I was trying my best to hook up with gave me her phone number before she left. Clarice was a freshman at UCLA, and was from Texas. She had dark chocolate skin, and had a track star body – lean, with nice muscle definition, and an onion. After Roscoe's we sat outside the Rose Bowl talking for a while. I was real tempted to ask them if they had any cousins they were attracted to, but thought I might come off a little too perverted.

I thought to call her on my drive home, but didn't want to come off as too eager. By the time I got home it was a almost 2AM. The street was full of cars, and I had to park a few houses down. Walking to the door, I wondered if Beverly and Clayton were going at it again. I didn't sneak in, but I was quiet coming into the house. After making sure the doors were chained, I made my way upstairs. Sure enough, I could hear Beverly panting and moaning again. I sat down, though I was determined not to pull my dick out again. After a few minutes, I leaned over to see if I could catch a glimpse of them under the door. I couldn't, but Clayton was really working Beverly over.

"Who's your Daddy?"

"You are!"

"And I'm a good Daddy, ain't I?"

"The best!"

"And who are you?"

"Your naughty girl!"

There was a smack, then he asked her what she said.

"I'm your naughty little girl!"

I gave up fighting my urge to not take my dick out. They were both busy at the moment, and I could make an easy getaway if I heard them stop. My pants and underwear were around my knees in a flash. It felt so good to simply grab my dick; I almost didn't have to stroke it. I heard a few more smacks, followed by moans from Beverly.

"You like it from the back, don't you?"

"Oh yes! Hit it, Daddy!"

There was another smack.

"Hit it, Daddy!!"

There were two more smacks.

"Hit it, Daddy!!!"

Clayton grunted, then Beverly screamed just after. Lost in the moment, I shot a stream of cum down the steps to the landing – a little bit even got on the wall. While trying to think of something to catch the rest of my cum in, I shot two more streams on the steps and one onto my underwear. Clayton and Beverly quieted down, and I tried to get to my room as quietly as possible. I pulled off my pants and underwear, and put on a pair of shorts that did nothing to hide my remaining erection. I went to the bathroom for the sponge, and tried my hardest to clean the steps and wall without making a sound. In bed later, I jerked off to images of Beverly bent over, with her ass raised up and jiggling as Clayton smacked it.

For the next month, I listened to them have sex a couple of times a week. I was masturbating like crazy. One Friday night, I came in from my second date with Jasmin – the hottie from Roscoe's – about 3AM. I came upstairs and heard them going at it again, then took my place at the top of the stairs. They were really going at it, but I almost didn't recognize Beverly's moans. I wasn't getting any yet from Jasmin, and I was really horny. My pants were down without a second thought. With my dick out of the leg of my underwear, I leaned my head back to the wall to stroke to their rhythm.

"What the hell are you doing?"

My eyes shot open to see Beverly standing on the landing. "Beverly?!"

"Why are you out here jerking off in the hallway?"

"Where did you come from?"

"I said, what the hell are you doing!?"

I had no idea what to say; I just sat there, with my precum-dripping dick still in my hand.

Clayton came out of the room, "What's going on out here?"

"That's what's going on!" Beverly pointed to me.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"I could hear y'all in there, and I . . ."

"Well, we can see what you . . ."

"I don't believe you sat out here listening to us!" Beverly pulled her robe tighter.

"I'm sorry."

"What we do in there is private, between me and my husband. It's not for you to sit out here and get your rocks off on!"

"How long have you been sitting out here?"

"Tonight, or since I've been staying here?"

"This ain't the first time you've done this?!?"

My dick was getting limp, rapidly, "I heard you by accident the first time; then after that, I just couldn't help myself."

"Looks like you were helping yourself just fine!"

"Did you cum on the steps a while back?" Clayton asked. "The carpet felt crunchy in spots about a month ago."

"I tried to clean it up the best I could."

"Oh my goodness! What is wrong with you?"

"I just got caught up; I'm sorry, I'm really really sorry!" I tucked my dick in, "I'll leave in the morning. I'm really sorry." I didn't know if they knew what else to say, so I took advantage of their silence and went to my room. I was pacing frantically, but managed to get out of my clothes into a t-shirt and lounge pants. My mind was racing, trying to think how I let myself get caught and if I would be able to stay with my boy Rick until school started. At the same time, I was also thinking how I could get out of the house without seeing either Beverly or Clayton. I figured I would sneak out in a couple of hours before they got up. How could I face either one of them again; let alone all of my other family Beverly would surely tell about the incident.

"Troy," Clayton knocked on my door and came in the room. Clayton was just 5'11", but stocky – I just knew my face was about to meet his fist. He stood there looking at me, and when I sat down on my bed I couldn't help but notice his erection through his boxers. "Quite a mess you created for us."

"I'm sorry; I really am."

He leaned on the desk directly across from me, putting his dick at eye level. "Sorry that you got caught, sure. But it's obvious you enjoyed what you were doing. I think you can tell how upset we are with you. At the same time, there are some questions and concerns we have that we hope at this point you will be completely honest with us about."

"Yeah," I said, glad that he didn't come to hit me. "Okay."

"Why were you listening outside our room?"

"It was an accident, I swear."

"The first time, you said – but you kept coming back. Why?"

"Y'all sounded good," I shrugged. "What I was hearing turned me on."

"Are you a virgin?"

I couldn't believe he just came out with that question, "No, I'm not."

"I don't mean masturbation. Have you had your dick in a pussy before?"

"I know what you mean; and yes, I have. The summer before my senior year, a girl on my block and I did it."

"Is that right," he crossed his arms.

"Neither of us wanted to go through our senior year virgins, and we had known each other since elementary school. We only did it twice, then she got a boyfriend."

"Okay," Clayton nodded, and moved his hips so that his dick waved in front of me a little. I was trying not to look at it, but that caught my attention. "Did y'all do anything special?"

"I don't know what all there is to do, so I guess not," I shifted when I felt my dick stir. "I mean, how many ways are there to do it?"

"There's oral, anal, bondage, domination, voyeurism – which is what you were almost doing. You can't eavesdrop on people; and I believe you already know that." Clayton scratched his thigh, and in the process exposed his dick for a second, "But rather than thinking you are some kind of pervert that gets off on sneaking around like that, I think your curiosity got the best of you. Am I right?"

My mind was stuck on seeing that his dick was uncut, "Huh?"

He kinda laughed, then scratched and exposed himself again, "I said I think you were listening to us because you were curious."

Without thinking I licked my lips when his dick came from under his boxers, then looked away when it disappeared. "Um, yeah."

"You like your cousin, don't you?"

I shrugged, "Yeah, I love her."

"No. I mean, you like your cousin, don't you?"

I cleared my throat, feeling my dick grow.

"She makes your dick hard, doesn't she?"

I stuttered to get some kind of answer out.

He put his hand out to stop me, "Listen, privacy is precious. Privacy allows people to do and or say things to one another that other people may not understand. That's why we were so upset that you were listening to us. What we do and say to each other in the heat of passion is not for you to know. By that same token, if you think you can handle it, we'll keep private anything that is done or said in this house."

I looked at him, trying to understand what he was saying.

Clayton grinned, and flashed his dick at me a 3rd time, "Feel me?"

I swallowed, "I think so."

"Does your cousin make your dick hard?"

I took a breath, "She always has."

He smiled, "I had a cousin like that. She was closer to my age, and she was so sexy." He sat on the bed next to me, "back then we played little freaky games, like Hide-and-Go Get It, where you dry humped whoever you hid with. One time when a group of us were playing it in the woods, and she had to pee, she let me watch her go."

My mouth dropped open.

"Yeah," he laughed, "that was my reaction too."

I adjusted my pants to accommodate my full erection, and left my hand between my legs to hide it.

"We never screwed, though. A couple of years later, we played a quick game of Show Me Yours and I'll Show You Mine. Bet you wish you could play that with Beverly." When I didn't say anything, he moved my hand then pulled the waistbands of my pants and underwear. "Yeah, I thought so." He reached his other hand inside and gave my dick a squeeze. Then he stood up, "Follow me."

We got to their bedroom just as Beverly was coming out of the shower. There was a porno playing on their television, which must've been what I heard. Beverly had a towel around her, but that didn't matter to my dick. I felt it flinch, and release an amount of precum.

Beverly sat on the bed, "Clayton is convinced you are in love with me, Troy."

I was speechless.

"What did we just say about honesty and privacy?"

"I think you are the sexiest woman I've ever seen," I blurted out. "I always have. And I got caught up listening to you; I didn't do it to hurt you."

She looked at me for a second, then broke out in a smile, "C'mere." She gave me a hug when I sat next to her. She smelled incredible. "To be honest with you, once I calmed down from the shock of you sittin' out there and jerking off, it didn't bother me quite so much. We even had a little fun with it in here before Clayton came to talk to you."

Clayton had pulled off his boxers, and laid at the top of the bed, "A lot of fun."

I looked back when I heard his voice, and my eyes locked on his tall erection. He winked, then I looked away.

"So you think I'm sexy, huh?" Beverly grabbed a bottle of lotion.


She loosened her towel, and it fell to her waist, "How many time would you say you've masturbated to thoughts of me?"

Her nipple tone was similar to her hair color, and my mouth literally started to water. I heard what she said, but I had no ability to answer.

"I don't think anything he says is going to be intelligible right now," Clayton laughed.

"I've always thought you were cute, as a kid; and you grew up to be a handsome young man. I know you are real nervous right now; but trust, I'm every bit as nervous as you are."

"Hey honey, why don't you let Troy put the lotion on you?"

"Needless to say, you even being in here now is primarily Clayton's idea – he's a freak, if you haven't guessed that by now."

I looked back at him, trying not to stop my eyes at his erection.

"I just think consenting adults should be able to enjoy what their minds come up with," he shrugged. "Shoot me."

Beverly took my hand, "He's also a little dramatic at times." She turned my palm up, and poured her lotion in to it.

I took my eyes off his dick just long enough to see how much lotion she pored, then looked right at her exposed breasts. She put the bottle down and leaned back to her elbows. Her breasts fell slightly to each side. I got off the bed, and got on my knees. She got what I was trying to do, and opened the towel so she could spread her legs. Her body was even more gorgeous then I ever imagined. She had trimmed pussy hair that matched her other hair and nipples. I moved forward, and rubbed the lotion to my other hand to warm it up.

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