From the Idle hands Thomas Alan Belenger


It's so hot and muggy out. He felt so nasty with the sweat running down his back. He wants to go to the bathroom for a nice cool shower. He grabs his towel from his room and walks into the bathroom. He's hit with a billow of steam someone is already in here. He could tell by the smell of fresh scented body wash it was her. She must have had the same idea. He backed out the door as quietly possible.

"Hey is someone out there?" her voice is angel music. Why does her voice sound like velvet to his ears?

"Yeah, it's me. Please don't scream" She lets out a plume of steam peeking out from behind the curtain. It smells like fresh spring. She smiles and he melts.

"I won't if you could come over here and wash my back." he sees a smile grow on her face. He had never seen her naked before. Even the time they had been together but the occasion didn't call for nudity, Just raw primal energy. Then never came up again. He told himself it never felt appropriate. She had to set the time and the place for such things, or so she said. Walking over to the shower he took the wash-cloth from her. Her skin was just as soft as he remembered. She slipped her hair over her Shoulder. Her long dark hair is so beautiful. She turns for a quick glance "You know, you can come in here with me?" he wasn't sure what to do. His heart started to race in his chest. He looks at the face peeking out from behind the curtain and her eyes reassured him. The way she looked at him tugged at his primal side.

As he slips out of his shorts and steps over the side of the tub. He goes to steady himself grazing her hip. She flinches at his touch. He places his hand on her hip to reassure her. It was odd but he has only seen her this vulnerable once before. It brought out his inner predator. The last time he kept it at bay as best he could, but this time he couldn't help himself. He grasps hips and pulls her near him. He notice the hitch in her breathing as it began to get heavy. He slowly slips the wash-cloth across her chest. He watches as the water slowly glides down her breasts. All that was on his mind at that second was the feel of her skin. How her scent filled him with passion. He kissed her neck out of pure want. She turned to him looking him in the eye.

"Do you want me?" Her smile to him read as half playful and half seductive. He remembers the last time they were together. The flash-back stirs in him. Her body against him with the water gliding down her skin. He kisses her. He feels her body shiver and exhales with a moan. He grips her tight. The thought crosses his mind. He smiled and leans up to her ear as he growls out. "Its more like an uncontrollable need" He slides his hands down her back stopping at her hips holding her to his. She wraps her arms around him. He kisses her passionately tugging on her lip "I hunger for you." She moves away from him stepping out of the shower grabbing the pale blue towel from the rack.

She walks to the door and gestures him to follow.

He rinses off and grabs his towel off the rack following her as she disappears into her room. He ducks after her looking around. Its not often he comes into this room even though it smells way better than his own. She steps out from the closet and moves to the bed a condom plainly visible in her hand. Sitting down he moves over to where she sat on the bed. His hand caresses her soft supple cheek. She shifts away from him. He reacts to her movements pinning her to the bed. His warm damp body straight from shower pressing against her. He Kisses her lips. Her kiss is so sweet on his lips he didn't want to stop.

"What are we doing?" She asked as he moves to her neck. Her skin was hot and smelled so heavenly. He gently sinks his teeth into her. His body ached for her. He takes her in his arms. Steadying her against his body. He looks over her amazing body as he feels her back against him. He slides his hand around her hip. She begins to shiver at his touch.

"Mmm, what's the matter Kitten?" She gives him a dirty look. "Oh, is that so?" He Slips his fingers along her slit. Her squeak tugs at his inner predator. The sound made him crazy. Her wet sex at his fingertips made him light-headed squirmed in his arms. His hard cock rubbing against her soft smooth skin only made him harder making his erection more painful. He couldn't take the punishment any longer. He must have her, now. He again pushes her down to the bed. As she started to turn over he pushes her down.

"What the fuck?" he knew she could see him. He slips on his condom. Leaning onto her he whispers hot breath into her ear.

"You are mine my now Little Kitten." He slips the tip of his cock slowly into her wet love. Even through the condom he felt her hot sex squeeze him. In one heavy thrust he impales her. She screams clenching the covers. He stops letting her recover. She took a few deep breaths He slowly slides back into her rubbing his hands down her back grasping her hips She arches his back. The sensation of her body reacting to his His thrusts begin to get harder and faster each time. He watches as she looks at him over her shoulder. The sounds of their bodies impacting echoes in the room.

He hears her try to moan but the sounds come out little squeaks. She arches back so he reaches forward running his hands down her spine as she moves with the flow of his hand. Drawn down to her lower back her entire body quivers. She collapses on the mattress breathing deeply.

"How does my kitten feel now?" she rolls over and gestures for him to lay with her. She throws a leg and arm over him as she quivers next him. He kisses her no wanting this moment to end. He looks over locking eyes with her staring at him.

"Yes?" she asks.

"Was that good, for you?" he needed to answer her honestly.

"I didn't cum. I was close it just didn't happen." She got right up. A strange look overtakes her calm exterior. She quickly moves from the bed to the door. "Well, I have to get dressed'. He picked up the condom wrapper making his way back to the hallway. He had no idea what that was about but he was sure he had screwed up big.

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