Julia wondered what sort of place her father had sent her to. She had only been here an hour and already she was standing half naked by her bed, waiting for the Headmaster to come and inspect her uniform. He'd warned her of course, plenty of times, but she never listened. No she chose to waste her time with friends instead of concentrating on her studies and now here she was, just as he'd said she would be, nervous and uneasy about the coming year.

She glanced around the room, everything was tidy, just as she'd been told it must be. She had already been told that the Headmaster would find any excuse to punish her, and he had a fearsome reputation. So she waited, staring at the wall opposite her bed. It was a plain white wall and Julia wondered why everything was so stark in this place, it was almost like a prison. Perhaps that was the idea, to make the girls feel like prisoners and to shock some sense into them?

Julia heard a sound outside her door. Was that him? She started to tremble a little, her breathing quickened and her heart raced. Still she waited, but the sound moved on down the hallway. She thought back to the moment her father told her she was to come here, the day before her 18th birthday, he seemed strange that day, he looked at her differently, almost as if.... Julia felt her nipples hardening slightly under the expensive black lace basque she was wearing... almost as if he was lusting after her. She hadn't quite realised it at the time, but the more she thought about it, the more she was convinced that that's what it was. She was appalled by the idea, and yet, her body was reacting differently. She loved her father dearly, he was still a relatively young man, successful, rich (he had to be to afford to send her here, though she didn't know that) and good looking, indeed, not one but two of her friends had confided in her that they had fantasized about him while getting themselves off. Julia had never done that, but as she thought about her father now she felt a fluttering in her stomach and the first signs of arousal in her youthful pussy.

So lost in thought was she that Julia never heard the door handle turn and she snapped her head to the left to look when she felt the door move just a few feet away. Mrs Johnson entered the room first, she had met the girls from the bus and shown them into the college just a few hours before, and Julia had already weighed her up. She was in her late 50's and an old school disciplinarian without a doubt, her clothes marked her out as someone not to mess with, like a matriarch from a black and white movie.

She walked past Julia, looking down her nose at her as she did so, then she scanned the room for any signs of wrongdoing before settling herself in the far corner. The Headmaster followed a few paces behind. He was dressed in a smart suit that fitted his large frame impeccably. He was a big man, well over six foot and wide with it. Julie wondered if he might have played rugby at his school, he was perfectly proportioned for it. She certainly wouldn't have tried to tackle him if he had the ball.

He couldn't help look down his nose at her... at everyone, being so tall. But with Julia barely scraping five foot three he positively towered over her, making her feel even more timid and insignificant than she usually did.

"Miss Hellings," said Mrs Johnson, rather curtly.

"Mmmm," mused the headmaster, appraising her like an animal he was considering purchasing. "Unusual name...quite attractive though, unlike some of the girls I've seen this morning."

Julia felt her cheeks redden and she looked down at the parquet floor.

"It is expected that you thank the headmaster when he compliments you," chirped Mrs Johnson.

Julia looked first at the woman in the corner and then up at the towering headmaster.

"Thank you....sir."

He showed no sign of caring whether the girl thanked him or not, but continued to study the girls apparel.

"Do you know why you have been sent here?" He asked.

"Not really sir," muttered Julia.

A loud tut filled the room from Mrs Johnson's corner, which was followed by a very clear instruction "Speak up girl!".

"Not really sir," repeated Julia in a much louder voice.

"Hmm," said the Headmaster again. He bent down onto one knee in front of her and reached forward to straighten her black stockings.

Julia flinched at his touch and was rewarded with a hard slap to her legs.

"Don't flinch," trilled Mrs Johnson. "The Headmaster inspects all the girls daily and any uniform infractions are dealt with swiftly. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mrs Johnson," replied Julia, the stinging in her legs quite apparent in her voice.

"You are here to learn your place girl, your father expects perfection when you return and our reputation is exemplary. Accordingly, any mistake, however small will be punished and in time you will learn how to behave yourself properly in your father's company."

Julia looked down at the 'clothes' she was wearing and wondered why on earth her father would want her to learn to dress like this, and then she remembered that look he'd given her just before she left.

"No," she thought to herself, "No, that can't be...he wouldn't, surely."

The Headmaster looked up at her puzzled face and smiled warmly.

"I presume your mother is no longer with your father?"

"No, she.... died several years ago."

The headmaster nodded, "It's often the case. In fact most of the girls who come here are from a similar background to you, rich fathers who are alone or in dead, loveless marriages. A lot of the fathers see their wives in the daughters and want to recapture what they once had..."

Julia shivered, again she was appalled that her father could want her but at the same time she felt her pussy moisten and her nipples harden still further.

"Turn around," ordered the headmaster.

Julia complied immediately, her head swimming as a thousand thoughts ran through her head at once. She completely forgot that the headmaster was inspecting her. He reached out and slid his fingers up the inside of her leg, Julia let out a small moan and then stopped herself. What the hell was wrong with her.

"Mrs Johnson," said the headmaster sharply, "if you would please observe this clothing infraction."

Mrs Johnson moved swiftly from her place in the corner, delighted to hear that the headmaster had found something worthy of punishment with this, one of the prettiest girls in the new group.

She leaned forward and the headmaster pointed to where Julia had mismatched the catches on the basque, leaving the top and bottom one's unfastened.

"Oh dear," said Mrs Johnson, almost unable to hide her glee at the girl's misfortune. "That is very unfortunate."

Julia looked around to see what the problem was and was rewarded with another slap across her legs.

"Keep facing forwards girl!" Barked the headmaster.

Julia obeyed, and then felt the headmaster unfastening and refastening her basque until it was perfectly done up. He stayed there a while, even when he had finished, breathing in her scent and taking in the gorgeous sight of her barely covered backside. His cock was already hard just thinking about what he was going to do to this girl over the coming year. Mr Hellings was very specific about what he expected for his money, he wanted her to come back to him as an obedient cock-hungry slut and he had every intention of training her to be exactly that.

Finally he stood up.

"I'm afraid, Miss Hellings, that I will have to punish you now."

Julia turned her head around again and started to protest.

"Silence!" Cried Mrs Johnson. "You never talk back to the headmaster, you will learn soon enough that dissent only brings more punishment!"

Julia closed her mouth and waited silently, trembling slightly as she waited for him to make his move.

"You will find that your attention to detail will improve significantly as you progress through the course," began the Headmaster. "The punishments I administer are only intended to focus the mind and to make you more... compliant. I would give you one piece of advice today Miss Hellings, it is the same piece of advice I give to all the girls who come here, and those who heed my advice generally tend to enjoy their stay here rather more than those who try to fight it."

He paused to look over at Mrs Johnson who was already back in her corner, her hand beneath her smart jacket, gently pulling at her left nipple through her blouse. He smiled at her, fully aware of how wet her pussy already was. She loved this, nothing got her going like watching him discipline the girls. She loved being spanked herself, but watching him abuse a fresh, innocent girl like Julia drove her insane with lust, and she'd already seen him spank three girls this morning.

"My advice to you, Miss Hellings, is that you listen to what I say and follow my instructions, to the letter, and without question. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir," said Julia softly, then remembering Mrs Johnson's previous instruction to speak up, she repeated her response in a louder tone.

"You see Mrs Johnson, she's learning already," said the headmaster winking at her as she looked down longingly at the bulge that was quite apparent in his trousers.

"Oh don't worry," thought the headmaster. "You'll be getting it later, in every hole until I'm done with you, you horny little slut.".

The headmaster had been fucking Mrs Johnson for years, almost since the day he arrived at the college in fact. She was a few years older than him, a bit plump and admittedly not the best looking woman he'd ever laid eyes on, but by Christ she was a dirty whore. At first he'd been almost shocked by her eagerness and willingness to be used however he wanted her, but now he had grown to expect her compliance, just as he expected the girls to learn their place. He thought nothing of bending her over and forcing his cock into her asshole at any time of the day or night, knowing full well that she would not only comply with his wishes but beg him to fuck her harder and deeper while he was doing it.

The headmaster looked at her for a few moments more, before turning his attention back to Julia. He pressed his hand against her back and pushed her forward until her face was resting on the bed, her small, black lace knickers stretching over her gorgeous tight ass-cheeks. He was going to enjoy this.

He bent down again and pushed his face close to her ass, he could smell her pussy already, and he wondered if the thought of her father's attentions was responsible or maybe she liked the thought of being punished? Or maybe it was a bit of both?

He made a big show of straightening her stockings once more, as if that was what he'd really bent down for and then stood up once more. Being left handed he stepped to the right of Julia allowing Mrs Johnson a perfect view of Julia's upturned backside. He smiled at her one more time and then placed his large hand on the girl's rump.

Julia tensed as she felt the headmasters warm hand touch her skin, now she knew she was about to be punished. She closed her eyes and waited for him to begin, she couldn't remember the last time she had been spanked, it must have been over ten years ago. She waited, and waited and then just as she was about to open her eyes again she heard the headmaster say "You will count the strokes Miss Hellings, and be grateful that on this occasion I am only using my hand, in future you may find I am not so lenient."

Julia heard herself reply, "Yes Sir, thank you Sir." and then she felt the hand leave her backside.

A few seconds later she heard the sound of the slap echo around the small bedroom almost before she even felt it. She couldn't help but cry out as the stinging built in intensity and she felt tears come to her eyes.

The headmaster waited, but there was no getting away from the fact that Julia had forgotten to count.

"Did you forget something Miss Hellings?"

Julia suddenly remembered the instruction to count and blurted out a tearful 'One', but unfortunately the headmaster was not in a charitable mood.

"Don't make me ask you again girl... we will begin again. And one other thing Miss Hellings, it would be to your benefit not to cry out as that will only increase the number of strokes I give you."

Julia acknowledged his words with a clear "Yes Sir." and then the headmaster brought his hand down once more, eliciting a wince from the girl followed shortly by a slightly hissed 'One'.

"That's better," said the headmaster as he lifted his hand away to lay another stroke across the girls trembling cheeks.


"Very good, I can see you're getting the hang of this."

Again his hand came down, and with each blow Julia's beautiful ass turned a darker shade of pink. Julia continued to count perfectly, even though the stinging was considerable, but then after about the eighth stroke she felt a subtle change come over her. She was no longer tense with fear, she was anticipating each blow, wanting it almost, and her pussy was definitely coming alive. The headmaster laid two more blows on her ass and she whimpered slightly as he allowed his fingers to trail down between her legs after the second one.

Mrs Johnson watched intently, desperate to see him pull out his sizeable cock and spear the girl in front of her. She moved her hand down between her legs and began to rub her own pussy through the material of her skirt.

"Would you like me to stop now Miss Hellings?" Asked the headmaster.

"Y, yes.." came the slightly unconvincing reply.

"Are you sure, you don't sound very sure," pressed the headmaster.

"No..." confessed Julia.

The headmaster softly rubbed her pussy lips through the tightly stretched material of her knickers as he admired the pink sheen he had given her backside.

"Have you ever been spanked before Miss Hellings?" Asked the headmaster.

"Not for a long time," replied Julia.

"It's not all bad is it?"

"No Sir," confessed the girl sheepishly.

The headmaster hooked his fingers into the girl's panties and gently pulled them to one side to expose her ass and her desperate pussy. He then placed his palms on her burning ass cheeks and pulled them apart to reveal her tight rosebud. Julia felt his breath on her asshole and let out a loud moan. She felt completely at his mercy and longed for his fingers to enter her pussy and bring her some relief. Instead she felt his tongue flick against her ass, causing her to pull away sharply. This of course was exactly what the headmaster had hoped would happen, giving him an excuse to punish the girl further and leave her horny and desperate to cum.

He didn't want to waste any more time on her today. He simply stood up and laid another five slaps on Julia's stinging backside, causing her to groan loudly between each slap as she counted them and then walked out of the door, closely followed by Mrs Johnson.

Left alone Julia didn't know what to do, she desperately wanted to reach between her legs and frig herself until she came, but she was scared in case the headmaster or Mrs Johnson came back in and caught her. So she just stayed there, bent over the bed, frustrated and horny, exactly as the headmaster had intended.

Outside in the hallway the headmaster walked past the next three rooms until he came to an empty bedroom at the end of the hallway, he knew they would not be disturbed in here and no one would hear them either. He stopped outside the door and motioned for Mrs Johnson to enter. She almost ran into the room and he followed almost as eagerly.

Once he had secured the door he moved towards her and pushed her down onto her knees, Mrs Johnson's fingers worked at his groin, undoing his trousers and freeing his large, thick cock. She pushed her head down on it, taking as much as she could into her mouth without choking. Her left hand moved down between her legs and hotched her skirt up around her waist, allowing her to rub her clit through her sodden knickers.

As she sucked on the headmaster's impressive stalk, he watched her approvingly, telling her what a slut she was, and encouraging her to take more of his meat into her mouth until she was almost gagging on it.

Soon the headmaster had had enough and wrenched his cock free from her mouth, he reached down and pulled her to her feet and then pushed her onto the bed on all fours. He pushed her skirt out of the way and then pulled her soaking wet knickers to one side before slamming his prick deep into her willing cunt.

He fucked her hard and fast. He knew it wouldn't last long, the morning had been two and a half hours of foreplay for them both. He knew too that Mrs Johnson was rubbing her clit furiously and within seconds he felt her pussy contract sharply and she buried her face into the bed clothes to stifle the noise as she came hard. The sensations of her cunt squeezing and releasing his prick pushed him over the edge too and he felt himself unleashing a river of cum inside her as he pounded into her the last few times.

When he had finished cumming, he pulled his slightly wilting cock out of her and pulled the woman up so that she could lick it clean. He held his cock just out of reach of her mouth until she looked up imploringly at him and begged him to let her clean him and then he pushed it into her mouth once more.

As he watched her submissively cleaning his sensitive cock, he imagined a time, not too far into the future when Julia Hellings would be doing exactly the same thing. He'd trained hundreds of girls since he'd arrived at the college and he instinctively knew which were the most responsive, and Julia definitely had potential written all over her.

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