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It was Saturday afternoon when I finally got some time alone with the family computer. Margery and the kids were out for the rest of the afternoon. I had three hours all to myself, about the only vacation time I was getting these days. Too damn much work, too damn much of everything.

It's a good thing there's always porn!

Good old porn! The office stiff's instant gratification and eventual release. Boss away for a while? Pull up a good stroke story to pass a slow afternoon at the office. Wife not givin' ya any? These wives will! Cheating wives that will do anything for anybody.

Certainly things that Margery wouldn't do. How long has it been since I got a decent blowjob? It seemed like ages.

Not that I don't enjoy sex with my wife nowadays, I'd concede. She loved to get on her hands and knees and play with her vibrator as I slid in and out of her from behind. It was a nice, lazy way to fuck. Margery still had a good ass to look at, I had to admit. It was about the only way I'd get to imagine doing her back there, too. And she did always cum real good with that vibrator buzzing around on that beautiful clit of hers.

Damn, here I had some time alone to look up that porn site I had just found and I was getting a boner over my wife of fifteen years! I could have her anytime. For the next three hours, I could have something different instead. Margery was almost always willing, well, if I approached her just right anyway.

After the modem had made the connection, I opened up Explorer and put in the URL. I'd been able to scope it out for just a moment at work, http://www.literotica.com. It looked pretty cool, but the boss had been in and out all day. No time to play while the cat's not away.

Not really a cat, more like a pointy haired bloodhound. Damn, mixed metaphors! But there's just no good way to describe all the devilry of my boss.

Now which for today? I wondered as I looked at the intro screen. Pics or stories? What to do! What to do! Pics were OK for a quick toss. Somehow though, they always left me feeling achy. The women were either not very attractive or too damn attractive. There didn't seem to be much in between. Masturbating to dirty pictures was OK, but stories are what I really like best. So I went there instead.

That's why I'd been attracted to this site anyway. I'd only gotten a chance to look at it briefly, but there seemed to be a lot of stories out there. There was a wide selection of categories. I tried 'New' just to get an overall picture.

Wow! It said seven days but that's a hell of a lot of new stories for just seven days. Must be a lot of pervs out there writing this stuff, and a lot of pervs like me reading it, I guess.

So, which story should I pick first? A lot of the titles sounded appealing. Lots of 'Erotic Couples' stories on the list. (Yawn! Boy meets girl. Boy fucks girl! Boy fucks girl, again! Rinse and repeat.)

Here's one that says 'Loving Wives.' So they do have a fantasy section I see!

'Group Sex!' Now we're talking! Why have one when you can have a dozen, that's my motto. Would you like a couple of sluts with your hamburger today, Sir? Screw the fries. Hold the pickle. Hold the lettuce. Lots of pussies don't upset us. All we ask is that you let us screw them our way!

Frickin' jingles. I hate it when they get in the head and won't go away.

Ooww! Incest stories, a special little perv of mine! 'Yes, Mother! Anything you say, Mother. Could you open up a little wider, Mother?'

One was labeled a daughter's story. Those could be fun, too. 'Yes, baby, that's what they're really supposed to look like. And it's called sucking, sweetheart, not teething! Ouch!'

And what's this 'H' for? Oh! The mouse-over said it was 'Hot.' Everybody knows mice don't lie, either. Furry little bastards.

So I clicked on this one called, 'Daughter's Best Friend.' By someone named Red_Writer. What kind of stupid fuckin' name was that? It doesn't mean anything, does it?

If I wrote stories I'd call myself 'LongSchlong' or 'SuperCockalicious' or something like that.

But it wasn't a bad story after I got into it. A guy, kinda like me, asked by his daughter to decide which dress looks best on her best friend. The sexy one or the demure one? That would be kinda fun, especially since they both were suppose to be horny little foxes.

'Bend over a little further, girl. Let's see how far down your cleavage I can see in that dress, lil darlin'. Yes, very nice! Now change into the other dress. No, you don't have to leave the room!'

Actually, it was a pretty hot story, especially at the end. By the time it was done, my cock was hard and full in my jeans and I was rubbing my tight crotch with both hands. If it had just been a little longer, I'd be pullin' out that bad boy and another chicken would get choked before it ever got a chance to cross the road.

He was begging for feedback at the end of the story, this Red_Writer perv. A little 'Author's Note' down there at the bottom. I saw the button for feedback and the voting system, but I really wanted to find another story and keep the juices flowing.

But, it had been a well-written story. Damn, this Red_Writer really was great! Let's find more like that!

Clicking on the highlighted name brought up a bio and then another list of stories. There's a sister story. Let's try that one. I always did have a thing for my sister. What I wouldn't have given to fuck her just once, or even just see her naked, for gosh sakes.

Yikes, this was a long one! All the brother and sister did was talk and talk and talk. Sure, she flashed him a little tit in the beginning, but she was just being a tease. Nipples weren't even mentioned. What's up with that? Then they start watching each other pee! That's just gross! Aren't there better things to write about or think about?

And the same begging plea at the end. Feedback? I'll give you feedback, buddy! I'd try the voting system first. That looked quicker. One through five. Which one to choose? Certainly not a five. Still, it wasn't written terrible. I'll give it a three. It wasn't a dog, just wasn't anything I could get into.

The moment I had voted, everything changed around me. A brief, but intense wave of disorientation passed over me, then pitch black darkness. Shortly afterward, I heard a voice, a female voice, low and sexy.

"Over here, baby," she said in a sultry, throaty rasp.

I turned around. Lit in a bright spotlight was a large, king-sized bed. The bed covers were mussed up and it looked like there were satin sheets on the bed. The sole occupant, a soft, fleshy blonde was beckoning me over.

"Come here, baby," she enticed me. "You took your time to vote, sugar. I'm your reward. Just call me 'Three'."

Wow! What a great incentive for voting! This really was a cool website, I thought as I stepped towards the bed.

Sure, she wasn't a total babe or anything, with a little too much makeup and hair that looked like it had been dyed a bit too often. She was older than I would have picked out, but a couple years younger than me. About my sister's age. In fact, she looked a lot like my sister, just with more makeup and a few extra pounds.

"That's right, Roger. I'm a lot like your sister because that's what you want me to be, at least right now. But we're different too, baby. You see, I'll fuck you Roger. Right here, baby. Right now. Just crawl up on the bed and give sis the dickin' you always wanted to give, honey."

Just crawl up, eh? Sure enough, looking down, I was already naked, and hard too! Still, there was Margery, not that I wouldn't cheat on her if I had the perfect chance…

"You do have a chance, Roger," the blonde cooed in her sexy, sultry voice. "This is just fantasy, sugar. No one will ever know. Come on, Roger. Sister's pussy is nice and wet for you, baby!"

She threw the sheets aside and spread her legs invitingly. She was wet, too. Between her large, pale thighs was a glistening, dark pink gash. She spread her vulva with her fingers and then dipped one deep inside herself and groaned. Those big, fleshy tits shook invitingly, her nipples erect and begging to be sucked on.

"Please, baby! Do me quick! I'm feeling nasty for my older brother. Make little sister your whore, Roger. Get on and fuck me hard and I'll be your slut forever!"

She was just too tempting! Her gaping hole drew me in, it was so wet and slick it was almost shiny. My cock seemed to steer itself unerringly into her cunt. That's all it was too. Not a pussy. Certainly not a vagina. This was just a hot cunt ready to be filled.

So I filled it!

Or I damn sure tried to, but she was so soft and loose it was hard to feel much friction as I started thrusting inside her. The first five or ten jabs felt OK. After all, she was wet and her hips were active. Just the warmth of sinking in and being enveloped by those arms and legs felt nice.

But after a while, there just wasn't that much sensation. So I pumped her harder and tried to get my stiff six inches deeper.

"If you wanted tight, you should have tried out the 'First Time' category," the blonde whispered in my ear. "But if you ask me, those little tramps don't really know how to fuck!"

What she lacked in tightness, she began to make up in volume and crudity, though.

"That's it, baby! Give it to me hard! Pound sister's pussy! Pound me! Pound me! Come on! Come on! DO ME! DO ME! DO ME! UUUURRRRRGGHHHHHHHH!"

I think she climaxed, or at the very worst, she pretended to climax. It was kinda exciting because she flailed around so much. Still, the shouting in my ear was a bit distracting and she wasn't exactly someone I'd be proud to be seen with.

I hadn't even climaxed myself and she was already pushing me off. Worse yet, my cock came out of her, coated with something thick and sticky that looked a lot like someone else's semen.

"Sure it is, baby," the blonde said, seeming to read my mind once again. She yawned sleepily; probably to indicate to me that we were through. Then she added, "I'm just a 'Three', sugar. If you want to get off with a Three you have to be quicker next time. Lots of guys do, especially the young ones. Now be good and run along. Even though there's a lot of us Three's around, business is picking up and I have to hump a lot of cock today. Be sweet and let me catch a nap, baby."

"But I didn't even cum," I said weakly.

Though to tell the truth, I wasn't interested in it right now anyway. Seeing some other guy's semen on my cock? Yucko! I'm not a fruit!

The blonde gave a sleepy laugh and said languidly, "If you want to get off, you need at least a 'Four', darlin'. Now run along, sister's sleepy."

Sure enough, as soon as I stepped off the bed, I was back in front of my computer. My clothes were on and everything felt exactly as it was before. There was a webpage thanking me for voting on the screen. The whole experience was very weird, but kinda cool, too!

So I frantically hit the back button and pulled up the 'Daughter's Best Friend' story again. That deserved at least a four!

Or maybe a five! Did I dare? If a Four was good, what would a Five be like?

But, the story had been worth a four rating, really. And it was a daughter story. Would she look like…?

I hurriedly clicked on the radio button for the fourth level of voting and everything went dark again. My cock was already throbbing.

She was an attractive, slender redhead, just like in the story. She looked young and vulnerable, especially naked on what was obviously a young girl's bed.

"Dad, what are you doing in my room so late at night?" she said in a shy, innocent voice.

The way she opened her legs though was definitely not innocent. Or the way her fingers started playing with her clitoris in slow circles.

"I'm a little old for you to read me a bedtime story, Daddy," she said giggling. "After all, every little girl here has to be at least eighteen, you big, strong Daddy."

Indeed, she looked eighteen, but just barely! Eighteen and a day maybe! Eighteen and thirty seconds! She looked so young and innocent and sexy and … oh yeah, eighteen!

"Can't Daddy just climb onto the bed with you, baby?" I found myself asking her in a seductive manner.

"I don't know, Daddy," she said demurely while scooting to make plenty of room for me. "What would Mommy say about that?"

"We don't have to tell her, baby," I found myself playing along with her sexy game. "Mamas never find out about these things. It would ruin the storyline."

"Well, as long as Mommy never finds out, I guess we can do anything we want, can't we Daddy?" she asked, her words dripping with virtue and innocence. Meanwhile, her juicy little pussy was dripping on the bed. I felt drawn to her, though I'd never be proud to admit it to anyone. As I slid onto the bed, I found myself crawling headfirst between those slender, innocent looking thighs.

"You look so beautiful, darling," I crooned to her seductively. "What happened to your nightgown though, dear? Is it too warm in here tonight?"

"No, Daddy," she said demurely, her hands reaching into my hair and drawing my head closer. "I'm being bad, I guess. I was hoping you'd see me nekid."

"You mean 'naked', dear," I corrected her. "Or more femininely, 'nude'."

She batted her beautiful eyes shyly, somewhat embarrassed.

"We 'Fours' sometimes make a mistake, Daddy," she explained. "But we're so cute, people usually tend to overlook it."

I could see that. She had a very cute pussy. When I tasted it, she tasted of innocence and strawberries. And look here! What do you know! A virgin!

"Yes, Daddy," she smiled happily. "Every time you visit me, I'll be a virgin, just for Daddy. But remember, only once per story. At least, only once per IP address!"

I buried my face into her gorgeous, young twat. She squirmed and moaned deliciously, quite unlike that fat whore of a Three.

"Oh yes, Daddy-dearest, my handsome hunk of a father. I've always dreamed of you licking my delicate flower. How does my nectar taste on your tongue, darling? Is it like ambrosia? Is it like new wine? Is it everything you every dreamed your little virgin daughter would be?"

She went on and on as I ate her until I could take no more of the verbiage. Apparently she was a very wordy Four, using more metaphors than action verbs. But, she tasted so delicious that my cock was throbbing pretty good anyway. To cease her idle rambling, I rose up, covering her mouth with a kiss while beginning to prod her with my hard staff between her legs.

"Let me do that, Daddy," she urged me, grasping my cock in her incredibly small (and don't forget, incredibly soft!) hands. "Every virgin knows just how to do this, Daddy. It's everything we've ever dreamed about."

She fitted the head of my cock into her wet slit. Then, just before I began to ease inside, she drew my eyes to hers somehow. Just like they do in every story right before the virgin is deflowered.

"I've wanted you all my life, Daddy. That goes without saying -- every daughter does. And you don't have to be gentle. I know it will hurt -- but not much. Sure, there'll be a little blood -- but just a dab. Just enough to stain your dick. And we both know I'll cum hard at the end -- every virgin does. And…"

"Would you just shut up and let me fuck you, dearest?" I pleaded. "The original story wasn't this long!"

"Well, you are Daddy, but I beg to differ. 'Daddy Does Baby Girl' goes on for pages and pages," she explained.

"What are you talking about? I asked exasperatedly. "I'm here for "Daughter's Best Friend." It's only one webpage long, not even with a damn 'Next'!"

She blinked rapidly, like a computer processing, then announced in a flat voice, "Reassigning. Loading character content. Proceed."

"Why didn't you say so, Pops?" the redhead giggled playfully. "We both know my lesbo girlfriend took my cherry long ago. What are you waiting for? Give me that meat, lover!"

Ahhhhh! Now we're talking! Tight, near virgin pussy. It's a good thing I could keep a constant erection during incessant dialogue!

This girl was a vigorous, fun fuck. Her hips were wild and she was begging me to play with her nipples.

"Twist 'em good just as I'm cumming, Daddy. Baby likes it rough!" she quoted liberally.

But even though I was taking a little longer, she was still a lovely bed-partner. She panted, hanging forever just on the edge of orgasm.

"Please, Daddy! Fuck me harder. I can't cum without you! It's just not done. We have to cum together!" she wailed.

I was close, but still just couldn't find the edge, no matter how lovely and appealing she was. Until she pulled me down tight, whispering in my ear.

"My girlfriend's right behind you, Daddy. No, don't look. She's gonna join us, too. She's never had a cock, either. We're gonna fuck you together, all the time, constant tag-team action. Two horny, submissive pussies for my daddy!"

Her words urged me on until I climaxed deep and hard and long inside her. She came with me, screaming for release, flowing like a fountain, bursting like a balloon, roaring like a freight train, plunging over a cliff, a headlong rush to oblivion, a sharp stick in the eye, etc. etc. etc.

"That was great, Daddy," she said, smiling up into my face as we both relaxed in each other's arms.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw her friend wasn't there at all. The little minx had fooled me. Or really, I'd let myself be fooled at a moment of passion.

"Of course, she's not there, Daddy," she grinned, reading my mind in that disconcerting way these omniscient characters had. "I know it's in the storyline, silly, but if you want two girls in your reward for voting, you have to go to the 'Group Sex' category."

I smiled at her, enjoying the afterglow. As I was toying with her breasts, gently rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger, she began to get a little anxious. It became obvious she wanted me to go, but at least she had more grace than the previous gal. She didn't kick me out of bed, at least, not exactly.

So I rose up on my knees, preparing to go. I looked down fondly on her, one last time, though. She was a pleasant companion and I knew I'd remember her. For a least a little while, anyway.

"If you enjoyed your time, Daddy, please consider giving Red_Writer an anonymous feedback. Please! Just be sure to specify the story. About half the responses he gets don't seem to have the name of the story in them at all."

I don't know how she knew that, but as I said, she seemed to be omniscient. I was feeling relaxed and lazy still, so I kissed her on her cute cheek and tucked her into her bed for the night.

"Come back and see me sometime, Daddy," she smiled. "If you read a story deserving of a Four, that is."

"I'll be on the lookout for one, darling," I told her. "I'd love to spend more time with you."

Stepping off the bed, I was once more transported to my spot before the computer. Oddly, the afterglow of orgasm was entirely gone. As sensation returned to my physical body, I felt just as horny and anxious as before. Looking at my watch, no time had passed at all. My wife still wouldn't be returning for several hours.

So I was ready! If a Four was that sweet, I wanted a Five!

Hitting the 'Back' button, I returned to Red_Writer's list of stories. I saw it right off! Just what I was looking for! 'Sluts Next Door'!!!!!!!!

After the page loaded, I went directly to the end of the story. Without a moment's hesitation, I clicked on 'Five'!

Yeah, baby! Bring it on!

Things went dark and that disconcerting feeling returned briefly. When I looked up …

Damn! What a beautiful sight!

She was tall and lean and very shapely. Her red hair flowed behind her like a blazing fire. She looked very hot, and very sexy!

"Finished playing with the kiddies, are you?" she asked in a sultry alto. "Thought you'd move up and play with the big girls now?"

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