Instant Lust


I couldn't move.

One moment I was walking along, avoiding my fellow pedestrians more or less on autopilot as I replayed the interview in my head, the next moment... Time stopped, as though the world had frozen. I was mid-stride, as were many, and there were birds mid-flight, and where a car splashed through a puddle a curtain of water hung suspended.

'Hello, Tina.' It was a woman's voice from behind me. Husky, sexy, intimate. Foreign. Her breath was warm against my neck. I couldn't turn, couldn't see her. Sharp fingernails dug into the tender flesh of my thighs below the hem of my dress, tearing at my tights. Her cool hands lifted my skirt as she ripped my tights all the way to my waist.

Laughing, she spanked my exposed cheeks, protected now only by the delicate thong I had worn to feel sexy and more confident in the interview.

I stumbled and almost fell as time started and the world roared to life. Busy people paused to stare at me for a few precious seconds, amused by the sight of a young and very embarrassed woman with her skirt bunched up around her waist and the shredded remains of tights about her ankles.

Not only embarrassed, but terrified and confused. I adjusted my skirt quickly, searching the crowd around me for the woman who had done this. There were several women watching me, but none that seemed right, and soon they were off again, back to their busy lives. No one was looking at me any longer.

Soon the only evidence that I hadn't imagined the whole thing was what was left of my tights - and the lingering heat where she had spanked me. Who was she? Where was she? How had she done that?

The tights dragged at my ankles as I set off again, so I stopped to take off my shoes and remove the last scraps of material, depositing them in a nearby waste bin.

Seconds later the world froze again. 'I still think you're overdressed,' she said, behind me again. She tugged at my jacket strangely, confusing me until I recognised the faint sound of scissors and realised she was cutting it off me. At the edges of my vision I saw the blades slicing along the arms, glimpsed a dark-skinned feminine arm and hand.

Cold, sharp metal pressed lightly against my back, working round me first one way then the other, ending at a point between navel and breasts. 'Much better,' she whispered, and kissed my neck with cool lips.

I stumbled again, but recovered quickly, spinning round to try to see her this time - but she was gone. My jacket disintegrated around me, and my shirt and vest unravelled from around my waist, leaving my belly and lower back bare. 'Stop it!' I screamed, which only made the people rushing around me stare in momentary fear. I could see in their eyes they thought I was crazy.

Maybe I was. Either that or there was a woman able to stop time and for some reason she wanted to tear my clothes off. And though the thought of a woman wanting to tear my clothes off was often a welcome one, doing it without my permission in broad daylight surrounded by crowds of onlookers was very bad.

Yet oddly exciting.

And infuriating! That had been my favourite jacket, and not cheap. I needed to get away from her, wherever she was. The cars grumbled to a halt as the lights turned red, and the green men lit up. I ran along to the crossing and raced over to the other side, then through the doors into a large department store that I was familiar with.

Women's clothing was up one floor, and almost without thinking I stepped onto the escalator. Again the world froze around me. 'This is perfect!' she said, circling my waist with her arms and pressing herself against my back. 'I do believe you're learning to anticipate my needs.'

She was still holding scissors in one hand. Dropping to her knees behind me, she attacked my skirt, shortening it to leave my thighs completely exposed. Lifting the remainder of my skirt, she spanked me again, this time the cheek she had spared earlier, and then her lips were pressed to my stinging flesh as she kissed and licked all over.

I was as confused as ever, but my fear of this woman was giving way to arousal and desire. I was halfway up an escalator in a busy department store, and some strange woman was stripping me and spanking me and kissing my exposed bum cheeks.

Standing abruptly, she slipped the scissors up along my spine and cut my bra strap.

This time there was no loss of balance, just a moment of panic as I tugged what was left of my skirt down around my bum cheeks, while the rest fell about my shoes and my bra escaped from my shirt. I caught it before it fell, and bent down to retrieve the bottom part of my skirt before it got caught in the escalator.

A few steps behind and below me, a young couple stood watching me, looking very startled. Their position gave them a clear view up what was left of my skirt, and there was nothing I could do about it.

At the top, I rushed in search of new clothes, praying that my tormentor would leave me alone now. I grabbed a dress and went to pay, but there was a queue. A short one, thankfully, and soon the cashier was calling me over.

'Oh, dear,' the familiar voice whispered in my ear. 'That will never do.' She cut what was left of my shirt and skirt, and carried them and the dress away. I was motionless and entirely naked, except for thong, handbag and heels. When she returned, it was with a much shorter dress, made of much thinner material. She draped it over my arm, and resumed her favourite position, leaning against my back. This time I could feel that she was naked too, could feel her nipples pressing into me, her pubes tickling my bum.

Her hands reached round to cup my breasts and caress my nipples, sending shivers of pleasure through me.

Suddenly she was gone, all stimulation gone, and I was standing almost naked in front of the cashier, almost unable to think through the fog of my arousal. 'Just this,' I said, placing the skimpy dress on the counter. 'I won't need a bag.' The girl went bright red as she tried not to look at my breasts.

I shrugged myself into the dress while we waited for the credit card to process. In the brief moment that my face was covered by the material, time stopped and a mouth fastened about my left nipple, teeth biting, tongue licking, the pleasure exquisite yet torturous. She pulled away at last, only to spank me, twice, leaving both cheeks stinging, and tugged my thong down about my ankles. 'Don't put them on again,' she said, 'or I'll cut them and the dress off.'

All around, women were glaring at me and muttering to each other as I straightened out the dress and stepped out of the thong, crouching carefully to pick it up and put it in my handbag. Surrounded by women who knew exactly how little I was wearing. In amongst the muttering, I caught words like 'slut' and 'whore'. Ten minutes earlier I had been dressed for a formal interview, and now I was reduced to this.

And I was so desperately horny too. My cheeks were glowing from her spanking, and my nipples were hard and hungry to feel her mouth again. My thong had been damp from my earlier arousal, but I was sure I was getting wetter still.

On the escalator down, I spread my legs, knowing that anyone who looked up would see my pussy exposed and wet. But I didn't do it for them. When time stopped, she was in front of me this time, a beautiful dark-skinned Latina with long black hair in a ponytail. 'Are you offering yourself to me, Tina?' she asked, and kissed me on the lips. I wished I was able to respond, but I was as stuck as ever. 'Because if so, I accept.'

She dropped to her knees, kissing my thighs, taking her time, teasing me. I wanted to grab her head and grind her mouth against my pussy, but I was forced to endure this foreplay. Higher and higher she climbed, her lips on my lips, her tongue exploring my folds, penetrating me. Higher and higher the tension built in me.

A finger slipped into me as her tongue swirled about my clit. Then a second, and a third, finding my G spot and making my whole body tingle in response.

My climax hit like a shockwave. I cried out with the pleasure of release, and grabbed hold of the side rails for stability, as the walls of my vagina contracted painfully about fingers that were no longer there, and I was squirting, splashing the escalator steps with that clear, wonderful fluid.

A handful of people - men, women, shop assistants - were staring up at me in shock. Fortunately, the short ride to the ground floor was just enough for me to recover my senses. Smiling to pretend nothing unusual had happened, I strode towards the exit and escaped into the busy street outside.


Desperate to find a seat to rest for a few minutes, and somewhere I could clean myself a little, I headed down the street and into Starbucks, and straight through to the restroom at the back. I locked myself in a stall while I used tissues and wipes to clean and dry my thighs as best I could.

My dark Latina, dressed now in an elegant suit, interrupted this ritual. 'I've been looking for you for a long time,' she said. 'Most people are completely unaware of me, their thoughts and flesh so frozen that they are like cold stone. If I did to them what I did to you, they would run screaming to the madhouse.'

She ran her fingers up my thighs and teased apart the lips of my pussy with her fingertips. 'But you... You have enjoyed this as much as I did.' Keeping her dark brown eyes fixed on mine, she licked the wet tips of her fingers. 'Only one person in a thousand, maybe ten thousand, has that gift. So far I have found less than twenty people. Some children, some elderly folk, some men, some women. I have business relationships with some, but so far you are the only person I've found where mutual attraction is possible.'

She sighed. 'Go get a coffee and grab a table,' she said, and winked out of existence. Five minutes later she reappeared in the chair opposite me. 'I realise I'm not giving you any choice in the matter, but I am desperate for the love of a good woman and now that I've found you I have no intention of ever letting you go.' She eased the mug of coffee from my hands and cradled it in her own hands, sipping briefly. 'Besides, it's your own fault for applying for the job.' She grinned. 'I'm Arsenia Rosales.'

I recognised the name. Indeed, the interview had been for the job of Personal Assistant to Ms Arsenia Rosales, a fairly well paid position but with unclear responsibilities. I had been a little surprised that she hadn't been at the interview itself, and the panel of interviewers had been extremely vague. 'I was looking for a PA, not a girlfriend,' she said, 'but you're more than qualified for both positions. The latter, my dear, is non-negotiable, but there's a formal offer for the former in the post.'

She sat back, sipping my coffee and studying me for a minute. 'I've been this way for ten years now,' she said. 'I exist in frozen time for a few minutes, sometimes longer but very rarely for longer than half an hour, and then time whizzes past, as if catching up with itself. It's not an exact thing. I'll exist for five then vanish for ten, or vice versa, but by and large it averages out. A year for me is a year for you.'

She put my mug down. It was empty now. 'The difference is that my world is static. The only interaction I have with the world is what I force on it. The only voice I hear is my own. The only movements I see are my own. I see only snapshots of life. I communicate with my family through written notes. I can, I suppose, have sex with any woman I see, but she won't feel a thing - and where's the joy in that? But you...'

She leaned over the table to kiss me. 'You can see me. You can feel me. I can give you pleasure, as well as take pleasure from you, and that makes you the most important person in my life. So please forgive me, but I'm not giving you a choice, because I think I would die if you denied me.'

And then she was gone.


It was a warm day, thankfully, or I would have frozen to death. The dress left my thighs bare and was revealing at the top, and the material was besides thin enough that my nipples were sharp points, and my lack of underwear clear. People were looking at me while I sat in the cafe, while I walked along the street, while I waited at the bus stop. A hand reached out from the crowd to cup my ass, a man's hand, large, rough, muscular, the fingers darting briefly between my cheeks, and then it was gone.

I felt exposed and vulnerable as never before. It would have been a relief to sit on the bus, but my dress was so short it would have meant putting bare flesh on a dirty fabric seat. So I stood, but after a while the bus was packed, men pressing against me on all sides, their eyes drinking me in, their gaze lingering on my breasts, the pressure of an increasingly hard bulge against my ass.

Unable to bear it, I escaped the bus two stops before my usual. It meant having to walk through the woods, but that was preferable to a crowd of men grinding their cocks into my ass - I exaggerate, but only a little.

About thirty seconds later, there was a loud bang and the bus ground to a halt with a scream of metal. I watched the driver get out and circle around the bus, scratching his head, and he tried to open the doors to let people out but the doors weren't responding.

Time stopped as Arsenia popped into existence next to me. 'That worked better than expected,' she said. 'Slashing tires is easy, but glue is very unpredictable.' She swung round to face me, her dark eyes full of humour. 'Bloody men. Serves them right. No one touches my girl but me.'

She kissed me. It's weird to be kissed and not be able to respond. Her lips felt cool and incredibly soft, and wonderful, and if time hadn't stopped then my heart would have raced. 'I'm a very jealous lover,' she whispered. 'When I suspected my last girlfriend of cheating, I used the machine to stop time for me so that I could find out for sure. And I did find out for sure. I found her in bed. With a man. His cock frozen in her pussy, mid-thrust. If I had been angry before, I was furious now.'

She laughed and kissed me again. 'I'm not proud of myself, the way I lost control, but I was so hurt, and there is such temptation anyway to abuse the power frozen time gives. I reached between them and cut his condom off, thinking it would serve her right to get pregnant.'

Her hands were on my breasts, her fingers teasing my nipples, making it suddenly very hard to concentrate on what she was saying. 'But then it occurred to me that she might actually like that - and also I needed something more immediate, more visual, to satisfy my thirst for vengeance. So I went to the kitchen, hunted around, and found red food colouring, and I smeared it all over his cock and her pussy. Five minutes later... there was red all over the sheets, and the lovers were on opposite sides of the room, staring at their genitals with expressions of such abject horror... It was delicious. I think I traumatised them both for life.'

She sighed. 'Sometimes I feel guilty about that, but I have been punished severely for my cruelty then. The time machine was never very stable, and certainly was never intended for human use or for use beyond the carefully calibrated space of the laboratory. When I tried to return to normal time, the machine exploded, taking half the building with it. Fortunately it was late at night and no one else was there, but for several days I was time jumping every one or two seconds and feeling horribly sick.'

She kissed me again. 'Time's up,' she said, and vanished.

I was suddenly dizzy as my body reacted to my mind's arousal. I needed to get home so that I could enjoy myself without worrying about people watching me. Turning my back on the bus and trying to banish thoughts of Arsenia's bloody revenge from my mind, I set out along the path through the woods.

They are beautiful in the summer, lush greenery interspersed with brightly coloured foliage, and during the early weekday afternoon they are not busy, many of the paths being so secluded it is unusual to meet anyone.

It was only when a flash of intense pink caught my eye that I discovered my handbag was gone. I couldn't think when exactly I lost it, but it was after getting on the bus. But there it was, at the base of a tree some way off the path. Of course, I knew it was Arsenia playing a game, but I needed that bag. It had my phone and wallet and, most importantly, my house keys.

Muttering dark curses, I left the path to retrieve it. The strap, however, was tight about the base of the tree and I had to bend down to loosen it and work it free. Before I could, time froze and Arsenia was there. 'Ahh, look at this,' she said, and spanked my bum hard. 'You're in the perfect position.'

Kneeling behind me, her mouth was quickly between my thighs, kissing my lips, licking my labia, sucking gently on my clit, and it felt like my frozen flesh was melting at her touch. To my surprise, though, she kissed her way up to my ass and licked the tight ring, forcing her tongue inside me there.

No one had ever touched me there. It felt wrong to me, but there was no way to stop her, and actually it felt good. Really good. 'You like this, don't you?' she said, laughing. Standing up, she spanked me again. Something hard pressed at the entrance her tongue had just penetrated. 'This may hurt a little at first,' she said, and the pressure increased to the point I wanted to scream. She was forcing a hard object into my ass, stretching me slowly wider and wider as the object pushed deeper and deeper. And then it stopped. 'There,' she said.

She walked round the tree and tied rope around my wrists, and disappeared. I cried out as my ass adjusted to the hard object that filled and stretched it. I managed to stand up, but couldn't free myself from the restraints. I was tied to a tree in the woods, a... plug in my ass. I wondered, if anyone did come along the path, was it best to ask for help and suffer the extreme embarrassment of being seen like this? Or hide?

Ten minutes later I did hear someone coming, and I hid, peeking round the trunk to see a trio of school children come and go.

Arsenia reappeared, with scissors again, and cut away my dress, leaving me naked apart from my heels. 'Isn't that much better?' Her hands were on my breasts, her fingers squeezing my nipples.

She untied the rope from my wrists. 'There's a car waiting at the gate for you. Hurry, my love.'

Alone in the woods, naked except for heels and butt plug, and once again desperately horny... The gate was two minutes away, perhaps, but there was no way to get there without being seen, and the only alternative left was to hide in the woods until dark and then make a run for home.

That was the choice she gave me. Hours alone naked in the woods, or a few minutes exposed to public view with the promise of Arsenia and her strange and terrifying passion.

I wanted her. I needed to feel her hands on me, her mouth on me, her kisses, her tongue on my clit. I freed my handbag from the tree and marched back to the path and off towards the gate, ignoring the man walking his dogs, the elderly couple on the bench, the gang of schoolchildren who laughed and yelled at me, and even the double decker that drove past just as I reached the gate.

A limousine waited at the gate and the chauffeur stood beside it, opening the door as I approached. 'Good afternoon, Miss,' he said.

'Very,' I said as I entered a dark, private world of cream leather and luxury.

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