tagExhibitionist & VoyeurInstructions for a Sex Slave No. 03

Instructions for a Sex Slave No. 03


In Instruction number 1, my Sex Slave had to find a secluded spot on the coastal path and slowly strip herself naked, fondling her lusty body in full view of any ships, or passing yachts, or fishing boats. She doesn't know if anybody saw her as she became more aroused, doesn't know how many pairs of binoculars were trained on her body as her tits jigged up and down as she brought herself to orgasm, but she hopes that any watchers enjoyed the show.

In Instruction number 2, my Sex Slave had to go to the library for an erotic novel and then read it in a public place. She had one of her vibrators down her knickers and she switched this on, the noise masked by the people talking and walking about. She was very aroused and whimpered as she orgasmed, fluttering her eyes and hunching forwards, and she knew that dozens of people had just seen her come, but hadn't realised what they were watching. Well, not all of them, perhaps, but the woman at the watch stall had seen her press the button through her clothes and had watched intently, when my slave looked at her as the contractions in her belly had subsided, she had smiled and licked her lips.

In this next task she will know exactly how many people have watched her finger her cunt, how many have seen her spread her legs wide apart and seen her juices glisten on her lips.

You must start naked. Walk around the house, looking for something to write with, you will need a marker that isn't permanent but doesn't rub off your skin too easily. Walk through your rooms, keeping to the shadows, but if there is nobody looking in the window then stand for a while with your legs slightly apart; lick each of your fingers slowly, one at a time, starting behind the knuckle and licking to the tip: when they are all wet, stroke underneath your chin, slide down across a breast, circle your navel; then down quickly to the target, into your crotch, slide the index finger and the little one either side of your lips and push the other two into your cunt as you rub your clit up and down with the heel of your hand. When you feel that you don't want to stop, lick the juices from your fingers and move on. Do this with an alternate hand in each room, until you need to come, but stop before you do and make sure you have found the marker – remember that?

Place a mirror on the floor where you can see your reflection when you are sitting on the edge of your bed with your legs spread wide. Now write on your body. You can choose your own words, but they must be written backwards so they look the right way in the mirror; you might write 'fuck my cunt', or 'ass needs black cock'; 'lesbian virgin for 69' or 'cum here', with arrows. Take the writing down far enough so that the short skirt you plan on wearing will just cover it unless you hitch it up a centimetre.

Choose your clothes carefully. No knickers, short skirt and top that shows your cleavage, just covering the writing. You can wear a bra if it raises your tits and thrusts them out invitingly.

Now head out to the shops. Find a small greengrocer, not an anonymous supermarket, and examine the courgettes – in some countries they are called zucchini – finding the most cock-shaped and size that you can, ensuring that they taper along their length. As you stand in front of the shelves, carefully hitch up your skirt until you can see words. Buy two, one bigger than the other, and when you are outside put them into a transparent or semi-transparent plastic carrier so that they can be identified inside.

Move on to the local pharmacy and go to the shelf where the baby oil is kept. If you don't know where this is, check out the female assistants and ask the one that looks as if she might be a bit kinky, or, if you are very lucky, a lesbian, lifting up your carrier slightly as you pose the question. Take the oil to the checkout and place it on the counter, alongside your carrier bag. Pay with a note, so that you have to get change; whilst the assistant gets this, put the oil in with the courgettes, leaving the bag open so that the contents can be seen.

Now go home and strip naked again. You will need to strip your bed and just have a mattress protector or plastic sheets at the edge of it and on the floor; once this is done you must set up your video phone or video camera on the floor, looking up towards the edge of the bed in a good position where it will record a view of your hot and dripping cunt as you work yourself to orgasm.

Before starting the camera, lie down and caress your body, imagining all the people who will be watching your movie; glide your fingertips across your naked flesh until you feel hot and ready.

Start the recording, walk back over to the bed out of camera shot and lie down, feet towards the camera. Slide down so that your feet are in shot and slowly spread your legs wide, wriggling down until your hips are across the edge of the bed and your belly would be just in view. Run your fingers over your widely parted thighs, stroke your cunt lips and spread them open with one hand, showing the glistening red wetness inside, With the other hand, touch a fingertip to your anus and tease it very slowly and gently, feather-lightly, as your lover will do as your mind is prepared for full penetration there.

Reach for the bottle of oil and drizzle it onto your lower belly, just above your crotch – the camera should be able to see the liquid dropping from the lip onto your skin and pubic hair if you haven't shaved it off. Keep pouring until you are very wet and any hair is completely soaked, then massage it in, dipping your oily hand into your cunt from time to time, circling your clit as you become more and more aroused.

Hold the bottle neck at your cunt lips and pour oil into your waiting crack, lift your hips so that it pours inside, imagning it's a bottle of your lover's sperm filling your fertile cunt to overflowing. Tilt your body so that it runs out, down the crack of your backside. Holding the oil in one hand , press a fingertip into your anus, then slowly drizzle oil along your middle finger as you press it inside deeper and deeper, working it in and out with more and more oil. Now place a courgette lengthways down through your cunt lips and pour oil onto it; put the oil down and hold it with two hands, smallest tip against your anus, pressing it slowly into your body until it is well embedded towards its thickest part.

Now take your vibrator and hold it buzzing against your clit with one hand and with the other slowly anally dildo yourself with the vegetable, remembering to move lewdly for the camera recording the scene, the combined oil and your furious stroking making your writing smudge, unless you used a permanent marker....

When you feel the orgasm is near, quickly take the second courgette and pour oil onto it, then thrust it into your grasping cunt, deep and full, pushing the oil inside your body; thinking if only it really was your lover's sperm it would be flowing into your waiting womb. Take hold of both green dildoes with one hand and press them in and out, holding your vibrator against your clit. As the orgasm approaches you must be vocal, shout out, gasp, moan and thrust in and out, the oil and your skin slapping as you work hard for the camera until the final bolts of sensation flash out from your clit through your belly; make sure you arch your back, throwing back your head and lifting your tits into the camera's view, until it overwhelms your senses and you collapse back onto the bed as it gradually fades away to a warm glow. Sigh for the camera and open your eyes.

Lie still for a while and then push the dildoes from your body. Wriggle up the bed again, out of shot, and stop the camera.

Check your movie. If it isn't perfect, you will just have to do it again. On your PC, register for a website like 'yuvutu' or 'myspicyclips', or a host of others, and upload your video.

After it has been published, wait 7 days and then post a comment here saying how many people have viewed your orgasm, have seen you dildo yourself in both your perfect holes. They might not let you mention where it is, but you can always send me a private message with the link....

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