tagLoving WivesInstructions from Anne

Instructions from Anne


I can't believe the book fell; a single innocent book poorly placed on a shelf could cause such a life changing experience. Well, for me it did. But I am getting ahead of myself. Perhaps I should just start at the beginning and tell my story. This story is true and was requested by my keyholder and online Mistress.

Some of you will think this is bull, some will think it is an embellishment, that an innocent book falling to the ground by the feet of an innocent couple could never change a lifestyle as much as it changed mine and still others will think that this is pure fantasy written to elicit a certain response, but I can assure you that is neither of the above – this is a true a story about a man – a successful strong man – that had control once who was turned into a chastised, somewhat feminized, cuckold who must please and satisfy not 1 but 2 women.

It was sometime in the fall of 2009 when my wife of many years and I ventured from our Marin County ranchette into San Francisco to go out on the town and find a replacement for her favorite toy a "Rabbit" dildo. We planned for a dinner, some music and then return home to have some fun with her new toy. To that end we departed Marin, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge paid our $5.00 toll and headed toward North Beach. We had dinner at a nice Italian Bistro and talked about nothing in particular except the evening ahead, music, dancing and the purchase of a toy. We left holding hands laughing and proceeded to Broadway and Columbus. Those familiar with SF will note that this is the start of the Red Light district where many Sex Shops and strip clubs comingle with upcoming dance clubs and music venues, a perfect place to listen to some music, shop and perhaps dance. We found a shop right on the corner that looked promising, well light, clean and perfect for us to find the perfect replacement. We walked in and were met by a nice man who showed us around to the section we wanted. He left and we perused the selection of dildos.

We were amazed at what they offered; all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. We found the shelf that held what we are looking for, the rabbit, 7 or so inches of pleasure that has a section of little pellets that rotate and special fingers that seem to trigger just the right spot. I was concerned that the toy was just perhaps just a tad too big, after all what self respecting man would buy his wife a toy that was bigger than him, but decided to take it down and look at it anyway. That is when disaster struck, I stood up on my tip toes and reached for it. I grabbed it, slipped a little and slid the toy on the shelf and knocked down a book. Funny it was the only book in that section. My wife reached down and picked up the book. Looked at it and started to laugh. The man that walked us in heard the commotion and came over and asked if everything was ok, my wife said, "yeah Jim is just a bit clumsy" and started to laugh again, the man smiled and walked away. I asked her what was so funny and see showed me the book. It was a book on female domination and how to train your husband. I started to laugh as well, figuring that we would buy the toy and move on. However Lori, my wife opened the book and started to look at it, telling me that is interesting and that we should buy it. I laughed and said sure lets have some kinky sex. I scanned over the book, playing close attention to the cover of a sexy female and only thought of the sex, a lot of kinky sex. She spent some time reading the table of contents and I went on to look at other things. About 10 minutes later she approached me and said "I want to buy this and my little friend" I said ok, we purchased the items and went out to a club, listened to music and had a great time and went home. That night we had some great sex and the book was not brought up. The toy was used and she seemed to orgasm more than usual.

The following morning we awoke late, a night of partying for two young 40's people took its toll. I was a tad hungover and Lori was wide awake reading. She seemed intense, a woman with a mission to finish. I got up made coffee and went to get her. She asked me to bring her a cup since she was not finished. I thought this odd since she normally would have got up and has never asked me to get her coffee. I shrugged it off, put my machismo aside and got her a cup. I dropped it off and she said "good boy" I dismissed this and went about my business of the day, typical guy weekend stuff, yard work, cleaning the garage, garbage, etc. About 2 or 3 Lori came out absolutely beaming, she was gorgeous, dressed in short shorts, a tight tee shirt (no bra) and had her hair and face made up, ultimately she was dressed to kill. I was stunned when she said that she was going out since we normally did yardwork and weekend stuff together. She said she wanted to go shopping instead and pick up some stuff for dinner. I nodded and said have fun, little did I know.

She returned a few hours later and had a lot of stuff in the car and she asked that I unload it. I said ok and started to unload the car and noticed that she was not helping a bit. I also noticed that she went shopping at the home depot and some other stores that I didn't recognize and that there were no food bags in the car at all. I thought that this was really odd but just went about my business and unload the car and put the bags on the kitchen table. I started to unpack and she stopped me and asked me to make her a cocktail and that I should go shower and put on some nice clothes as we were going out. Again, I thought odd, but went and did as requested. I came down about 15 minutes later and the bags were all gone and she said give me about an hour and then lets go. I said great and puttered around the house; about 45 minutes later she came down wearing the same outfit and said lets go, again, it was odd but did not think anything was amiss.

We headed to Mill Valley, a small quaint town nestled in the valley of John Muir woods. A haven for well do to do people that worked in San Francisco. We found out a booth in our favorite pub and ordered a beer for me and a cocktail for Lori. We made small talk and then Lori reached down, opened her bag and pulled out the book from last night and said we should talk about this, this looks like fun. She slid it over to me and again I perused it, thinking about only the kinky sex aspects about it. She said I think we should try this, but if we agree, you need to be 100% committed, it will only work if we have that agreement. She said try this and I think you will like it. I responded ok, whatever – again thinking only about the sex. I started to read the book and she said , " You can read this later, give it back to me". As I slid it back she smiled coyly and told me I was in for the "ride of my life" I smiled again, thinking only sexy thoughts and agreed. The night passed uneventfully and we left to go home. That is when the life as I knew it changed forever. That damn book. I should have just read it then and there and stopped it.

We arrived home and Lori said seductively, but authoritatively "let's go to bed." I went up upstairs, stripped, brushed my teeth and grabbed her rear end as she walked into the room, smiling like a Cheshire cat. I am 48, and workout regularly, however the signs age are beginning to catch up. I am not a small man, I stand 6'-01" and weigh about 200 lbs. but overall in great shape. Lori, at 42 she is a good looking women 36c, nice ass and mid length blonde hair, I guess your total CA chick that still turns a lot of heads. She said "Jimmy, (she never called Jimmy before) you are going to get the ride of your life, get into bed and let me take control" I was stunned, but only thought about the sex, the fun from this beautiful women that wants to jump my bones. I pulled back the covers and saw what she bought earlier in the day. I guess the home depot purchase was put to good use. There were ropes, cuffs and eyelets installed on the corners of the bed posts, along with a tightening ratchet cinch. The ropes were pink and the cuffs black, later I found out the hardware was stainless and of good quality. Once secured and the slack removed escape was impossible.

She looked at me examining her handiwork and remarked , "it looks like the weekends in the yard taught me something after all, now get on the bed and let's see if this stuff works." I was stunned, but again the smell of great sex was in the air and I figured what the hell; this could be fun, very fun.

I laid on the bed, scooted to the center and let Lori secure me. After about 5 minutes I was tied down, spread eagle, naked with my penis sticking straight up in the air. Lori looked at this and laughed saying – "I think someone likes this." She proceeded to get on the bed and reached under a pillow to retrieve the book that we bought last night. She told me the book was about female domination and how to live in a Wife Led Marriage; she stated that this could be fun and that we would both get a lot of enjoyment out of it, both sexually and emotionally. She went on to say that she wanted my commitment and that we could try this for a set period of time. As she was making this statement her hand was gently stroking my cock. I thought I was in heaven and agreed to try this. She threw the book down and proceeded to take my cock into her mouth sucking like a women possessed. I was in heaven and unable to move. The more she sucked the more I got into the bondage I was in. My normal 7 ¾" seemed to grow and grow until it was about to burst, I was squirming, begging and pleading to cum, meanwhile more and more of it went it her mouth and eventually she started to gag but did not let up and kept trying to get more down her throat, which is something she normally doesn't do. I started to tense up and knew I wouldn't last that long just as I was about to cum she suddenly stopped and said, wow I like this, however it is my turn, without another word she climbed up to the headboard, used the posts for support and lowered herself down and simply said, EAT. That is exactly what I did, I ate and ate and ate and when she could take no more, she got off and said "I need to take a break, that was great." She got a drink of water and looked at me and smiled. "I bet you would like to get off too," by this time I would have done anything to cum and begged her to continue with the blow job. She laughingly said "NO, I need you inside me and want at least one more orgasm for you from you penis or your mouth, do you agree." Of course I agreed – who wouldn't – I didn't think about the trap that was laid for me. She said ok, just remember your promise. She went down and started sucking again but only for a short time. Once I was extremely hard and ready to cum she got up said, " are you ready, don't forget about your promise" what promise I thought, I just couldn't remember, but said yes anyway, I just wanted to cum. She stood up mounted me and rode me fast. She is in good shape and the days at Jazzercise clearly showed the results. In no time I was bucking, grunting and telling her slow down that I wouldn't last more than 10 seconds. She laughed and seemed to ride me even faster. I couldn't take any more and shot stream after stream into her for what seemed like the most intense orgasm of my life. The ropes held fast and actually helped me to get further inside her at the finish. After I finished, she continued to thrust causing the sensitive tip of my penis to hurt and become uncomfortable, I asked her to stop and she said that she had not finished and wanted to cum, she said again "I wanted at least one more orgasm for you from your penis or your mouth and since your penis is too sensitive, it will have to be your mouth." I was upset and fully understood the trap that was laid. I begged and pleaded and said that this in not fair, she replied calmly that a deal was a deal and that she was going to get one no matter what and that I would not be released until she had one. She got off the bed, used the ratchets to cinch me up even tighter and proceeded back to the bed. I knew I was screwed, there was no way out. I knew what I had to do and was not looking forward to it. She got up on the bed facing my my feet and started moving back towards my head. It was all in slow motion, finally her toes brushed each side of my head and she started to sit up, I could see her ass and finally I see all of her, she was swollen, red, puffy and stretched, I had never been that close to her down there after making love and was amazed. She was now straight over my head and my mouth and started to lower herself down without saying a word, the closer she got the more I could smell our combined juices and then it happened she sat squarely on my face with her ass almost suffocating my nose . My mouth was still shut and was positioned at the apex of her opening. All she said was "eat". I tentatively open my mouth and started to explore, resisting sticking my tongue in. After a few minutes a drop of liquid fell into my mouth that was foreign and salty and clearly not hers, I knew what had happened and decided to just get this over with and licked her to abandon. More and more feel into my mouth and I decided that this was not as bad as I thought and finished my task of bringing her a happy and intense orgasm feeling satisfied with myself for bringing her off.

She got off the bed and said "Good boy, there is hope for you" I was stunned and said you tricked me. She got a bit upset and said that I had agreed and if I didn't want to continue and cum I could have said no and that would have been that, I would have been released. She continued to opine that she really liked this type of sex, especially with me "cleaning her" (a term I would come to know well). She said that sex like this for the next month or two would be just like this. I would be tied up and then when I came I would have to clean her. If I were to get a blowjob I would be made to eat it. She stated that we were in a Female Led Relationship and that this was all about her and that the act of me cleaning her after sex was the highest form of devotion to her. Besides she said, "I like not having to go clean up in the bathroom and can now just stay in bed." I asked to be released and she said no that we were going to have a conversation about this new lifestyle.

She described what was going to happen and then wanted me to read the book so that I would know what we had agreed to, in detail. She promised the sex would be great and that this would last only 1 year and if I really wanted to end it, I could within the first 6 weeks, after that I was in for the duration. She said the sex would intense and different and would bring us closer. I tentatively agreed and promised to read the book. She got on the bed and just hugged me saying how much she loved me and how she enjoyed the night. I was let out and was surprisingly sore. I cleaned up a bit and we both fell asleep.

The next day was nice and neither brought up the events of the previous night, then around dinner time, Lori came downstairs and said she was going out and that I was to read the book cover to cover. And we would discuss the next steps when she returned. She looked good, sexy and demure at the same time. I asked her where she was going and she said shopping, I asked for what and she said, don't worry, it will be a surprise, perhaps you will be a cuckold. With that she spun around, blew me a kiss and was out the door. At the time I had no idea what a cuckold was and was perplexed, however I did not dwell on this and picked up the book and started to read.

More to come if anyone is interested....................

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