tagBDSMInstructions from Anne Ch. 02

Instructions from Anne Ch. 02


When we got home Friday night we decided to directly to bed and I was expecting another night of sex since I was stimulated throughout the ride home. As I was brushing my teeth, I watched Lori get undressed, at 42 she still is beautiful as ever and I never tire of seeing her well toned naked body, especially her taught rear-end. She was facing away from me and slowly started to remove her panties giving me a superb view of her ass in the mirror. With her panties removed she turned around and started to walk towards the sink to brush her teeth. I was pleasantly shocked at what I saw; she had shaved herself perfectly smooth, something I had wanted her to do for years. She noticed me looking and laughingly said, "I thought you would like this and since you will spending allot of time down there in the future, I thought I would make your job a bit easier." I laughed and replied that I would be happy to spend time down there. She smiled back and laughingly remarked, "Yumm, I could get used to that!"

We switched positions at the sink and I started to get undressed and as I started to take off my panties, Lori stopped brushing her teeth and told me to leave them on as she wanted to inspect them. I stood there waiting for her to finish feeling extremely submissive and a tad nervous. When she finished brushing she casually walked to where I was standing and traced her fingers around the edges of the panties and started pulling on the extra hair that was not covered by the panty. She shook her head back and forth and said, "This hair has got to go, you look ridiculous. Please remove all the hair down there first thing in the morning. I would suggest that you put a fresh blade in your razor as I want it all gone; there will be consequences if you do a half assed job." I looked at her meekly and said that I understood and would be happy to comply.

"Good," She replied. "Now turn around and put your hands behind your back, I would think by now you know the drill." I turned around presented my hands as Lori went into her drawer to fetch some rope. She quickly and expertly bound my hands behind my back with enough slack for them to reach the sides of my legs but short enough to where I could not reach around and do much of anything else. She informed me that tonight was about her and that I was to focus on bringing her as many orgasms as I could with only my mouth. With that she went and turned down the covers on our Antique Spanish Oak king bed and laid down with head on the pillows and her legs spread.

She looked amazing; I had never seen a woman so fully exposed like that. Her freshly shaved pussy look so inviting, like a flower that had yet to open, presenting me with all of its glory. Her inner thighs seemed so defined, soft and kissable. Everything about her looked good. Her eyes were half closed and she raised her finger and beckoned me to commence with my task.

I tried to get on the bed and get in position to start, after a few awkward attempts and with a little bit of help from Lori I was finally ready. I dove in with passion. I started licking those soft, now exposed inner thighs and was surprised at just how wet they were. Then I moved over to her outer lips and stuck my tongue in. She was so wet I felt very little resistance. I nibbled and sucked and felt my face become increasingly soaked by her juices as her hips gyrated around my face. She grabbed my head and controlled my motions and began telling me how I was to perform. After a few minutes I heard Lori scream and assumed she was having a large orgasm. She bucked and thrashed while holding my head so close to her sex that I could barley breathe. I started to slow down figuring that I finished my task and would be rewarded, however, Lori simply pushed my head away and said, "Wow, that was fantastic, I think I want another one!"

Even though my mouth and jaw were extremely tired and sore, I started licking and sucking. Again Anne grabbed my head and forcefully pulled it towards her pussy. This time I could feel the impending orgasm starting and stuck my tongue in as far as it would go and then started sucking on her clit with gusto. She started thrashing around and moaning like I have never heard before. After a minute or so she started convulsing and a large amount of liquid filled my mouth. I did not know what to do and since I could not move my head away I was forced to swallow and continue. After she finished squirting and her orgasm diminished, she gently pushed my head away, saying, "OMG, OMG, that was fantastic, WOW!"

I beamed with pride and felt fantastic that I could elicit a reaction like that. I never made her squirt before and candidly didn't know it was possible. I was also extremely horny and wanted relief in the worse way. Lori was extremely satiated and was basking in the afterglow of a pretty powerful sex session. After a minute or so I asked Lori if she would untie me so we could make love, she replied, "Oh Jimmy I am so tired and satisfied, I just want to cuddle. Let's go to bed and let me hold you, don't forget to shave down there and make me breakfast and tomorrow morning we will discuss the rules for moving forward."

After hearing that I went ballistic and screamed at her that she promised me sex for wearing the panties and that I had gotten her off multiple times and it was my turn. During the middle of my rant she reached around and grabbed and twisted my dick so hard that I almost bite my lip. She continued to squeeze until I shut up and was curled up into a fetal position. After I calmed down she spoke very calmly and softly, almost as if it was rehearsed. "Jimmy, I didn't lie to you, I did say I would reward you, and reward you I did, I shaved myself and allowed you the opportunity to satisfy me. Remember, as of tonight you are a submissive or slave for 1 year. This is about me being dominant and about you being submissive. Moving forward you need to understand that. As a reminder of this outburst I am going to leave your hands bound and will release them in the morning. If you think you need to go to the bathroom, I will help you now. "

I was completely stunned, I had been good, I gave her multiple orgasms, I am even wearing panties and now I am being denied an orgasm and to top it off I need help to go the bathroom. I rolled over and scooted off the bed and headed to the bathroom. As I passed the mirror on the vanity I saw a man with a glistening face, a large erection constrained within yellow panties and arms tied loosely behind his back. What did I agree to?

I went to the toilet and looked at Lori, she smiled at me seductively and giggling said, "See how much power I have over you, you even need me to help you go to the bathroom, I meant it when I said we were starting on a new path, a new relationship. I know this will take some getting used to and I promise you I won't be too mean, but I really want to do this and I need you to be obedient, be good, be submissive." I bowed my head and told her that I can try, but I just don't know. I continued by articulating that this is really hard for me and I am doing this out of my love for her and was still trying to see where this is headed. She smiled and dropped my panties and told me to hurry up and go. When I was finished she gave it a few shakes and pulled my panties up and said, "Let's go to bed, you have a big day tomorrow. It will be all clear tomorrow. Don't forget to shave, wake me up in the morning and I will release you." I shook my head and resigned myself to a long night.

Lori helped me into bed and covered me up as my hands were still bound due to my outburst earlier. The only position I could sleep in was on my back which is normally fine with me. However tonight was different, I had my naked wife cuddling next me gently resting her hand on my penis. She fell asleep quickly and I tried to drift off but was only thinking about my situation and how badly I wanted to cum. After an hour or so I fell into a fitful, troubled sleep.

The sun woke me up early as we forgot to lower the blinds in our room and our window faces due East. Normally the Eastern views are wonderful in the AM, we can look out and see the most of the East Bay and a nice sunrise rising over The Bay, however this AM was different, I chose not to look. I struggled to get up and did not want to wake up Lori. I squirmed my way out of bed and had to go to the bathroom, however my hands where still tied so I went downstairs and found a knife to cut to myself free. No small task, however I did it without making a lot of noise nor getting cut. I quickly went to the bathroom and relieved myself; boy did the feel good, perhaps too good.

After I was done, I started to stroke myself as I was still horny from last night's events. It felt really good and I was on the verge of cumming when the door opened. I was caught "dick-handed" by Lori who was not too happy. As a matter of fact she was pissed, very pissed. She glared at me at screamed, WTF are you doing, I told you that I control your orgasms and just what in the hell do you think you are doing." I stopped dead in my tracks and could not even look her. It is one thing to get caught masturbating but a completely other thing to be caught immediately after you agree to be a submissive to your wife. She continued, "This is just not going to work if I can't trust you, if you don't want to do this, tell me right fucking now! I do not want be made a fool of, just tell me." I knew I was screwed and actually I was very scared. I knew this female-led marriage thing meant a lot to her and I still thought I would get to switch the tables, given time, so I meekly and submissively dropped to my knees and told her, "Lori I am sorry, it was just that I was so worked up from last night -- I just lost control." She looked at me, smiled and said, "Thank you for that." I was confused and said something to the effect of, "huh or why." She looked at me and said, "Look at you! You are on your knees with an erection and panties around your ankles, asking forgiveness, how cute, how could I not love you, we will figure out a way to control that penis. Please go up and shave and come down in just a new pair of panties and we will talk. However bad boys do need to be punished, don't they?"

As I turned to go upstairs, I thought about her last comment -- bad boys need to be punished -- and started to worry that perhaps things have gone a bit too far and a bit too fast, however for some reason I did not just turn around right then and there and tell her no. A part me pictured a grown man, wearing panties and with his wrists, albeit free, but still tied with ropes telling his wife that he was not submissive was just a tad bit hypocritical. With that thought in my head I headed to the bathroom to shave.

Even though I build and design computers for a living; I fancy myself as quite the builder and am able to take on many home improvements and am not unwilling to tackle just about any job. When I stepped into the shower area, I was glad that I had recently retrofitted the master bath to accommodate a good sized walk-in shower complete with a bench. Lori insisted on a bench so she could shave her legs with relative ease. Little did I know when I was laying the tile that I would appreciate the same comfort. The water has warm and I happily washed myself from head to toe. I shaved my face and then looked at the razor and started with the task of shaving my pubic region.

This was not the first time I shaved down there. I was required to shave my balls for my vasectomy years ago, so I knew what I was in for. However it was different, today it was all to be gone. I took the cream and lathered myself up and proceed to shave. The whole job took about 15 minutes and when I was done I was amazed at the look. It made me look bigger, however at the same time I felt smaller and abit less manly. I was embarrassed and I knew that I had but minutes to put on a new pair of panties and go down and talk with Lori.

I opened my drawer and looked inside, instead of the usual mishmash of socks and unfolded boxer briefs; I saw a neatly arranged assortment of panties, more styles then just the ones from last night. I just shook my head and pulled a few out. There were thongs (like I could wear those), there were styles in lace and sheer and others in just plain white that looked like someone's grandmother would wear. After looking I realized that 100% of my male underwear was gone.

I needed to talk to Lori about, this has gone far, with that thought I selected a pair a light blue high cut panties, identical to the yellow ones from last night and went downstairs.

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