tagLoving WivesInstructions from Anne Ch. 03

Instructions from Anne Ch. 03


Before you read this story please note that there are others that preceded it, You may want to read those as I cannot guarantee that this story will make sense. Also if you are not into cuckolding, chastity or bondage please leave -- you will hate this series. I like the feedback so bring it on good and bad. I hope you enjoy -- Also , the contract in the story was formed after reading many online contracts.



As I walked downstairs I became nervous, the closer I got to the kitchen the more nervous I became. I was freshly clean shaven, both on the face and in the groin, wearing only a pair of light blue high cut panties, ready to have a discussion about a female-led-marriage lifestyle my wife and I were about to formalize.

Our Mexican Paver tile floor was colder than normal and my chest was beating, I was more than nervous, I was scared. I had this sense that my initial plan of getting Lori to agree to switch roles in the future was nothing but a pipe dream. Over the last 6 weeks or so I watched her dominance and confidence grow. I watched her demeanor change, she was authoritative but not pushy, this seemed to come so natural to her. As she she become more dominate so also became more confident and as her confidence grew so did the level of dominance, I know, a weird twisted circle but one that I had witnessed. I also knew deep down that I liked this change and wanted her to grow, to be happy. With each cycle I also felt myself becoming more and more submissive.

I stopped at the entrance of the kitchen just out of sight to rearrange my package in the flimsy panties, for some reason I wanted to be presentable, to make Lori happy. I took a deep breath turned the corner and walked into the kitchen. Lori looked up from her new bible; "The Book", stood up and gave me a breathtaking smile and walked up to hug me. We hugged and kissed deeply for about 5 minutes and I could feel my penis hardening and my desire grow.

As my penis stiffened Lori giggled and put her hand down my panties and started to softly feel around my now hairless crotch and penis. She remarked, "Oh, how nice and smooth, take those off and let me have a closer look." She stepped back and I slowly removed my panties and slowly stood back up to let her see the results. She looked at me and smiled and started groping me. "I just love the look, it makes you look so much bigger, wow!" She proceeded to stoke me and then suddenly stopped and said, "Wait right there, close your eyes and don't move a muscle, I will be right back." I did as I was told and in what seemed like 1 hour to me but was probably less than 2 minutes I felt her presence behind me. She slipped something soft and silky around my eyes and wrapped my head with it and tied it off. My sight was totally removed.

The next thing I felt was her hand on my crotch spreading a lavender scented oil or lotion all over. She rubbed and stroked until I was humping and bucking the air begging to cum. She would speed up and then slow down, never giving me enough friction or time to cum. After 5 or so minutes of this I was reduced to a blubbering idiot, begging her to let me cum, telling her I would do anything. She laughed and reiterated the same line from the other night.,"That book is right, once you control the male orgasm you control the male." She continued, "So you want to cum and you will do anything, right." I nodded and agreed profusely, swearing that I would do anything, and to please finish me me off, heck if I remember right, I believe that I even said that I wanted to eat my cum. "My, My, My" she said, "we will see about that in an hour or so. Jimmy you and I are about to have a very long discussion. Please sit down and we can begin."

She led me to one of our antique oak kitchen table chairs, pulled it out so it was facing at a 30 degree angle to the table and helped me to sit down. She ordered me to spread my legs and let my feet touch the chair legs and to put my hands by my side. She proceeded to fasten my ankles to the bottom of the chair legs, looped a rope around my left knee, ran it under the chair and then around my right knee spreading them wide before she tied it tight. She then took another rope and tightly tied my waist to the bottom and the back of the chair and finished by tying my wrists to the chair back supports. Finally something was placed around my neck and latched another rope secured my neck snuggly to the back of the chair. All in all it took her about 5 minutes to finish, indicating to me that this was well planned out and that I was in trouble. I tried to move but I was bound tight, however it was completely comfortable - there would be no escaping until we had our talk.

My penis was hard as it ever was and felt like it would explode. What was it about being tied up and vulnerable that caused this reaction, was it the fact that I had been trained to expect sex like a Pavlov dog, or the fact that I enjoyed being submissive to Lori, or perhaps a combination of both?

She gave it a few more strokes and left it bobbing in the air and said, "Jimmy, I know it's the morning, however how about a Mimosa to start us off?" and laughingly added, "Don't worry I will make yours and put a straw in it!" "I laughed back and said that would be great.

A few minutes later she returned and I felt a straw enter my mouth and said, "Suck, perhaps you should get to used to that command." I took a sip and then caught onto her double meaning but chose not to say anything and just play dumb. The champagne and OJ tasted wonderful and I was starting a feel good about this. Lori and I always refer to champagne as LPR (Liquid Panty Remover) as it never fails to put Lori in a horny mood and because of this reason I always keep a bottle chilling in the freezing and one in the fridge. A guy can never be too prepared! As we chit-chatted while drinking I thought that perhaps my earlier fears were unfounded and that this is the start of another great sex session.

I asked her why I was blindfolded and tied for our talk. She said that she has some presents for me and wanted to put them on the table and then let me see them all at once. She said I was tied because some of the things that we were going to talk about may be unpleasant and that she wanted to ensure I could not run away before we were finished with our discussion. She also said, "From this minute forward we are employing the rule of: We discuss, open and freely, I decide, and you obey." I told her that I was fine with that, but again, I just didn't know. She agreed and said, let's just keep an open mind and see where this leads us.

She gave me another sip of the Mimosa and then left the room for a while. She came in and out of the kitchen two times and I could hear things being put on the table and then arranged as if they needed to be in some type of order. Finally I heard the sound of papers being spread out; these seemed to be right in front of me.

She slowly removed the blindfold and as my eyes readjusted I could see a variety of items on the table and what looked like a contract. Before I could really see what was there Lori kissed me and gave my penis a few strokes and sultrily said, "Excuse me, I need to take a shower and get dressed, see you soon subby." She turned and left the room leaving me to study the items on the table and contemplate their use.

When I saw the contract I knew that Lori was going to take this seriously, perhaps a bit too seriously, I could see that this was going to more than just fun and games for her. This was going to be real, if there is a contract involved Lori would enforce it, that is her nature. Lori is a very accomplished Contract Negotiator for the company she works for in San Francisco. Although not an attorney, she is very good at taking the main points of a proposal, or a series of ideas and discussions and turn them into talking points for the creation of a "Term Sheet" that would then be passed along to the attorneys for translation into legalease. This could not be good for me and I now knew why Lori had bound me so tight.

My former feeling of well being and calm turned back to extreme nervousness and dread. I tried again to get out of my bondage so I could go upstairs and put a stop to this. I struggled to get out but could not move. I was bound extremely tight. Lori surely had this planned in advance; what I assumed was going to be an informal chat was clearly incorrect. This was going to be a long serious discussion of what she expected. I struggled for a few more minutes and realized that I was stuck, I could not move more than 1" in any direction, let alone close my knees and protect my groin. In a nutshell I was stuck.

I started looking at the other items on the table and was quite concerned about what I saw. I counted a total of 8 items, not including the contract. Of the 8 items I could tell what 6 of them were, however 2 of them were in bags and I could not decipher the contents. I saw a crop, a paddle, a package containing a small and medium size butt plug, a strapon dildo -- however on the box was a picture of a man wearing It -- odd - and a set of 4 cuffs with 4 brass master-lock padlocks holding them all together. Finally I saw a very unusual shaped piece of wood with a hole in the middle and thumb screws, which I later found out was a humbler.

To date we had not played around with anal toys nor crops and whips, we were not into the pain aspect of this lifestyle, only the submission and the bondage aspects. These new toys scared me. I realized that I was into this situation too far and was not convinced that Lori really knew what she was doing. She was really forcing the issue here. Yes, we were going talk, I needed answers and from the look of things this is more then what we agreed upon.

A minute later I heard the clickity-clack of heels on the floor behind me. It always amazes me how rythmatic and loud the sound of high heels are on a hard surface when it is quiet. When you are bound and blindfolded the sound is even more intense. As the sound grew closer I knew that my time was nearing to an end. I felt extremely vulnerable and extremely submissive. I knew right then that I would never get her to switch roles, this was going to be about her. Even though I was mad, nervous, scared and felt that this had gone too far; a part of me was excited about the events that were about to unfold.

A moment later I saw Lori, she was absolutely gorgeous! She had on a short black leather miniskirt that I had never seen and a white button blouse open enough to show with certainty that was not wearing a bra, thigh high black leather boots and mid-elbow length black gloves that matched the boots. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun and her eye shadow was big, dark and smoky. To complete the look of a genuine femme fatale; her lips were painted a deep, deep shade of red/brown. I was floored, she looked so good, so authoritative, I am sure that my jaw was on the floor. She only smiled, enjoying the situation and clearly aware of the power that she held over me.

She walked up to me, gave me one of those award winning smiles and looks, that no man can resist and kissed me deeply and longingly. I was a goner and she knew it. She retreated after a few minutes and looked directly at my now hard penis and said, "I think you like me." I nodded my agreement, and opened my mouth to speak. Before I could utter a word she put her finger to my mouth and said, "Hush, do not speak and give me the opportunity to explain." Again I nodded and just looked at her, my earlier thought that I would set things straight and tell her that this had gone too far faded and I resigned myself to whatever fate was in store me.

She grabbed her mimosa took a large sip and picked up mine. I took a small sip through the straw and she set it down on the table. She pulled out a kitchen table chair and placed it directly in front of the chair that held me captive. She sat down seductively and crossed her legs. The chairs were extremely close together and when she crossed her legs the tip of her boot brushed across the head of penis causing it bounce and swing to the side. She laughed and crossed and uncrossed her legs 4 or 5 times, laughing louder and louder each time the boot tip smacked into my penis. When she tired of this she put both feet on the floor, leaned forward, gave the head of my penis a quick lick and a quicker kiss and began talking.

She told me that from the moment she saw The Book and started reading it she knew she wanted to try it. She told me that it aroused her unlike anything she had felt in the past. She told me that these past 6 weeks had been awesome for her and that she was pretty sure that I liked it as well. She informed me that she watched me carefully and could tell that I was aroused by the activities. She said she noticed that I would always get hard when I ate her after sex, she said that I would get hard when she just suggested that we do something kinky. She said that I can cum more than once a night, which hadn't happened since our early 30's. She said she loved me and wanted us to try this and we would follow the book and see where this would lead us, but she would not do this unless I was 100% committed.

Lori admitted that she was a little scared and a little unsure, but was adamant that we follow the book as it was a well thought out, guideline, a self help manual on how to successfully evolve a vanilla relationship into a wife-led relationship. She reasoned that this formula was tried and true, proven and that we should not deviate. She rationalized that the steps were in there for a reason and perhaps we would understand more as we progressed, even if we did not completely understand them right now. She finished by saying that she loved me with all her heart and would never hurt me; however at the same time she felt that some of the things may be uncomfortable for me. All in all she talked about her feelings on the subject for about an hour. She finished by saying that if I wanted to do this, I would sign the agreement and we would start, but after I signed we were committed for 1 year.

As is usual in our relationship she was spot on and I agreed with almost all of what she said. My earlier nervousness was melting away pretty fast. Her logic was right, just as I design computers with a "copy exact" methodology to ensure positive, predictable results, we would "copy exact" the instructions from the book. Finally, she leaned down and kissed me indicating that it was time for me to speak.

I looked up at her and told her that I understood her logic and it sounded ok, however, I was concerned about having a contract and why did we need one, wasn't that a tad bit too formal. She replied, almost too quickly, "It is important for you to completely understand what to expect in your new role, so you can chose the correct path, does that make sense honey?" I respond that it did and went on to ask about the items on the table. She laughed and said, "I will discuss those later, however the meaning of them might be made clear after you read the Term Sheet that I prepared for you. Please note that these concepts are based on the highlights and main points of the book.

She moved the sheet of paper closer to me and rotated the chair to face the table as I began to read.

The contract.



This agreement is between "jim" or "jimmy" referred to as "User" or "Husband" and "Lori." Lori is also referred to as "Key Holder" for this agreement.

User: The person who consents to submit to a life of submission and controlled chastity and the person who wears a chastity belt. The term "belt," "device," "CB," and "chastity belt" are synonyms in this Agreement and will be referred to as CB in this agreement.

Purpose: The user is to completely submit and start down the path of a Female led relationship. Since we believe that the following statement is correct - Once you control the male orgasm you control the male. It is imperative that the User wear a chastity belt to enhance mutual sexual pleasure of the signers of this Agreement. Furthermore it is understood that the CB is required

1)to provide quality versus quantity to the sexual experience as the orgasm will be earned;

2)to inhibit or terminate masturbation by user;

3)to be an aid to user preventing uncontrolled sexual intercourse;

4)to help jimmy discover his feminine side;

5)to modify behavior

Term -- 1 year from signature date below.

Safe Word:

A spoken word "Stop" will cause the scene to halt, BUT WILL NOT void the agreement.

Activity Safe Words:

GREEN -- User enjoys the activity and wants it to continue.

YELLOW -- User feels anxious about current condition and feels he is at his limit.

STOP -- User feels his limit has been reached or exceeded, the KH agrees to unconditionally stop the action.


A physical or social danger the Key Holder considers a dire situation that needs intervention. Mere user sexual desperation is not an emergency. Unconditional sexual control is under the control of the Key Holder.


The user and key holder unconditionally agree to the following:

Rule #1 All obligations to job or employment come first. The Key Holder unconditionally agrees to accommodate any such activity or requirement.

Rule #2 The user will be considered to be the personal property of the Key Holder and as such will be totally nude (or wearing a required outfit) except for the CB when engaged in conversation or chat while at home when the Key Holder is present and the only exception is when the user is in a public location. The Key Holder will inform the user whether or not clothing is needed. This includes any e-mail or on-line correspondence with another. This is called being "PROPER."

Rule #3 The user will NOT ejaculate his SEED (semen) without permission. Ejaculations will usually occur with the user in a strict bound/restrained position. User understands that these positions may be uncomfortable. The seed is also considered to be the exclusive property of the Key Holder. All voluntary and involuntary ejaculations and the reasons will be reported as soon as possible. The Key Holder will have absolute control of the user's penis and release. The user must orally ingest any and all "SEED" willingly and completely without delay or fuss. If intercourse is permitted and the user is allowed to ejaculate inside the Key Holder, the user must ask permission to orally retrieve the seed. Key Holder may at her sole discretion collect or use the seed for other purposes as she deems fit. The user understands that intercourse or release may be withheld and that the time period for a release is solely up to the Key Holder. The only exception is with Rule #8. The Key Holder agrees that release is needed and understands that this is not a 100% percent no release contract.

Rule #4 The user will never resist or question the command to put on his CB! If there is some physical problem, user will report the situation and request instruction. The Key Holder may physically restrain the user and remove the CB and replace it any time and in any place.

Rule #5 The user is the PROPERTY of the Key holder (Rule #3 above) and as such will be protected as having great value to the Key Holder. The Key Holder will refer to the user as "sub" to indicate status This rule does not limit punishment when the user fails to please the Key Holder or violates one of the basic rules. The Key Holder may also loan the user to another TRUSTED Key Holder and the user is to obey as if all orders or commands are given by his original Key Holder.

Rule #6 The user will at all times consider himself to be a totally masculine male while in the CB. He will be a MAN in a belt and NOT a belted male slave. He will be expected to serve his Key Holder with unrestricted joy and always consider the Key Holder's pleasure before his own. The user understands that certain feminization training will be. The user understands that feminization is a process. The user understands that feminization maybe practiced both privately and publicly and as such is immune from the use of a safe word. The only exception is visible female clothes in a work situation (Rule #1).

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