tagSci-Fi & FantasyInstructions Pt. 01

Instructions Pt. 01


I was doing exactly what he told me to do, I thought. Apparently not, because he made me decrease my grip, telling me I was squeezing to hard. How was I supposed to know? I'd never seen a man's penis, let alone touched one. It was weird in my hand, warm and soft, but also ridged, a strange combination. It was too wide to wrap my entire hand around it, so my fingers would touch my thumb, but long enough to easily put both hands end to end on its length and still have a few inches not touched.

The skin moved with my hands as I stroked up and down like he told me too. That was weird as well. I mean, it moved a good two or three inches without sliding my hand at all. This was when he told me I was squeezing too tight so I lessened my grip, but still moved the skin up and down on the firmness beneath.

When he moaned I figured I was doing okay.

He was lying on his back, naked. I was kneeling between his legs also naked, holding his penis pretty much vertical and sliding the skin up and down like he wanted. His strange egg shaped testicles just laid there as I worked both hands on his long member. I had no idea if he was average sized, small or large. Like I said this was my first experience with a penis. I looked up from my hands to his face, to see if I was doing what he wanted. He had his eyes closed, with his hands behind his head. He looked pleased so I kept going, trying to do exactly the same motion each time. I didn't want to make him mad.

My eyes went back to my hands and I noticed the skin on his testicles was getting tighter, pulling the eggs together and up toward his penis. I thought it looked better when the skin was tighter. Watching them rise, with my hands stroking his penis, I experienced a strange arousal. I felt a twinge between my legs and my nipples hardened like when I'm cold. This made me hesitate, and I lost the rhythm on his penis. I looked up, nervous, at his face. His eyes were open and he looked at me, but didn't say anything since I had begun stroking again. His eyes went down my body and he must have seen my nipples erect.

"Mmm, I see someone's a little turned on. Good, I was hoping for that," he said, smiling.

He closed his eyes without another word and I breathed a sigh of relief. Looking back at my work, I noticed a shiny clear liquid was oozing from the hole on the top of his penis. It was about to drip down the V in his head. I wondered if I was making it ooze out from my stroking. I watched it make its way down his head to meet the shaft and finally my fingers as I stroked. I was maintaining the same speed and pressure, trying not to vary anything. As long as he was quiet, I figured I was doing okay.

By the time the liquid hit my hands his testicles were really tight, making a large mound under his shaft with the skin wrinkled tight around the eggs. His breathing seemed to increase and I noticed the muscles in his legs and butt had tightened. He actually lifted a bit up toward me from clenching.

"Faster, stroke faster," he suddenly said, making me jump from fright and lose my rhythm again.

I frantically caught up, stroking faster on his ridged rod. It seemed bigger in my hands and the oozing head had turned a deeper red, almost purple. There was a continuous stream of the clear liquid running from his hole down over my hands to his testicles now. I looked quickly over at the clock on the nightstand to see I'd been stroking him for thirty minutes already. His body became rigid, he started to moan and get louder like he was in pain or something. He didn't tell me to stop so I kept going, moving my hands faster and faster up and down his penis.

My nipples had stayed hard and I felt a slippery wetness between my legs. There was a strange sensation down there as well and when I clenched my muscles it felt good, making me want to touch myself. But I knew I better not take even one hand off him.

His moaning became louder still, until suddenly, to my shock and amazement, a burst of white liquid shot out of the slit, high into the air. It splattered all over his stomach, down to my hands and his legs, just as another long spurt, even longer than the first, flew in the air. I was so taken back I stopped stroking him, wanting to let him go and get out of the way.

"Stroke! Don't stop!" he yelled

I fumbled with his penis, which was now covered in the thick white liquid, trying to stroke it again. My heart was racing in my chest and I was terrified from his scream. It was impossible to stroke like I had been, because the liquid was too slippery, so I just moved my hand up and down using the juice instead. He moaned as more of the stuff continued to spurt out, all over him, me and the bed. I didn't know where it was coming from but it just kept gushing as I slid my hands, in the warm goo, up and down his spurting fountain.

I was afraid to stop, his reaction was scaring me. He was shaking and rocking on the bed and when my hands slid too high and touched his head he would buck and curse even more, but it was difficult not too. Even after his penis stopped erupting I didn't stop. He squirmed and moaned until he finally moved his hands, to mine, stopping me. I let go, his penis falling with a smack onto his stomach into a big puddle of the white liquid. My heart was pounding in my chest. I couldn't tell if he was pleased or very mad. The look on his face and the grunts he was making during his explosions were odd, and I didn't know if it was pleasure or anger. I knelt there, waiting for some word or sign from him. My hands were covered in his juices, and I didn't dare move. The stuff was everywhere, mostly on him. While I waited I noticed his penis was shrinking and his testicles had dropped again.

He finally opened his eyes to look up at me, saying, "That was almost perfect, if it wasn't for the brief time you stopped, during my orgasm, it would have been. You'll have to remember that for next time. But overall you did an excellent job, especially for your first time. I'm very pleased with you."

I smiled down at him, trying to remember what he said. I couldn't stop next time that was for sure. I was glad he was pleased, I really didn't know what to expect and he must have sensed that because of what he said next.

"You seem surprised I'm pleased. Why?" he asked.

"The way you were acting, and moving I couldn't tell if you were in pain or if it felt good."

"I see. I'm sorry about that. Trust me it felt very good."

"Oh good, I'm very happy you liked it," I said.

"Do you have any questions," he asked.

"I don't think so. I think I got the hang of it and I'll remember not to stop next time."

"Excellent, now it's time for your second lesson. Mandy, she's all yours," he said to the woman sitting in the chair next to the bed that had been watching the whole time.

The man cleaned himself off with a towel and changed places with the woman, Mandy. She was naked and I compared her form to mine. She had smaller breasts than I did, and she had taken a razor to her hair between her legs, shaving it off completely. She had long brown hair and brown eyes, totally different than me. She was fit, like the man was and probably about the same age.

Before she climbed on the bed she opened the nightstand and took out what looked like the man's penis from the cupboard. I gasped in shock, seeing it not attached to a man. They both laughed at me.

"It's fake, an adult toy. You're going to need it for your next lesson," Mandy said.

She climbed on the bed and laid down in the same position the man was in, handing the fake penis to me. It was cold rubber and smaller than the real thing. On the base where the testicles should have been was a red nob. I looked up from the toy at her with a question on my face.

Turn the nob," she said.

I followed directions and the fake penis sprung to life, vibrating in my hand. The more I turned the nob the faster the vibrations went.

"Turn it off, you won't need it for a while," Mandy said.

Turning it off, I set it down on the bed, ready for her instructions. I listened to her tell me what she wanted. It was completely different than the man. He was only interested in me stroking his penis, never telling me to touch anything else. The woman was different. She told me how to touch her everywhere. Starting with her feet and working up her legs, I massaged her muscles and rubbed her toes. Moving on I was surprised when she made me skip her vagina and caress her stomach and shoulders, then her upper chest and breasts. I felt my own nipples go taunt again when I twisted hers. She reacted to my hands, moaning and moving her legs from just my twisting of her nipples. She had me spend more time on her breasts then the rest of her body, teaching me how to pinch, twist and then gently brush the rigid nipple with my palm, only to cup her entire breast in my hand and push up.

Movement from the man caught my eye. I turned my head to look and he was stroking his penis himself and it was hard again. It was a mistake to look because I stopped caressing the woman and she noticed.

"Don't look at him! It's my turn now," she said grabbing my face and turning my head back.

The grip on my face hurt, it was my first experience with pain, and I didn't like it. Wetness appeared in my eyes and dropped down onto her body. I didn't know why, and it scared me. She must have noticed because she immediately apologized and comforted me until the liquid stopped.

"I'm so sorry I made you cry, but you need to keep your attention on me now," she said.

"I understand, my attention on you," I repeated, placing my hands back on her breasts.

She stopped me, telling me to kneel between her legs now. She lifted them up and spread them. I watched with curiosity as her vagina and vulva opened slightly. It was moist and flushed pink inside. She began to explain how to touch her, very soft at first, just barely brushing her moist lips and flesh around her opening. Next she showed me were her clitoris was, by having me pull back the skin at the top of her folds with two fingers. Suddenly a small pink nubbin appeared and when I touched it she moaned and really seemed to enjoy the sensation. I wondered if I had the same thing, and maybe that was what the tingling sensation was coming from between my own legs.

I wanted to explore my own body but I knew she wouldn't like it if I stopped so I pushed away the thought and did what she told me to do. I opened her vulva, spreading them with my fingers and used the moisture inside to play with her clitoris. The faster my finger flicked it the more she would moan and rock on the bed. I had to stick my finger into her larger hole for more liquid because her clitoris would dry out and when it was wet it was easier to play with.

"Now, turn on the toy and slowly insert it into my vagina," she said.

I looked around for the toy, glancing at the man in the chair. He was still stroking his long penis and watching me. I quickly looked away and found the fake penis. I turned it on all the way and did what she said, slowly inserting it into her vagina. When it was all the way in I just held it there not moving. I felt the vibrations from the toy spread out into her and she moaned, actually arching her back into the toy.

"Now, move the toy out in in, while playing with my clit," she said.

I obeyed, watching how her vulva would stick to the sides of the toy as I slid it in and out, over and over. It was then I realized the man could do this with his own penis. The though made me hesitate and look up at him and back to the toy in my hand.

"Yes, you've seemed to figure out that a man's penis goes there, it's called sex or intercourse," Mandy said watching me make the connection.

"So why do you need a toy?" I asked, without thinking.

She didn't get angry, instead she smiled and said, "Sometimes it's fun to use the toy."

"I see, but he does insert his penis in you too?" I asked.

"Oh, yes, all the time," she said laying back down as I pushed the toy in deep.

She didn't say anymore for a while, and I kept up my rhythm in and out and playing with her clit. Her nipples were hard and she seemed to be breathing in shallow gasps the more I kept going. I remembered the man wanting me to speed up my stroking and thought she might like it as well since he did. So without her asking, I sped up my thrusts and rapidly worked the toy in faster as well as deeper. She didn't complain, instead she started to shake. Her body went into spasms, and she began screaming in little yelps. Nothing spurted out of her like the man but she seemed to be having a similar reaction to what I was doing to her.

"Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm cumming!" she yelled at me.

She scared me, like the man, and I increased my efforts so she wouldn't get mad anymore. I never stopped like I did with the man and she still yelled for me not to. I guess she wanted to make sure I didn't. She convulsed and squirmed on the bed and it was difficult to keep moving the toy into her with all the jerks and bucks she was making. She moved too much and the toy missed her hole and slid out of her on accident. I noticed it was covered in thick white foam from her vagina as I tried to put it back in before she yelled at me.

"No! Too much, don't put it in again, it's too much," she said, rocking back and forth.

I stopped everything I was doing and watched her spasm for about a minute more before she started to settle down. I think her reaction was even greater than the man, he never told me to stop and that it was too much. I tried to remember all of what I was learning, since the man said I'd be doing it again. I turned off the toy, holding it in my hand waiting for her to open her eyes and talk to me. It took a while, longer than the man but I kept my attention on her and didn't look at him.

"Oh my, that was amazing. You did very very well," she finally said.

"I'm glad you're pleased, I've learned a lot." I said, handing her the cream covered toy.

She smiled, taking the toy and sitting up on the bed.

"You are learning very quickly, we're both impressed. Since you have assimilated so easily I think you are ready for another lesson, with two parts," the man said, standing up from the chair.

His erect penis swayed back and forth and it was oozing the clear liquid again. I waited for his instructions, sitting on the bed beneath the woman.

"The next lesson will be for you to sit in the chair and watch Mandy and I make love to each other. You need to remember everything we do, positions, touches, motions, etc ,especially watch what Mandy does since you are a woman as well. Do you understand?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm to sit in the chair and watch Mandy and you make love to each other. I need to remember everything you do, positions, touches, motions, etc. especially Mandy," I repeated.

"Very good, now have a seat."

I climbed off the bed and sat down in the chair, as he climbed onto the bed with Mandy. He looked over at me and continued his instructions.

"The second part of the lesson is self-exploration. While you watch us we want you to explore your body with your hands. Find out what feels good to you and the reaction, watching us and exploring, causes in your own body. Do you understand?" he asked.

"Yes. While I watch you I should explore my body with my hands. Find out what feels good to me and the reaction, watching you and exploring, causes in my own body."

"Excellent, begin," he said.

I looked down at my body, at my hands, lifting them to have a better look, rotating them and touching them together. Continuing my visual inspection of my body I noticed my legs were skinnier than Mandy's, with more muscle tone and my stomach was flatter with definition as I ran my hands over the muscles. The sensation was nice on my naked skin. My public hair was blond and when I ran my hand through it the sensations grew more distinct and powerful. I stopped, as I saw the nipples on both breasts engorge. The skin around them tightened up, lifting them off the breast. My breasts were much larger than Mandy's, rounder and stood out from my chest abundantly. When I touched the erect nipples a strong pleasurable sensation radiated from them, making something between my legs twinge from the touch.

I looked up to see if the man and woman had noticed what I was doing. What I saw surprised me. The man was looking at me with a smile on his face and Mandy had his long penis in her mouth and both hands twisting up and down his shaft. She looked like she was sucking him but also moving her mouth up and down and pivoting her head around the top of his penis. I remembered I was supposed to be watching them and recall what they did to each other, especially her. But at the same time I was supposed to explore what made me feel good. I decided to keep my eyes on them and use my hands only to explore my body.

I memorized Mandy's motions, both her hands and mouth. She was using her saliva to coat the man's penis and sliding her hands up and down the long shaft all the while twisting her head and mouth on the top. He wasn't doing much at all to her, so I kept my focus on Mandy. My hands explored my breasts, touching each part softly to find the most sensitive areas. Both nipples and areolas were by far the most stimulating but combined with a gentle caress of the rest of the breast I found caused a warmth to cover my body and especially between my legs.

Mandy sucked the man for about ten minutes according to the clock and then she laid down on the bed, spreading her legs like she did for me. I watched in awe as the man put his head between her legs and started using his tongue to touch her instead of his fingers. My hands left my breast, traveling down my body as I spread my own legs. I couldn't see very well because of the blonde hair but I was supposed to be watching them anyway. With my fingers I touched my folds, they were moist and slippery like Mandy's were when I touched hers. They felt very similar but mine seemed to be smaller, or maybe just tighter. I quickly found my own clitoris as I've been taught how. I called out in surprise as I ran my finger over the erect nub; the sensation was very surprising, and very wonderful.

Both the man and Mandy looked up at me when I yelled. They smiled, seeing what I had discovered.

"Looks, like she found her clitoris," Mandy said.

"Yes, she did, and likes it."

He put his head back down, and I watched him lick her vulva, clitoris and even lower to her anus, something I never touched. Mandy seemed to like it, even when he pressed his tongue into the tight hole. I was still playing with my clit, noticing how my heart rate increased as did my breathing the more I played and the faster I flicked it with my finger. With my other hand I explored more, feeling the wetness increase the lower I got. Pressing a finger into my vagina another sensation rushed through me that was different than the clitoris. The combination of the two had my long legs vibrating on their own. I couldn't control them and now I knew why the man and woman were acting the way they did.

The pleasure increased the longer I explored. I added another finger into my hot tunnel and gasp in amazement as a wave of bliss crashed over my frame. I was shaking in the chair, my finger was a blur on my clitoris and I was banging away with both fingers into my vagina. While watching the man lick and suck Mandy's sex organs.

When he stopped, sat up and grabbed his penis I watched with much interest. He knelt beneath her and bent his shaft down, sliding it easily into her glistening pussy. She cried out in pleasure as he thrust all of his length into her. Pulling out, almost all the way, he rammed it back into her hard, making her scream and her breasts roll and sway on her chest. I pulled my small fingers from my tunnel and looked at them. They were wet and very small compared to his penis. I quickly found the fake penis sitting on the nightstand next to the clock. I wanted to try sticking it into me, to see what it felt like. I was a little nervous to get out of the chair and get it because he told me to sit and watch, but he also told me to explore. I took the chance, assuming he wouldn't mind since he looked very content with slamming his own penis in and out of Mandy.

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