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Insurance Slave


Helen Bryant never saw the truck driving by as she slammed into the side of its bed. She was busy talking on her cell phone, ironically trying to get new insurance coverage to replace what had lapsed with her late husband Larry's accidental death. The rates had jumped to unreasonable levels.

The next thing that she knew, the large man in the pickup had gotten out and started yelling angrily at her. He banged on her side door, demanding to speak to her.

"Let me see your damn insurance and let's get this over with! I have to get her seriously repaired now and that's gonna cost me more than I care to cough up as it is!" he insisted.

"Uh, well, um...can't we settle this some other way?" she asked nervously.

"NO, damn it! Show me proof of insurance already and hurry with it! That is, assuming that you HAVE insurance!" he barked at her.

"Well, about that..."she mumbled.

"You DON'T have insurance! That's not only illegal, it's fucking stupid!" he reacted.

"Well, I can't afford it, sir," she explained.

"No excuses, bitch! You're going to jail today, missy!" he roared.

"No, please, don't have me arrested! I don't know how I'd get bailed out," she begged.

"That's not my problem. If you can't afford insurance, then stay off the fucking road! I'm going to press charges!" he insisted.

"I beg you, don't tell the cops! What do you want me to do?" Helen pleaded.

"Well, if you're going to keep me quiet, there has to be some OTHER compensation for the damage that you did to my truck. Are you willing to do WHATEVER I say to keep your skinny ass out of jail? Seriously, regardless of the consequences?" he demanded.

"Sure, just as long as I don't go to jail," she agreed, thinking that whatever favor he wanted would HAVE to be easier than jail.

She BADLY wanted a promotion to partner. As it was, her comfortable salary wasn't covering her expensive lifestyle. Then there were student loans and funeral expenses for her late husband.

"Very well. Come with me. Don't worry about your car. It is illegal, and it will be towed soon. You're going to stay with me for a while, anyway, to work off the debt that you now owe me," the man bluntly announced.

"Work off HOW?" she foolishly questioned him.

"I think that you can guess! I don't see a wedding or engagement ring on your hand, and you don't act like you have a significant other that you're in a hurry to see, anyway. That makes you available. Now, let's get in my pickup and head home. Roxanne is busy making dinner and should almost be done. I hate it when the food is cold because I am late," the stranger warned her.

"Yes, Mister....? And who the hell is Roxanne? Your sister?" Helen probed, realizing that he hadn't yet given her his name.

"I am Ned. MASTER Ned to you, from now on. Roxanne is my lover, but she is YOUR Mistress, so call her 'Mistress Roxanne'. Is that understood, bitch?" Ned demanded.

"Yes, Master Ned. But, 'Mistress Roxanne' doesn't mind sharing you with other women?" she unwisely asked him.

"NO, as a matter of fact, she doesn't. I am her Master, too, by the way. As for the 'other women' part, I find that hilarious, for reasons that you will see later," he grunted as he drove them to his ranch.

Helen didn't quite want to admit to herself what she had gotten into now. A simple agreement to do a favor had turned into a trap. She was going to be the sex slave of a rather strange couple, who apparently shared both each other and women in general. How the hell was she going to preserve her career, if she had to service this bizarre pair?

"Roxanne, dear, I am home!" Ned exclaimed, at which point a gorgeous woman ran out of the kitchen to kiss him.

On second glance, however, something seemed VERY ODD about the lady. Helen couldn't quite place it, but she didn't seem RIGHT to her. She seemed to have something EXTRA to her: that was the only way to describe it. WHAT was it, though, Mrs. Bryant wondered to herself. Speaking up about it seemed ill advised, to put it mildly.

"Who is THIS, Master?" Roxanne asked abruptly, though without any jealousy.

"THIS would be a low-life, uninsured driver, who collided with my truck. The dirty bitch tried to bribe me, so I made HER an offer. She has to be our slave. Isn't that right, bitch?" Ned said, as he yanked Helen by her hair and dragged her into the dining room.

"Hmm...so you're sharing your new slave with me? Thank you, Master. I guess that doesn't change MY status, though I wouldn't want it to, anyway. Now, back to dinner, would you like me to have the bitch here set the plates? We're having pork chops, rice, and broccoli. How does that sound?" the lady of the house reacted to this announcement.

"Very nice. And yes, this filthy cunt SHOULD set the table. She might even earn some food for herself, IF she behaves and does a solid job of it," he agreed.

Helen was hurried off to her new chore, without even being asked for her name. It was QUITE clear that it didn't matter to the couple living there. They fully intended to call her "bitch", "cunt", and "slave" for life, anyway. Roxanne seemed remarkably nonchalant about things, as if it were nothing stranger than getting a new pet.

After dinner, during which she ate separately and sparingly, Helen was led to what Ned and his lover called the "black room". She was ordered to strip, and then to sit in an odd-looking chair that bound her hands and feet. Most shockingly, her legs were then lifted and spread apart by a collection of wires and gears. Both her pussy and ass were available for assault by anyone who wished it.

To say that she was terrified was to put it mildly. Helen KNEW that she had gotten herself into a REAL pickle now! Even so, she kept reminding herself that it was better than going to prison. She would tell herself that repeatedly in the years to come, and MOSTLY make herself believe it. That she might have just gotten off with a fine and the loss of her license occurred to her, but it would have been rough on her that way as well. She would have ended up in jail, sooner or later, for driving without a license one time too many. Her career at the firm virtually REQUIRED her to use that car.

In any case, as she thought these things, she began to feel something very cold being applied to her pussy. She looked down and saw Roxanne putting lube on her. Her new Mistress was completely naked, which revealed something that Helen had never seen up close before in her life: a she-male's cock. It wasn't small, either. It was a reasonable 6 inches or so in length. "Mistress" Roxanne was a transsexual! THAT was what Master Ned had found so hilarious! Helen wasn't "another" woman, since Roxanne wasn't technically a woman at all!

"You're not going to put THAT in me, are you?" Helen said, before it she could remember not to speak that way to her Mistress.

"OF COURSE I AM, BITCH! And you will NOT insult my dick! Is that understood, cunt?" the she-male thundered.

"Yes," she answered reluctantly.

"Yes, MISTRESS, you little slut! For that, I will ask Master's permission to fuck your ASS first! THAT will cause you to remember that I am your superior! I WAS going to be somewhat nice and start with your pussy, but you have DEFINITELY pissed me off!" Roxanne warned her.

"Yes, Mistress Roxanne!" Helen submitted to her misfortune.

"WHAT is the matter, dear?" Ned spoke, as he entered the "black room".

"Helen asked me a silly question, insulted my cock, and failed to use proper respect for my authority," his girlfriend related.

"Well, THAT requires a severe penalty, 3 in fact, doesn't it? What would you propose?" Master Ned demanded.

"I think that I should fuck her ass first, while you do her pussy, instead of vice versa. She needs to be taught to respect me and getting the cock that she despised up her butt will teach her a bit, I suspect," Roxanne suggested.

"Very well, but don't use too much lube. Let's not waste it making her THAT comfortable!" he agreed.

"Certainly, Master," the she-male replied, with a LOT of mischief on her face.

Ned now decided that it was time to go ahead and fuck her. He simply climbed on top of the bitch and entered her cunt in the missionary position. He was horny and hard from even the THOUGHT of his tranny love slave fucking this stuck-up cunt from the "better" side of the tracks. He showed absolutely no compassion for Helen, preferring to ramrod her hole with every thrust that he gave her. As she hadn't been fucked in an EXTREMELY long time, this experience was both painful and overdue.

Roxanne, meanwhile, found that the chair had positioned the new slave EXACTLY where she needed to be for a DP of that sort. She slightly lubed up Helen's pucker, and then shoved her cock inside it. The chance to sodomize someone was infrequent, since she was the submissive partner and tended to RECEIVE cocks up the ass, rather than give them. She preferred it that way in most cases, but THIS was a clear exception. The lady obviously needed a good buggering.

She couldn't resist the chance to play with her Master's ass, either. It was available to her fingers, and she moved them between his cheeks to pleasure him in that manner. She still had some lube on her index finger, so she pushed it inside his sphincter to help stimulate him. His reaction to that was to thrust deeper inside Helen's twat, getting her more excited as well, in spite of her efforts at pretending continued reluctance.

"Well, I believe that our new slut is LOVING her first DP! I am assuming that such an 'upper-class' cunt has never taken two cocks inside her at once, of course. I doubt that she has even taken it in the ass at all! She was probably told not to do that by her mother, the silly bitch! Ah, shit, Roxanne, that finger is going to make me cum at any moment! Thanks, baby!" Ned reacted with pleasure to his first time with Helen.

Oh, fuck, they are TEARING my holes open, thought Helen. The constant pounding and insults prove that they despise me, but that hardly shocks me now. At least I'm not in trouble with the authorities anymore. This couple must think of me as a snob. I guess that makes sense, as I wouldn't do it with Larry once he abandoned the career that I had planned for him. I would have slept with him again, once he came back to his senses. Now he never will do so. I guess that's a moot point, however. Larry is dead and I am a sex toy for a redneck and his she-male lover.

The sick thing is that part of me craves the taste of Roxanne's breasts, even though they MUST be fake! I also want to devour her mouth and her ass. Then again, I suspect that I will get my chance, albeit at a higher price than I would prefer at the moment. I never thought that I would be turned on by a tranny, but I guess that I AM aroused. Why do I have to desire someone who is less than a man? Am I a lesbian? That would explain why I could take or leave sex with every man that I have ever fucked, but maybe they were just beta males. Her dick doesn't excite me, but her more feminine areas DO stimulate me!

Then, there is the issue of Chelsea Worthington. Why the hell didn't I own up to my lust for her? The sexy British accent and smug attitude, not to mention her gorgeous ass and legs, were SO tempting, but I held back from telling anyone the truth. It would only have been wrong if I had slept with her behind Larry's back. If I had reveal my desires after Larry's death, or simply left him altogether, Chelsea and I could have been happy together. I also could have simply offered Larry and Chelsea a menage a trois, but they hated each other and I didn't want anything sexual to do with him lately.

I suppose that I could be bisexual, although the possibility that I am just gay is a distinct one as well. Whatever I am, my sexual preferences aren't likely to make much difference. I am a sex slave now, by my own agreement, and I dare not renege on the deal. Damn, their cocks are splitting me! Why such a gentle she-male as Roxanne would pound my ass that way is a mystery, but it sounds like a little rage.

"Please, stop!" Helen shouted weakly but desperately.

"NO! Slave, you need to learn that your role is to serve us and submit to WHATEVER we command you! We're going to fuck you until WE cum, and then we will have you clean us up. Once that is over, it is bedtime for you. You'll need your rest for the next time. And YOUR orgasms will have to be earned, cunt, in case you're wondering about that!" Ned scolded her.

"Oh, God, I'm cumming!" Roxanne announced, as her cock shot off in Helen's butt. She then pulled out of the woman's previously virgin sphincter.

The sight of his girlfriend's cum leaking out of the bitch's asshole was enough to make Ned cum in her pussy. He laughed as he saw how sore the silly girl's holes were now. She had damaged something of HIS, and now they had inflicted some pain on her.

"Lick my cock first, and then Roxanne's. After that, you can rim our asses and head to bed," Ned instructed her.

Tasting her juices on the man's cock was not too bad, but when she got to licking Roxanne's dick clean of anal sweat, she felt a little queasy, since she was afraid that some germs might be there. However, she did as he ordered her, managing not to spew out her dinner.

Helen then felt nauseated a 2nd time, when she was made to rim the couple's butts. She took some pleasure in doing it to Roxanne, however, in that she seized the chance to lick the tranny's lovely cheeks too. The lady of the house got excited again, so Ned winked at her, to assure her that she would get some of his cock too. THAT really delighted his girlfriend, who pulled her ass away from Helen's face as soon as she could (leaving Helen a bit frustrated now).

"Follow us to your bedroom. We have a nice cot for such occasions. There is no TV, since we don't want you staying up too late. If you hear grunting, ignore it. That will just be me making love to my woman here. It's HER turn to get fucked," the man of the house stated, as he and his lover led her out of the "black room".

Helen found, to her dismay, that her new room was bare of furniture, aside from the cot, and that the door locked from the OUTSIDE, not the inside. This enabled Ned and Roxanne to keep her there as long as they wished it. She had avoided prison, but had become a prisoner anyway. She still told herself that it was worth it. At least this way, she would get plenty of sex. Even if she stayed out of jail, the other option would have been rough on her sex life. She had made the best decision possible, she continued to believe, so she could TRY to sleep that night.

Of course, the noises of Ned and Roxanne kissing passionately and having wild sex didn't improve her chances of actual rest......

To be continued...

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