tagGroup SexInsurance Slave Ch. 02

Insurance Slave Ch. 02


For Helen Bryant, the experience of being a kept slave for Ned and Roxanne was more than just painful. It was the end of her career. What she didn't realize was that she would run into her former boss again, very soon. Her new owners ran in the same circles. Master Ned and Mistress Roxanne had recently enlisted the services of Maxwell and Worthington, the law firm at which Helen had been employed as an associate.

The legal changes involved in keeping Helen as their slave more permanently necessarily involved an attorney, not to mention a few other matters, so it made sense to have Chelsea Worthington on retainer. Rumor had it that the aging senior partner, Warren Maxwell, was in ill health of late, and Chelsea was the designated successor to the top position in the firm. The lovely Englishwoman kept up a very cold and distant veneer, but there was a warmer side to her as well. Naturally, she hadn't let Ned and Roxanne onto that yet, but they had met in a fetish club and she offered to represent them. When this contingency happened, they decided that it was time to take her offer.

Helen's jaw extended to almost her bosom when she saw Miss Worthington enter Ned's house with all of her requisite paperwork. She knew that Chelsea would see her, and she blushed at the idea of being found nude, while serving this couple, by her former employer. The fact that she was turned-on by Chelsea didn't help her, either. Her lust for the British-born lawyer was only supplemented by her enjoyment of her new life under the thumb of Ned and Roxanne.

As much as it had hurt for the past couple of weeks to be their chattel, Helen had ceased resisting and defying them without any pretense otherwise. She was still embarrassed by the notion that others in her social circle would know about this, especially Chelsea. Even so, she had not seen much of anyone lately, so she had been able to relax and finally accept that she loved her new role. She had eagerly given her consent to award Ned and Roxanne title and deed to all of her remaining assets, as well as power of attorney in all future dealings that affected her.

It was actually a relief not to have to scheme and plot for things. She didn't have to push anyone to do anything. She didn't have to get up and go to work outside the house. Her only duties were to satisfy the desires of her Master and Mistress. The price was that she had no say over her daily life, but she had found it liberating in an inexplicable way. The only thing that made sense to Helen's mind was that she really craved this new status in life, in which she lived to please other people and win their approval. Her life was safer, less tense, and yet unpredictable in a positive sense. Everything depended upon the mood of her owners.

Why was it that Larry had never seemed that way when she clearly ruled the roost, and neither had she? Apparently, she reasoned, he wasn't submissive and she wasn't dominant. He had yielded only to threats of sexual frustration, basically submitting under duress. He wasn't comfortable turning his life over to others, but she clearly was fine with such a situation, as she had acclimated to it by now with ease.

Guilt over her husband's mistreatment at her hands occasionally plagued her, but she tried to put it past her. There was nothing that she could do about her misdeeds in terms of her late marriage. Cruelty toward a spouse couldn't be undone. He was dead, she was a widow, and she had gone from a stressed-out attorney to a happy and well-adjusted slave. Well, truth be told, she felt more useful in this role than in her previous one.

It didn't pay cash, but she didn't care. With her transfer of assets and the online stripping routine that she was required to perform each week, they should be able to take good care of her for a long time. She wasn't rich (in fact, she had a lot of financial trouble recently), but liquidating her holdings would pay off her debts and leave some net profits. Money didn't matter to her, now, anyway. She was a very different Helen Bryant: she accepted that the pursuit of happiness was about more than the bottom line. For her, in fact, it was about being at the bottom of the heap. Service to her loving owners was more important to her these days.

When Chelsea recognized Helen, she smiled in a manner that suggested a pleasant surprise, to say the least. She even winked at her erstwhile associate, but promptly resumed her discussion with Ned and Roxanne. Catching up with Helen about her new circumstances could wait until after she had transacted the legal business and worked the hours for which she billed her clients. She wasn't one to fool around on the clock, unless it was with Warren and her female colleagues at the firm. Nevertheless, she reveled in the news that her old girlfriend was now a sex slave for two of her clients.

"So, you want to essentially put her finances in your hands, as well as prepare for the change of legal status on Roxanne's part from male to female, right? Congratulations, by the way! I love the idea that you might get married to her, as you said. As for your slave here, I must point out that I know her from my professional capacity, but trust me that there is zero conflict of interest from where I stand. I bloody well enjoy the idea of her as a slave to you and your future bride!

"My favorite former associate, a sex slave of my new clients; that is definitely a small world, but a sexy one from where I stand. I just hope that you'll let me borrow her some time. I've wanted to fuck her ever since we met. She's saucy and delectable, as I am sure that you know by now. Naturally, I'd demonstrate my appreciation in whatever way pleased you most," Chelsea remarked with a grin, as the last phase of the red tape was signed by a willing (and secretly wet) Helen.

"We have no problem with that at all, Miss Worthington. Well, depending on your sexual preferences, we could figure something out, I'm certain. Regarding the other matters, I believe that our business today is finished. We'll be sure to pay you as soon as possible and we trust that the right paperwork will be on file very soon. I'll be happy to engage your services in the future, as well as refer you to others. You're more than competent. You're an excellent lawyer, as far as I am concerned. You're even a bit warmer than you first seemed to be," Ned agreed, as he shook hands with Chelsea on the formal reasons for her visit.

"If she has time, maybe she should stay the night, Master. I doubt that she'd regret it at all, even if she just slept with Helen. You know that I'll make sure that you're satisfied yourself, one way or the other. However, I love the idea that she would finally fulfill her fantasy of screwing her old friend here, in our presence. Besides, I know that you are as curious as I am to see her in action with someone. You want to see her naked as much as I do," Roxanne licked her lips, personally hoping for a complete orgy. Chelsea looked absolutely scrumptious, and she couldn't wait to share her with both her Master and their slave.

"Well, I'm not a lesbian, if you're wondering about that, love. I'm a true bisexual woman. We're not just a fantasy from smut, you know. I have always wanted to fuck a transsexual, by the way. Trust me, we can have a real Bacchanal tonight, if you please, Ned. What's more, we'll all do as you wish, though I hope that you'll let me top Helen a bit. How does that sound to you, darling Roxanne? I badly need a good shag, anyway. Normally, Warren covers most of my needs, but he is sadly not in the best of health. I fear for his life, very much.

"Oh, and I should mention that I frequently get myself examined for social diseases. I have also had my tubes tied, although I plan to untie them soon enough. There is no reason why you should have to use a single condom tonight, especially when I love the taste and feeling of cum in my cunny and my other orifices.

"If you don't mind and you prove man enough for it, I could arrange for regular liaisons with you for the foreseeable future. I particularly wouldn't mind shagging my dear Helen often. I owe her a few, not just for myself, but also for Larry, the poor sod who deserved better at her hands. By the way, please call me 'Chelsea', love," the gorgeous Briton declared, thus pleasing her hosts a lot.

The way that Chelsea referred to her deceased husband had Helen a bit puzzled, at least for the moment, but she didn't disagree with the assessment that the attorney made about him. She simply thought that Ms. Worthington had a low opinion of Larry, although she hadn't said much about him at all. She had shown unusual sympathy at his funeral, but the widow had assumed that it was purely directed at her. However, in retrospect, it was a bit odd that she even attended the funeral, friend of Helen's though she might have been. Apparently, she wasn't as cool toward the late Mr. Bryant as had been believed.

"Well, Chelsea, if you don't have to return to work today, you can proceed with fucking Helen. Roxanne will take care of me in the meantime. She's very good at that, as you'll see when we swap and she goes down on you. Hell, you might very well like sucking on her, too. I'd enjoy it while I could, if I were you. She'll have a snatch instead very soon, as you know, not I am going to complain about that. Good pussy is irreplaceable and Roxie here is eager to become an anatomical woman.

"Her dick is largely impotent, after all. The last time that it functioned was when she buggered Helen two weeks ago. I've tested it since and the hormones have finally stopped any future erections. That doesn't mean that her cock doesn't taste good, however. Sometimes, a good blowjob is its own reward. I have a strap-on dildo here if you want to use it, too. Both Helen and Roxie love to be well-fucked, so I've been waiting impatiently to see this used on them by a girl. I don't let Helen wear it, because she is a pure sub, whereas you are apparently a switch," Ned encouraged Chelsea.

"By Jove, I'd love to use a strap-on with your slaves, especially Helen, but including Roxanne! Well, perhaps when your dick needs a respite, we can make your fantasy come true! You have to promise to fuck me, too, however. I know that there are three of us, but I think that you can manage. If old Warren got it up for half of the office, so can you. You shall just need some breaks in between shagging each of us. Luckily, we girls shall pleasure each other as well. Now, my dear, let me show you just why no bloke can ever stop fucking me once he has tried me," Chelsea replied smugly, undressing until she was completely naked.

Ned didn't fail to take in the full and fair beauty that was his foreign guest. Her jet-black hair and blue-grey eyes, along with her saucy lips and her voluptuous figure were enough to prove her just as sexy on this side of the pond as on the other. She kept her hair short, unlike Roxanne and Helen, but it was still quite feminine from his perspective. Roxanne's auburn locks and Helen's wavy gold contrasted with it in a way that made all three of them seem very sensual.

Not wishing to waste more time at all, Chelsea approached Helen and began French-kissing her in front of her hosts. The slave gladly reciprocated, pleased to finally get a chance for Sapphic delights with her old girlfriend. When her former colleague pushed her head downward toward her cunt, Mrs. Bryant sighed with relief and anticipation. Licking that cool, pale skin all the way down to her shaved pussy, Helen hungrily sampled her first clit.

As he watched his slave eat Chelsea out, Ned felt Roxanne's lips enclose his dick and her tongue lick it from base to head. The T-girl once again reminded him of the carnal delights of her mouth, gorging herself on the thick cock that now approached her tonsils. Roxie deep-throated her Master with enthusiasm, also rubbing his balls to enhance his arousal.

"Now, my turn, love! Bend over, Helen, darling! I want to rim your arse," the Brit informed her newest sex partner.

Helen couldn't believe just how pleasurable it would be to finally have her girlfriend lick her butt-crack. She swore to herself that she would repay the English siren with compound interest! Having a tongue move from her tailbone to her clit gave her chills and goose bumps that didn't let her restrain herself from her first climax at Chelsea's hands. Once or twice, Ned and Roxie had rimmed her since she arrived, but it was mostly the other way around. This was to keep her in her place, with analingus performed on her only as a reward. As great as they were in the sack and the dungeon, when it came to eating ass, Miss Worthington was far more of an expert, or at least was more motivated to rim her.

While Helen climbed toward her orgasm under Chelsea's tongue, Ned felt his hardness grow from Roxie's blowjob. He ravaged her throat, which prompted the tranny to gasp with pleasure. She was unable to achieve an erection, but pre-cum emerged from the limp vestiges of her manhood. Within a few moments, she spilled what seed she could still produce, mostly due to the animal thrill of having her face fucked by her lover. It was the kind of aggressive sex that both pleased and humiliated her. It kept her aware that she was the slave, though she never questioned that he loved her.

Once Chelsea was busy enough munching on Helen's derriere, Ned pulled out of Roxanne's throat and thrust without warning into the British immigrant's cunt. Instead of complaining about the rough entry, the Englishwoman moaned with delight and begged him to push as far inside her sex as possible. She also kept licking her ex-associate's bottom, savoring the sweat and body oils that softened and flavored her pucker.

"Fuck, Chelsea, I'm cumming now!" Helen announced, not having the chance to say more than that.

She gushed her juices down her thighs, only to feel Miss Worthington's tongue and lips clean them up for her. Far from stopping her feast, the English lawyer devoured her friend's cunt with relish and sucked on her clit as well. Her mouth traversed the length of the chasm between the thighs and buns of the pretty widow.

As she ate Helen, Chelsea groaned in response to Ned's dick. She wondered when he would take her, as she could sense his lust where she was concerned. Well, now she was glad that the rustic had entered her with a great deal of raw desire on his part. She worshipped hard cock, even more than she adored wet pussy, sweaty ass, and soft tongue. One thing was sure to her: she wanted to come back to this house as many times as possible. There were 3 very good reasons to return to this homestead, and she had already experienced two of them.

"Roxie, get in front of Chelsea and let her lick your ass now! That will help me cum!" Ned commanded his transgender mate, who was naturally happy to comply with him.

Once more, the redneck witnessed the ravishing sight of Ms. Worthington's mouth on a sexy tush, this time being his favorite slave's heinie. It was even more of a thrill for the British tart, who came at last on the Dom's cock. She then alternated between sucking Ned's dick clean of her fluids and giving head to the tranny. She was pleased to realize that Ned hadn't exaggerated the delicious taste of his slave girl's anatomy, as she even resumed licking her butt.

"Damn, Master, this English vixen really knows how to use her tongue!" Roxie shivered, but wasn't able to cum again, in reaction to the sheer ecstasy of sharing Chelsea's mouth with her beau.

Ned, meanwhile, became aware that he was going to cum soon, so he gestured for Chelsea to swallow him. She didn't disappoint him at all, especially since she motioned for Helen and Roxanne to join her. They collaborated to push him past that point, causing him to shoot part of his load in his guest's mouth. Before he could finish, Helen took Chelsea's place and sucked out the rest of his jism.

"Hey, I didn't get any cum!" Roxie whined, at which point Chelsea and Helen silenced her with a "snowball" from each of them.

"Well, I think that we need a breather, don't we? Let's grab something to eat," Ned told the girls, rolling his eyes with amusement when they twisted his meaning into a suggestion of oral sex.

"Well, it's a Saturday, and I am normally off, anyway. This was my only labour for today, and it has turned out well worth it in several ways. I certainly want to fuck all of you more, so it pays to have a full stomach. How about we order some pizza, so we can just kick back until we've sated our hunger?" Chelsea proposed with a charming smile, quite unlike her sometimes frosty persona.

"You'll get along very well in these parts, ma'am. As I am head of this household, you have an open invitation to come here whenever you please," Ned winked.

"Well, I simply must accept that invitation. I love to cum together with friendly chaps and dames like you," Chelsea punned mischievously, as Helen ordered the pizza for them (which was one of her duties).

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