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The hand laid an ice cube on the side of her neck. Katie gave a slight cringe, from its cold wetness making contact with her skin. The reaction it unleashed upon her was both searing and exhilarating. It was like feeling the first touch of rain after a long period under the sun; it brought a sigh to her lips. The hand slid the ice cube downward, leaving a wet trail from her neck region to her collar bone. Katie reached for the hand, caressed it, felt the manliness of it, not wanting it to stop what it was doing. The hand continued downward, making a circular motion as it came upon the swelling of her breasts. Katie jumped, and her sigh turned into a lengthy moan as she felt her nipples pop out from her areolas.

The ice cube left her front and a hand turned her over on her face. She arched her back and gave a joyful cry as the ice cube traveled down the length of her spine to the rising moons of her ass, making her quiver with delight. The feeling was intense, still the man didn’t stop. He held her up with his other hand placed on her abdomen and rolled the ice cube over each moon of her ass, drawing concentric wet circles over them, till finally spreading her ass apart and inserting the cube between. Katie’s hands gripped the bed sheet and goose bumps broke out on her arms.

“Ohhhh ... God! You’re killing me!” she muttered through gritted teeth.

The man spread her ass cheeks some more and inserted his tongue into the tiny aperture that was her asshole. His lips made a humming sound as he licked and sucked her; Katie meanwhile was going completely crazy.

Finally, the man let go of her and came forward from behind her back, leaned his face over her side and kissed her. He put the remains of the ice cube into his mouth and as they kissed, their tongues danced over each other till the cube melted away.

She squealed and said: “When are you ever going to stop teasing me like this?”

“I gladly would stop. Except every time I try, you seem to enjoy it even more,” the man replied, taking delight in her reaction; he enjoyed nothing more than unleashing the wildness that was in her. “Besides, you don’t want me to stop.”

“I’d really hate for that to ever happen.”

“I thought you would,” he said, as he then flipped her over on her back, and made her spread her legs wide. He gazed at her beauty and sucked air through his lips as his eyes ogled her nakedness. He leaned to the side and took out another ice cube from the ice pack he’d removed from the fridge and this time rubbed it against the underside of her left thigh.

“Uhhh ...” Katie sighed. “Rob, you can’t imagine what you’re doing to me.”

Rob dragged the cube from her thigh all the way to her navel, making her squirm under him, and from there took it downward to the tender bush growing between her legs. Katie’s body was no longer under her control or supervision as it went on squirming and writhing on the bed as if she’d just received a jolt of electricity. She bite down on her nails as her lips soon opened into a yearning cry as she felt herself explode into orgasmic delight.

“Oh my God! Oh my God, Rob!” she went on gasping hard for breath.

Rob went on doing what he was doing, pretending not to listen to her. Finally he came up to her on the bed and said: “Do you know what I’d like to do to you right now?”


“Do you know what I’d like to do to you later?” Rob’s mischievous-sound voice said into her ear. Katie held the phone tight to her ear, not wanting to miss a word of whatever it was he had to say.

“Oh please, do tell.” Already she could feel herself getting wet just from picking up the phone and knowing it was him at the other end. She was presently in her office. Upon hearing her phone ring, and finding out it was Rob calling, she’d hurried over and locked the door, wanting the privacy to be total. Now as she heard him talking, she lounged back on her chair, undid the top buttons of her blouse and reached into her bra to pinch her breasts, feeling her nipples become erect.

“What I’d like to do to you today,” Rob’s voice spoke seductively into her ear. “Is give you an ice cube bath.”

“Hmmm ... really? Sounds intriguing.” She raised herself a little, enough to enable her hike up her skirt, as she then laid her legs apart on her desk. Her hand left her breasts and slid downward to massage the throbbing wetness that was now yearning between her legs. Her eyes fell half shut.

“Yes, that’s what I’d like to do to you. I’d like to lie you on the bed, and then rub ice cube after ice cube over that luscious body of yours. I’d let the ice cube soak up your sweat ... rub it down from the base of your neck all the way to your breasts ... tickle those large round nipples of yours.”

Katie’s hand held tight to the phone while her other hand went on rubbing against her pussy. She couldn’t help it when her breath began sounding heavy each time her fingers brushed against the sensuous tip that was her clitoris.

“Uh-huh,” she murmured into the phone. “Tell me more.”

“I’d rub the ice cube all across your body ... let it rub around the under of your thighs and over into your pert, wet pussy ... I’d rub it over those fleshy ass of yours, dip it into your crack, and then I’d drill my tongue in there ... I wouldn’t stop until you beg for me to ... are you feeling me, Katie?”

“Ohhh yeah ... yeah, I’m feeling you, Rob. I’m feeling you deeply,” she moaned into the phone. Her mind had taken off like a NASA space rocket and was at present lost somewhere in the stars.
“You want to know what I’ll do to you next?” he whispered into her ear from the other end of the line.

“Oh Rob, don’t keep me hanging. Go on ... tell me.” Her hands were working on full thrust between the inside of her panties.

“I’m going to fuck you like you haven’t been fucked before ... like your man has never fucked you before ... it’ll be like that first time we met.”

Katie felt herself reach climax a second later. She sat there gasping and moaning at the same time into the phone’s mouthpiece, her mind traveled three months back in time, recalling the day her husband had introduced her to –


“Rob! Old boy, how has it been? How come you never once thought of dropping by all this time?”
Katie was just entering the living room from a connecting door that led from the kitchen when she overheard her husband’s voice. He was expecting some company over for dinner – old friends whom he hadn’t seen in a while – and Katie could only guess that one of such guests had arrived.

There was a tall man standing beside her husband wearing a summer jacket and a pair of blue jeans. His hair was dark, his appearance suave and charming. The moment Katie stepped into the room, his eyes obviously turned towards her direction; she found herself completely mesmerized by the firm gaze of his eyes; her husband was still busy caught in the moment to have known or gotten any hint of the signals that had just passed through between his wife and his guest. Though when he saw that he no longer had his attention, he turned and noticed his wife’s presence.

“Hi there, honey,” Donald her husband said to her, waving her to come forward, which she did. “I’d like you to meet Rob. An old friend of mine, though one whose been away from my sight for quite some time now.”

“Really? How nice to meet you, Rob.” She came forward and shook his hand; Rob returned her smile and handshake with warmness in his eyes.
“The pleasure is all mine, Mrs –”

“Please, it’s Katie. And you’re welcome to our home.”

Their other expectant guests had arrived a couple of minutes later. When they sat down to eat, Katie found herself sitting at the far end of the table across from Donald, with Rob to her right. Conversation flirted around the table even as they concentrated on the meal in front of them. Katie couldn’t help flirting with Rob, inquiring about what he did, how he and Donald got to know each other, and anything else he cared to share about his personal life.

Later that night, long after everyone had left and she was in bed reading the latest Grisham novel while Donald snored beside her, her mind reflected on whatever it was that must have gotten into her to behave as audaciously as she’d done. Perhaps it was the wine she’d drank – she recalled taking two glasses of it while she’d been sharing conversation with Rob – not minding about her husband’s other friends who were there. Before she could hold back herself, she’d slid her hand under the table cloth and began caressing his thigh. Rob expertly didn’t give out any obvious sign of noticing the presence of her touch; he simply went on sipping his chicken soup. Soon his left hand appeared under the table cloth and their fingers locked into each other. Leaving her hand, his fingers fell upon her knee and gently pulled her skirt backward, getting a good feel of her thigh. Katie could feel hot blood start to rise in her head. She reached her hand over the side of his thigh and held her breath when she caught a feel of his growing erection.

Rob then got up with an excuse of wanting to use the rest room. Katie offered to show him the way.

Up the stairs they went, but instead of showing him the rest room, Rob reached for her arm and she dutifully turned to face him and they’d wasted no moment in attacking each other. Their hands speedily fumbled and groped for each other, Rob’s hand reached under her skirt and cupped a hold of her ass while Katie had her own arms wrapped around his neck while their lips remained interlocked in an unending kiss.

Their intermission didn’t last more than a minute. Rob let go of her and reached into his wallet and took out a business card of his and instructed her to call him when she was free. She’d returned to the dining room while he’d spent some time inside the rest room before coming out to join them. Donald never suspected a thing.

Katie had never cheated on her husband before. Never once had she ever entertained the notion of sleeping outside her married life. For the past three years she and Donald had been trying very hard to get her pregnant with no luck. Last year she had gone through the pains of suffering a miscarriage; it was then that they decided to take their problem to a physician. Tests had been done on both of them, and the result had been far disturbing from what either of them had expected – Donald’s seed was infertile. The shock had hit them hard, and since the day they walked out of the doctor’s office with the news nearly five months ago, they’d never brought the topic up. It was something they’d made themselves accept without any motion of resolve or argument. Their sex life had begun a slow decent from that day; now they barely made love anymore, and Katie was left to fend for herself with her usual accoutrements of rubber dildos. Through it all she’d been angry though she’d been much too ambivalent about her anger, not decided yet whether to put the blame on Donald or on herself. Needless to say, the thought of seeking solace outside her marital home had never once crossed her mind ...

But that was until Rob appeared in her living room today.

Whatever triggering sort of chemistry that might have attracted her so suddenly towards Rob, she couldn’t begin to comprehend. However one thing she did know – and this she later thought out to herself – is that if she didn’t begin with Rob, then it would be someone else.

Suddenly Grisham didn’t feel interesting to her anymore. Katie closed the book and dropped it on her bedside table and lay there for a moment, thinking, listening to the sound of her husband’s snores. Finally she got up and went to where she’d left her handbag and carried it along with her out of the room.

The guest bedroom was just down the hall. She unlocked the door and stepped inside, not slamming the door so as not to by any chance wake Donald up. She went and sat on the bed and reached inside her handbag to take out her cell phone along with the card Rob had given to her. His personal number was written on it, too. It was this number that she dialed and she waited as the phone soon began to ring.

“Hello?” Rob’s voice said to her.

“Hi Rob,” she answered, lowering her voice as much as she could. “It’s me, Katie.”

“Oh, hi Katie. Isn’t it a bit late in the hour? I figured you’d be asleep by now.”

“I should be, except I just ... well, I just wanted to make sure you gave me the right number on your card.”

Rob chuckled at the other end. “Of course it’s the right number. Though your voice sounds kind of hush. I thought you’d wait till morning when you’re out of the house to call.”

“I should, except I couldn’t hold back the urge. But don’t worry, I won’t talk much. I just wanted to hear the sound of your voice again. I just can’t make myself fall asleep without hearing it.”

“Don’t worry. In time, you’ll get to hear it enough.”

They had talked for another minute before finally hanging up. Katie slipped out of the room and returned to her bedside beside her dozing husband and turned off her lamp light. Her dreams that night was populated with the handsome image of Rob doing wild, crazy things to her.

The crazy thing was that at that moment, she didn’t feel anything repulsive with the fact that she intended to sleep with someone – a friend of her husbands’ for that matter. For her, it was about satisfaction, nothing more.

That was something she reckoned she could live with.


“Katie. Katie, are you still there?”

“Yeah,” her voice came out like a croak, her rocket having just crash landed back on earth from her shattering orgasm. She glanced sharply around, unsurprised that she was still in her office, and that she still had her hand dipped inside her panties while the other held her phone to her ear. “Hello Rob, are you still there?”

“Yes I’m here,” Rob’s voice spoke to her. “For a second I thought you’d passed out on me.”

“No ... no,” she giggled to herself, still luxuriating in the self-induced rapture of her orgasm. She body felt suddenly weary and spent, like she’d scaled the cliff of a mountain and back. “Oh Rob, you crazy devil. You just don’t know what you did to me with your sweet talking.”

Rob laughed into her ear. “I can hear you from over here, so I do know. How about us meeting for lunch and then going off someplace so I can prove my words to you.”

“All right, but you’ve got a lot of action to prove.”

“Don’t worry. Meet me at the same place we met last time, and I’ll show you what I mean.”

“Hmmm, you’ve got me going on already, now I can hardly wait for the main event.”


“Do you know what I’d like to do to you right now?” Rob said.

“I’m breathless to know,” Katie replied, reaching a hand between his legs to grasp his stiff member, stroking it. “But rather than say it, why don’t you just show me. Come bring it to me.”

Rob came over to her side, his cock dangled before her face. Katie opened her mouth to receive him. She half sat up, resting on her arm, while her other stroked his shaft as his cock went on fucking her mouth. Rob shut his eyes and hissed through his teeth.

“Damn, Katie, you’re one hell of a woman.”

He leaned over to tickle her pussy region; Katie spread her legs to give him room. His fingers tightened on the upper flesh of her labia region and his thumb began flicking the tiny knob that was her clitoris. Katie made a mewing sound in her throat even as she went on sucking at the same time slobbering her tongue over his balls.
She went on sucking him for a while before he pulled out of her.

“Time for you to put your mouth and all those words you told me earlier to the test now, mister,” she said as she lay on the bed indicating for him to come and mount her, which he did.

He rubbed the head of his cock against the pink entrance of her pussy before pushing it all the way in. Katie sucked in air and gave a slight jump as she felt his cock inside of her.

“Wow! Oh my God, Rob, you fill me up so good. So good ... go ahead and give it to me ... fuck me, Rob!”

This was another change that had come upon her – the art of talking dirty. All the times she and Donald had made love, never once had she been any flippant with him; theirs had been way too formal with him lying on top of her and ejaculating less than a couple of minutes after he’d entered her.

Not once had she experienced complete orgasm with him; that was clearly the opposite when dealing with Rob. Rob was so much in touch with what she needed, with what her body had been lacking, and never once had he resisted the urge in giving it to her, however way she wanted it. He was so tuned in on her, Katie couldn’t have asked for a better lover. And an added advantage was that not once had the thought of her marriage being an obstructing issue with him.

Rob took his gentle time with her, giving her lengthy strokes, after which he began alternating them, between slow, lengthy strokes, followed by fast ones. Katie wrapped her legs around his waist, her hands pressed down on his ass, indicating for him to fuck her deep, which he did. He drove the full length of his cock deep inside her and remained there for a moment, making her groan, before fucking her some more. He rested over her, his arms snaking under the back of her arms to grasp her shoulder as he began hammering down on her hard and deep. Katie’s body responded with vigour, thrusting her hips upward in furious cadence with his; her breathing became rapid as she moaned her pleasure into his ear.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned out. “Oh yeah ...Oh God ... Marvellous! So marvellous! Give it to me, Rob!”

Their lips met for a fierce kiss, and still holding unto her, Rob carried her from where she lay and carried her up. Her arms were still locked around his neck as she raised herself up and down on his cock. Together they fell back on the bed, and she maneuvered herself to be on top of him. Rob lay there sucking on her breasts one after the other while she went ahead rocking against him. up and down she went, bouncing down hard on him, his cock filling her up with electric volts of pleasure.

Suddenly she began to wail: “Omigod! Omigod, Rob! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming!”

Her body trembled as soon she spasmed into a jolting frenzy as her body thrilled itself to climax. A galaxy of stars seemed to explode before her eyes, and like back at her office, she once again fell down to earth, down to the waiting arms of her lover.

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