As he stared at the pile of clothes on the floor he noticed the clasp of the bra strap was undone more than just careless and was clearly ripped away from the fabric. It was one of his wife's nicer more expensive bras. Part of a set he had bought her with matching black silk panties, a garter belt, and thigh high stockings. A lace trim on the edges of each tied the set of lingerie together. She would have been more careful than that with her favorite bra, it was obvious to him someone else was trying to get it off in a hurry, and got a little rough with the garment. Underneath the bra was her little black dress which was covering the rest of the pile of last nights clothes. Curiously he moved it aside and found the rest of her lingerie underneath. Garter belt, stockings, and those little black silk panties were crumpled up in a ball underneath. A tear in the nylon on one of the legs of the thigh high stockings was immediately obvious, it ran from halfway down the leg to the upper edge with the black lace trim.

"Well that's a perfectly great set of expensive underwear ruined!" he said quietly and out loud to himself. He remembered the high price tag on the whole set which he had paid only a few days ago.

The panties which lay crumpled in a ball, showed no immediate signs of the same carelessness. He reached for them knowing he had to see if they too suffered from whomever was trying to undress his wife in a hurry. As he grabbed each side and pulled them apart to inspect them it was immediately clear. They were saturated in another mans cum. The gobs of white semen stood out in contrast against the black fabric in the crotch of her panties like no other. It was a huge amount of the fluid too, it soaked clear through the sexy underwear and ran in a thick pile from the front of the crotch all the way in to the back and almost to the waist line up the butt. Still wet too, he concluded his wife must have leaked a ton of sperm on her way home.

"God, was she leaking out both holes?" he thought.

The sound of the shower coming on in the next room disrupted his concentration on the panties. Laying them back on the clothes pile, he walked toward the bathroom door. His wife had just gotten in the shower and was lathering up soap on her lower back. She was facing him as he pushed the door open.

"Hi sweetie." she welcomed him through the glass shower door.

"Hey honey." He paused a moment then asked, "How was the date"

First a loud exhale, then she answered with only one word: "Intense"

Hearing this prompted his curiosity to hear more about this other man. He took a few steps into the master bath and opened the shower door to continue the conversation face to face. She let out a beaming smile as her husband did so. Taking her naked and wet body in for a moment, He looked at her for signs she had just fucked the shit out of another man. Nothing stuck out, but he wanted something to. It would have turned him on if there were a hickey or two on that body from tonight's lustful sex.

While her hands soaping up her lower back, She tossed her head back to get her hair wet from the faucet. As her head came forward again she asked "do you want to hear about it?"

"Of course." He couldn't reply quick enough.

She let out a brief chuckle. "OK then, I'll give you every filthy detail." She waited for a smile from him before continuing. "We met at the bar he suggested in the e-mail, it was a nice place, sort of a modern lounge. He looked exactly as I hoped he would, refined and handsome. He looked large and muscular even in the suit he was wearing. Even though he was very polite and a total gentleman, I was completely nervous. We grabbed a booth and I sat down at first across from him at the table. He bought me a few martinis, and I started to lose a few inhibitions. He kept control of most of the conversation, work and such. I was just trying to figure a way to cut to the chase while he talked. I just kept thinking as he made idle chit chat that I was here for something else. I wanted to start talking about if we were really going to go through with it. I think it was after the second drink I waited for a pause in the conversation and just sort of went right after it." A long exhale came as she raised her eyebrows and collected her thoughts.

He couldn't wait for his wife to continue, "What did you say?"

"I was watching him talk and was just thinking about how badly I wanted to suck on his lips. So I jumped out of my seat and went over to sit next to him on his side of the booth, I leaned in, put my hand on his thigh, and tried to make the sexiest eyes at him I could. I waited a second then blurted out that we needed to go somewhere else because it wasn't an appropriate place for a married woman to start making out with another man."

He had a hard time ever imagining his wife being that forward, but knew she was dead serious. "That's pretty forward, how did he take it?"

"Pretty well, his eyes lit up instantly. I know I caught him off guard though. He made some comment about how freaky I must be. I told him he should know how freaky though, he read my e-mails to him."

"Jesus, how explicit were your e-mails honey?" He knew she was being overtly sexual in her online communications, but wanted to hear the extent of it.

"Very, I guess. Like I've said before, it was a nice way to let loose and explore some fantasies, I didn't think any of those guys would actually want to meet in person. So I felt I could put my sexual appetite totally out there." She saw his puzzled look and knew he wanted more detail to his question. "I just explained to him how I was interested in opening up a bit more sexually. I think I said something in there about wanting to be a little dominated, and to feel like being used for a piece of meat."

His eyes instantly widened, "Whoa, that should get any guy to meet you in person." She just smiled and continued lathering up her lower back just above her buttocks. He watched her shift her weight to the other foot on the shower tile to reach for more body soap and patiently waited to see if his wife was going to continue with her story first before asking his next pressing question. "So why this guy then, what made you think he would be the one to help you live out your fantasy and open up a bit more?"

"Ummmm...." She bit her lower lip, pondering for a way to answer delicately. She knew the conversation with her husband was taking a turn that soon would reveal everything about her evening out. Not that she didn't want him to know, she definatly did, but she knew her next answer would be a shock to him. "Well, I guess his ethnicity played a major factor, it had me curious."

"Curious?" He looked a little confused.

"He was black." She blurted it out and waited to see what reaction it provoked in her husband. She knew he wasn't racist, but what would he think about his precious wife actually wanting to fuck a black man. She was a little worried he might look down on her for offering herself to a black man. He just stood there thinking to himself and was too quiet for her comfort. She needed to know what was on his mind. "I hope that doesn't freak you out." Still only the sound of the running water filled the air.

After a few more moments of silence , he finally replied. "A little freaked out I guess," he noticed she was going back for more soap as he continued. " I mean we agreed it was okay for you to go out on a date with another man. I just..... Well I guess I didn't expect you to have sex on the first date, and never expected him to be black too." He left the shower door open and took two steps back to lean against the bathroom counter. He was further collecting his thoughts and questions while staring at his own feet.

"Sweetheart, I hope its OK, I just...." she paused and waited for him to regain eye contact with her. "I was a little embarrassed and thought you might think it's a little weird or something."

"No its fine. I'm just shocked." He let out a beaming smile at her to ease her mind. "Really its OK, but why a black guy?"

She was glad to see he was becoming comfortable again with the situation. She was even more glad he was asking questions, it showed her he was alright with her decision. And besides she really wanted badly to share all the details of the date with her husband, he was the man she loved after all.

"I was under the impression that they had bigger penises." She said it in a way that sounded sultry.

Her husband laughed out loud at her blunt answer. "Is that really it?"

"That and I thought a black man would be a little more forward and push the sexual envelope. I was thinking he might be a bit more forceful and aggressive toward me. That way I could play the more submissive role."

He crossed his arms before he spoke. "That does make sense. I like to think of you being a little dominated by someone."

"Really you are fine with all this?" She just wanted the extra reassurance.

"Most definatly, as long as you are safe and happy." Now he was ready to hear the rest of the story from his wife. "So you just sort of threw yourself right at him huh? Oh and don't leave anything out, remember every filthy detail"

"Alright then" she knew she was ready to continue with the unfolding of events. "He seemed shocked at first that I really just wanted to get to the physical part of the relationship. After I reminded him about the slightly freaky e-mails I sent though, He seemed comfortable with where I was going. He put his hand on my thigh too and agreed that they were a bit freaky for a married woman. He started to ask me if I was ready to open up sexually as I said in my letter as he pulled my leg closer to him. I almost brought my other leg closer too but he started to run his hand up my thigh, and as his hand went further up I got what he meant by open."

"Damn, he started groping you in the bar?" Her looked at her thigh and visualized another man touching her there.

"Not quite, he kept going up my thigh highs past the lace on the top and when he got to the bare skin close to my crotch he squeezed really hard around my thigh and leaned to kiss me on the cheek. Then he whispered in my ear we needed to leave and catch a cab for a hotel. It was a short cab ride but he teased me all the way there. Running his hand up and down my thigh coming really close to my pussy, even brushing against my panties, but not touching there yet. God I just wanted him to feel me up." She let out a long exhale and smiled. "I was putty in his hands even then. I got up to get out of the cab and could feel how wet I got from his teasing me. I felt soaked."

"So you went to a hotel?"

"Yeah, the funny thing was he was prepared. I started walking to the front desk and he grabbed my hand and started leading me to the elevator. Then He pulled out a key and told me he had already gotten a room earlier."

"Must have thought he was gonna get lucky"

"I told him in my letter he could have me if he wanted me, that he just had to help me push my sexual horizons a little farther. So I wasn't that surprised he had plans for us. So then when we got in the elevator he didn't even wait for the doors to close before he cornered me against a wall and kissed me. I kissed him back even harder and we really started going at it. He was grabbing my face and really forcing his tongue past my lips, so I opened up my mouth wider and pushed my tongue back against his. It was like a junior high make out session in the elevator."

As she paused in her story she stepped backward into the stream of the shower to rinse all the suds off she had been lathering her back with. Still facing her husband across the bathroom, she stepped away from the stream again she rolled up on the balls of her feet, pushed her chest out, and twisted her neck to examine where she had been putting all of her washing efforts so far, her lower back. Her husband couldn't see what she was trying to look at, but couldn't help but wonder why she was focusing so much attention on only that particular part of her body. She hadn't used soap anywhere else yet. He was mainly interested in the rest of the evenings story though, and threw in a comment to let her know he was listening and ready for her to continue.

"My wife, sucking face with another man. Huh."

She turned her head back toward his. "Oh, I did a lot more than just that tonight." The comment brought up mental images in both of their minds exciting them both further. Her image of her black lover, and his image of his married wife being rather naughty with another man, and a black man at that.

"So the elevator door opens and we pull our lips apart so no one sees our raunchy display of affection. And as we start to walk out of the elevator, I grabbed his hand and asked jokingly if he does this with a lot of married white women. He gave me a hell of a devilish smile and said yes! I guess he specifaly likes to meet married women on the internet and give them something more sexually in their lives. He also told me he just goes after white women."

"Really, he has done this before? I guess you got an experienced lover there sweetie."

"Well I was kind of hoping this was a first for him too, you know meeting someone online. But as I thought about it more, being very sexually active is a common trait of someone who would rock my world in bed. So I got a little more excited to see what he had in store for me. I started thinking what did these other wives get treated to."

"Did he say why he liked white wives?"

"Yeah he did later. Because he finds most of us to be submissive in the sack, and because he can introduce us to a few dirty things we might not try otherwise."

"I'm starting to see why you wanted to do all of this in the first place, I hope it will only benefit our love life too."

"Oh, yeah, it will. Trust me it will." a devilish smile came out of her face just then. Then she remembered one more thing her lover said. "OH.... He told me he also likes us white girls cause of the contrast of skin during sex. Pretty hot I thought too."

"So what happened when you got to the room honey?"

"Yeah, so he gets me in the room and just starts attacking me right away. We start kissing really hardcore again, he starts taking off his jacket and shoes and so on. Then we are standing there kissing and I reached for his crotch and undid his pants as he pulled my dress up and moved my underwear to the side so he could start rubbing a finger in my slit. He pulled back and made a comment about how wet I was and said he could feel my juices through my panties. I was fucking horny as hell then. He pulled my dress off in a hurry and we got all of his close off except his boxers then went back making out intensely again. We were still standing when I slipped my hand in his boxers and felt his cock and moaned out loud in his mouth when I realized how big and rock hard it was."

She motioned with her hands to her husband to give him an idea of size. "So now comes one of the best parts. He pulls my garter belt and panties off and runs his fingers just on the inside of my cunt."

"Cunt?" Her husband was astonished she used such a dirty word.

"Yes CUNT, He said he wants me to start calling it that. Anyway my cunt is still getting wetter by the minute so he uses two fingers to scoop us a little moisture and brings it to my mouth as he put his other hand on my slit. I knew he wanted me to taste my self, but I was apprehensive, I've never done that you know, it was naughty. He could tell I hesitated and asked if I ever tasted my own cum. I told him no I hadn't and he just shoved a finger deep inside me and pushed his two fingers into my mouth. Before I knew it I had my own cum on my tongue, and you know, it tasted good. It just felt really nasty to do it too. I just licked it off his fingers as he pumped another finger inside me. "

He knew his wife's vagina got really moist when she was excited. He himself loved the taste but couldn't believe she would taste

"Then he wiped the rest of my cum from his fingers on my upper and lower lip, I started to reach my tongue out to lick it too but he just said 'NO' and then licked it off my lips himself while sharing it with me while our tongues darted together. After he was done he told me he loved that my pussy cum tasted 'sweet and sticky'. So I was starting to like his nasty ideas."

"You haven't ever tasted your own cum before, not while masturbating even?" He knew her answer but asked anyway.

"No, I've always gone down on you before you have been inside me, so never inadvertently off your dick. And I never thought of it while I'm alone. It just always seemed dirty and nasty, like swallowing your cum too I suppose."

"Yeah, and it didn't seem that way tonight?"

"No it did tonight too, but that's what I liked about it I suppose. That It made me feel so kinky, and that he expected me to open up and try something new, something nasty, I loved that. I really savored the flavor after I finally tried it. I kind of enjoy the taste of cum now, his was a lot saltier and thicker than mine but...."

"You ate his cum too?" He interrupted her in a high pitch tone.

"Yes I did, devoured it, are you proud of me?"

"You know I am sweetheart, that's definatly something new for you. When though, did you give him head or what?"

"Well I'll go on. He asked me next if I liked my cummy sweetness too, I just sort of moaned yes back to him. He was still pumping a finger in and out of me and I was so hot I was just ready to explode. Then he asks me if I like the taste of my husbands cum too. I told him I've never swallowed it, and you usually warn me and just shoot off in my hand while I'm going down on you. Then he asks if I wanna suck his cock and taste his cum. I eagerly replied yes almost instantly. I was down on my knees in front of him before I knew it. So he says tonight is the night for something new and he put a hand on the back of my head and his dick in his other hand and pulled me to him rather quickly. I was just accommodating the head of his cock in my mouth and he kept pulling me closer faster than I was ready. I haven't ever had a dick so far back in my mouth and so deep, it was all in a seconds time too. I tried not to gag as he just kept pulling my head closer to his crotch, I just wanted to show him and myself I could do this without gagging on his cock. I just had an overwhelming urge to please him you know."

"You didn't want to seem like a rookie." He watched her apply body soap to her crotch, usually he wouldn't give it much attention. Everything tonight seemed sexual however, so he liked watching his wife touch herself there while she elaborated on the evening.

"No I didn't, I wanted to impress on him that I was ready for this. So I fought off the gag reflex. I knew he knew by the details that I've given him about our sex life in my letters that all this was going to be new for me. So he gave me instructions as I sucked him off..... Well, they were more orders really."

"Like what?"

"At first I was just sort of savoring the moment with my eyes closed, then he said to keep eye contact with him, so I did. He said I had sexy eyes and they made him hot. He also told me to run my tongue side to side across the bottom of his shaft as he pushed in and out of my lips. Oh and to use my hand on him to stroke as I sucked on his cock."

"This is fucking making me horny as hell listening to how another man told my wife how to blow him."

"Good, I was hoping so." She stole a glance at her husbands crotch and noticed his erection. "It looks like it too honey." she smiled at him as she stretched her arm again to grab more soap, this time the bar of it. She went right back to rubbing on her lower back and continued. "He also pulled out of my mouth real quick once and told me to suck his balls while he jacked his cock, then made me use my hand to jack him while I licked his scrotum."

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