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Intense Encounter


I finally reached the end of a dreadfully long day. The day did not drag because the work was bothersome or because the traffic was thick. The day dragged because of a mid-afternoon phone call I received from my wife.

"I've got something for you when you get home."

My wife's voice had that sultry sound to it when she was up to something interesting. She was breathing a bit heavier than seemed natural, so I asked. "Are you touching yourself right now?"

She laughed a little and answered, "Maybe."

I knew that 'maybe' meant that she was knuckles deep in her pussy and I could tell by her panting that she was only seconds from cumming. "I'll see you when you get home," and she hung up. She didn't even have the decency to stay on the phone so I could listen to her moan. It was likely for the best because I could already feel my dick getting hard and I still had hours to go until I could get home.

I was able to talk myself out of my hard on and finish my work day. However, my commute home was painfully long. My cock poked its way out of the top of my pants and I could feel my pulse through the length of my shaft. I had to get home.

When I finally breached the front door, I was greeted by a long and loving kiss from my wife. Her long and curly hair tossed lightly with every movement of her head. Her long and slender neck tilted slightly signaling for me to kiss my way to her shoulders.

I embraced her for only a second before she reached down and grabbed my hard on through my khakis. I nearly came just from her touch. I twitched to which she smiled. She moved her hand from my dick and took me by the hand. "Come with me." She was assertive as she turned to the stairs.

She walked just in front of me. The incline of the stairs put her ass at my face level and I got to watch her hips sway from behind as she walked seductively up to our room. Once we were in the room, she pulled me away from the door, closed it, and locked it. There was no real reason to do so other than to let me know that there was no way for me to get out of what she had in store.

"Take off your clothes and sit on the bed." She was not asking. She was telling me what she wanted me to do. I complied with her demand. I peeled out of my clothes and was soon naked. She was still wearing her clothes when she walked up to me. She wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly moved her fist up and down the length of my shaft. Pre-cum wet the tip of my hard on. She then moved her thumb across the slick liquid and encircled the head of my cock. I was so sensitive to her touch that I advised I would cum if she continued. That made her smile a little wider. She knew how hot she had made me for so many hours and now she had me at her very whim.

"Sit down on the bed. I'll be right back." She pointed to the bed as she gave the order. I sat on the edge of the bed and waited. She walked out of sight and into her walk-in closet. It was not long before I heard high heels clacking against the hard floor. Then she returned.

She was so sexy that she took my breath away. She stood in the dim corner light of the room. Her hair fell over her shoulders in beautiful brown waves. Her shoulders were sleek and moved lightly with her excited breaths. I looked down further to her beautiful breasts pushed high into a tight, leather corset. It buckled in the front and provided her with an air of authority. I continued my visual journey downward and saw that she was not wearing any panties. Her legs ran from her hips and found way into knee-high leather boots.

"You look amazing." I was too excited to think of any other adjective. I felt a sudden heat grow in my crotch and I could not wait to get inside her.

"Lay back on the bed." She pointed again, only this time she snapped. There was no doubt that she had adopted the role of Mistress and I was to do as I was told.

I reached back and hoisted myself further onto the bed until my head was near the headrest. She moved like a goddess as she walked to the edge of the bed. Then she placed her hands on my ankles and pried my legs apart. She opened my legs wide enough to where she could get between my knees.

"I'm going to have some fun with you tonight," she said with a smile as she climbed into my center. She crouched in a way that left her face hovering over my cock. I could feel her breath on my tight skin. Then she reached my cock with her hand. She rubbed me more vigorously than she had in the entry way. It was as if she wanted to make me cum.

"Please stop." I begged. I was about to lose all control and ruin the evening before it even began. Her touch was intense and I was so worked up that self control was just barely within reach. She pulled her hands away for a moment and allowed me to regain my composure.

"Are you okay now?" she taunted. I nodded and she continued. She was nearing the point of what could be considered evil. She knew that jerking me off was about to make me cum, so she decided it best to wrap her lips around my dick. In a single move, she sucked the length of my shaft into her warm mouth. She sucked and slurped lovingly until I twitched.

"You are about to cum aren't you?" She wiped her bottom lip with a grin. I moaned in absolute agony. I needed relief. I needed the relief she kept denying me. "You better not cum yet," she ordered. I took a deep breath and was able to regain some control once more. Then, my cock began to throb a bit more and I felt pre-cum ooze onto my stomach. This time, my wife didn't rub it into my tip. She knew my body well enough to know that it would have meant the end of my restraint.

Then I felt her hook her hands under my knees and lift my legs. She moved down just a bit further so she could lower her mouth to my balls. She sucked them into her mouth alternating from left to right before she barked another order. "Lift your knees and do not touch your cock."

I reached down and grabbed the backs of my knees. My ass became exposed to her and I watched her slowly start to disappear between my legs. She taunted once more.

"Sometimes, I like to pretend that I'm eating your pussy."

Only a second later, she pried my cheeks open and plunged her tongue into my ass. She licked in tight circles before moving her tongue up and down over my hole. I had seen her eat pussy and I knew she was using her masterful technique on me. It felt wonderful just before she made it feel amazing. She began to push as hard as she could. The tip of her tongue penetrated me as deep as it would go. She licked and pushed over and over until my hole was soaking wet.

Suddenly, I heard the familiar sound of a bottle of lube popping open. Then I felt a chill run over my hole. The cold liquid made my ass slick and the recent tongue lashing relaxed me enough to allow my wife to push a finger into me with relative ease. She fingered me for a moment until my ring stopped clenching. Once I relaxed, she pushed another finger in. She pushed deeper into my ass until I felt her knuckles resting against my cheeks. She probed in and out until I moaned. Another drop of pre-cum fell to my stomach.

Without warning, she slowly pulled her fingers from me. "Keep your legs up," she still spoke in orders. I did as I was told.

I could not see what she was rubbing, but I knew that she was coating something with lube and I knew that it was meant for my ass. I felt a sudden push against my hole. She was merciless as she pushed into me. I stretched to my max and yelled out as I stretched a little further. Then I felt the pop inward and my ass clench tightly to the base. She had pushed a butt plug up my ass and it felt amazing.

After the rubber toy was tightly seated in my ass, she sat up and said, "I want your cock tonight."

I quickly sat up and intended to move in on top of her. My every move was intensified as the butt-plug rubbed at my insides. Then, she quickly turned around and got on all fours. She faced away from me and ordered for me to bury my cock into her. She was so wet that it took very little effort to glide into her.

I pushed into her until there was nothing left of my cock. As I pushed forward, my ass clenched on the butt-plug and made it feel that much more amazing. I began to withdraw from her and return with slow movements. I was not trying to tease her. I was trying to keep from cumming. Then she ordered, "Fuck my cunt you little bitch."

With that, I made no effort for restraint. I began to slam my hips against her ass cheeks as I pushed deeper into her. I fucked her as hard and as furiously as I could before she screamed out a soaking orgasm. I felt her hot rush clench around my cock and I could no longer hold back. I pumped harder and faster until I emptied every bit of my loins into her pussy. I moaned out with a gut wrenching orgasm as my ass quivered to its intruder and my tip spewed cum in large spurts.

Exhausted, I fell to my wife's back and panted. She fell forward from her knees and we laid there until my hard on disappeared from her. She was amazing and I was hers. Then I drifted off wondering what she would have in store for next time.

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