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Intense Hunger


Monique stood in the living room, looking at the surroundings of her new cottage. The real estate agent stood beside her, talking but she wasn't hearing him. Slowly, she walked around, her high heels making clicking sounds on the hardwood floor. Monique had come straight away from her office in Harrington Towers, where she worked as an interior decorator. Still wearing her navy pin stripe jacket and skirt suit, it fit close to her hourglass figure. Standing at 5' tall, her long wavy dark auburn hair was upswept in an elegant style. Yet her riotous curls rebelled at being confined. As if stressing this rebellion, the door to the new cottage blew open wider then when it was left. The wind swept over Monique's small frame, causing her hair to free itself from the delicate pins.

The real estate agent gasped in surprise at the professional looking woman transformed into wild vixen as her rebellious waves surrounded her shoulders and face like a dark silk banner.

"Oh for heaven's sakes" Monique threw up her hands in exasperation. "It doesn't take much for my hair to free itself from the confines of my coiffures. I don't know why I even bother". she laughed at herself.

"I think your hair has a mind of its own, miss" The real estate agent added, still mesmerized. As she stood beside him, he could see the color of her vibrant eyes. They were a mix of dark hunter green and brown mix. Truly beautiful and ethereal.

Oh well, I may as well get comfortable, Monique said to herself. Taking off her jacket, she walked over to the pegs on the wall and hung it up. Her white silk blouse clung to her voluptuous body as the wind crept into the cottage, caressing her skin deliciously. She knew she wasn't model material, not that she wanted to be anorexic, but her womanly figure gave her a lushness over the years that she didn't have as a skinny teenager. Her body was a 38D-27-40 wrapped up in a compact little 5' body. Most men where she lived, preferred either really skinny women or really big ones. Perhaps those were fetish sizes, she didn't know, but all she did know, was that she always was very feminine and just preferred to be herself. She was proud of the fact though, that even though her breasts were big, they were firm yet soft, not rock hard like fake breasts were heard to be.

The real estate agent's dark eyes widened in pure arousal at this little woman's body. As she walked to hang up her coat, her round bottom pressed magnificently against her skirt, as her hips swayed gracefully. As his client turned to the side, hanging up her coat, the side view of her was in plain sight. Full round breasts pressed against her thin white blouse, taped down to a small waist, then flaring hips. Oh my God, most women were either thin or big, but this female was a complete package; curves, small height. Her hair had a dark auburn richness to it, the color of rosewood. He preferred women with dark hair, as they did not usually fade and age as quickly as women with yellow hair. They tended to all look the same with their pale skin, pale hair and pale eyes. This woman here had a vibrancy to her, like no other woman he'd ever seen.

Monique turned to smile at the real estate agent, the sun shining on her face. Tilting her head slightly to the side, she regarded him thoughtfully, the wind making her long dark hair fly gently around her shoulders. She notices him for the first time, she doesn't know why. She's usually so preoccupied with work and business, that she rarely takes the time to notice the little things now. Not that he was little This man before her, stood well over 6'2, with dark hair, peppered at the temples. His eyes were a dark emerald green and lips that can make a woman melt.

Standing with her back against the wall, Monique raised her eyes too look into his very handsome face. " I am sorry if I sound rude, but what is your name again? I seem to be scatterbrained today, I've been so preoccupied".

Fixing her with a hungry stare, he knew right here and there that he wanted her. Electricity brewed between them and they both knew it. He approached her quietly, like a sleek panther after his prey.

"It's quite alright miss, we all have those days. I am Douglas MacGregor. I received a call that you wanted to buy this cottage." He took up her small, outstretched hand, and instead of shaking it, Douglas surprised her by kissing the top of her hand. Yes, not very professional he told himself, but he couldn't help himself.

A lightening bolt spiraled inside Monique, as this tall, elegant man kissed her hand. She had never before, been attracted to an older man, but there's always a first time.

"You are quite young to be so severely dressed and on her own in an isolated cottage, if you don't mind me saying." Douglas ventured quietly, staring into her magnificent dark green-brown eyes.

Raising an elegant dark brow, Monique smiled softly at his gentle words, yet she sensed underneath, the vibrant hunger barely contained under his polite manners.

"Actually, I just turned 30 this year." Smiling, she watched his reaction.

Clearly surprised, Douglas never would have thought she had reached her 30th year already. Not that 30 was old but she looked so much younger. He would have given her maybe 22, and he told so.

"I would have given you perhaps 22. I guess I'm the old geezer here at 45" He laughed slightly, his deep rich baritone voice, causing ripples down her body.

Blushing softly, Monique looked up into his exotic eyes and smiled "Well thank you, I try to take good care of my skin."

And I want to taste that beautiful skin, Douglas thought hungrily. Trying to keep to the subject at hand, he offered to show her the upstairs of the cottage. As she walked up the stairs ahead of him, Douglas couldn't help but be mesmerized by her round lush bottom swaying in front of his face as she walked 4 steps ahead of him.

Monique turned quickly, forgetting to ask him where the paper work was for the cottage. As she did so, Douglas' face came in direct contact with the front of her skirt on her womanhood. Gasping in shock, Monique felt mortified at what just happened. This man she barely knew had his face level to her pussy. Even though her skirt separated her skin from his mouth, she felt the warmth of his breath through the cloth.

Placing his hands on her hips in reflex, Douglas steadied Monique before she fell backwards on the stairs. His face came into contact with soft warmth. He inhaled her deeply, taking in her sweet scent. Sitting down on the stairs to calm her shaking nerves of almost falling, Monique looked down at Douglas as his hands remained on her hips.

Climbing up the last 4 steps to be at eye level with Monique, he noticed the started look on her face. "Are you alright? I think you broke a heel on the wooden stairs. Here, let me see." As he leaned down to raise her leg a bit to take her shoe off, Douglas couldn't help but notice the delicate fabric of her black lace panties that covered her sweet smelling mound. Taking her shoe off, Douglas massaged her little high arched foot in his hand. He felt his cock harden at the feel of her stockinged foot in his hand. Her legs were not overly long like some women's were, tending to be unproportioned. Yet this little woman's legs were well shaped, sculpted and extremely silky. You didn't have to climb forever to get to your prize. This compact woman was made for loving..and yes fucking hard too. Her big breasts were for pleasure...her small waist for wrapping easily with your arms...and hips that were made to hold onto as you filled her deeply with a thick cock. Her round bottom was a silky cushion for a man's body as he fucked her from behind, not bony like skinny women. MMMMMMMMMM this woman was made for pleasure and comfort.

Startled out of his thoughts, he watched her beautiful eyes widen at the intensity of their mutual attraction . He never expected feeling this way for a human female. His sense of smell was very sensitive, and he can smell her arousal from where he leaned in front of her. He noticed her breathing changed, her breasts pressed more fully against her flimsy white blouse.

Coming up between her legs, Douglas slid over her luscious body, her little nipples grazing against his chest through his business jacket. The look in their eyes plainly stating one word: Hunger. Capturing her soft lips with his, Douglas wrapped his arm around her small waist and pressed her body against his. Their hungry kiss quickly turned primal as they both moaned. Her little body fit so tightly to his bigger one, as he ravaged her lips, tasting her essence. With one big hand, he gripped her long hair, pulling her head back. Douglas broke the kiss and ran his tongue down her jawline to her neck, suckling at the pulse point. He inhaled the scent of her blood that lay beneath the delicacy of her skin. As his eyes trailed lower, watching her full breasts strain against her blouse, was too much for him. With an aroused violence, he tore at the flimsy blouse to expose her exquisite flesh beneath. His eyes widened at the sight of her full breasts barely contained under a lace demi bra, scarcely covering her little nipples. With a feral growl, he ripped the straps off her bra, causing her breasts to spring free of its confines. Monique lay in splendor as her creamy white skin lay exposed to his hungry gaze.

Monique arched her body on the stairs, her back protected by one of his arms. She cried out in pleasure-pain as his hot mouth captured a little raspberry nipple, licking it gently but firmly. Oh how she loved having her nipples licked when they were soft, it made them so sensitive. Suddenly his gentle licking became harder and insistent. Moaning with pleasure, he took more of her breast into his mouth, his teeth scraping over her delicate nipple. Feeling it harden like a diamond in his mouth, Monique cried out as he nibbled on her nipple as though it were a meal. Then without warning, Douglas bit into her nipple, causing a drop of blood, but even more surprising was the drops of milk that accompanied the blood from his bite. She had recently given birth to a stillborn child, so her body still had all elevated hormones, including breast milk.

Douglas growled deeply at the potent mix of blood and breast milk, seeping out of this little female 's nipples. He watched hungrily, as drops of milk slid down her full round breasts, causing her nipples to glisten beautifully. Trailing his long tongue, he followed the drops of milk as it slid down her smooth tummy. Sensing her fear, Douglas unstrapped his belt and quickly tied her hands to the railing on the stairs, elevating her body. With both his hands free, Douglas spanned her waist with both his hands, coating her stomach with the milk that seeped gently from her small raspberry colored nipples. He bent over to once again, lick her stomach, reaching her navel and stabbing it with his tongue, greedily sucking it, capturing all the milk that dripped into it. Gripping her nicely rounded hips, Douglas dug into the delicate flesh with his long fingers, causing red marks to mar her white skin.

Lowering his mouth even more, Douglas parted her trembling legs with his big hands, noticing that her little pink pussy was bare of any hair. Reaching up, he squeezed her full breasts with his hands for a moment, releasing more milk. With his wet fingers, he smeared sweet milk onto her small pussy, making it glisten deliciously. Douglas's eyes turned a glowing yellow in the dimming light of the afternoon, as he lowered his mouth to her sweet human pussy. With his fingers he parted her pink petals gently, knowing she was delicate. With a teasing tongue, the tip flickered on each side of her inner lips, tasting her flesh, but purposely avoiding her throbbing clit. Capturing a petal into his mouth, he suckled on her, tasting her essence, then repeated the same to the other petal. He watched as her body demanded release, but he wasn't ready to brand her yet. With just the tip of his tongue, he quickly flicked it over her swollen clit, causing her body to jerk in response. Smiling darkly, Douglas slid his long tongue deep inside her pussy, tasting her sugared walls, stretching he. She was so tight and wet, as her inner muscles gripped his invading tongue.

Gripping her round ass cheeks in his big hands, Douglas lifted her lower body off the stairs , causing her well shaped legs to slide over his wide shoulders. Because she was short, her legs were forced to spread wide on either side of his shoulders. Her bare little pink pussy parted like a flower before his feral gaze, causing him to growl animalistically. Douglas took her pussy with a savage hunger that surprised even him. His mouth covered her pussy completely, as his tongue sunk deeply inside her. At the same moment, his teeth took her pearl-like clit in a gentle grip. As his hands gripped her ass painfully, his teeth nibbled on her tortured clit as his tongue massaged her womb.

Monique was gasping for breath, as her head spun with the pleasure pain she was feeling. Combined with fear, pain and pleasure, she was too dizzy to fight him off. Here she lay, her small body ravished by this big man, who's eyes have turned a golden yellow in the dim light. She was too afraid to push him off, not that she could anyway. Her body was betraying her fear, by its own pleasure. Monique ran her fingers through Douglas' hair as his tongue and teeth worked magic to paralyze her with intense pleasure. Her eyes widened in renewed fear as she watched his tongue split into two. One part returned to her pussy, even bigger than before, and the other side slipped gently into her virgin ass. It burned a little, but little by little, the pain turned to pleasure-pain. Over and over both her entrances were filled by his long, thick tongue. Her body arched high off the stairs, as fire spiraled through her belly, creating an orgasm so intense, that her sweet juices squirted all over his tongue, filling his mouth with her sweet pussy juices. He never relented, as she orgasmed into his mouth over and over, she fed him her sweet nectar. He greedily took all her sweet nectar like a beast starved for food. The pleasure became so intense, blackness overtook her.

When Monique woke up, it was dark inside the cottage. She was laying on a four poster bed, but she wasn't alone. Turning slightly, she watched as Douglas' big frame took up most of the bed. She took this opportunity to study his body, now that he had his shirt off and lay bare chested. Monique's eyes widen as she leans closer to study the dark tattoo on his chest. Peering closely, she was surprised to see the image of a big black panther, its fangs bared and the eyes were a golden yellow. Backing away slightly, she remembered Douglas's eyes turning a golden yellow earlier, or was it a trick of the light.

Hearing her tummy growling, Monique looked beside her on the night stand to see a dish of fresh peaches sliced up, a bottle of wine and a little dish of chocolate syrup. Monique frowned though, not seeing any knives, spoons nor extra plates for her to eat her food on, nor a glass for the wine. Biting her lip, she gazed over at the sleeping "real estate agent" doubting that's what this male really was. Her body still felt the tremendous pleasure he gave her not even two hours ago. Being a sensual Frenchwoman that gave as good as she received, she wanted to return that pleasure to him and greedily take some for herself, she smiled mischievously.

Unbuckling the belt on his dress pants, Monique slid it off and tossed it aside. Unbuttoning and unzipping him, she slid her fingers near his hips, pulling down his pants gently, her eyes widened as she noticed he didn't wear any underwear. MMMMMMMMMMM how delicious and primal this man was...err male was. She was beginning to think he was something more but at this point, she didn't care, she wanted him.

Douglas awoke at the soft tugging of his pants, yet pretended he was asleep, as to not scare her away. His pants slid down his body. She took his socks off and threw them off the bed. He read her thoughts and smiled at the thought she had. Frenchwoman indeed. They were a hot-blooded breed, set apart from any other woman. He smiled at the look on her face when she realized he had nothing under his pants....but he kept quiet for now.

Monique turned to the side table and took the peaches in her hands. Smiling seductively, her dark auburn hair tumbled around her smooth shoulders, she gripped the peaches tightly, squeezing the juices onto Douglas's chest and abdomen. If she didn't have any dishes to eat her meal off of, well she'll damn well eat it off HIM. Smearing the peaches all over him, she leaned down to trail her tongue gently over his male nipples, suckling them softly, taking her time. She ran her small, talented hands down his wide chest, eating the pieces of peaches, the juices flowing down her chin. Her little tongue snaked out to lap up her chin capturing the sweet fruit juice.

Douglas's thick cock bucked wildly as he watched peach juice running down her little chin, her pink tongue creeping out to lap it up. He barely contained himself as he watched her lean down to rub her big breasts on his chest, grazing her little nipples on his chest hairs.

Monique felt his thick cock harden against her thigh and knew he was slowly waking up. Sitting down for a moment, she slipped her thigh high silk stockings down her legs, taking them off. Quickly she tied Douglas's wrists to the headboard, the silky but very strong material keeping him captive..........or so she thought.

Resuming her meal, Monique presented Douglas with her round ass as she bent over to lick his hard abs, licking up the peach juices off his warm skin. Ah this is sweet but not enough for her. Turning to the side table, she picked up the little container of chocolate syrup. Holding up she let it drip slowly on his abs....and lower onto his now hard shaft. She watched in hunger as the chocolate syrup slid over the thick mushroom head of his cock, coating it completely. Soon, the chocolate slid lower to coat all over his cock, to the base and finally to his heavy sacs.

Leaning down, Monique gently ran her tongue over the tip of his cock, as her nails grazed down over his hips and thighs. She smiled in satisfaction as his cock grew bigger and thicker as her tongue curled around the tip of him. Taking the head of his cock into her little mouth, her lips barely stretched wide enough to take the head in, but she desperately wanted to. Curling her long tongue around the head, she slurped up the chocolate from his cock. Releasing him for a moment, Monique licked her chocolate-coated lips and looked at Douglas. She knew instinctively that he was awake now..and she was right. The look on his face showed her a violent arousal, causing sweet juices to flow from her and coat her inner thighs. Turning back around, she ran her tongue very slowly up his long, thick , chocolate-covered cock. She wiggled her round ass in Douglas' face, teasing him, but she knew there would be consequences to her actions.

Douglas had about all he could take of her teasing. With a quick tug of his hands, the stockings slid off his wrists, freeing him. Although he wanted to just fuck her right here and now, he allowed her to continue her "meal". Taking her sweet ass in his hands, he gripped them hard as she jumped in surprise. Spreading them wide, he sank his long tongue deep into her sweet ass, causing her body to arch up.

Monique took as much of his thick cock into her mouth as she could, as his tongue delved into her tight ass. She had never had anal sex before but was always fascinated by watching others explore it. She felt his fingers dig so hard into her ass cheeks that she felt blood trickling down her white skin. But at this point, Monique was possessed by such primal arousal, that she didn't care. Suckling harder on his shaft, her fingers lowered to grip his heavy sacs into her palm, squeezing them gently, as she engulfed his hard cock deep into her mouth and throat.

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