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"It's time," said Rob.

Christine obediently followed him up the ladder to the loft. She'd been anxiously waiting for him to finally declare it "time," but she didn't rush him. Partly because it wasn't her place to, and partly so she could savour the anticipation. It wasn't just that she might finally be permitted to have an orgasm. It was the thrill more than anything else. The adrenaline rush. For an hour each week, she was freed from her identity and reputation, freed from social expectations. This freedom was attained through anonymity and, paradoxically, slavery. When equally anonymous strangers commanded her to do something degrading, it wasn't her fault; she _had_ to obey, or she would be punished. Although she had to go along with every reasonable demand made by a total stranger, it didn't necessarily mean that she enjoyed doing each individual thing they made her do. A lot of the things she did, she wouldn't have done by herself for the sake of doing them. It's not like she was a slut or anything. She just indulged in an hour of escapism every week.

Within minutes, she was in the familiar situation, sitting helplessly in the middle of the varnished wooden floor. Her ankle was encased in an iron shackle that tethered her via a heavy chain to a metal loop in the middle of the floor. This week, she was wearing a sports bra that hugged her breasts tightly, and a matching pleated miniskirt. She never had understood the cheerleader fantasy, although she had to concede that the revealing outfit showed off her athletic figure.

Her boyfriend, Rob, chose a different outfit for her to wear almost every week, but one familiar item had returned this evening: the chastity belt. Her usual chastity belt was the normal kind, designed only to prevent her from having sex or even masturbating. The only time she was free from it, besides special occasions such as her birthday, was when she was chained to the loft floor. During most of those sessions the most private part of her body was encased only in clothes, allowing her to show off her figure in swimwear or lingerie. During the rare sessions in which she was free to use her hands, it even allowed her to masturbate, providing the person dominating her that week permitted it.

Sometimes, like now, she was instead wearing her usual chastity belt's even more elaborate counterpart. Thanks to electronics she didn't care to know the details of, the dildo sealed safely inside her could be made to vibrate or to give an electric shock - whichever the stranger giving her orders felt she deserved. Only regulars were allowed to dominate her when she wore it. After months of playing this strange game, no one had given her unwarranted or excessive shocks. The system seemed to worked perfectly.

Christine glanced around her. The usual objects were within her reach, strewn across the floor: a handful of restraints, gags and dildos that no doubt someone would order her to use on herself. This week the dildos were merely for humiliation, as thanks to the chastity belt, the only thing she could do with them was simulate fellatio.

A thick marker pen and large pad of paper provided her only means of talking back to the people who commanded her. The only person in the room with her was Rob. The stranger dominating her would communicate with her via the internet. While the individual's orders and degrading comments were fed through an eerily clinical sounding speech synthesiser, coming through loud and clear on a speaker, the video feed was an amateur operation limited to a handful of silent pictures every second. No one except Rob could see her cute writhing or hear her arousing moans and helpless protests until he released the higher quality recording on their FTP site an hour later.

Christine stared into the cold, heartless lens of the camera. It was always watching her. It never moved, but it was at the end of the room, and the chain tethering her to the floor didn't allow her enough movement to escape its constant gaze. Even if she walked as close to the camera as her chain would allow, standing tall, her whole body from head to toe would still be captured for everyone to see. For an hour each week, her every move was scrutinised, recorded, and viewed by hundreds of total strangers. That was the thrill: letting herself submit completely, to practically be someone else, or maybe even to be her true self.

Her friends would never understand, Christine realised. She obviously couldn't tell them what she got up to each week. She wanted to tell her best friend, Karen, of the sheer thrill she indulged in, but she couldn't. She wouldn't understand. What would she think of her? Christine had a reputation to keep. This would remain a little secret between her, Rob, and a few hundred anonymous strangers.

"How often do you masturbate?" asked the calm, synthetic voice. Christine still had her hands free, and as usual the result was a series of probing questions. She scribbled an answer on the pad, hoping it would please the regular who had asked the question. Whoever he was - or whoever _she_ was, although she shuddered at that possibility - he went under the alias of Master K.

"NOT AS MUCH AS I'D LIKE TO," she admitted in large capital letters. "MY MASTER RARELY PERMITS IT," she added on the next sheet of paper. She thought back to the last time she'd been able to masturbate. It had been in front of the same camera, in a rare moment of freedom from either chastity belt. A different stranger had told her to grope and finger herself. At the time, she'd been glad to finally have the opportunity, and she had to admit that being ordered to pleasure herself in front of an audience had increased her arousal even further.

Master K must have approved of her response as she felt her chastity belt's vibrator purr into action for a few precious seconds, maybe even ten or fifteen this time. "THANK YOU," she scribbled in response.

"You're welcome, slave," came the cool reply. "Now strip for me. Slowly. If you do it well enough, I will reward you for much longer than a few seconds."

Christine had lost track of time, as usual. It felt like there wasn't long left until the video feed ended. The session so far had got her more than a little worked up, and a sustained vibration administered by Master K would more than likely be her only chance to have an orgasm until next week. She was determined to take it.

Putting down the pen and paper, she looked straight into the camera before crawling up to it on her hands and knees, the chain rattling behind her. It snapped taut as she reached the limit of her circle. She blew Master K a kiss, then stood up. She gently swung her hips as she slid her hands slowly down her curvaceous sides, her thumbs sliding inside her skirt's waistband. As if changing her mind, she slid them back up again, across her stomach so her arms crossed by the time her hands were on her breasts. She turned around, glancing back at the camera before turning completely away from it. She grabbed the bottom of her sports bra, and in one slick motion pulled it over her head. With her back still facing the camera, she lifted the bra on a single finger, letting it hang off her fingertip for a few seconds before it fell to the floor. Her hands covered her breasts again when she turned around to face the camera once more.

Slowly, she let her hands move away, until only her fingertips covered her nipples. She smiled as she felt a surge of confidence. Suddenly, her dildo started vibrating again. She couldn't tell whether Master K was showing approval or trying to make her slip up and reveal more. She stayed still, her smile turning into one that reflected a primitive pleasure, and the dildo stopped again.

Confident that timing was the one thing she still had a small amount of control over, Christine let her fingers slide back down her sides, revealing the full beauty of her breasts. Her thumbs in her skirt once more, she slid it off her waist and down her slender legs. With her chastity belt still on, hardly anything more was revealed, but she somehow felt closer to being naked in front of her audience. She pulled the skirt along the chain, moving it out of the way. She felt as if hundreds of eyes were scrutinising her every curve, which of course she knew they were. She looked anxiously at the camera, hoping she pleased Master K enough to get the reward she needed so much.

"Very nice," said the eerie synthetic voice. "Once you're suitably restrained, I'll give you what you've earned. Put on your favourite gag and cuff your hands behind your back."

Christine didn't have a favourite gag, but the last thing on her mind was agonising over trivial decisions. Her hunger needed to be satisfied, and she didn't have long. Without hesitation, she grabbed a ring gag and strapped it firmly in place, prising her mouth open. Next, she picked up a pair of handcuffs and locked them onto one wrist. Moving her hands behind her back, she managed to lock her other wrist in them, forcing her hands behind her back. As was the case with all the restraints, the key was in the corner of the room, out of her reach. Rob never appeared in the video streams, so her hands were now locked behind her until it was all over. Her self-bondage complete, she looked straight at the camera with pleading eyes.

"Very good, my little slave," assured the emotionless voice.

Within seconds, Christine's dildo had started to buzz again, and she would have done anything to ensure it didn't stop. She squirmed around, her chain rattling as she tried to find the best position to be in. She had no doubt that Master K and everyone else watching her were delighting in the sight of her spreading then closing her legs, rolling onto her back then bending over on her knees, but she didn't care. The only thing that existed in her world was the intense pleasure of the vibrations coming from inside her, and she was determined to orgasm from them.

"Look at you," said Master K. "You're drooling all over yourself."

Christine hadn't even noticed. She felt embarrassed, momentarily regretting her hasty choice of gag. The feeling of humiliation only fuelled her arousal, though. She managed to move her hands to one side, enough to wipe her own drool from one of her breasts. Drying soon turned into groping, into pinching her nipple.

"You really like pinching yourself, don't you, slave?" asked Master K. Christine nodded, wondering if it would even be recognisable as a nod on the slow video feed. "I should have made you wear nipple clamps too." A fresh string of saliva inched its way onto her frenzied hand. "Don't worry, I'll remember for next time." For a while, there was silence from the speech synthesiser as Christine concentrated on groping and pinching herself, the room filled only with the sounds of her content moans and the jangling chain. She didn't doubt that Master K was satisfied just to watch her for a few minutes.

"Do you want to come?" asked Master K finally. Christine nodded eagerly, imagining the video feed just showing a frantic blur where her face should have been. "Good. I see your master has trained you well: always ready and obedient, but also always in need of someone to satisfy you. I know you can't do it by yourself. You need me." Christine could feel herself on the brink of a powerful orgasm. She just needed someone to psychologically push her over the edge. She continued frantically groping herself, her chain rattling louder as she writhed around on the floor. She hoped she had enough time...

"Come, slave. Come for me. That's an order."

It's not that Christine was trained well enough to orgasm on demand, on the whim of a stranger, but just being ordered to do something so private in front of so many people was enough to send her over the edge. Her whole body shuddered as a wave of pleasure enveloped her. Then she was lying on her back, collapsed in an exhausted heap.

"Thank you," said Master K. Christine tried to say thank you back, but only the vowels escaped the ring gag.

An hour later, most of the equipment had been packed away. Rob was uploading the more detailed video stream of that evening's session. Christine was reveling in the feel of her miniskirt gently lying on her vulva. Rob had taken the electronic chastity belt off her, but hadn't yet got around to putting her regular one in its place. It had been weeks since she had last felt the sensation of her intimate flesh being exposed to loose clothing, and it was a welcome change.

Despite how exposed she was, she still couldn't touch herself. Her arms were encased in a single sleeve to ensure that even if she got aroused again, she still couldn't masturbate. The pleasure of having an orgasm was her master's to give her. Rob had even put the sports bra and pleated miniskirt back on her, before adding a blindfold, although she had no idea why. Probably, he'd just make her go down on him after he'd finished uploading the video. At any rate, she was relieved that he'd finally taken the ring gag off her.

Christine jumped slightly as there was a distant knock at the door. She looked in the direction where she had heard Rob typing, but he didn't give away any sound of surprise.

"I'll be right back," he assured her. She heard his footsteps as he descended down the ladder.

When Christine heard footsteps returning, she could have sworn they belonged to two separate people. That was impossible, she assured herself. Rob wouldn't dare bring anyone into the loft now, not when she was dressed up and bound like this, helpless and vulnerable.

"Who was it?" she asked.

"A friend of yours," replied Rob. "She called me the other day, saying she wanted to swap secrets with you. I think you'll be surprised to meet her like this."

"She's here? Now?" asked Christine, unable to hide the fear in her voice. She pictured herself sitting there in her cheerleader costume and single sleeve, the iron shackle around her ankle still tethering her to the floor. "You can't let her see me like this!"

"But darling," said Rob smoothly, "she's _already_ seen you like that."

Christine's fear intensified as the visitor's footsteps grew louder. Finally, the blindfold was lifted from her head. Christine's face turned from a display of raw fear into one of shock.

"_Karen_?" she asked in a bemused voice.

"That's Master K to you," said Karen in a stern voice, her face revealing sheer amusement as she looked down at her captive. "Your master's been kind enough to permit me to use you for the night. Remember, I let you have an orgasm earlier. It's only fair that you should return the favour."

Christine was still in shock when Karen held up the ring gag. "Please," she begged, her jaw still aching from the last time it was in her mouth.

"Open," ordered Karen. Reluctantly, Christine opened her mouth. It was futile to resist. As she felt Karen's hands on the back of her neck, fastening the gag firmly in place once more, she could tell it was going to be a long night.

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