tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersInteractive Crossdresser...Dare Me Ch. 03

Interactive Crossdresser...Dare Me Ch. 03


Hi again, I'm back to share a couple quick dares, I still wish you all would send me more dares.

This first one is from Jason. This is from an email he sent me.

"You're first dare will be a simple easy one that im sure you can handle ;)

I simply want you to wear the shortest skirt you own, next you will go out to a public place and just sit across from either a sexy girl or a guy if you like and give the a peek of whats under there.

That's an easy one for you. Hopefully you will let me know how it turns out."

This the email I sent back to him describing my completion of his dare.

"Hi Jason darling, Sorry I've been meaning to write you back but I've been very busy. I can't add to your yahoo because I don't use that but I would love to keep emailing each other. what turns me on a lot is getting dares from other people and performing them. Its so hot, I get so

turned on. I performed your dare Saturday night. I went out kinda late, around midnight. I wore yellow satin thong panties and matching bra,

I'm 36d when i dress up. I wore a tight baby blue sweater, a short pleated, plaid schoolgirl skirt, black fishnet stockings, black 4 inch high heels, and all my make up and i wear a long blond wig. I went to a gas station, I saw a couple so I stopped to get gas near them. I drive a big truck so I parked and when getting out i took just a little too long getting down, my panties clearly visible, but my little clitty tucked between my legs hidden. When I got down and straightened my skirt I glanced at them and saw the girl slapping the guy's shoulder so he must of gotten caught looking at my exposed panties. What a turn on!"

The next dare is from Trent and here is his email to me.

"I want you to get dressed up conservatively, not slutty, but still sexy. Jeans, heels, sweater or blouse. Nails, perfume, breast forms,wig etc. Find a laundromat and bring a load of lingerie and wash and dry them there. Stay there the whole time and take a cell phone cam pic of yourself. Pick a machine away from everyone else and lean your crotch against the washer when it is spinning and cum in your jeans discreetly. Go in the bath room or your car and take off the panties. Lick them clean and bring them back in and very deliberately put them in the running washer, try to let someone see you putting them in."

I performed his dare but unfortunately couldn't do part of it because there were no people there but here is my email back to him.

"I need another challenge please. I went Sunday night and washed my panties. I wore black Express pants, pink sweater, black high heels, full makeup

and wig, red bra and panties underneath, but nobody was there. I was nervous the whole time though."

Trent emailed me back a dare that he would like me to put an ad on the internet and meet a man dressed and suck him off.

So I did just that, I put an ad on gayuniverse.com on the cruising section. My ad was to meet at my house and that I was a boy and I crossdressed as a girl and I wanted to suck a cock and swallow cum.

I had put in the posting that I wanted to meet Sunday night and to text me on my phone. I did not receive any texts so I went to sleep. I woke up to my phone beeping and an incoming text that said he was interested and in the area and what was the address.

I got very nervous not expecting a response especially at 10am Monday morning. We text back and forth for a while basically saying I needed time to get dressed up and not to mention I really didn't know if I would go through with it.

I decided I would at least start getting dressed up and ready just in case and start drinking some beer to help take the edge off, I was so nervous.

The process took me almost 2 hours to get my make-up just right and I drank quite a bit too.

I started by putting on a pair of hot pink nylon panties and tucking my little clitty in between my legs. These panties hold it nice and tight. Then I would put on my concealer, drink some and I turned on porn too.

I went back and forth between putting on make-up and putting on clothes. Next I put on black thigh high stockings and a little more concealer and made sure I was shaved nice and smooth.

Back to the bedroom, drink some more, put on a hot pink lacy bra and put my breasts in them giving me my big tits, then back to the bathroom to put on my foundation.

Then I'm drinking some more, watching a little porn and putting on black high heels and back to bathroom to touch up foundation and put on black eyeliner and eye shadow using some pink and black to make my eyes smokey pink and so sexy.

Back to the bedroom to drink some more and to put on my little pleated schoolgirl skirt, it's so short it barely covers the stocking tops. I'm also texting Tommy to let him know I'm still getting ready. He teases me that I'm a typical girl taking forever.

Back to the bathroom to apply jet black mascara and bright pink lip stick, making me look so sexy.

Then back for more beer, I'm getting a little buzzed now and losing some inhibitions too, and to the bedroom to put on a tight black sparkly, long sleeved turtleneck and my blond wig to complete me.

I go look in the mirror for a few touch ups on the makeup and to see how amazing I look. Then I find myself texting Tommy my address and he will be here in 5 minutes so I drink another beer.

Oh God, I'm actually going through with this.

I see him approaching, he is a little bigger in size and older, maybe in his 50's. Oh God, panic and nervousness as he knocks on the door.

I let him in and close the door as he checks me out and starts rubbing me up and down telling me how beautiful I am.

I lead him upstairs, he can see my pink panties up my skirt.

Upstairs he continues to fondle me, I tell him how nervous I am and he says its ok.

He lays down on the bed after he takes off his pants and pulls me down and positions me so my ass is by his head and I gently take his cock in my hands as he rubs his hands all over my ass and legs.

I gulp, look at his flaccid little dick and I take it into my mouth. I'm actually doing this! I suck up and down over and over and over hoping he starts to get hard.

I take it out and then back in, it's starting to get a littler harder, a little bigger, he asks me where to cum and I tell him I want his cum in my face.

I go back down and suck his cock in and out but it's just not that big. As he starts to fill up my mouth with his expanding cock I feel his cum in the back of my mouth, I gag a little at the unexpected cum filling my mouth and it dribbles out of my mouth and down his cock.

He gets up and puts on his pants and leaves.

I just wish he would have gotten super hard.

I put another ad on the site so maybe I will get another cock to suck soon.

Please send me more dares.



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