For Jay

Demo Version

Carefully, Jay laid the compact disk in the CD tray, then watched it slowly retreat into the bowels of his computer. Colors danced across the monitor until a blue field filled the screen with the title 'Virtual Sex'. A gray box with a single button commanded the very center of the blue field entitled: 'Go'.

He eyed the simple gray button with doubt in his green eyes. Jay picked up the colorful envelope that had originally contained the rainbow hued disk then leaned back in his tall-backed leather office chair.

"The most realistic virtual sex experience of a lifetime," he read out loud sarcastically. Below the advertisement blurb was the word 'demo.' He flipped the envelope over and glanced at the back. Totally blank; no pictures or even text.

"Right, sure, and I'm only supposed to use my headphones with this thing?" he said, raising a skeptical brow. As an experienced programmer Jay had run across lots of programs touting themselves as 'virtual sex.' Nothing so far had come close to living up to its name.

"Right, whatever. This is the first time I've ever seen a virtual sex program that didn't have lots of weird and expensive equipment to go with it," Jay sighed then leaned over to lock the door to his room. The last thing he wanted was one of his roommates to barge in while he was sitting here with his dick in his hand. He combed his fingers through his shoulder-length, dark red hair then pulled up his mostly clean t-shirt. Slowly he unzipped his jeans and shoved them down around his ankles then spread his knees wide to give himself some room to maneuver. He stared at the simple gray 'Go' button on the screen.

"Let's see what this thing can do," he muttered. With grave doubts, he pulled his high-tech head-phones over his ears then clicked the 'Go' button.

"Close your eyes," appeared in bold type, centered in an empty blue field on his computer screen. A curser dash blinked after the words.

"Whatever…" he mumbled then closed his eyes with a disgusted sigh.

A whisper brushed his left ear then breezed around behind him to hum in his right ear. Music swelled from a distant echo shifting and changing until it sounded reminiscent of something done by Enigma. He felt a breath on his cheek.

"What?" he said with a jerk and his eyes snapped open. He was still sitting in his chair, but the rest of the world was totally different. He was completely nude and his chair was seated in a total void. There was a Persian rug below the chair but there appeared to be no flooring, walls or ceiling, just unrelieved white. He clapped his hands to his ears. The headphones were gone. He couldn't feel them at all, but he could still hear music playing subtly in the background.

Three gorgeous completely nude women knelt on the rug in front of his knees. Lust slammed low in his gut and surged straight to his dick.

The woman on his left was tallest of the trio and willowy with long athletic legs and a dark tan. She had Hollywood curves, like an hourglass with an extra five minutes at all the right places, slim hips and severely upright, very full breasts with pink nipples. Long silky blonde hair slid past her waist and her brilliant blue eyes were framed in dark lashes. Her lips were pink, pouty and glistening wet.

The woman on his right was very generously curved and muscular with warm cocoa skin and very long, pitch-black curly hair. Dark nipples pointed upward on magnificent breasts. Her dark bangs cut straight as a razor above rich chocolate eyes. She smiled with full red lips. The pink tip of her tongue slid out to wet them.

The woman in the middle caught his gaze and held it. Her eyes were the green of new leaves and her hair was the vibrant red of gilded flames. Blazing waves tumbled over one emerald eye then over her shoulders and down to the middle of her back. Her skin was milky white and her body was full and curvy without being overblown. Her hips were rounded with a narrow waist and her full breasts were tipped with warm pink nipples. Her lips were moist and touched with gold and cinnamon.

"Wow…" he choked. His dick began to twitch and fill with serious interest. All three stood up before his chair. Three sets of incredible nipples were pointed directly at his mouth.

"Choose," they said with machine precision unison and in perfect tonal harmony. Their combined gaze was playing havoc with his libido.

'Holy fuck,' he swore to himself. Chills ran down his spine and the hair on his arms stood at attention. His dick was growing painfully hard. 'This is the most incredible program I've ever run across and we haven't even started fucking!' He reached out and rubbed his dick to ease the strain he was starting to feel. 'I feel pretty real,' he thought. I wonder how real they feel?'

"You must pick one of us," said the golden blonde in a sweet delicate voice and a luscious smile.

"What?" He had to pick only one? 'What the hell,' he told himself, 'it's only a game, might as well make the most of it.' Jay leaned back to let his cock have room. Three pairs of eyes dropped to his lap. The ladies all smiled and a light chuckle came from the delicate blonde.

"We are here to serve you," said the dark beauty in a husky voice that oozed heat.

"Make your selection," said the gilded redhead in a rich contralto that went straight to his cock. It twitched in reaction. He blushed in reaction then shrugged it off.

"Can I have all of you?" Jay choked out and straightened in the chair, trying to make himself and his hard-on, more comfortable.

"This is only the demo version," they said in unison.

"There can be, only one," added the glorious redhead.

"In that case…" He reached out and took the hand of the redhead. 'Damn,' he thought in surprise, 'she feels awfully real to me. This is one hell of a program!' He cleared his throat in nervousness. "I choose you." His voice shook.

The other two ladies bowed then stepped back and vanished into thin air.

"Hey!" Jay yelped in surprise. "My, people sure come and go around here," he quoted, thinking of a popular children's movie.

The flame-haired temptress smiled, her eyes deep pools of emerald, she leaned over his chair. He felt the weight of her hand as she took hold of the shoulder of his chair for balance. Her hair swept around him in a curtain of flaming silk. The heavy softness of her hair brushed his skin like cool hand on his heated skin. She leaned forward and touched her lips to his.

Moist warmth touched his mouth and he opened without thinking, closing his eyes to enjoy the sensations. Her tongue darted in to stroke his and he returned the caress. Jay turned his head to more fully cover her lips. She pressed her full breasts against his chest and he felt her hard nipples against his skin. She pressed against him, her skin very smooth, almost cool against him.

'She certainly feel real,' Jay thought staggered with the experience.

He felt a warm hand wrap around his hard-on. Gently she explored the soft smoothness of his urgent flesh, the smooth length then the swollen purple head with its sensitive edge. She wrapped her fingers around him then stroked him slowly, but firmly, up then down, then again. Her inquisitive fingers stopped then slid lower. He shifted in the chair to let her explore. Her hand dove under him to explore his firm balls, rolling them gently in her palm.

He groaned as she burrowed the other arm behind him and scooted her warm and very real weight onto his lap and she was straddling him.

The arms on his chair disappeared suddenly and he grabbed her for balance. His palms pressed against skin hat felt warm and very much alive. She cradled his hardness with the moist and heated entrance of her clean body, fragrant with female heat and her gripping palm.

"God, you smell so good…" he groaned. He ran his palms down her back to cup her round buttocks. Gently he dug his fingers into her resilient flesh. He was suddenly glad of his wiry build, or they both would have never fit in his chair.

"Give me a name, Master," she whispered then moved down to slide her lips and tongue against his throat. A hand burrowed in his hair, nails scoring him lightly. Her other hand stroked his hardness slowly, achingly slowly.

"Master… I like that," he shivered under her damp tongue and firm palm, "but call me Jay."

"Very well," she sighed. "Give me a name, Jay," she sighed then nibbled against the pronounced muscle in his neck with sharp little teeth. She released his cock and pressed both hands against his chest, her fingers tugged on his nipples lightly. Heat streaked straight down, making his cock jump between them.

"A name?" he shifted his hardness against her. Her damp pussy slid against his erection enticingly. He could feel moisture from her dripping warmly down his shaft. He filled his hands with her soft breasts. He molded them in his palms then tugged gently on her nipples. She whimpered softly.

"You must give me a name, to save your game," she insisted.

"Oh, okay… um, how about..." he was having trouble thinking. God this felt good. This was a game? Hell, this was only the demo? He was probably asleep and dreaming, but God, he'd never dreamed anything like this before! Briefly a comic book image came to mind. "Dawn, your name is Dawn." He shuddered as she lifted herself against him, pressing her breasts against his face.

"I am Dawn," she said as she pressed against him. He filled his mouth with a soft pink nipple. She tasted faintly of cinnamon and sugar. Bringing his hands up, he gently crushed both nipples to his lips. His tongue swirled then he sucked, drawing the erect pink flesh deep into his mouth. She rewarded him with a deep pleasurable sigh.

She shifted against him, centering his impossibly hard shaft against her pussy. He felt her move against the swollen head of his cock then position herself so that he was partway in. He groaned at the teasing then tightened his ass muscles, seeking entrance. She dropped suddenly into his lap, engulfing his cock deep into her pussy. They both grunted, then sighed in pleasure.

She leaned forward and rocked against the hardness deep in her flesh. Her damp heat squeezed around him then tugged, gripping him hard as she came up and he slid partway out, slick with her moisture. She settled back onto his shaft and leaned forward again. The chair rocked under them.

'She's good, she's getting it just right… shit!' he though in agony. He raised his hips and ground his painfully hard cock up into her softness, increasing the tempo. He bit his lip in concentration. He didn't want to lose it, this early in the game, but sweet Christ!

She took the hint and rocked a little faster, digging her toes into the rug for leverage. He took a sweet nipple into his mouth and sucked. She whimpered softly then grabbed the back of the chair pulling herself, going a little faster, grinding a little harder. Her hips writhed and she twisted around his shaft. Her breathing increased and she panted in his ear. Tiny whimpers became outright moans as she squeezed her ass muscles, increasing the pressure around his cock.

"Oh, fuck," he moaned. "Fuck, fuck FUCK!" he swore. He could feel the tightness in his balls, he was going to cum. Tension sizzled up his spine, shooting up the back of his neck. His toes dug into the rug as he surged hard up into the softness clenched around his cock. He grabbed for her hips and slammed her down, holding her firmly on his cock as he felt his cum surge from his balls. He rocked forward, holding her pinned as he pumped his cream into her. She screamed her orgasm, her flesh shuddering around him, milking the cum from his cock…

He howled… and snapped awake.

Jay watched, hands clenched on the arms of his chair, as a thick rope of his cum spurted from his dick straight up to spatter against his chest and chin. He grunted in surprise then grabbed for his dick, pointing the heavy stream he continued to pump out, away from his face. He groaned in agonizing pleasure as his cum landed on his keyboard in viscous white clumps. He couldn't stop himself as grunting, he pumped cum all over his computer and himself.

"Jesus Fuck!" He swore. He'd never, ever cum that way before. Damn, the shit was everywhere, all over his face, jeans, his shirt and the floor too. How the hell was he going to clean this mess up?

On the cum-spattered monitor the words: 'Game Over' blinked in red. Beneath it was the phrase: 'Game saved – DAWN'.

"I gotta buy the rest of this game!" Jay said in wonder. "Shit! How the hell am I gon'na get all the cum off my keyboard?"

Copyright © 2002 Morgan Hawke. All Rights Reserved. All Wrongs revenged.

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