tagSci-Fi & FantasyIntergalactic Bordello: Age

Intergalactic Bordello: Age


Winston fumbled with the tie on his shoe cursing his fingers. He'd known it would be difficult relearning how to use his body but this was ridiculous. Shouldn't the fact that he remembered how to tie his fucking shoe make a difference?

Apparently not.

"Need some help there?" The nurse knelt in front of him taking his laces into her own hands. He wished she'd take something else.

"While you're down there..." he began, mostly as a joke.

"Don't even start with me, today Winston. I know you're horny, just like everyone else here. It's the hormones." Nurse Rattiky finished tying the knot and stood up.

"I don't know if I can handle it," he chuckled, crossing his arms over his fresh and young erection. Two years ago he'd be shocked at the sight. The little man hadn't made himself known in over twenty years.

"Where we're going today should help," Rattiky smiled, not saying anymore.

Winston tried to smile, not believing her. What could they possibly do to fix—he looked down at the huge tent in his pants—this situation?

But he went along with it anyway. He'd asked for this, after all.

Palingenesy was a service he'd paid with his entire life's accumulated wealth. Which was quite a hefty sum. The Fabian group offered the service to aging members of society with moderate to good health. It was painful and lasted for almost a year. But here he was.

Young again.

Winston had thought being young again with the knowledge of his first eighty years would be a grand time. But the first one was harder than his entire puberty enfolded. He looked back down at his protruding erection...hard literally.

It wasn't until the ship had reached Earth's outer orbit that the Captain declared the purpose of their trip.

"Sorry for the secrecy fellas, but it's illegal on Earth to set destination for our particular port."

A shiver of fear went through Winston's spine. Illegal? He'd never done anything illegal in his life! He looked around him, seeing if any of the other men in his group were just as startled. But they only looked back at him, equally confused.

"We'll be docking at the ISB in about twenty minutes. I suggest you refresh your memory on how do operate your dingalings cause they're getting reactivated tonight!" The loud voice laughed.

"ISB?" Winston looked to the fellow next to him to see if he had any answers.

"Intergalactic Space Bordello." Nurse Rattiky smiled, answering for him. "No reason to punish poor Earth women with your fresh meat. This'll give ya'all a chance to reacquaint yourself with your biology."


Winston stood outside the transport dock, looking at the sight before him. Women, men and...other things...lined up ready to receive their vessel. He'd no idea when he signed up with Fabian that they'd normalize his reproductive system using prostitution!

It wasn't long before Nurse Rattiky pushed him along the line, egging him into choosing the first girl he could find with a decent figure. It irked him that he couldn't distinguish any sort of attraction between the women, the men and the...its. His body was so hyped up, it would probably react to an ill formed rock.

The woman he chose was short, with cropped black hair and big brown eyes. She looked Asian to him, but more pale.

The woman seemed to know what to do, dragging him along with her until they reached a dark hallway lined with doors. He didn't know if there was a logic to the room she chose, but it was unoccupied. Inside was what looked like a small sinkhole, filled with steaming water. Other various accoutrements of relaxation filled the room.

"Bath?" the woman asked.

Winston turned to her, his body shaking. She nodded and smiled, reassuring him with her eyes.

Everything is going to be ok. A voice inside his head spoke to him. Normally Winston assumed he'd be terrified if he heard voices in his head. But considering he was in a Bordello on the edge of the Universe, he was willing to go with the flow on this point.


I know. She nodded, telling him it was indeed her voice in his head.

"You don't speak?"

In English, I only know the world Bath. She laughed. I find it easier to speak with thoughts. They don't need translation.

"It's been so long...I don't know if I can please you." Winston voiced the fear that'd been wrestling under his skin.

You don't have to please me. The voice said, confused at his fear. I'm here to please you.

"That's not sex." Winston growled.

The woman pushed him back on the makeshift bed in the corner. Let's take care of something first, then we'll talk about what is and what isn't sex.

Before Winston could ask her intentions, his shorts were around his knees and his cock was in her mouth.

She sucked it in with one deep swallow, moistening his length. He didn't remember being so well endowed as a teenager. Maybe this was one of their gratuitous upgrades.

Much to his embarrassment it was less than thirty seconds before he lost himself inside her mouth.

Winston lay back on the cot, shuddering from pleasure. He heard her rustling through something and water running, but didn't have the energy to look up.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can talk some more. She handed him some tea and pulled his shorts back up.

"Jesus lady!" Winston barked, shocked over what had just happened. "I don't even know your name! And that sure as hell wasn't sex."

Don't be so shocked. I am after all a bordello worker. What do you mean that wasn't sex? Of course it was! She smiled. And my name is Miri.

"Miri? That's pretty." Winston said stupidly.

You're sweet. I enjoy Palingenesy clients. They're so old fashioned and polite.

"Probably old fashioned 'cause I'm old." He laughed.

In mind. In soul. But most definitely not in body. Miri looked him up and down, liking what she saw.

"You've...worked...with men like me?"

Yes. Palingenesy men come here at least three times per solar year. Too keep you from breaking. She laughed, looking at his cock again standing to attention.

"Does this..." Winston looked embarrassingly to his pants, "last a long time?"

At the most no more than three solar days.

"Wow." Winston took a deep breath. "Why don't they tell me this stuff? I keep asking them and they pussyfoot around an answer every time."

And you didn't ask before signing your life away? Miri laughed, pouring him a cup of what smelled like tea.

"At the time there was only one thing that mattered." Winston cursed himself and his foolish pride. "It didn't feel like anything could scare me away from it."

Where there is desperation there are those waiting to take advantage. It is the way of the universe. Miri shrugged, not meeting his eyes. Winston had a feeling she knew this from personal experience.

"It's nice to talk about it. They've kept us alone for so long. Today was the first day I've seen any of the others."

Miri asked a question of her own. Why do they never have women? Don't women want to be young forever?

"Oh boy, do they!" Winston chuckled. "But from what I gather, at least when I was in the real world, the women they tried it on didn't make it through the procedure. I don't know why, something about hormones. I didn't pay attention."

How very sad. Miri thought. I would have liked to meet an Earth woman. Are we very different?

Winston looked at her. "You're not from Earth?"

She laughed. No, of course not. I am from a planet we call Akemi.

"Where is that?"

Far, far away from here, Earth man.

"You don't look too different than any of the ladies I used to know." Winston said this, hoping she would take it as a compliment.

Would I be beautiful on Earth? Miri asked, more out of curiosity than insecurity.

"My god, yes." Winston rushed out. "Of course, I haven't seen all of you yet."

Miri laughed, her eyes sparkling. She stood and removed the toga-like garb tied at her shoulder. She let it fall to her feet. She was bare underneath.

She was beautiful. Her pale skin was a slight grey color, giving her a delicate look. Her arms, legs, hips and thighs were all in the right place. Her breasts were large and pouty, nipples hardened at the peak.

The only difference he could see was a patch of what looked like tattoos going from between her breasts down to her mons, making a triangle of dark blue and orange. It was beautiful in its intricacy. She spun in a little circle, showing him a duplicate marking down her back.

You've never seen the xiansuo? Miri giggled in his head making his heart beat faster. It's the marking of my tribe. Every tribe on Akemi has their own design.

Winston reached out and traced the delicate markings down her back making her shiver.

"They're beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful." A hard thought came to Winston. "You're the same...everywhere else right?"

Just where it matters, Earth man. She smiled.

Winston reached out and tentatively touched her nipple, watching it harden beneath his fingers. She moaned, the sound reverberating in his mind. He reached with his other hand, taking the other nipple, this time twisting it.


Winston was beginning to feel more steady, more in control. The ground was less shaky

"When I said earlier that we didn't have sex...to me sex is two people enjoying each other." He slipped his hand down her slightly rounded stomach, across the beautiful markings of who she was.

Oh...the voice in her head was husky now, aroused.

"I certainly enjoyed myself, but...now you...that's another story." His hand dipped between her thighs, feeling the wet slit leaking arousal.

I am a worker. It's not...necessary. She gasped as the finger slid between her lower lips.

"Do you want to please me?" Winston demanded.

Yes, it's my duty.

"Then it's your duty to come for me." Winston pressed his fingers against her nub. If she were human this would bring her great pleasure...here's to hoping not everything is different.

Winston rubbed her between his forefinger and thumb.

Her reaction was instantaneous. A screech in pleasure howled in his mind as her legs became wobbly. Winston pressed her body to his, reveling in the delicious feel of her body against his. He leaned in and kissed her.

Her mental moaning and words never stopped, echoing in his mind, making him harder.

He pulled his mouth away. "Now this is sex."

Winston lifted her up, her body light with his youthful strength. Her legs wrapped easily around his waist as they continued to kiss. He pressed her against the cold stone wall and she shivered.

With jerky movements he freed his cock and pressed it against her opening. "Miri..." he didn't need to ask, the question was in his voice.

Yes! Gods, yes!

He dove forward, burying himself inside her. The sensation was exquisite, forcing him to pause for several long seconds lest he lose himself right then and there.

Move, Winston! You're supposed to move! Her gentle voice begged him, giving him the stamina of ten men.

And move he did, slamming his length into her depths, moving them both along the path to oblivion. Miri lifted her arms above her head, holding herself steady as he pushed his hips up and down, in and out.

For the first time in twenty years he felt like a man conquering his world when Miri's body shattered in an orgasm, vibrating like a tuning fork around his body. He immediately followed her, losing himself inside her body.

It was at least five minutes before Winston's brain began working again. His legs were wobbly and Miri's were sliding down his sides.

He gently slid her down back to the ground, holding her and him both against the wall until their equilibrium settled.

When he looked down at her she smiled up at him.

If that's what sex is like on Earth, can I come home with you?

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