tagSci-Fi & FantasyIntergalactic Bordello - Assassin

Intergalactic Bordello - Assassin


Nathek Etos slammed his giant reptilian foot against the door, breaking it open. He knew Grine was in there. And he sure as hell wasn't going to wait for him to finish using the whore before he arrested the sonofabitch.

The door gave way easily, giving Nathek a jump on his prey. The hunter had found his game.

The hunter was an assassin. Nathek Etos. He'd been hunting disreputable men across the galaxy after having his family torn away from him. He'd go anywhere he had to in order to find his man. Even here--at the Bordello.

Grine jumped up from his previously occupied stance and got a look at the galaxy's most illusive assassins before his head exploded with one of Nathek's silent rounds. He didn't like prolonging the task when there was no reason to. He may be an assassin, but he wasn't a murderer.

Grine was a murderer; or had been a murderer. He alone was responsible for the decimation of a galaxy cruiser carrying over five thousand families. Mothers, fathers and children seeking to make a home on a new planet. This was justice.

Grine's body fell to the ground. As was his natural modus operandi, Nathek was ready to leave after tearing a chunk of hair off the murderer's scalp as proof of his kill.

But before he managed to escape, Nathek looked up and saw who Grine had paid so heavily to pass his hour with. He never looked up before, not wanting to see the fear and accusation in the eyes of bystanders.

But this time he did. And who he saw made him stop, forgetting his mission, forgetting he could be discovered at any moment.

He saw Raineth. His wife.

She sat on the bunk, staring at him in disbelief. Was she disbelieving that he was there or shocked at being caught? Nathek didn't know.

She clutched a blanket to her nakedness, though he knew every inch of her scaly green skin. He'd worshiped it, begged it for pleasure only to be denied again and again. In the five solar years of their marriage his wife had only came to pleasure once. And it shamed Nathek to know he failed her.

Raineth had been taken from him by a slave cruiser. He was a lowly farmer then, working the fields on their swampy planet. He'd been poor and without resources. But he'd always been happy having Raineth and his children.

With no skills to rescue her and no resources to pay someone else to do it, he'd been forced to go himself, to train as an assassin, praying it would pay off and he'd find his family.

Three years ago he'd found and captured the slave cruiser that took his family away from him. He'd tortured the captain of the ship within an inch of his life. He'd finally told Nathek his wife had killed herself. And he'd believed them.

"You're not dead." He said, shocked at hearing the words come from his mouth. She didn't respond; she stared at him instead, her eyes wide with...fear.

Nathek didn't think twice before grabbing her hard, pulling her out of the small bordello room and pulling her behind him. She needed to know he wouldn't harm her. But he had to get her to safety first.

He wove through the maze of rooms. Some were occupied, voices screaming in both pain and pleasure when they passed.

He took her to the side docking bay where he'd secretly entered. Raineth stopped him from pushing her into his small transport.

"No! No, I can't go with you, Nathek."

Nathek couldn't believe she'd want to stay here, forced to do what he knew she abhorred.

"Raineth Etos, you are my wife and will do as I command. Get in!"

He couldn't be sure, but was that a flush of arousal rising to her cheeks? Nathek didn't stop to consider, pulling her once again willing body into the small ship.

When Nathek was two lightyears from the Bordello he set his ship on autopilot and turned to face Raineth. She was beautiful with her scales shining in the articifical light coming from above.

He didn't' know what to say to her. 'I"m sorry I never found you' sounded pathetic. He'd failed her and he was ashamed of himself.

Instead of speaking he offered her food and drink, turning to the lavatorial unit and pouring a small bath for her. He attended to her in silence, inspecting every inch of her light green skin. Checking every gill, every scale for possible damage.

"Your property is in sufficient health," Raineth bit out, misunderstanding the motivation of his concern.

"I haven't seen you in five solar years, Raineth. I need to believe it's you. I need to know you're safe. I thought you'd died." She must have heard the agony in his voice because her eyes immediately softened.

"Then why did you come for me?"

"I came to kill Grine." At her wide eyed confusion he explained. "After you left I was trained by Silvatore, the great assassin. I had hoped to find you...and the boys. I found the cruiser that took you. I killed every last one of them. But I was too late; or I had thought. They told me you'd taken your own life."

Raineth slid the sponge over her skin, wiping away Grine's scent. She couldn't look at him when she told him what happened to their boys. "They were sold to a rich household, to work as servants. Truthfully part of me was relieved after seeing some of the children be taken away for more horrendous futures."

"If you know where they were taken we will find them. I won't rest until I do." Raineth knew what he said to be the truth. He found her, he could do anything.

"I failed you." Nathek's voice was hard.

Raineth took his face between her webbed hands and pulled his face to his. "You--my gentle farmer husband--trained as an assassin to find me and our children. You didn't fail, Nathek. It just took a little longer than you'd expected." Her eyes filled with tears.

"I can't believe you're here. That I'm here. That we're together again. If anything, I failed you. I could have left the Bordello; I earned my freedom last solar year. But I chose to stay." Raineth bowed her head, not wanting to see the disgust in Nathek's eyes.

"You chose to stay instead of coming home to me?"

"I didn't think you'd want a wife who was so...tainted."

"Why would you think that?"

Raineth swallowed hard, still not able to meet his eyes. "Because I had begun to enjoy it. I found pleasure when I allowed those men to touch me."

Nathek tried to swallow what she was telling him. His gentle, innocent wife had flourished in a brothel. Five solar years past he would have been disgusted. But now, after all he'd been through to find her it didn't bother him a whit.

"Would it abhor you to hear I enjoyed taking the lives of my prey?" Nathek said, putting himself on even ground with her, wanting her to know to know he didn't think less of her.

"I did try to take my life. Several times." Raineth persisted, wanting him to understand how weak she was, not accepting his olive branch.

"Yet here you are."

"Yes. When the slavers sold me to the Bordello they brought me back and cared for me like a valued treasure. They didn't have a Valin at the Bordello--apparently we are considered highly erotic..." She looked at him under her lashes. "I hated myself for enjoying it. It was disgusting to me, the pleasure they forced upon me. There was a man who forced me to learn the value of my body. He told me I was the gem of his horde. He pleasured me until I begged him to never stop."

Nathek should have been angry that his wife was able to submit herself to pleasure from another man. But he wasn't. He was jealous. Jealous that this stranger had helped his wife know what he could never fully show her.

"You are a gem, Raineth." Nathek stroked the gill on her cheek, sending shivers down her back. "You shine like the brightest sun. If I failed to show you that in the brief duration of our marriage on Valin, I beg your forgiveness."

"No, you don't understand! It is you who must forgive me! I became...I turned into..." "A woman." Nathek growled, the gills on his cheeks flushing with arousal. "A woman who knows what pleasure is. I was never able to show you, to make you understand what it felt like to lose yourself in my arms."

"I didn't think it was right..."

Nathek stopped her from continuing to self-depreciate herself. He pulled her out of the tub; she was covered in soapy water that spilled to the floor of his transport. He brought his hand down on her green bottom precariously positioned on his legs with a loud slap.

She gasped in shock.

"You will never speak ill of yourself again, is that understood?" Nathek's voice was harsh, his words punctuated with sharp slaps to the green skin of her ass, lightening the skin under her pigment.

"But, Nathek!" She tried to argue with him, tried to tell him she was sorry. But another slap landed on her and he continued until she became silent.

"You have always been a goddess to me, Raineth. It is my failing for not succeeding in making you feel like one. But that stops. Right now." He slapped her bottom hard, down lower near her feminine gills. It sent shivers up her spine and heat to her center. "You need me to force your body over the edge, where pleasure is all you feel. You need that, don't you sidha?" Nathek cooed the sweet love word, rubbing her aroused flesh with his webbed hand.

"Yes, Nathek. Please!"

He slapped her flesh once again, watching her squirm. "You're my wife...my property. I will give you all the pleasure within my power but you must do as I instruct." He waited for her nod of acquiescence before he continued. "You will not orgasm until I allow it."

"But..." she began to protest which earned her another delicious slap to her asscheeks. She wriggled against him, seeing where this was going. She wondered where he learned this, but stomped down any jealousy beginning to take root. She'd been a bordello worker, it was hardly her place to judge her husband's activities after she went missing.

"Yes, Nathek." She groaned and turned her head around to see his beautiful yellow eyes. "I'll do whatever you say, husband. I've missed you."

Nathek smiled gently, pulling her to sit upright in his lap. She was gloriously naked and still wet from her bath. "And I've missed you, sidha." His eyes roamed over the length of her, taking her all in.

Her hairless body was covered in iridescent green and blue scales. Green everywhere but her pleasure centers. At the delta between her thighs the scales shined blue with liquid arousal. Her breasts were a lighter shade of green than the rest of her, her nipples a dark green-blue, hardening right before his eyes.

"Kiss me, wife." Nathek ordered her, relishing the word wife on his tongue. She obeyed.

Her submissiveness aroused him almost as much as her kiss. She slipped her forked tongue in his mouth, letting his dance with hers. He grasped her buttocks against him, gaining control over his own body while submerging himself in the pleasure.

Raineth began squirming against him, her body seeking the arousal beneath his garments.

"Straddle me," he growled.

"Yes, husband," she obeyed, moving her legs to each side of his. Her body thus, her breasts pressed against his face, giving him perfect access to her nipples. Access he took immediate advantage of.

She began to squirm when his forked tongue danced over her nipple. He reached around and slapped her ass, making her cry out in pleasure.

"Like that?" He teased her, gently patting her ass.

"Yes, husband!" She cried out when he took her nipple between his teeth, sending shivers of ecstasy racing through her body.

Nathek pulled back. "Get on your knees," his voice was hard, demanding.

Raineth obeyed, eager to see what he would make her do next. This was not the demure husband she remembered. This was an aroused assassin who took her from the Bordello and is demanding her acquiescence.

Nathek stood in front of her. "Undress me."

She obeyed, unzipping his suit, slipping it from his brightly scaled skin. As she did so she looked at each scale, noticing marked differences in his body. He was harder, more defined. And scars raked up and around his body where scales had to regrow after damage. She ran her fingers over one especially ugly scar and looked into his eye with concern.

Nathek saw her reaction and gently rubbed her shoulders, reassuring her he was healthy. "Take me in your mouth, Raineth," his order was gentle, appealing.

She'd never taken him in her mouth during their brief marriage and she suddenly thought that was the best idea he ever had. She bowed down, slipping the suit from his long limbs, freeing the arousal between his scaly thighs.

His arousal snaked out of two scales, elongating to an average twelve inches. She had missed his length, she realized. Her body was designed to be deeply penetrated and few customers had been able to provide an ample comparison. She took it in her hand, pulling it forward, rubbing it between her hands. It filled with blood, swelling to its glory.

Nathek grabbed Raineth by the head, pulling on the long slips of flesh hanging from her scalp. "Your mouth, Raineth..." he demanded.

And she acquiesced, slipping her husband's engorged length into her warm mouth. He tasted warm and salty...and like Nathek. Soon she was enflamed, engulfing him inside her as far as he would go. Her forked tongue swam around the tip of his arousal, making him shiver.

"Enough!" Nathek pulled her up by the shoulders, forcing her onto the bunk alongside the bathing unit. He forcefully pushed her thighs apart and lowered his head to the two scales covering her feminine gills. And before she knew it, he was slipping his long tongue between them.

The sensation overwhelmed her. She tried to sit up on the bed, push him away, deny the pleasure coursing through her body but he was insistent. He forced this alien decadence upon her. Her trainer at the Bordello had done similar, wrenching orgasm after orgasm from her. But his tongue hadn't been half Nathek's length; hadn't reached entirely to her womb.

"Nathek, I...I want to..." She couldn't find the words, but she needed to let go. Her body was convulsing, near orgasm.

"No!" He shouted, slapping his hand on her bottom, the pain distracting her from the amazing pleasure. "You will wait!"

He continued his assault on her pleasure gills, licking the warm fluid seeping from her, coating her blue scales. She was so close, so near to her orgasm. But Raineth held back, wanting to obey him, wanting his pleasure as well as her own.

Without warning Nathek pulled away from her and moved above her, aiming his length against her gills.

"You're mine, Raineth! Say it!" He ordered, slipping his length into her opening, teasing her with the promise of being filled entirely.

"I'm yours, oh Nathek, I've always been yours."

Nathek buried his head in her neck and thrust his fully engorged length into her body, burying himself to the hilt.

"Come now, Raineth!" His order sent her over the edge as his body moved in and out of her in quick staccato. She screamed her pleasure, scratching her nails over his scaly back as she came.

Her body cooled down slightly in the aftermath. Nathek was still moving inside her, teasing her, making her body respond again.

"Oh, gods, Raineth. Come with me. Come with me again, sidha." He cried out as he pumped inside her, demanding her body to slide down the path of pleasure alongside him.

And like the obedient wife, she did. She gave herself to a more powerful orgasm than before, her gills slickening with the juice of her pleasure.

Nathek shouted and bucked inside her again, losing his seed in her womb.

Raineth lay back and prayed to the gods a child would be conceived of this union. Never had it been so beautiful between them and she wanted this to be a new beginning. With her, Nathek, a new child and their boys together again happiness would fill her every second.

And with Nathek capable of giving her the pleasure she so desperately wanted, needed, him to give her, she'd never want for anything again.

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