tagSci-Fi & FantasyIntergalactic Bordello: Jikilians

Intergalactic Bordello: Jikilians


"Get your ass over here, Booth!" Commander Grace barked.

"Yessir!" Peter Booth nodded, zipping shut his duffel and lining up with the rest of Hermea's crew. Everyone in line was eager to get planet side, this being their first intergalactic shore leave since enlisting in the Intergalactic Marines. Three years of training and moving through the universe on ops and they were about to dock on Anavin, the only legal bordello in the known universe.

Three years of celibacy with only his right hand and he was very eager to see what waited for them. He'd heard rumors of Anavin's offerings. Some of the stories as outlandish as Bigfoot back on Earth.

One story he did hope wasn't a rumor was the Jikilian three breasted woman. His hands just itched thinking about it. One for each hand and one for his mouth. Peter moved his duffel in front of him, trying to hide his growing erection. He'd already relieved himself twice this morning, trying to prevent shooting off prematurely.

"Men, you will be provided with 48 hours of shore leave on Anavin." Commander Grace smirked, knowing exactly what they would find there. "All of you will be tested for disease before reentering Hermea. I suggest you enjoy yourself as much as possible. We won't be home for another three years and we won't be at another one of these stations for at least one year."

"Hoorah!" The men shouted in union.


Giara Mechzel shrugged into her sheathe like working dress. A large vessel of soldiers was docking, the bosses anticipating at least 100 soldiers looking for companionship.

She smiled in anticipation. With that many soldiers, she and her coworkers would definitely sleep well tonight.

Giara loved her job. She had no husband to order her around. She was responsible for no one but herself. She could enjoy herself as much as she desired. Back on Jikil she would be married, caring for a large household with the minimum five younglings. Like she and her freind Ariaga, they left Jikil for Anavin as a way to escape the servitude females were restricted to on her home planet.

"They're humans, Giara!" Ariaga giggled. They both knew what that meant. Earthlings called them breast-men. And they kept the Jikilian workers quite busy when they were docked. Giara smiled, eagerly anticipating what the Hermea had to offer.

"Well, we're going to have a few busy days!" Giara smiled.

Anavin was home to 25 companions, women and men who escaped bondage or servitude on their home planets. At Anavin they were given the freedom to choose their fates and serve whom they wished. Granted, they served a lot. But it was their decision and they were never hurt or allowed to be hurt by their customers.

Docking vessel, the intercom announced. Bustling and giggling filled the corridors as their fellow companions rushed to the main docking bay to greet their visitors. Giara and Ariaga rushed along with them, adjusting their dresses as they went.

The Jikilian women always wore dresses that emphasized their best asset: their breasts. A formfitting fabric, it hugged their body from foot to head. But at the chest it broke off into three strips, from their bellies, over their nipples to their shoulders. Jikilian women who bore no children never lost elasticity in their breasts; they would always be ripe and taut melons. And Giara had to admit, they were her favorite part of her body. And she was extremely proud of them, loving to show them off with the three scraps of fabric covering her breasts. She wore red, her best friend worse blue.

Docking vessel disembarking.

Giara hugged Agiara tight, enjoying the inevitable rubbing of their breasts. Agiara's weren't as large as Giara's but they were just as beautiful, just as taut. Giara would know. They kept each other satisfied between docks; periods of time which could last months.

"You have yourself a good time, now Giara." Agiara smiled, adjusting the dress over her friend's nipples, tweaking them intentionally as she did so.

Giara was primed and ready for the soldiers docking on the station, eager for the pleasure the mating would provide her.


Booth was third in line of command of his division, allowing him to leave the Hermea with the first wave of soldiers. As they disembarked, he saw a small crowd of women and effeminate men all gathered together, giggling and pointing to them excitedly.

At the front were two women in matching dresses that hugged their body and opened over their breasts, showing hints of roundness between strips of fabric. They were beautiful. And they were Jikilian.

Booth's body responded, seeing their breasts covered with thin straps of fabric. They both smiled at him, but the one in red caught his attention. Her black hair was long and trailed down her back. Her eyes were big and purple, her skin pale. The dress clung to her body like a wet lover, only breaking at her solar plexus to spread apart over her breasts. The sides of her rounded breasts pressing into each other made his mouth water and his lower body respond. If he was lucky...gods let him be lucky.

"Booth, you're third in line, you better get moving before you end up with one of those Arturian males! Though, it doesn't matter if they're Arturian, right?" Jackson and several of Booth's comrades laughed. It was a common joke in the fleet that Arturian companions were bad luck. But the truth was, no one left an Arturian unsatisfied. And often, they went back for more.

Booth suddenly felt shy. How exactly did one proposition a companion? They knew what was going to happen; it's not as if there was an aura of mystery about it. Normally Booth would buy a girl a beer, flirt as much as he knew how, and slide his hand up her thigh. Something told Booth that wasn't exactly the modus operandi around here.

"Get your ass over there!" Jackson growled in his ear.

Well it was now or never. Booth gathered up his courage and marched directly to the woman in red, eyes not meeting hers directly, more lingering on her breasts.

"My name is Booth. What's your name?"

"I am Giara. Would you like my company?"

He nodded like little boy being offered milk and cookies. Relief flooded Booth's limbs. That was easier than he expected, thank gods. He could tell she was trying to make this easy on him, taking the lead and he didn't mind a bit. She grabbed his hand and pulled him behind her leading him away from the group.

"What is it you do for the military Mr. Booth?" Giara smiled up at him, squeezing her breasts together with her arms. He stared, waiting for one of the three luscious globes to pop out of her dress, not sure what he would do if or when they did.

"I'm a pilot, ma'am."

"You don't need to use ma'am with me, Booth. I'm a companion, not your mother." She smiled, taking a long look at him from his feet to the top of his head. "And thank the gods I am not."

"Yes, ma'am." Booth stammered before he could stop himself. His cheeks turning pink at the error.

She just giggled and pulled him along quicker. They moved through the space station, until they came to a small door at the far end of the corridor. Giara let him through the door into the room mysteriously larger than the corridor suggested. In the middle of the room was a giant bed covered with silks and large pillows. Candles were strewn around the perimeter of the room, bathing everything in a soft glow.

"Are you going to be alright Mr. Booth? You look a little nervous." Giara giggled at his expense, but not cruelly.

"I've never solicited the services of a companion Miss Giara. I'm a bit...I don't know what's off limits..." Booth lifted his hands akimbo, as if to say 'I don't know what the hell I'm doing.'

"Well then, Mr. Booth, it's a good thing I've plenty of experience for us both." Giara smiled as she walked toward him. When she got within a hair's breath she placed her palms on the expanse of his chest, feeling the muscles beneath his shirt.

"Your experience is greatly appreciated, Miss Giara". Booths closed his eyes and sucked in his breath at the pleasure he felt as her hands ran over his body. He shivered at the sensation, his dick swelling even further.

"Yes. I know." Giara slid her hands down his chest, across his abdomen and gently cupped his arousal.


The human was very well endowed, Giara noted. This was going to be a lot of fun. As she cupped his balls with her hand, his head leaned back and a strangling sound escaped his lips.

"You like that?" She squeezed gently increasing the pressure.

"Gods, yes!" Booth choked out.

"That's a good place to start, don't you agree Mr. Booth?" Giara whispered as she kneeled down in front of him, unzipping his dress pants and sliding them down his legs. He was so aroused, his undergarments tented before her. She was quite pleased at the wetness seeping from him, proof of his need for her.

When he'd arrived, she knew it was her he needed. When he entered the hanger bay his eyes immediately found her, his pupils dilating with arousal. She knew all the signs. Nostrils flaring, stance becoming more rigid, and inability to look directly into her eyes. It pleased her greatly having such control over such a strong, attractive man.

Booth's body was a perfectly masculine specimen, even to Jikilian standards. His body was the kind she fantasized about as she worked with others who failed to ignite her body's natural arousal. His shoulders were broad, his torso tapering into his hips, flaring down into strong, and muscular thighs. This was a man who lost himself in physical exertion, enjoying the pleasures of a healthy body. And now was her turn to enjoy his body.

He didn't make a sound as she removed his undergarments, allowing his arousal to spring out. It smelled of musky heat, making her even wetter between her thighs. She didn't pause before she put him into her mouth, tasting the wetness seeping from him. He tasted of man, arousal and the promise of pleasure.

"Oh gods! If you keep doing that, this is gonna be over too quickly!" Booth parked between frantic breaths.

Giara pulled back, sliding her hand along the length of his arousal, feeling the hardness lurking just beneath the film of soft flesh. "Oh, we've just begun. You got a long night ahead of you, Mr. Booth." With that, Giara encompassed his length in her mouth, pulling on him quickly, bobbing her head up and down his arousal. In just a few short seconds his hands grasped her head, and a long choking sound escaped his mouth as he lost himself.

Swallowing his release, Giara stood up and patted his cheek. "Now we can really play." She cooed.

Booth could only stand there, breathing hard and trying to regain his composure. Her certainly hadn't expected that. Hello, how are you, I'm gonna blow you?

"You mean to say..." Booth still couldn't get his brain kick started. It seemed to have gone the way of his dick.

"Honey, the fun doesn't end until I say it does," Giara lit a cigarette, took a long drag, and leaned against one of the large black pillars cornering the bed. She watched him reconnoiter his senses, his pants still around his ankles.

When he came to the pants were back up around his waist in less than a second; a silly smile was plastered across his face. "Yes, I think I can agree to that."

"Well, now that we have that settled," Giara took another drag of her cigarette before putting it out.

"Yes, now that that is settled," Booth grinned, his composure clearly regained. Giara loved a man who felt in control. It always translated well for activities in bed.

"Tell me, Mr. Booth. What is your fantasy?"

"You. You're beautiful breasts." Booth was frank, making her nipples pucker. She'd never met a man so infatuated with her breasts. Granted, humans in particular flocked to her because of her Jikilian breasts. But this one in particular seemed especially enamored.

Giara lifted her arms behind her neck and undid the snap securing her dress. Slowly, she pulled it forward, is a three strips covering her nipples falling to her waist, her breasts proudly lunging forward. "Do you mean these," Giara them reach down and cupped her outer to breasts, slowly rubbing the nipples into taught peaks.

"Gods, yes." He croaked.

"Come touch them," she beckoned him, squeezing them for emphasis.


Booth was convinced he'd died and gone to heaven. After all, as a kid he was convinced all heaven's angels have must have three tits. It made perfect sense to him at the time. Why else should grown men behave if not for the promise of three luscious breasts? He walked to her, his eyes never leaving her chest. He felt like a teenager seeing a naked woman for the first time.

When he got within a one foot of her, he finally looked up into her eyes. They were the most mesmerizing shade of purple, a twinkle sparkling in each corner. She was enjoying this. He hadn't expected that. He'd honestly expected this to be somewhat unpleasant considering it was a job for her. He sure as hell didn't exactly enjoy his job. But no one ever joined the military to enjoy their job; they did it to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The reward was worth the work.

"Go ahead, touch them," she whispered, her eyes lighting up even brighter.

And he did. His hands covered where hers had been just a few seconds ago. He couldn't believe it but his body was beginning to respond again, rising to the occasion. "They're so beautiful," he gasped, pressing them together. Booth gave in to his fantasy and tasted her third, central breast with his lips. It was slightly larger than the other two, standing more proudly.

Her nipple jutted forward into his mouth making it easy to take it between his teeth. The sensation was overwhelming, two breasts in one hand, and another extended nipple pushing between his lips. He felt completely surrounded by woman, ensconced in her soft flesh pushed against his body.

Giana leaned back, allowing him complete access to her three breasts. Her hips pressed against his, pushing his groin directly against the center of her. Booth's hands migrated from her breasts down her side, eventually reaching the sweet lushness of her ass. He pressed her against him further, trying to tone down his ardor. He couldn't believe he'd just busted two less than five minutes ago and he was ready for round two.

"Oh, gods that feels good!" Giana squealed, grasping his shoulders, tearing at his shirt.

The pulled away from each other, hands ripping at their respective clothing, eyes never leaving each other. Booth stared at her body in curiosity, wondering if there were any other drastic differences in their anatomy. Nothing stood out to his notice. She looked like a Playboy centerfold, plus one breast.

"It's time to play, Booth," she whispered, her voice husky with her own arousal.

"Is it?" Booth wanted to run this train. It was his turn to make her go crazy and lose control. He took her in his arms, lifting her and laying her on the bed, quickly moving on top of her. "It is time to play. For me to play..." he pinned her hands above her head, leaning down to kiss her. The fire between them roared, their skin turning hot with the electricity burning between them.

Booth moved his lips across her neck, down to her collarbone, licking the crevice beneath her clavicle, making her gasp. Her skin was so soft and she smelled like rich Vitrillian flowers, similar to vanilla back home. It was delicious.

"You like that?" He laughed, licking her again.

"Yes!" She hissed, her body writhing beneath him, arching her hips against his torso. He could smell her heat wafting around them. It was heady and strong enough he couldn't almost taste it. In fact, it was making him more hungry by the second.

Booth ripped the remaining portion of the dress from her body, inspecting every inch, looking for anomalies that would stand out.

"I'm the same as you except..." Giana glanced down at her breasts.

"I'd hardly say you're the same," Booth grinned and slipped his hand between her round, lush thighs. She was so wet, slickening his hand with her arousal. She arched up and moaned, spreading her thighs even wider.

"Oh, gods yes!" Giana screeched when he twitched his finger against her clit. He stared at her face as he tortured her with his fingers, her eyes were shut and head pushed back. He could see the blush rising up her chest. She was about to come.


Giana couldn't help herself. She came all over his fingers, drenching the bed with her orgasm. His fingers were wonderful, teasing her, pushing her over the edge. Rarely did her clients take interest in her body other than the mammary glands attached to her chest. Apparently Booth was of the stock that appreciated a woman's enjoyment. And that raised him several notches in her book.

"Booth, you better take those clothes off right now before I rip them off and make you explain to your CO why you had to return to the Hermea naked!" He laughed at her demand but he complied, removing his clothes in record speed. She watched him, staring at his beautiful body. He was a warrior, hard everywhere. But his eyes were soft and they pulled responses out of her she didn't want to question.

Giana pushed him back against the bed, regaining the control she just lost to him. She mounted his body, laying her hands on his chest as she slipped herself onto his erection. The sensation was exquisite; she was filled completely. His hands moved to her breasts, taking two of them prisoner in his palms.

They stayed like this for what may have been minutes before Giana began to move, her body slipping up and down his length. He cupped her ass, moving her up and down on his erection, watching intently as her breasts swayed with her movements. His hips thrust up into her, matching her movements. It wasn't long before they were timed perfectly, she moving up as he pulled out; then pushing down as he thrust up.

"Giana! Giana, I'm going to come!" Booth growled after several long minutes of movement, their bodies having reached a frantic peak against each other.

Giana leaned her head back, her hair trailing down to where their bodies met. "Yes, Booth! Gods, yes!" She screamed as her body shattered over his.

He bucked up beneath her, pushing himself as deep as he could go when he shattered. Her orgasm felt minutes long, vibrating her pores. She collapsed on top him, barely able to breath let alone separate their bodies.

Booth was breathing hard beneath her, his hands gently rubbing her shoulders. It was an amazing experience, allowing a client to bring her to pleasure without her own manipulation. Typically she would bring herself to orgasm. Granted, she enjoyed herself, but this had been amazing.

"So is the fun over now," Booth whispered against her hair, the disappointment clear in his voice.

Giana pulled back and looked him in the eye, a smirk passing across her lips. "Honey, you may be AWOL for a few weeks..."

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