tagSci-Fi & FantasyIntergalactic Courtesan Ch. 02

Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 02


Desirée smoothed her skirt prior to pressing the com button. She was once again in front of the small office building where she had the aborted interview the previous day. She used the glass of the front door as an improvised mirror, making sure her makeup was all right and the wind hadn't turned her sandy blonde hair into a complete mess.

This time, she was a lot more confident about the company she was interviewing for. She had researched the agency both online and by calling various agencies and everything she had seen and heard told her both Veronica Franco and this firm were both legitimate.

Despite the fact that she knew she was nothing wrong with the company, butterflies still mated in her stomach. She still didn't understand why she had that sudden attack of nerves during the interview that caused her to masturbate furiously. She had quickly rejected the notion that Veronica had somehow given her something; Desirée didn't know much but she knew that aphrodisiacs were a myth. There was no drug on the market that would provoke that kind of reaction.

However it happened, Desirée was glad that her prospective boss hadn't noticed a thing, even though several people had stared at her strangely while she was taking the bus home. Nothing could have killed her chances of getting a job more than being caught masturbating during the interview!

Even more strange was that she still felt the remnants of arousal, only waiting for another attack of nerves to turn into full-on desire. "Keep it together, girl," she told herself while giving herself one last once-over. "Don't mess this up."

She checked her watch; right on schedule. She pressed the com button.

"Hello, Desirée," Veronica said, even though the teen saw no evidence of any cameras in front of the building. "Please come in."

The front door buzzed. Desirée opened it, walking inside. Veronica was waiting for her by the stairs, a welcoming smile on her face.

"It's good to see you again," the older woman said. "Did you check us out like I suggested?"

Desirée coloured. Her pale skin blushed easily. "Yes, I did," she admitted.

"Good," Veronica replied, leading her down the hall towards her office. "A young woman should be extremely careful about prospective employers, especially overseas firms. There are a lot of people who might take advantage of an attractive young lady like yourself."

She opened the door, waving the teen through. "By the way, I had some enlightening conversations with your high school teachers, and your former employers at Cletus' Crab Shack. They all think very highly of you."

"Thank you," Desirée said. The corner office was more comfortably furnished than the room where they had yesterday's interview. A large wooden desk dominated the corner, and sunlight shone through the large windows.

"No, thank you." Veronica sat down in the leather chair behind the desk, while the younger woman took one of the overstuffed chairs in front. Desirée placed her purse beside her left leg. She sat straight in her chair, the very model of the eager, competent young would-be employee.

"After reviewing your references, and from what I gleaned from our chat yesterday," Veronica said, "I feel that you are definitely someone we would like working for our firm."

"T-thank you," Desirée said, trying to control the sudden rush of excitement. "That's great."

Veronica crinkled her eyes. "I'm glad you think so. However, instead of teaching English to Japanese students, we have another position in mind for you."

"What's that?"

"Well," The older woman trailed a red-painted fingernail across the solid wood desktop. If Desirée didn't know better, she would have thought it was a nervous gesture. "This firm is actually a subsidiary office for a guild. I would like to offer you the chance to prove your acceptability in joining this guild."

Desirée frowned. "A guild? Like a union?"

"Yes. A union: a very old, well-established union." She pressed a button; the Venetian blinds on the windows turned, blocking the view of the outdoors.

"What is it?"

"The Guild of Courtesans."

Desirée blinked in shock. She half rose out of her chair. "What, like prostitutes?"

"No, not at all like prostitutes and I will thank you not to use that term in relation to what we do." Veronica's voice hardened. "We are educated, respectable professionals who provide a service to a distinguished, discerning clientele. A Guild Courtesan is a respected member of society: many artists, writers and diplomats in the Confederation began their careers as Guild Courtesans."

"I don't understand." Panic edged Desirée's voice. She was still half out of her seat. "What and where is this Guild? And what's the Confederation?"

"The Intergalactic Confederation." A voice spoke behind Desirée. The teen found herself staring at something that resembled a cross between a human and a toad. It had green skin and three eyes, blinking at her from behind wire-rim spectacles.

Desirée leaped out of her chair, holding her purse protectively in front of her chest. The frog-like creature made no movement towards her, other than holding out its 3-fingered hand.

"Desirée Tanner, meet Professor Ssurhuk-T'at," Veronica said dryly. "He's one of the senior teachers at the Guild School."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Tanner," the frog-like creature said, still holding out its right hand. It was wearing cotton pants and an argyle sweater. "By the way, an open hand possesses the same connotations in the Confederation as it does on your planet. You are perfectly safe with me, child."

Desirée gulped. She slowly extended her right hand. Ssurhuk-T'at's fingers were warm and damp against hers, clasping her hand in a firm grip.

"There, that wasn't so painful, was it?" the alien said, grinning its wide mouth at her. Desirée surprised herself by smiling back.

"I-it's a great pleasure to meet you, too. Professor," she added as an afterthought. "What are you?" she said, before she could help herself.

One side of Ssurhuk-T'at's wide mouth curled up in a smile. "I will be one of your teachers, should you be found worthy of being allowed to attend the Guild School. Based on your test results from yesterday, you appear to have some potential."

"Test results? Yesterday?" She snapped a stunned look at Veronica.

The small, slender woman had the grace to colour slightly. "I injected you with a dose of serum yesterday and monitored your subsequent reactions. You not only did not react adversely to the drug, but displayed an impressive control over your physical reactions, not to mention the capacity to achieve multiple climaxes within a short period of time."

"But . . . why?" Despite her shock, Desirée found herself intrigued. Or maybe just numb: too many things were coming at her too fast.

"Isn't it obvious, Young One?" Ssurhuk-T'at was sitting comfortably in the other chair, his long legs crossed at the knee. His webbed feet were bare. "Guild members may be respected members of Confederation society, but we are still courtesans. We provide a wide range of pleasurable services to a widely varied clientele. A greater-than-average capacity for giving and receiving sexual pleasure is a sizable asset in our profession."

"Yes, the professor is also one of my top courtesans," Veronica answered Desirée's unspoken question. "And should you ever have the pleasure of his hands on your body, you will soon discover why.

"But that is beside the point. Your school records confirm that you received the highest grades in your class, your teachers and former employers confirm that you are a hard worker, and you have other specific talents that we in the Guild need. We are offering you the opportunity of a lifetime."

"Several lifetimes, in fact," Ssurhuk-T'at added.

"We'll get to that later," Veronica said. "You clearly need a job, Ms. Tanner. We're offering you a career."

"W-what's this Confederation, and why haven't I heard of it before?" Desirée asked, trying not to dwell on the implications of what they were offering her.

"The Confederation is an allied group of numerous races and planets that have been closely allied for many thousands of your years," Ssurhuk-T'at said. "The reason why you haven't heard of it is because your planet is still too fractious to be even considered for membership. At this point, we're allowing you humans the opportunity to deal with your internal disputes and develop some form of effective world government before making our existence common knowledge."

"All communication with Earth has been interdicted by the Confederation," Veronica added. "The Central Government feels it's safer that way."

"However, several races in the Confederation have strictly defined time periods when they must copulate," Ssurhuk-T'at said. "Due to the vagaries of intergalactic space travel, many members of these races aren't able to make contact with potential mates when they go into heat. In some races, females only go into heat at specific periods while the males of the species continuously need to mate." He grinned infectiously. "That can prove to be highly distressing from their point of view."

This time, Desirée couldn't help smiling back.

"Human females, on the other hand, can mate virtually at any time, which makes them very useful to the Guild," the froglike alien continued. "Therefore we've recently been allowed to discreetly recruit eligible females to apply for the Guild Academy. Signora Franco here was the first human to enter, and graduate from, the Academy, and she's done very well for herself since then."

"I'm originally from Venezia, in Italy," the older woman chimed in. Desirée nodded in spite of herself; it explained the exotic accent. "The Guild recruited me many years ago, and I've worked my way up the ranks to become Supervisor at the Local 1 facility at Galos IV, and headmistress at the Academy. Should you display similar ambition and drive, it's entirely possible that you can achieve what I have, if not more."

"B-but what does being a courtesan entail?"

"Other than the obvious?" Veronica grinned like a cat that had gotten the keys to the cream factory. "A well-paid, stable, respected, recession-proof career that offers some of the best benefits in the Confederation. Guild courtesans receive total medical benefits, without any exceptions, and an excellent retirement plan. Guild courtesans are much like lawyers here on Earth: even if they decide not to pursue a career in the field, the knowledge they've accumulated makes them eligible for many other pursuits."

"Signora Franco could have retired a long time ago from the income she's received as a courtesan and administrator," Ssurhuk-T'at added.

"What can I say?" she shrugged. "I enjoy my work. But, much like law school, the education process is not easy. There is much more about being a courtesan than simply physical gratification: should you enter the Academy, we will train you extensively for your new career, and we will work you hard. But, unlike many schools, the work you do will often be enjoyable."

"So, if I happen to turn down this offer," Desirée said slowly, "what happens then?"

Veronica shrugged. "That is easy. We simply erase your memories using this device," she placed what looked like a Taser on steroids on her desk." Don't worry: it's completely painless and has no lasting side effects. Then one of our associates will offer you a job teaching English to Japanese high school students for 3 years. It's a reasonable job for someone like yourself: the pay is not exceptional but it is fair, and you will have your employment, and a reputable name to add to your resume."

"And you will live the rest of your days oblivious to the existence of the Confederation or of any life-forms outside of your solar system," Ssurhuk-T'at said.

"We do not expect an immediate answer," the older woman added. "This is a life-altering decision for you, and one that should not be rushed into heedlessly. Take your time, consider your choices; whatever your decision, all you have to do is call my telephone number and schedule an appointment. All we ask is --"

Desirée held up a hand. "Don't tell anyone else about who you really are?"

Veronica dimpled. "Very good. Too many awkward questions would be raised if the truth came out. So please, if you could keep this a secret, it would be most appreciated."

"I understand. If I talk to anyone about it, I'll just tell them I'm thinking of teaching English abroad."

"Very smart," Veronica said approvingly. "I should be most disappointed if you don't choose to join us."

"But either way, there are no hard feelings," Ssurhuk-T'at added. "Make the decision that's right for you."

* * *

It was five o'clock by the time Desirée's pumps landed on the walkway towards her apartment building. Part of her felt like she was still in shock. Aliens actually on Earth? An intergalactic guild for pros -- courtesans, she quickly amended. A confederation of planets out beyond the stars? She looked up, not for the first time. The sun was low, and the moon and one or two stars were visible in the darkening sky.

Although the notion of getting paid to have sex with alien creatures freaked her out, the idea also intrigued her in some way. Veronica certainly seemed to enjoy it and, if the aliens were anything like Ssurhuk-T'at, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. She remembered Veronica's comment about the froglike creature being very good with his hands.

"Sex with a frog," she whispered under her breath, opening the front door of her building. "If I kiss him, does he turn into a prince?" She giggled at the idea.

Going out beyond the stars, exploring strange new worlds, experiencing new technology, conversations with alien beings . . . all of a sudden her world seemed so very small, compared to what might be out there.

She froze, just outside the door to her 2-bedroom apartment. She heard strange noises from within, like people were in pain. Or not in pain.

Trying to be as quiet as she could, she unlocked the door and slipped inside. The apartment stank of spilled beer and the noises were louder now. Desirée's full lips framed a curse when she realized what was happening: Carol and Hank were busy in her bedroom.

"Oh fuck yeah, suck it, bitch!" Desirée's head snapped up in surprise; she knew that voice well, and it wasn't Hank's. Slipping off her shoes, she tiptoed towards Carol's bedroom.

The door was three-quarters closed: Desirée peeked through the gap between the door and jamb. Doug and Hank were tag-teaming Carol on the bed. She was on her hands and knees, sucking on Doug's 4-inch cock while Hank was ramming her from behind. Hank looked too high on her hips to be fucking Carol doggy-style; he looked like he was bearing down on her from above.

Desirée frowned for several seconds, then her face turned pale when she realized what Hank was doing to her roommate. He was not being gentle.

"You like that? You like that, slut?" Doug had his hands wrapped in Carol's curly brown hair, yanking on it hard, keeping her lips wrapped around his dick. Tears ran down Carol's cheeks as she tried to keep in rhythm with the two men brutally plowing her. Doug and Hank's rhythm was getting more ragged as they approached their climax, making it even harder for Carol. She was not having a good time.

Desirée stepped back silently, slipping into her bedroom and closed the door so it would muffle the noises. She stood against the door, lost in indecision. Should she call the police? What would she say? It would be Doug and Hank's word against hers, who would the cops believe? Maybe Carol had actually agreed to it.

She heard the two men's twin groans as they climaxed. Soon after, Desirée heard the sound of clothes being put back on, shoes stamped on feet. She slipped away from the door so her shadow wouldn't be seen, and knelt by her closet. Her fingers gripped her clock radio. It wasn't much of a weapon but it would have to do.

"Was it good for you, too?" Hank laughed coarsely. Their footsteps smacked the linoleum leading to the front door.

"Meh." Doug replied. "I've had better." The two of them laughed as the front door slammed behind them.

Desirée shook with rage. How dare they? Even though she was rapidly getting tired of her roommate, Carol was technically a friend, and they had no right to treat her like that after everything she had done for them.

"I can't believe I ever let Doug be my first, " she fumed. "What an asshole."

She heard noises from the bedroom, the sound of someone walking stiffly towards the bathroom. Desirée waited for thirty seconds, wondering what to do. She felt useless, helpless in this situation. Should she go to Carol, see if she needed any help or just pretend nothing had happened?

She heard Carol loudly retching into the toilet. Making her decision, Desirée slipped out of her bedroom. She tiptoed towards the front door, slipping her shoes back on as she went. She went through the front door, silently closing and locking it behind her. She then made a production of jingling her keys, noisily unlocking the front door so it would seem like she had just come home.

Carol was stumbling out of the bathroom when Desirée walked back through the door.

"Hi, Carlo. How's it going?" The sandy blonde slipped off her black pumps and hung up her coat.

Carol was a mess. Her curly brown hair hung in all directions, her lower lip was trembling, her eyes were red-rimmed from crying and her makeup had run down her cheeks. She used the sleeve of her pink dressing gown to wipe her eyes, smudging the makeup even more.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Desirée let her violet eyes go wide with surprise. "Are you all right?"

Carol's lips twisted. Her eyes were dark with bitterness and resentment. "Go to Hell." It came out somewhere between a sob and a snarl. "Go to Hell, you stupid, stuck-up, prissy bitch." She turned towards her bedroom, getting ready to slam the door behind her.

"Actually, I'm going to Japan instead," Desirée replied even before she realized it.

"Huh?" Carol's brown eyes blazed hatred for spoiling her dramatic moment, but the news caught her off-guard.

"You heard me." Her voice was steady. "I got a job offer to go teach English in Japan. I'll have to take a couple of weeks to set up the work visas and everything; I'll even put an ad in the paper to help you find someone to sublet the place. Or maybe you could ask Hank to move in with you."

She studiously ignored the furious look on Carol's face at that last comment. It was a cheap shot but she couldn't resist: Carol had been an inconsiderate bitch of a roommate and Desirée was glad to get rid of her.

"Just thought I'd let you know," she concluded. "I'm about to make some dinner now. Do you want some?"

"I'm not hungry." Carol finally got her dramatic door-slamming exit; too bad she sounded like a sulky child while doing it. Desirée stood in the front hall, trying to control her breathing. She rubbed her eyes with both hands, stunned at the speed and enormity of her decision. Well, too late to back out now.

She reached for the cordless phone by the couch, her other hand pulling out a buff-coloured card from her purse. She had a call to make.

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