Intergalactic Courtesan Ch. 05


"Just a little more," he said, his three eyes watching the flailing teen intently. "Just a little . . . there." From where he lay against her, his chin resting on the top of her head, his long tongue flicked out and brushed her clit with a feather-like touch.

With one last scream, Desirée convulsed, her body overloaded by the sheer amount of pleasure Ssurhuk-T'at had given her. She squeezed him against herself, her body slick with sweat, and her own juices whimpering into his chest. After what seemed an age, her muscles finally relaxed and she fell back into the bed, shivering from the intense pleasure. He slowly removed his fingers from her pussy and she rolled over onto her side in the fetal position, panting.

"Once many beings have achieved orgasm, they often like to be enfolded in another's limbs after the act," Ssurhuk-T'at told Kalyani. "Desirée could use another human holding her right now."

The Indian woman nodded. She lay down next to the sandy blonde, turning her over and wrapping her arms around her. Desirée moaned, snuggling against her friend, her head pillowed on Kalyani's breasts, her eyes closed.

"So, Kalyani, what did you think of my demonstration?" Ssurhuk-T'at asked once the two had stopped moving.

Kalyani swallowed, her face flushed and sweaty at what she had just witnessed. "I . . . never knew a man . . . could pleasure a woman in such a way," she finally said. Her hand clutched her new sari, leaving sweat stains on the red and gold fabric.

The tall alien placed his hands under a nearby sonic cleanser. "Would you like to experience such pleasure for yourself?" he said, once he had finished cleaning his fingers.

Kalyani's mouth dropped open, her dark eyes wide. She stared up at him, not knowing what to say.

"You must learn to receive pleasure as well as give it," he told her. "I won't make this offer again."

She swallowed, still lost for words.

"Try it, it's incredible." Desirée's voice was hoarse. She brushed Kalyani's hair back from her face. She could feel her friend's pulse racing. "I'll be here for you."

Kalyani looked at her friend, her dark eyes grateful. Then, looking back at Ssurhuk-T'at, she nodded quickly.

The alien smiled down at her. "You're being very brave," he said. "I'll make sure you don't regret this. But you will have to remove all your clothes."

Despite her weakness, Desirée helped Kalyani strip. The Indian woman's skin was a deep chocolate colour, her body starting to fill out from rest and good food. Her breasts were large and pendulous, the nipples nearly black. Her waist was slender, spreading out to voluptuous hips.

After taking off all her clothes, Kalyani lay on her back, spreading her thighs as if about to perform a terrifying duty. Her pussy was unshaven, and dew was already sparkling in the curly hair around her folds.

"Why don't you hold her, Desirée?" Ssurhuk-T'at knelt between the Indian woman's thighs. "Be there for your friend."

As Kalyani had done for her before, Desirée slid her arm under Kalyani's neck and grasped her hand in her own. She squeezed Kalyani's shoulders, smiling at her encouragingly. Her pale skin made an appealing contrast to her friend's darker flesh, their breasts touching, Desirée's tits leaving sweat streaks on her friend's skin. Kalyani smiled nervously back at Desirée.

Once again, the froglike alien started stroking his way up the woman's legs. Kalyani's nervousness quickly faded: she relaxed and started softly moaning, her eyes closed. It didn't take long before she was writhing under Ssurhuk-T'at's capable hands, the musky smell of her arousal filling the air. Her hands ran over his shoulders, cupping his head where he licked at her pussy, her head tilting back, pushing into the pillow. She began emitting a series of high whimpers, her face slack from the sheer pleasure possessing her body.

Disentangling herself from her friend, Desirée slowly slid down the bed. Ssurhuk-T'at's penis was at full extension, the slender tool turning a dark purple. Choosing her moment carefully, she gently wrapped her fingers around his 12-inch shaft and licked the head.

Ssurhuk-T'at gasped, then looked over at Desirée's Cheshire Cat grin. "Not bad," he grinned back. "You have some talent."

Desirée gently stroked his twitching cock. "Only fair to return the favour," she said innocently, licking the head again for emphasis.

He sighed and his penis twitched again. "Very well. Try varying your touch a little," he instructed. "Use more of a gentle screwing motion with your hands." That said, he went back to eating Kalyani out.

Desirée experimented with the alien cock, judging her success by his responses. She quickly realized that a gentle screwing motion with her hands around his shaft, combined with sucking on his head got the best results. Soon muffled moans were emanating from where Ssurhuk-T'at was dining on Kalyani's muff.

Considering it was only the second penis she had ever tasted, Desirée couldn't say for certain but she thought his rod tasted much saltier than her first boyfriend's. It was slightly skinnier than Doug Masters', but at least three times as long. She sucked at it with a will, determined to impress the skilled Guild professor.

She started pushing his cock farther back into her mouth, sucking more of him in. It touched the back of her throat, and she splayed out her toes to inhibit her gag reflex. She swallowed a couple of times, trying to bring it back. Finally, the head of his penis slipped down her throat and she pushed forward, trying to deep throat his entire cock. Judging by the way he was moaning, she could tell she was getting him more and more aroused. Her nose brushed his pelvis and he shuddered, his cock twitching in her throat.

"I'm going to cum," he warned, gasping for breath as Kalyani screamed out her climax. "Oh yes, I'm going to . . . I'm so close . . . I'm going to . . . Aaaahhh!"

She pulled it out just in time. Green semen sprayed everywhere, dousing the bed and Desirée's taut belly. Ssurhuk-T'at groaned and convulsed, his head resting on Kalyani's belly, her hands cupping him close to her. Finally he subsided, his lean body stretched out on the bed.

"That was . . . incredible," Kalyani groaned. Her eyes were heavy-lidded with satisfaction, her body slick with sweat. "I never knew a man could pleasure me so. You are wonderful, Professor . . . Professor?"

Ssurhuk-T'at was dead to the universe, his three eyes closed and his breath buzzing through his open lips.

"He must be exhausted from taking care of me," Desirée said, touching the lines on his alien face. She gently lifted off his glasses and placed them on the night table.

"He needs to rest," Kalyani said. "Do you think he can sleep with you?"

"Sure." Desirée and Kalyani cleaned up the mess from their lovemaking and arranged Ssurhuk-T'at more comfortably on the sickbay bed. Actually, Kalyani did most of the work since Desirée was still weak.

"Will you be all right?" Kalyani asked, arranging her sari so it hung properly. Desirée was back in bed, the sheets wrapped around her and Ssurhuk-T'at.

"Oh yeah," she replied, his head resting on her bare shoulder, her left arm lying across his back. "You should go rest as well. You look like you need it."

Kalyani chuckled wickedly. Desirée started; it was the first time she had ever heard such a sound from the meek Dalit.

"But such a wonderful tired it is," Kalyani said. She gently touched the alien's forehead. "He has given me a beautiful gift." She sighed happily. "I go now. You sleep, get well, my friend." She kissed Desirée on the cheek.

"You get some rest, too," Desirée replied, kissing her back. "I'll see you later."

"Farewell." Kalyani dimmed the lights, unlocked the door then closed it behind her. Desirée snuggled into the bed. Ssurhuk-T'at smelled of the ocean and his snores buzzed in her ear. After a few moments, she decided it wasn't unpleasant. Within minutes, she was fast asleep.

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