tagSci-Fi & FantasyIntergalactic Intimacy

Intergalactic Intimacy


"There are so many stars tonight" whispered Clara.

I look over at her gazed face. Her cute little nose. Her pointed face. Her brownie brown hair laying away from her face as she lays on the blanket looking upward to heaven. Her light brown eyes the color of sunset. Her silk/satin shirt raised a little above her sexy flat stomach and showing her cute navel as well. I want to lie on top of her and kiss her blood red lips. Stroke her busty round breasts and berry-toned nipples.

"Do you think there's life on other planets?" she asked.

"I don't know. They haven't found them yet if there were." I replied.

"I think there are but maybe they are being cautious about approaching us or something." she rationalized. I think she just want there to be life on other planets knowing it isn't so.

"Do you think they would harm us?" she just had to keep interrogating about. I rolled my eyes. I wish she would ask me to be her lover instead of wondering about fantasy creatures.

"I wouldn't want to find out. Their technology could be more advanced than ours." I disclosed.

"What would u do during an alien apocalypse?" she queried like a child. I hope to be with you is what I want to say but the words won't escape my lips. I don't want things to get "weird" with us.

"Try to get out of town. Try to make sure people I love get out of town." I replied.

"Am I one of those people?" she inquired curiously yet seductively.

"Of course." I responded in the same seductive manner. We stared at each other for 5 seconds and looked away. I turned my head towards her way one more time when she was leaning in for a kiss. I leaned the opposite way of where her head leaned and puckered up. I pulled her closer to me and used my tongue to massage hers. She moans with each kiss. Sounds sexy. I slide her shirt further down her shoulder to massage her breasts and nipples. I kiss her on both sides of her neck. Then her shoulder and down her arm until I can see the outline of her bra.


A bright light shone on us and almost blinded us even with our eyes closed. We buried our heads in each other's arms. The bright light began to dim and we slowly lifted our heads in disbelief. Two shadowy figures stood a few feet in front of us.

A male figure standing over 6 ft. tall and a female figure standing about 5'8".

"What is going on?" Clara nervously implored.

"Who are they?" I asked cautiously looking at their direction.

"Salutations." They chimed.

"Salutations means hello. Maybe they're nice." Carla analyzed. I'm not buying it but I'll let her have her moment. She still hasn't let go of my arms. I'm not complaining.

"I am Veraj. This is my partner, Oked. We are from the planet Amalga. We have come to your planet to study your relationships and your behaviors." the female alien explained.

For aliens, they look human enough. Their skin tone is still noticeable though. The male aliens skin tone is a copper penny brown while the female's is an orangy jersey shore tan tone.

Their hair color is different. Her hair is long and silver looking like an old lady's. His hair is spiky and silver with a mix of gray. They didn't have much clothes on but there's no plan yet on how to do that. The female aliens breasts aren't bad. About as strokable as Clara's.

"So are you like in school or something?" Clara queried further. I hope she doesn't make them mad.

"It is research for our home planet." Oked replied.

"Is your spaceship alright?" I finally realized the source of the bright light that almost blinded us.

"Our ship will have to be repaired in the morning. It runs on mostly sunlight." Oked reasoned.

"Where will we stay, Oked?" Veraj implored in a sort of worried tone.

Clara looked to me and I had a feeling she needed to talk to me about something.

"Why don't they stay with me? I have an extra guest room." Clara suggested.

"Are you sure about that? You don't know what they're capable of! They can turn you into soup in your sleep." I pleaded for Clara to use some of her common sense.

"We've been standing in front of them for 15 minutes now and we're still alive." Clara had to rationalize taking in strange humanoid aliens.

"Well, when they attack, you are on your own." I replied a sort of cold hearted sounding reply considering I am in major love with this stunning creature whose name is Clara. Luckily, she had blankets in her trunk, and she wrapped up the space cadets and hid them in the backseat. After 30 minutes, we arrived at her red brick house. It was still dark outside in the wee hours of the early morning. Hopefully no one can still see us.

As we entered her house, she turned on all the lights and entered into all 5 rooms. She came out with some clothes for our intergalactic visitors.

"Here put these on and I'll make it cozy in here. What do you guys eat?" Clara interrogated.

"Unfortunately none of the food here." Veraj responded.

"But we aren't hungry right now. We have so much to ask you." Oked replied.

"What do you want to know?" I inquired.

"What is intimacy? How do humans show love for each other?" Veraj interrogated like she was the F.B.I.

"Don't ask so many questions, Veraj." Oked scolded.

"Would you like to come back with us to our home planet?" Veraj inquired further.

"Wait! Leave our planet for yours?!?! We're going somewhere even astronauts nor their grandchildren haven't been?!?!" I exclaimed.

"Veraj, you are being too forward! The humans may not want to travel so far from their world." Oked interrupted.

"I might want to go." Clara exclaimed. I looked at her to see if she is serious. Unfortunately, she does. She turned to me excitedly.

"Instead of them destroying our world, we can go to theirs. Makes sense right?" Clara pestered.

"Clara what if you never are able to come back?" I reasoned.

"Fine by me. This world has gotten atrocious. Might as well find somewhere else to really belong to." Clara responded.

How can I live my life without Clara? She has been the only female friend I have that's as beautiful as she is...inside and outside. If she goes, I'll be alone.

"I will be alone." I unconciously muttered.

"What did u say?" Clara inquired.

"I'll be alone if you go without me." I whined.

"So will you leave me to be in outer space alone?" Clara implored.

"No. I won't." I assured Clara. We stared into each other's eyes. God, her light brown eyes are so hypnotizing. I brush my hand against her cheek. I rub my thumb against her full plush red lips. She closes her doe-shaped eyes. I lean in to kiss her.

"What is this you are doing?" Oked interrupted. He picked a good time.

"Oh, Oked. I guess we showed you a little snippet of what intimacy is." Clara explained.

"We could do much more." I hinted. Clara giggled.

"Please show us more. That can further process our decision of your worhiness to enter our planet." Veraj responded.

I cupped Clara's face and pressed her lips against mine. I danced my tongue around her mouth.

I guided my hand down her back to where her backside is cupping each butt cheek. I pulled her closer to me to feel her breasts squeeze against my body. I kiss the top of her breast. She pulled her shirt and jeans below her knees. I began to take my shirt and jeans off as well, held her tighter, and kissed her lips more.

"Your head and lips dance with each other." Veraj observed.

"Yes that is called kissing. That is a part of the intimacy." Clara seductively explained. She was turning me on immensely. I kiss her more on the lips and work back down to where her black satin bra is. I slide down one of her straps until both "shirt jugs" stared at me with its pink colored berries called Clara's nipples. I flicked and sucked with my tongue and mouth. She moaned and massaged her "love button" to get more into the mood.

"May we try this intimacy?" Veraj implored.

"I've never kissed an alien before but there's a first time for everything." Clara shrugged. She walked towards Veraj and kissed her thin lips.

Clara slid Veraj's gown down to the floor as well and massaged her intergalactic nipples. Oked walked behind Veraj and kissed the back of her neck. It turned her on more because she moaned longer.

"Our species have never known intimacy like this." Veraj breathlessly said.

"We should. And it starts with us." Oked responded and kissed Veraj on her lips as well. He still had his boxers on but Veraj and Clara slipped them off.

"Oh Gosh! Male alien genitals are a bit much for me!" Clara exclaimed.

"Take it slow like this." I instructed. I saw a banana on her kitchen counter and a dozen doughnuts and inserted the banana into the doughnut slowly in and out.

"My hair can also be used." Veraj replied. She whipped her hair into almost the shape of a dildo. We both touched her stiff mane and it was indeed stiff. Other parts of her hair whipped around to tie up Clara's arms and legs.

"Oh! I can't move!" exclaimed Clara. I gotta say these aliens learn kinkiness quick! I focused on her perfectly oval shaped "love cave". Her "love button" beckoned for me to kiss it as well. Maybe this can be another lesson for them to learn.

I knelt in front of Clara. I stared into her sunset colored eyes.

"What are you going to do?" she implored as she still struggled to escape Veraj's hair noose.

"Show you intimacy." I seductively replied and buried my face between her legs. She moaned and squealed with pleasure.

*splosh* *splosh* *splosh* OOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOOH...

"I'm so wet now." Clara breathlessly said.

Veraj inserted her dildo shaped hair into Clara "love hole". Clara closed her eyes and enjoyed each thrust. I enjoyed her love faces.

"May I try?" inquired Oked.

"Can he Veraj?" begged Clara.

"Yes." Veraj agreed and her hair fell back down her back. She looked in my direction. I have an uneasy feeling I'm next on her path to lust. She walked towards me and gave me a small kiss and went to bed.

"That's all I get?" I quizzed. I was confused why Clara got more action than me.

I glanced over to see Oked just insert his intergalactic genitals in Clara.

"Thrust your hips slowly in and out." Clara instructed. Oked did so and she moaned louder. It turned me on to see Clara pleasured. I walked to her, grabbed her face and kissed her roughly and passionately. Her "love canal" became more and more wet and Oked was able to put more and more of his intergalactic "love stick" inside Clara.

"Yes! I'm coming!" she exclaimed. Oked took his "space pipe" out of Clara and she fell asleep on the floor. I put a pillow under her head and covered her with a blanket.

"Get some sleep Oked." I told Oked and laid next to Clara.

Next morning, I woke before Clara to see if our space cadets were still in the house.

"Where did they go?!?!" I exclaimed. I woke up Clara.

"They're gone?!?! Did they go back to their ship?" she implied.

"Let's get our clothes on and check." I suggested.

After we threw our clothes on and hopped in the car to drive to the park where we first met them, there's no spaceship. No aliens. Was it a dream?

"Did we imagine them?" Clara wondered.

"How does your...*ahem* feel?" I sarcastically asked.

"I still feel a little tired, it's still pretty wet, and my legs are still a little shaky." Clara answered.

"Maybe it wasn't a dream." I said as we stared into the sky into the great unknown.

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